Bather and Relaxed

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Roni rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to ease the pain of her wide bra straps cutting into her skin; no matter how hard she tried the pain in her shoulders, back and the burn in her skin was persistent, especially at the end of a long hard day like today. Most of the cases she tries are couples that should have never been couples; but this week the woman’s plight hit close to home for Veronica, and so the normally ignored discomfort caused by her tight fitting bra felt especially acute, and the ache in her shoulders and back was not from her well endowed chest but anxiety of not having another human being to want and to be wanted by.

Most women would give their eyeteeth to have a chest like Veronica’s, and most men lose their self-control when faced by her well rounded and proportioned body. Both men and women consider full sized breasts the ultimate in femininity. Roni had a far different perspective on the matter; she felt her endowment gave her an advantage over her courtroom opponents male and female alike, and made use of it as well as her expert case preparation and presentational skills. No she would never want to be ‘normal’ sized and gladly endured the occasional discomfort of her still firm natural forty-two double Ds.

Roni’s secretary dropped in just before quitting time and asked, “Is that it for today?” and started to leave, in mid-stride turned and ask, “Are you feeling all right? Ms. Thorp you look a little bushed?”

“I am bushed Jenny.” Roni replied wrinkling her face added, “my shoulders and back are killing me!”

“Would you like a massage?” The young secretary asked softly, “I can stay late if you like?” and waited smiling.

“Oh no thank you, you are a dear for asking.” Roni replied adding, “I have my women’s meeting tonight and starting Saturday a three day seminar for the advancement of women lawyers and I want to finish the last of my letters for you to type on Monday while I’m away so there isn’t any time left Jenny. I would like to take a rain check though, and it’s time for you to just call me Roni.” She paused as she flipped through the neat pile of paper folders scanning the cover sheet inside each one and then looked smiling warmly saying, “I think we will nail the bastard good and if ever there was a bastard that needed nailing he does. I want to thank you Jenny for the very thorough job of case research you have made a good case much better.”

With a blushing face Jenny replied, “Thank you Mi… Roni I am glad I could help. After reading the brief and scanning the medical report I just wanted to kill the asshole but decided to help you slay him in the courtroom. That sweet young woman will need what ever reparations you can get.”

“We can get honey… We can get.” Roni warmly corrected and then gave Jenny a knowing smile, a goodbye wave of her hand, and she was gone. Roni glanced at the clock on the wall. She decided to put another hour towards the paperwork before leaving for the evening meeting and the long awaited three day weekend. Veronica was very familiar with last weeks counsel’s selection a large mansion in a western suburb of Chicago; it had all the good things she needed a nice lounge and fine food café, heavenly rooms, and a divinely wonderful spa staffed by some of most favorite women in the world.

It was a long and tedious drive to the mansion; traffic snarls, impatient drivers honking their horns, and red lights that seemed to take forever to change. Car wrecks that didn’t look too bad but still tied up traffic while the police and drivers sorted through the who’s’ at fault, and finally a turn onto a less crowded street and two rows of very welcoming buildings telling of the warmer suburban life and her journey’s end in sight. As she rounded the last corner and pulled into the driveway she sighed a very exhausted but relieved sigh. There was a long line of cars waiting for valets to park them, and cars pulling in behind her, but that did not bother Veronica because she was in line and knew her turn would soon come. Roni was both pleased with herself and relieved for anticipating the large crow and booked a room in advance with a full treatment at her favorite spa, the tensions of driving eased as the anticipated pleasures of the evening drifted into her mind. Once she was freed of her car she rushed the bellboy from the check in desk to her room tipped him and hurriedly sent him on his way and took a nice long piss lingering a moment to feel her innards relax after holding her water for so long and then headed for the spa.

At the spa Roni handed her coat and bag to the check-in girl, and went to the changing room where she was greeted by Kim the dressing room attendant, “Good evening, Ms. Thorpe, would you care to have some assistance with your clothing?”

“Yes please. That is just what the doctor ordered.” Roni replied then ordered, “Please have my coat sent to the cleaners and have my valet press my white dinner dress, and then bring it here.” and with an exhausted Ataşehir Escort sigh added, “I’m so tired, I can’t take another step… and please… call me Roni.”

“Would Joanne meet with your approval?” Kim asked with a mousy grin warmly adding, “Roni.”

“Fine.” Roni replied sounding a bit more relaxed, “I think I’ve used her before if my memory serves me correctly.”

Kim called Joanne from the waiting room, “Please take care of Ms. Thorpe… Roni, and do an especially good job she’s had quite a long day.”

“Yes I will.” Joanne replied beaming a broad smile turning her attention to Roni, “Follow me please, I have a private changing room set up.”

