Barbarian Surprise

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I lay on the ground where I had been thrown, panting for air, and looking up at a giant of a man who stood over me. He was muscular and solid with large legs and thighs like tree trunks, narrow hips covered by nothing but a hide loincloth, and above that a belly that consisted of waves of muscle and then a chest- a huge chest with big nipples rimmed by golden hair, that was joined to arms that bulged. The golden hair ran down his belly to the leather of his loincloth and spread over his legs.

He laughed down at me and poked his sharply pointed sword at my manhood. I reached to protect myself but the flat of the sword slapped my hand free and with a twist of his wrist he had sliced open the fine fabric of my pants and my manhood was exposed.

He smiled down at me and tapped at my stiffening cock with his sword, and I moaned. Then he sliced and flicked away the rest of my pants, then began to work on my fine linen shirt and in mere moments I lay there naked beneath him.

I wondered wildly, ‘how, how have I come to this?’

I had been minding my own business, resting in my tent, reclining on a pile of rugs and pillows as my men repacked the wagons. We had passed through a heavy storm the day before and water had penetrated through some of the skins and waxed linen wrappings that covered the more valuable items in my load of merchandise.

This was my first trading trip alone, and we had crossed the plains in very good time and were about to make our way into the foothills. The dangerous part of our journey was over and we had not been troubled by bandits. I was feeling pleased and relaxed, and as I listened to the low sound of the men talking and working outside, I was stroking myself thinking of the fleshpots of Tamarind that we would reach in another two days.

“Ahh,” I sighed, as thoughts of nubile young men and women filled my head.

On previous visits to the city my time in the brothels had been limited by the presence of my father and his need to always hurry. He was a very serious man who thought of nothing but business and spent all his time trading or cultivating useful contacts. We barely stopped in Tamarind a night when he was in charge.

I knew that I would never be like that. “No,’ I sighed, there was more to life than business, and I planned on spending at least two days in that wonderful city of pleasure, perhaps more, and I remembered a particularly beautiful. . .

There was a thud against the wall of my tent, and I frowned, distracted from my happy fantasy. Then there was a yelp, and I was suddenly alert and annoyed. My men were well disciplined and if there was a fight I would deal güvenilir bahis harshly with the men involved. And now my mood was spoiled, I called my foreman in.

“Marco,” I called.

I expected an instant response from him, but nothing happened. I waited and, “Marco” I shouted angrily and loudly.

Still nothing. Suddenly my tent felt like a trap that blinded me to what was happening, and I was worried. I lay there undecided. No one had bothered me yet so perhaps if I just stayed quiet . . . . . . . But no, that was a truly unworthy thought. So I stood up and crept quietly to the tent’s entrance and turned the fabric aside just enough to look out.

Everything outside seemed normal, except that there was no one about. Wagons stood half loaded, horses grazed on their tethers. All was quiet. It was most odd.

I tiptoed back to where my sword hung from teh central pole and drew it quietly, then returned to the entrance.

“I must do this,” I said silently and opened the flap.

But there was no longer nothing outside. A huge hand grabbed the wrist of my sword arm and twisted it painfully till my sword had fallen to the ground, to be swept up and away by someone I could not see, as the body of some huge giant filled my sight.

He held my wrist and jerked me out of the tent and tossed me to the ground where I landed on my back.

And now I lay there naked and wondering fearfully what he intended to do with me. My breathing grew more rapid as I saw his eyes travel over my body and his sword stayed hovering over my jewels.

Then he reached down and pulled me up and propelled me back into the tent.

“Who are you? What do you want of me?” I cried out to him, suddenly finding my voice at last as I staggered across the tent before falling to my knees among the rugs by the thick central pole of the tent. “My father. . ” I began, but he cut me off.

“It is not often that a fine healthy young man, such as you, comes my way,” he told me in the rough accents of a barbarian, as he tied my hands together with some leather thong, making me even more helpless. Then he pulled me up by the arms to a standing position and turning me tied the cord at my wrists to the top of the pole, so I was stretched out and naked there.

I was panting fearfully, and hating my cock for bouncing against my belly at full attention.

Once I was helpless he fisted my tool several times, till I groaned and moved my hips for him, then he laughed and coming in front of me dropped his loincloth. I gasped and felt faint, while he smiled and wrapped his hand about the largest erect phallus I had ever seen and worked it to an güvenilir bahis siteleri even greater hardness.

