Banished to Purgatory? Ch. 05

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My apologies again for the delay in posting this chapter in the series – I cannot get at my computer with two teenage kids vying to see who can download the most musical crap onto their I-Pods.

Just a short recap of the previous chapters for those who came in late. I had been caught giving my father-in law’s raddled old cook a doggy fuck by both he and my young wife, Bethany. Banished to a small fishing town to help run the local cannery, I ended up managing it after the resident manager died. I was taken in by big generous Maude who helped me assimilate and introduced me to a bunch of old tarts who also assisted my healthy well being. I had a plot to rid the town of my father-in-law who owned the cannery. Now read on …….

I wandered down the hill towards the canning factory feeling pleasantly satiated after a lunch comprising beautiful crab sandwiches plus a fast and furious table ender fuck with Sheila, Raewyn’s enormous mother. The only problem was that my recently emptied balls were nestled in a cool puddle of our combined fluids, ninety per cent of which was hers. For an old tart, she had plenty of juice.

Entering the cannery, I endured the usual cat calls and lascivious remarks from the filleting line plus a couple of hints long the lines that they knew where I’d been cos the smell of wet, slimy pussy coming from me was greater than the smell of fish that they were dicing up. I had my coat held in front of my flies because I’d already felt the wet patch and wondered yet again how they all seemed to know what I’d been up to and who I’d been up. Maude Biggs, my landlady and bed warmer smiled lovingly at me and winked. She was not the jealous type and I was profoundly grateful. I had left a nagging bitch, banished to the ends of the earth by my vengeful father in law, only to find a haven of the generosity of spirit unlike anything I’d previously experienced.

I trudged up the stairs to the office, rolling my arse due to the relative discomfort of the now coolish pool of viscous fluids that my balls were stewing in and to stir the old tarts up and the resultant whistles and cat calls did much for my male ego. They were a rowdy lot but with hearts as big as the sun. I loved them and knew that almost all of them were on for a quick shag or two, or a slow one for that matter. I was supposed to be in purgatory but once Maude had opened her legs and her heart, I had been in heaven.

I closed the door on the cacophony of yowls from the old cats and scurried into my office to take refuge behind my desk before Raewyn spotted the wet patch on the front of my trousers. Raewyn was my plain faced office assistant, a computer geek with a rough and ready tongue and the body of a sumo wrestler. She was wearing her usual attire of pink shapeless sweater and formless jeans. It was her mother that had deposited her cuntal juices in my jocks.

Rae got up from her desk and followed me into my office, wrinkling her rather cute nose as she did. “Derek, I think we have to look at the proofing up here. I swear the smell of fish is stronger in here than normal!”

I quickly looked at the door but she was no dumbo, she’d spotted the tell tale reddening of my cheeks, and to my amazement Eskort Bayan she smiled broadly virtually transforming her normally serious face into something reasonably attractive. “Then again, me mam does make strong crab sandwiches!” She turned and strolled out of the office, her shoulders shaking as she fought to control her mirth. “The program I ran was good and you can have all the data you want now. I’ll have it on your desk within an hour,” she called over her shoulder.

I ran for the adjoining wash room and spent the best part of ten minutes sopping up her mothers lusty juices and holding my trousers under the hand dryer. Reasonably respectable, I was talking to a marketing mate of mine when Rae returned with a sheaf of paper. “This makes interesting reading, Derek, but for the life of me I don’t understand why you want this stuff. It reads like a death knell. Shrinking returns, reducing production and rising costs, it has all the signs of a business going to the wall.”

I said nothing and spent the next couple of hours verifying exactly what she said vaguely aware that the hum of the machinery had died away as the production line finished for the day. My father in law, Benjamin Goodhew would be appalled but I had found the answer that I had suspected all along. I was grinning broadly when Rae appeared at the door.

“You can’t possibly be happy with that lot!” she growled. “We will have to shut down and the town will die. All the women that work here will lose their jobs, and so will I.”

Rae looked really upset so I got up and put an arm around her broad shoulders. “Rae, just trust me, OK? I have a plan that will make everybody but Benjamin fucking Goodhew happy. Just trust me.”

She looked up at me and searched my face for the truth. She saw it. “OK, Derek, I do trust you.” She pushed me back until I sat on the edge of the desk. “By the way, I had a phone call from me mam. Seems she had a very satisfying lunch. I need to thank you for that and for treating me like a normal person instead of a big fat brainless ninny.”

Spellbound, I watched as she knelt down in front of me and undid my belt and zip and pulled my trousers and jocks down to my ankles. “I think I’ve found the source of that fishy smell,” she muttered smiling coyly up at me. “What a pretty piece of bait we have here, young Derek,” she said, as her pudgy fingers wrapped themselves around my flaccid cock. A gentle caress and the worm straightened and elongated, the treacherous bastard. I heard her mutter something like “Yummy” before she ran her pink tongue up the big veined underside. She swirled her tongue around the prominent flange before kissing her way down to my pendant balls. Rae mouthed each one in turn and gave them a gentle suck before licking her way up to the top. I groaned as she took the bell end into her hot mouth and applied suction. She glanced up at my reaction and I was amazed at the transformation from serious Rae to lusty Rae. She took as much as she could into her mouth and swirled her tongue over and around my now rigid cock.