Once inside the lavishly decorated dressing room, Joanne quickly went to work removing Veronica’s clothing, stopping only when she was down to her bra and panties.

“Your breast are beautiful and they are still firm.” Joanne cajoled softly into Roni’s ear while letting her hands run up and down the older woman’s arms and shoulders, in a warm voice asked, “Are you ready for me to remove your undies?”

“Oh yes dear.” Roni sighed as she laid back on the padded bench, “I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day…! ‘Hell…!’ all month!”

“I’m glad.” Joanne said, unhooking the five clasps holding Roni’s bra in place. “Oh my… your shoulders must be in awful pain, your straps have really cut into your skin!” Joanne empathized, she was not quite as well endowed as Veronica is but just the same she was a very healthy full bodied woman with breasts to match.

“Ohaahhaah…! That feels nice getting that brutal contraption off my shoulders.” Roni moaned softly, “And yes, it is quite painful…! ‘Today…?’ yes today two words ‘The Case…!'” And with a long mournful sigh added, “I’ve been arguing with clients and other lawyers since six-thirty this morning… practically nonstop.”

“I have an idea.” Joanne whispered seductively into Roni’s ear, “Get into the hot water soak for a bit and then I will wash-away your day. I bet that will really relax you.”

With a soft moan in her throat Roni cooed, “Y… aahh… Yess… that’s a wonderful idea!” and in she slipped.

Once in Roni ooohed and ahhed as she slowly swirled her body around in the steaming hot water; and after several minutes she stood up in the waist deep water and slipped onto the washing table where Joanne took a washcloth, and slowly scrubbed every square inch of Roni’s lush upper body paying particular attention to the strap lines on Roni’s sore shoulders and back. Soaping and scrubbing, massaging the muscles in her back and shoulders after soaping them up. The coarseness of the cloth wiped away the tensions, aches, and the gouges Roni’s bra had left. Joanne watched Roni’s large nipples grew hard and turned soft and fighting back the urge to suckle as she washed those full breasts. Joanne moved to Roni’s sides scrubbing, washing, and whisking away a long day, she heard a quiet sigh and a swallow, as she started to wash Roni’s stomach and arms. She finished the upper half, and could see Roni was letting go, she coaxed, “Please roll over and let me wash away the tensions from your front.”

Once Roni was in place and Joanne could see her full body she let out a quiet but auditable sigh of admiration. Roni’s body was intimidating to look at because of it’s size her large round face, and fleshy lips and her piercing dark eyes were surrounded by her thick raven hair, full firm breasts matched the muscle tone of her arms and shoulders, her stomach not flat, not bulging was augmented by her powerful looking thighs and buttocks, though she carried a few extra pounds her body was still firm. “Oh what a beautiful raven haired pussy,” Joanne thought as she surveyed the wonderful treasure trails of black hairs running from her belly button down and up her thighs from her knees showing the way to the thick, matting of long shinny black hairs. As she began to soap Roni’s legs she thought as she looked, “A person could bury their face in that wonderful patch of black hairs. Joanne parted Roni’s legs slightly and caught a quick glance of Roni’s labia and could see they were swelling, and fanning open, proof her massaging was starting to work.

Roni was whetting Joanne’s appetite as she slipped, letting loose a whisper, “Oh my!” while cupping one breast and softly washing her firm belly. “What size bra do you wear?” Joanne quickly asked in an effort to hide the slip of her tongue.

“Oh…my.” Roni murmured dreamily as she acknowledged hearing Joanne’s slip. “I wear a 42DD cup bra, but I think I might have to go to a 44 DDD cup, my old bras seem a bit tight…! God forbid I may have put on a few pounds.”

“I wish my breasts were as full and lush as yours.” Joanne cajoled while continuing to caress the older woman’s incredibly full breasts, and moving the washcloth over and between Roni’s thighs she warmly added, “Well I think you have been spending more time at the gym.”

“You’res Ataşehir Escort Bayan are beautiful too Joanne.” Roni whispered to the cute young woman and cajolingly added, “still firm and looking forward where mine are beginning to look downward just a bit and yes thank you for noticing; when the frustrations of cases weave their way in I fight back with vigorous work outs.”

With a small smile breaking across her face Joanne replied, “Why thank you for your kind compliment, now rollover and let me wash your lower back and beautiful buttocks.”

“Oh, oh okay.” Roni moaned as she rolled over with Joanne’s help she gleefully sang, “Over and over we roll over.” And giggled then directed, “Slip a pillow under my head please.”