“This I have in my hand is for you my young merchant,” he told me before he disappeared behind me, and I scrabbled my legs about and writhed trying to escape, but also trying to widen myself for the imminent attack.

“Oh. No,” I gasped, “You can’t. I’ve never. . It’s impossible, you will kill me,” I wailed as huge hands parted my cheeks and pulled at my rim. “No no.”

But then it was a wet warm tongue of good size that was there softly working my rim and pushing in and out of me, and I went weak and moaned and lifted a leg high giving him better access. His huge tongue worked in me as few but the best in the brothels had.

“Yessss,” I moaned, “Oh, no. Oh, yes.”

His tongue played inside my channel as his hands squeezed my cheeks and travelled briefly to my balls to play there a moment then to stroke my hard dripping cock. I was confused enough to beg him for more. Though visions of that huge phallus, which I doubted both my hands could cover, and his large hairy balls that I doubted I could take more than one of in my mouth at any time, filled my head, and I whimpered.

“Ohhh. No,” I moaned as the tongue left me but something thick and hard replaced it in my channel, going deeper and rotating and . . “Oh gods,” I cried lifting my legs and wrapping them about the pole to open myself as another thick long finger joined the first inside me. They were stretching and teasing my channel so my hips fucked instinctively and my manhood rubbed against the tent pole, and in a moment I spouted my load of seed up my chest and over the pole.

I was spent then and sagged back onto the fingers digging inside me and a firm hand grasped one cheek and held me up, so that my shoulders were not strained by carrying my full weight. My head dropped back and full lips found mine, and a tongue explored my mouth.

He ended the kiss and grunted, “Now you will feel the manhood of Konan,” and I whimpered even before the bulbous head of his weapon pressed against my entrance.

I cried out loudly as he forced it past the first resistance, and strained to open myself for him. He gained another inch and he had a mighty palm under each of my cheeks and lifted me and opened me wider, and I moaned as he gained another inch. Then he was lowering me onto his mighty tool and I whimpered, “I can’t. Oh, I . . . …Ohhhhh,” he had reached that spot, “Ohhhhh,” I moaned, and I felt myself open for him so that he moved in deeper.

There was some pain, but my channel was not a virgin one and opened for him slowly but steadily, iddaa siteleri and finally he was buried to the hilt in me and I could feel that thick golden hair of his bush brushing against my hairless butt. And a fullness filled me inside such as I had never felt before.

Then he plowed me deep, lifting me up the pole and powering up into me as I was let down it, and turning me about it and moving himself in circles in me so that I moaned and cried out, “Yes. Oh great Gods, again. Ride me. Oh, never have I, oh . . . , ” and similar cries of ecstasy at being so well ridden.

But all too soon he began to pump me rapidly and swell, and I cried out at the even bigger size of him splitting me as he let loose, pumping his first shot of seed deep inside me. And as he did he let out a great roar, that sent a shiver through my body and I shot another load of my own up the pole my legs still embraced, as he deposited even more of his man-juice deep inside me with another great roar of power and strength.

When he finally withdrew from me I collapsed and felt his cream run out of me as I wondered if I might tear my shoulders from hanging there, too weak to stand on my shaking legs. The cream ran down my inner thighs and the cord at my wrists was sliced free and I collapsed to the ground whimpering.

“You have given me a fine ride young merchant,” He said in his deep rough voice, “But be warned that if you return here within the 5 days that remain before I return to my winter home, I shall ride you again, and ride you even harder.”

With that he was gone.

As I lay there recovering myself enough so I could stand again, I heard soft murmurings coming from outside and the normal sounds of the day returned. Eventually I left my tent to find the wagons almost ready and Marco helping to secure the horses in their traces, and I had barely left my tent when men hurried to dismantle it and I was still in a daze when it was packed up on top of the last wagon, which held our own food and possessions.

Marco came up to me, “We are ready to leave master,” he said looking at me normally.

“Good,” I said, pulling my wits together and walking carefully to the last wagon. “I will ride up here for now,” I told him, gingerly climbing up and setting myself down onto a thick cushion that was unexpectedly placed on the seat up there. “I will ride Hercules (my horse) later. And Marco, I wish us to make good speed to Tamarind, and tell the men there will be no delays there. I wish us to leave for our return journey within the day.”

Marco looked up at me, now smiling very broadly, and replied, “Just as your great father, would wish master. He is indeed the smartest merchant in all Italy,” he added and I wondered why he seemed so cheerful and pleased.

Then I wondered where he had been when the barbarian had knocked me down and dragged me into my tent.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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