Barnyard Fantasy Ch. 05

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Eddy had been furious to see his father fucking his daughter. He’d told them often he didn’t want Georgia with him. He was fuming, he knew there was only one thing to do.

He paced the floor while he called his sister, Becky. Becky was married now, but she loved to come home and visit with Eddy. They had been visiting each others rooms for years and his father hated when he fucked her.

She arrived within the hour, dressed to kill. Or to fuck, whichever she was here for. Her tight skirt was stretching up over her ass. She was very curvy and her hips and tits were every man’s dream.

The top she wore was tight, revealing her bare chest beneath it. Her nipples were already hard and he could imagine she was wet between her legs too. She had told him before, her husband was good in bed. But, he wasn’t as good as Eddy.

Eddy met her at the door. He was only wearing his boxers, he was ready to fuck her and piss off his dad. His cock was growing harder. Leading her up the stairs, he had the perfect view of her. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Apparently, she was as ready for it as he was.

They stopped off in their father’s office first. he sat as his desk, shocked on his face when he looked up and saw them.

“Dad we’re heading off bursa escort bayan to bed now. Becky’s spending the night.”

Big Eddy stood, slamming a beefy fist off the desk. “You son of a bitch, I warned you not to fuck with her anymore.”

She laughed, “Oh daddy, I’m still your girl. I’ll stop over to your room before I head home.”

She kissed his head and sauntered off down the hall. Eddy smiled at his father, “Pay back’s a bitch dad. I warned you not to touch Georgia anymore. I’m going to spend the night fucking Becky all over this house.”

When he got back to his room, Becky was naked under the covers. He slipped off his shorts and joined her.

his lips dropped to her tits, suckling her nipples. She gripped his hard cock. Rubbing her hands along, teasing him. He loved when she played with his cock. She was always good at making him cum.

She turned onto her back, pulled at him. He knew what she wanted, she loved to be titty fucked. She pushed them tight together as he straddled her chest. Slipping his hardness between her big breasts.

Sliding back and forth wasn’t hard for them. Becky’s mouth and tongue worked his cock over, lubricating everything. He slid easily in and out of her tunnel of pleasure.

When he nilüfer escort was about to cum, he moved off of her. he wanted to make his dad jealous. Big Eddy wouldn’t be jealous unless he was still fucking Becky at breakfast.

She lay back and spread her legs. She kept her snatch neatly trimmed, revealing her clit at the bottom of the patch of hair. He licked over it, wetting her mound of soft curls. He ran his tongue over the outline of her.

She shivered, her clit was extremely sensitive and he could have her screaming with a flick or two of his tongue. Just to make sure he still could, he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, on the second try, she screamed out, “Oh Eddy. Yes!”

He knew he had it. She was on the edge of the bed, giving him a clear view of not only her pussy, but her asshole too. He kneeled before her, spreading her wider.

Her asshole puckered up, he pushed a finger against it. Licking her tight hole, he wet it. Slicking her backdoor up wetter than her pussy. She groaned as he did.

Moving his lips up higher, he nibbled her snatch, teasing every inch of her cunt. She was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t notice that he’d slipped a finger into her ass. Spitting on it to keep it wet türbanlı escort enough, he fucked her ass with his finger.

Slipping a second finger into her pussy, then another. She wiggled. Her pleasure buttons were being pressed and hard! She couldn’t wait any longer. She tipped her head back and screamed out in pleasure.

“Oh Eddy. I need you. Fuck me, Eddy, please!”

He couldn’t resist her begging. He stood between her legs, pushing them up. Opening her to him, the head of his dick pressed against her pussy hole. She begged him more, “Please Eddy, just do it. Put your dick in me and fuck me. Fill me with your cum.”

Her begging got him harder, ready to explode. He slapped her ass. She knew this signal better than any other. Eddy wanted to fuck her doggystyle.

She bent over on the edge of the bed. He lifted her ass up, evening his cock with her opening. She was slick with want and need now. He slid in easily.

Sliding in and out, he leaned against her. His fingers found the way to her pleasure spot. His cock pressed into her belly. Ready to fill her full of his seed.

Rubbing at her clit, the pressure was buidling. She was getting louder and louder. “Oh Eddy. Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!”

Finally, he couldn’t take her anymore. His cock began to pulse and squirt. Filling his sister up with his cum. She collapsed beneath him. Her ass still in the air and his cum dripping from her.

Slapping her ass, he demanded, “Get cleaned up, we have a whole night of fun tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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