Basket of Fun

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After waiting weeks — months, even — we finally got a weekend alone. I won’t go into the specifics because we need to believe in fantasy. You entered the house and took a deep breath in an attempt to wash away some stress.

I came up behind you and ran my hands up and down your body, slowly but firmly. “I have a surprise for you,” I said.

I kissed your neck. You closed your eyes, allowing yourself to be lost in the moment. You had earned a break. The kisses continued, slowly and seductively, as my hand roamed all around your chest, your ass and everywhere in between. You pulled my hand between your legs, outside of your shorts. You radiated. I said, “I need you and I want you. Let me continue with my surprise.”

I pulled you into the living room and asked you to sit down. I held a basket in my hands and it was filled with four items for my plans for the evening. “We’re going to play a simple game tonight. It’s our box of fun. All you have to do it pull something from the basket and that will be the thing we use for a while. When you are ready, you’ll pull another one out. We’ll keep going until the basket is empty and you can’t take any more.”

You smiled. I love your smile and have since day one, so many years ago. Your hand went to the basket and pulled out the first item.


I don’t know how many times we have used the blindfold over the years, but it never fails us. Whether I wear it or you wear it, everything else in this world gets filtered out for both of us. Sensitivities heighten and I get hard by thinking about it. I slipped the blindfold over your eyes and now it was my turn to smile.

I pulled your arms over your head and peeled your shirt off. Dropping the shirt on the chair next to us, I dragged my fingertips down your arms and then lightly traced my fingers all over your torso. I shifted down and knelt in front of you. As I continued to caress you, I let my mouth wander and planted soft, seductive kisses wherever my mouth took me. You squirmed a bit, as the heat increased between your legs. I stuck my finger in your mouth just enough for you to suck on the tip and get it nice and wet. I ran that finger around your right nipple, the warm saliva feeling so good on your sensitive skin. I leaned in to kiss the underside of your left breast as my finger continued to caress. The kisses were still soft, but I added some tongue. This was no peck I offered, but instead anal escort my mouth made love to every inch it encountered.

I shifted my hand and brought my palm up to your right breast, teasing and massaging as I went. You felt incredible, as always. My mouth encompassed your nipple and I ran my tongue around it as I shifted both hands down to your shorts. I unbuttoned them. You shifted to lift your butt as I puled your shorts and underwear off. I added them to the growing pile of clothing.

Taking a moment to gaze upon your body, I felt warm and happy. You are beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t ever get enough of you and at that moment, I was truly inspired. Your lips were slightly parted and, if I hadn’t already had plans, I would have slid my cock right into you, then and there. How can anyone resist you? Your hairy pussy is a work of art.

My goal is always to massage your pussy far longer than I ever can and, for years, I have always stopped well short of my intentions because I am a weak man who can’t wait for what I treasure most in this world. This night was no different — maybe I would get a chance to come back to the massage. Sure, I managed to get several minutes in, but how could I resist? I glided my tongue in long, delicate strokes up and down your pussy lips. You sighed with great contentment — music to my ears, as I only ever want to bring good things to your life. Temporarily, I stopped to tell you something. “You are inevitably wondering when I want some attention. The answer is not for a while. Right now, let me give to you.” You shifted to lie back. You put one foot on the back of the couch and one on the floor, fully opening yourself for me.

I alternated from your (now very wet) lips to your aching clit. I didn’t want you to go over the edge just yet, but you got very close a few times. Each time, I backed down a bit to let the orgasm build. Between each of such rounds, I took off an article of clothing to add to the pile. You reached out, between my legs, and asked me to take a quick break so that you could spend a little time with my cock.

I stood near your head and leaned in as your mouth engulfed my cock. You shifted to focus just on the head for a moment and gripped me firmly in one hand while the other grabbed my ass. There is no feeling quite like when you stroke my cock while caressing it with your tongue. I pulled out after several bayan escort istanbul minutes to return to focus on your pussy.

With my forefinger, I caressed just inside your pussy as I pursed my lips around your clit. Alternating between licking and sucking, it all came to be too much for you and you went over the edge, screaming my name. I can’t say I have ever had much ego in this world, but it makes my head bigger to hear you cry out my name during orgasm.

Your breathing calmed and you took a deep breath. I took the blindfold off of you and handed you a glass of water. It’s time for round two and two things to pull from the basket.


You didn’t bother to look at what you pulled out and just handed it to me. You know how I get when I am in certain moods, just over-the-top horny. Aren’t I the lucky one to have found a partner who will let do what I want?

I asked you to flip over and put some lotion on my hands. I’m normally not one for creams and other assorted goop on my hands — one of the many idiosyncrasies you’ve learned to deal with over the years — but this was no ordinary stuff, as you would soon find. Beginning with your neck, I gave you a proper massage as I worked my way down through your aching muscles. I spent time on the places where you carry your stress most before continuing to move south. I kneaded your ass and legs, finally ending on your feet. Each toe even got its own massage. What you didn’t expect, as I asked you to flip over for the other half, was that your body was fully tingling at this point. I spread the lotion on your chest, paying extra attention to those fantastic breasts again. You were one raw nerve and ready for the next round. You pulled the next item from the basket.


The directions at the top of the spinner were simple: PARTER ONE SPIN. PARTER TWO SPIN. FOLLOW BOTH DIRECTIONS AT ONCE. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity and the blatantly obvious.



The only thing moderately difficult would be prolonging anything. Between spending the time eating you, to rubbing my hands and tongue all over your body, as well as the fantastic blowjob you gave me, I was ready to burst. Your sensitivity şişli escort lotion had kicked into high gear, though, and you found erogenous zones you didn’t know existed. You tingled from head to toe and were wetter than you ever remembered being.

Moving to the bedroom, you told me to hold on, that you wanted to add in one thing for a few minutes. You crawled onto the bed on all fours. Looking over your shoulder at me, you told me to sit in the chair next to the bed and start masturbating. I kept it slow so as not to come before I even got to be inside you. You propped yourself with your left hand and dropped you right hand down to your pussy. I had a fantastic view: Your finger rubbing your clit, your lips wide open, even your jiggling breasts. Some people are massively turned on by various things. I remember someone once telling me that you could name any object in this world and someone was masturbating to it, on it or with it. As I noted earlier, I’m a big fan of simplicity and I don’t need fancy kinks. Seeing my partner masturbating in front of me damn near sent me over the edge there and there. As your whimpers grew in volume and I grew closer to cumming, it was time for me to follow my set of directions. I asked you to flip over.

You rested on your back with a leg over my shoulder. I slid into you — so warm, so wet, so fantastic. One of your hands went to your breast and another to your pussy. The former kneaded your breast and pulled gently at your nipple. The latter started with rubbing your forefinger and middle finger over your slick lips in a V to split for my cock in the middle. After a few moments, your two fingers went for your clit. With my hands on your hips, I had kept to your moderate pace as instructed, but instinct took over and I was a man on a mission.

I came — hard — and screamed out my own orgasm.

You weren’t far behind. So much sensation between the long-needed sex between us and the lotion — what was that stuff and where had it been all of our lives? — brought you right back to the edge. I pulled out of you, knowing how much you love the feel of my cum dribbling out of your pussy. I immediately put my middle finger in and zeroed in on your g-spot. It was full and very happy to see me. Your fingers worked their magic on your clit, all the while.

That’s all it took, and you exploded. You screamed louder and longer than before. Better yet, you squirted hard. So fantastic. By instinct, you shifted on the bed so your head was on a pillow. As with the best orgasms in our history, you passed out before you could even say anything. I moved next to you and pulled the sheet over us. As you slept, I ran my fingertips lightly all over your body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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