Suddenly she let go and it smacked against my shirt glistening with her saliva. “That is an impressive tool, Derek and I’m going to give it something warm to nestle in.” So saying, she whipped her pink sweater up over her head and my eyes bugged and my cock lurched at the sight of her amazing breasts. I’d always assumed she wore armour plated bras under that pink sweater but I was wrong. She might have called herself fat but she was solid and very firm and so were her tits. They stuck almost straight out like mini torpedoes and were capped with pink ruffled nose cones with lovely large strikers perfectly centred within. Rae shuffled toward me and pulled my now pulsing cock into the tight warm crevasse until it was trapped. Her tits were so amazingly firm that she didn’t have to use her hands to make it snug. I was licking my chops as she started a slow dance, up down, sideways and around, all the time with her hands on my knees. The pressure of her arms against the outside of her blue veined breasts exerted enough pressure to keep my happy cock well and truly snug.

“This is a party trick I learnt with my first and only lover. I thought his dick was OK but this is much, much better. I can really feel it and it feels good.” She pushed her nose cones into my balls and the cock head slithered out of the top of the tight confines of her luscious breasts. It was by now weeping profusely and Rae dipped her chin and swiped moisture with her hot pink tongue. “I think he wants to give me a present, perhaps a necklace of some kind?” she muttered as she picked up the speed of her up and down motion.

I watched mesmerised as my throbbing cock appeared and disappeared within the haven, or was it heaven, of her monster tits, and every third appearance was greeted with a suck and a swirl. My balls tightened, my cock head expanded and she clamped her lips over helmet as I spewed my tribute into her welcoming mouth. I was panting hard as I held her head and unloaded what felt like a gallon of creamy spunk. I was tingling and trembling as I felt her throat convulsing on my cock as she swallowed my spend.

“Good grief, Rae, that was phenomenal. I’ve never experienced anything like it!!” I gasped as her agile tongue cleaned up the residue. She popped the cock out of her mouth and inspected it finding some small traces of spunk, flicked her tongue out and got it all.

“Mmm, mmm, lovely taste, Derek, and lots of it,” she smiled up at me. “And here I thought there wouldn’t be too much after what you gave me mam. I don’t shag, but on the few occasions I’ve sucked cock, I’ve enjoyed it. This was the best though.” So saying, she rose from the floor and my untrapped cock began to wilt. As she stood, her amazing tits were pointing at my face and so help me, I lunged like a starving puppy to suck at her big rubbery nipples, one after the other.

“Ooh Derek, that’s quite enough from you.” And she pulled away and quickly slipped her pink sweater back on. The look on my face must have been profoundly sad as I watched her wonderful breasts disappear because she palmed my face and said, “If you’re a good boy, you might have a chance of giving them a good work over next time. Put your tongue back in lad, you’re starting to drool.”

I slumped back on the desk and watched her massive arse roll out the door. Phew, what a woman!! And a lot younger than the normal big arsed, big titted old tarts that got my jollies off. Roger Ramjet twitched as the pea sized brain attached to him remembered her parting words about giving her tits a work over next time. Yum, yum, yum.

I made a couple of phone calls to some old school chums, plus another to my old man and quite satisfied with the day, locked up and headed up the hill to Maude’s cottage.

I was met at the door by a naked Maude. “Good grief, Maudie, you’re a bit eager. A man’s had a very tiring day and a shower wouldn’t go astray.”

‘Oh hush, young Derek, you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘tired’. I have a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom. Get ya gear orf and throw them on that chair. Go on, don’t dilly dally, we don’t have all night.”


I dumped my duds and Maude grabbed me by my penis and led me into her bedroom. There, arranged along one side were four naked arses pointing at me. They were all big but all different. One had hanging piss flaps at least four inches long and drooling. The next had almost no cuntal lips but plenty of hair that had been deliberately parted to let the hound see the hare, so to speak. Next, a pair of plump in-rolled thin lips, also dripping and finally, a pair of pink, glistening lips spread apart like butterfly wings and apparently pasted to the cheeks of her arse.

They all had the heads down and covered with a blanket.

“Now, young Derek, the game is called ‘Guess the Fuck’. You give each of these lovely ladies ten shafts with your lovely cock and try to guess the recipient. Now, I want you to do it on a random basis so that none of the four will know whether they are first or last. Keep ’em juicy that way.”

“Fuck, Maude, you sweetheart, you sure know a way to a man’s root.” I selected number two and slid up a well juiced cunt to the hilt. As is my wont when fucking doggy, I reached around to grab the breastal reins.

“Oh no you don’t, young Derek, that would give the game dead away – ten pokes only but you can come back for more.”

Shit!! Damn!!, Bugger!! Poop!! I grabbed number two’s voluptuous love handles and ploughed in for the second time trying to get the pea brain attached to my cock to remember whether he had navigated this particular channel before. There was room at the top but tight at the outer door. Seven thoughtful pokes later, I had an inkling it might be Betty from the other night but I couldn’t be sure. I slid out after the tenth poke and presented my appreciative todger at the hanging piss flaps of number one. As soon as the head lodged within, the greedy cunt sucked me in, I swear it did!

Phew, what a night! Having emptied my balls three times during the day, I stayed hard enough to give each of those four greedy cunts a right good shagging especially after I convinced Maude that ten pokes wasn’t enough and we should make it twenty. Four muffled cries in the positive emitting from under the blanket persuaded Maude to be more giving. At the end, I had built up a massive load, guessed all four including that nasty bitch Olive and had four appreciative ladies kneel at my feet holding their lily white tits up while my lovely Maude jacked my manly spew all over their faces and tits.

I near fainted on to the bed and slept the dreamless result of severe exhaustion.

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