Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 09

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“Barry,” Diane looked up from the morning paper she was reading and studied her husband. “Why don’t we take a trip on a train somewhere?”

“Sounds like fun Diane. What did you have in mind?” Barry asked sipping his morning coffee.

“Well, an overnight trip I think, with a sleeping car. Does that sound like fun?”

Barry got up and walked over behind his wife. Bending over Barry nuzzled Diane’s neck and gently bit on her earlobe. “Babe, anything that involves you and me together I am up for.” Diane smiled a big smile and reached up pulling Barry’s lips to hers. Kissing him deeply she pulled back after a moment.

“I sure do love you Barry.” Diane smiled.

“I know Diane. I know.” Barry replied with a smile of his own.

The day arrived and Barry and Diane found themselves waiting in line for the train to pull up to the platform. Looking across the expanse of people moving this way and that Barry noticed an attractive Blonde woman walking, no more like striding toward the line with an annoyed looking man following her. “Oh shit” Barry thought as the man caught the blonde and spun her around roughly. “Fuck! I don’t need this!” Barry’s mind raced as he reached under his jacket and put his hand on the Ruger nine millimeter pistol he always carried. Snapping the thumbreak loose Barry watched the man and woman waiting to see what was going to happen next.

“Here’s a piece of advice Melissa! You and your mother can kiss my ass! Don’t bother to come back! I’m out of here!” With that the man stormed off leaving the blonde standing in the middle of the throng of people that had cleared away from the scene. Embarrassed, the blonde picked up her suitcase the man had caused her to drop and looked around.

Just then the train entered the station and people started milling toward the turnstiles. Barry took a deep breath and snapped the holster closed again as Diane walked over to the blonde. “Thank you so much for being concerned. My name is Melissa.” The blonde extended her hand but Diane ignored it and gave her a hug.

“Hi. My name is Diane and this is my husband Barry. I am so sorry that happened to you. Is there anything we can do?”

“He’s an ass. I am probably better off without him. Why don’t we get onboard and I will buy you two a drink?” Melissa smiled hopefully.

“Now we’re talking!” Barry piped up. Barry picked up Melissa’s suitcase as the girls started up the steps into the railcar. Finding Melissa’s seat, she hadn’t gotten a sleeping car, Barry stowed her bag and took a minute to check out their new friend. She was shorter than Diane, probably about three inches shorter. Her hair was long and wavy with a good bit of curl to it. Her eyes were green and she was quick with a smile. She had a small Yozgat Escort waist but her chest was large for a woman of her stature. Probably at least a 36 C Barry surmised, maybe even a D. “Listen we are going to check out our car and then probably go have a cocktail. You are more than welcome to join us Melissa.” Barry offered.

“Thanks. I would like that.” Melissa smiled

Diane turned and started down the train with Barry behind her. Glancing back, Barry saw Melissa watching them. Was she watching Diane walk? Oh that would be just too much good luck! Barry grinned salaciously to himself.

Finding their car, Barry and Diane checked out their sleeping berth. It was nice enough with one larger bed and one smaller one. Diane checked the baggage and found that their bags were there and in good order. Diane made sure to check to see that her “enormous wiener” as she liked to refer to it, was there. Pulling it out of her bag she slapped the 8″ rubber phallus across the palm of her other hand. It made a sound similar to that produced had one just dropped a summer sausage on the counter of one’s kitchen. Diane grinned at Barry.

“I see you didn’t forget that monster cock of yours.” Barry feigned a disgusted tone.

“American Express Card baby. I never leave home without it!” Diane laughed as she tucked the dildo back into her bag. “Besides, I don’t remember any complaints from you!”

“Me!? I don’t like that thing!? I’m shocked! Shocked I say!” Barry proclaimed with eyebrows raised.

“Uh yeah, whatever!” Diane rolled her eyes and smiled. “Let’s go get a drink sweetheart!”

With that Diane took Barry’s hand and led him off down the train toward the bar car. Diane sat down in a corner booth and Barry slid in after her. Barry ordered a scotch and water and Diane had a “Buttery Nipple”. “If they bring that out to you in a tube you’re done!” Barry lectured his wife.

Now it was Diane’s turn to act surprised. “Me!? Now Barry whatever do you mean my love?” Diane kissed Barry and batted her eyelashes at him.

“You know what I mean baby. Every time you have any drink that comes in a tube you end up over my shoulder on our way back to the house!”

“Yeah well it will be a short walk this time!” Diane teased. Just then the waiter arrived carrying the drinks and sure enough, Diane’s was in a test tube looking thing. “Here we go.” Barry joked. Just then Melissa arrived. Barry and Diane both looked up and gaped at almost the same time. Melissa had changed into a tight low scooped top that showed a generous amount of her ample cleavage. Her bottom was seemingly encased in the jeans she was wearing and she had freshened up her makeup with an eyeshade that really brought out the sparkle in her eyes. Yozgat Escort Bayan Regaining his composure Barry stood up and offered Melissa a seat. She accepted, slipping into the booth next to Diane. Barry grinned knowingly and sat down calling for the waiter.

Melissa ordered a Jack and Coke and proceeded to explain the day’s events. The man at the train station had been her boyfriend. He hadn’t been happy with her for leaving to visit her mother, among other things, one of which was the fact that she was more, shall we say, adventurous in bed. Barry and Diane explained that they were just looking to have fun in life, and this short train trip was part of that grand scheme of things. After some drinks and laughs, Melissa excused herself to go to the ladies room leaving Barry and Diane alone in the booth.

“So, I guess you two are getting along?” Barry grinned at Diane.

“Oh baby! You have no idea how well we are getting along!” Diane exclaimed. “She has been feeling me up under the table for the last hour and a half!”

“No way!” Barry playfully declared.

“Way! What do you think honey? Should we invite her back to the room?”

“You know me Diane. I am always game if you are!” Barry smiled and got up as Melissa was walking back to the table. “You ladies don’t run off okay?” Barry asked as he made his way toward the restroom. His task accomplished, Barry started carefully back toward the booth. Melissa had one of her arms around Diane and the other gently holding Diane’s mouth to hers. Melissa had her eyes closed as she tenderly kissed Diane; her tongue slipping easily between Diane’s parted lips. Diane was kissing her back, her eyes also closed, enjoying the embrace.

“Ahem” Barry cleared his throat as he reached for his wallet to pay the tab. The girls separated and both looked up at Barry smiling like the cat the just ate the canary. “So it’s back to the room then.” Barry grinned. It was more of a statement than a question and the answer was obvious. Melissa got up and Diane took Barry’s hand as he headed back to the room.

Barry slid the door closed behind him and immediately Melissa was on Diane, feeling her breasts, kissing her mouth, neck, earlobes, and unbuttoning Diane’s jeans. Barry slipped in behind Diane and pulled her close to him, his hard cock pressing against Diane’s beautifully shaped ass. Barry pulled Diane’s shirt up and over her head and off giving Melissa access to her boobs. Melissa took advantage of this by unsnapping Diane’s bra and seizing her nipples between her lips.

Meanwhile Barry was working on Diane’s neck and earlobes himself, gently biting and pulling on her, while pulling Diane’s jeans down off of her hips. Soon Diane was naked but for her thong Escort Yozgat and Melissa not far behind. Diane pulled Melissa’s top off revealing her huge tits, her nipples hard as rock and poking thru her bra. Diane dropped to her knees in front of Melissa and pulled her jeans and panties down finding her neatly shaved.

“Mmmmmm.” Diane pressed her nose between Melissa’s lips, her tongue licking deep into Melissa’s rapidly moistening snatch. Melissa moaned at Diane’s efforts as Diane wrapped her arms around Melissa, pulling her tight and licking her with deep, strong strokes. Barry pulled Melissa’s bra off and bent over taking one of Melissa’s nipples in his mouth, sucking and gently pulling on it with his lips. Diane stood up and pushed Melissa back on the bed landing on top of her. Melissa started pinching and pulling on her nipples as Diane knelt between her legs once again.

Diane started licking Melissa again, pausing to flick her clit back and forth making Melissa squirm and wiggle beneath her. Barry’s cock was rock hard now. Stepping up behind Diane, Barry rubbed the head of his cock up and down Diane’s sopping wet pussy. Taking Diane’s hips in his hands and coating the head with her juices, Barry pressed into Diane slowly, sliding into her until his balls touched her ass. Diane moaned between licks and redoubled her efforts on Melissa.

Pulling back out of Diane nearly all the way Barry slid back in, faster this time until again his balls slapped at Diane’s ass. Faster and harder Barry pushed into her, setting up a good rhythm, his balls hitting Diane’s ass with a satisfying smack. As Barry worked his cock in and out of Diane he started to feel the tingling that signaled his impending orgasm. “OH DIANE! OH I AM GOING TO CUM!” Barry gasped as his orgasm rushed thru him. It felt like fire leaping from Barry’s dick as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into Diane.

Diane came next, her pussy juice flooding out of her as her orgasm hit sending wave after wave of pure pleasure thru her body. Finally Melissa came too, drenching Diane’s face with her juices, gasping out Diane’s name as she rode her tongue. Barry collapsed on top of Diane, who was lying on her stomach trying to catch her breath.

“That was un-fucking-believable!” gasped Melissa as she slowly regained her composure.

“Yes it was!” Barry agreed rolling off of Diane and sitting back on the other bed, his cock drooping and dripping cum on the carpet.

Diane rolled over onto her back and didn’t say anything for a moment. “Barry, honey, that was so awesome! I could actually feel your cum hitting me inside!”

“I know. It felt like I just squirted my toenails into you!”

Melissa piped up now, “Looks like you won’t be doing anything for a while and I haven’t gotten my turn yet!”

Barry and Diane grinned at each other. “Are you thinking the same thing I am baby?” Diane cooed.

“Oh yeah!” Barry laughed. Diane reached into her bag and pulled out the 8″ dildo. She looked at Melissa and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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