“Gladly.” Joanne chimed as she pulled the pillow into place and centered Roni’s body on the table. It was easy for Joanne to move the hundred and sixty pounds of the six-foot-one woman as the table was slick from soap suds and of course Roni helped some. A smile began to beam as she surveyed Roni’s behind marveling at how uniformly her thick black hairs fanned out across her buttocks, and how the trail of curly hairs ran up her spine ending just passed her waist, and how much longer and denser they became as they neared her vulva, nearly obscuring all of her feminine genitalia as she soaped up the wash clothe she noted warmly, “It has been a while since you were last with us and let me bathe you… I have missed our regular appointments.” While listening to Roni, Joanne leaned over close to Roni’s pubic hairs and quietly stole a sniff smelling her aroma before soaping her up.

“I’ve been so wrapped up in court battles lately…” Roni’s reply was briefly interrupted as she felt the hot soapy washcloth course it’s way across her waist then down covering her buttocks and thighs with soap in a circular scrubbing motion as she reached Roni’s feet Roni cooed in a dreamy voice, “I forgot just how good you make me feel.”

“I really enjoy working you over.” Joanne purred as she rinsed the washcloth and added more soap to it and then admitting, “You are one of my favorites because you enjoy what I do so much.” Joanne paused and looked at the woman basking in the steamy room and holding a very soapy washcloth in plane view and salacious smile beaming from ear to ear asked, “Are you ready to have me wash your… privates?” her warm smile beamed as she waited for an answer.

“Oh yes dear please wash away.” Roni purred her voice now sounding completely relaxed as she started to roll over again with Joanne’s help and as she plopped back down let out a gusting sigh.

“Here let me have your leg.” Joanne softly directed as she placed it against her waist as she stepped between Roni’s legs opening her genitalia to Joanne’s ministrations. A smile radiated from Roni’s face as the hot soapy cloth slathered across her hairy privates and Joanne watched her large nipples turn hard. As she washed Joanne could feel Roni’s clitoris through the washcloth as it swelled and turned hard too and she shuddered as if it were her that was being washed when Roni let out a long loud sigh.

In a very dreamy and warm voice Roni cooed, “I’ll give you about a half an hour to stop that.” And both women giggled softly.

“I still have to wash your hair.” Joanne said laughingly as she set the washcloth down and picked up the bottle of soap and squirted some into her hand while she sauntered towards Roni’s head. As she walked Joanne’s face turned soft and a warm smile graced her lips; she watched Roni’s bristling nipples and could smell Roni’s arousal over the fragrance of the soap, as she began washing her hair.

“Joanne you do, do a wonderful job of washing me.” Roni warmly crooned in a deepening but soft voice.

“It’s time to rinse you off tell me if the water is too hot.” Joanne informed as she started at her feet working upwards, “Now close your eyes maybe when we get back into the pool you’ll let me play with those perky nipples of you’res.”

“Only if you let me play with you’res!” Roni said sounding much like a young girl as she sat up beaming a very wet smile and giggling while Joanne washed the rest of the soap from her hair and back.

“We have a deal.” She joyfully sang out as she rinsed the soap from her body she warmly warned, “My nipples are very sensitive and I have had orgasms just from having them suckled.” then both she and Roni slipped into the steamy pool sighing loudly as the hot water swirled around them. They both began to trade soft little kisses as they tangled their legs and messed their bodies.

“I want you to cum first!” Roni crooned after breaking a kiss and hoisted Joanne onto the float. Roni closed her lips on the young woman’s nipple, and suckled as she twirled the other and just as predicted, within a matter of only a few minutes, Joanne was sweated and swaying her fanny from side to side and clutching Roni’s head to her heaving breast. As Escort Ataşehir her orgasm eased, Roni smiled and parted Joanne’s legs and looked; a run of creamy vaginal fluid was coating Joanne’s labia, the sides of her thighs, and her fanny and was mingling with the water on the float.

“My god!” Roni said softly, “That was incredible, and to think we didn’t even touch your pussy.”

“Just look at it now.” Joanne sighed while floating on top of the water legs spread wide.

“I don’t believe it.” Roni sang as she moved for a full on front view and stared at Joanne’s bulging clitoris and meaty hood, and her labia still wide open and deep red, “It must be four times bigger than it was a few minutes ago. I thought I had a big clitoris and meaty labia. Do you pump up like that every time you get aroused?”

“Yes.” Joanne replied in a deepening warm voice, “My mother says that all of the women in her family have vaginas that are very plump and meaty, and when we get turned on our genitals engorge quickly, filling to four and five times their normal size and our clitoris’s pulse so much that they look like they are dancing. Do you like it?” Joanne asked as she smiled at Roni fingering her clitoris.

“Oh, God, yes I love it!” Roni whispered hoarsely, while nosing the young woman’s modest patch of dark brown pubic hairs, “May I suck on it for you? It looks very needy?”

“Oh, please.” Joanne moaned, “Suck it…! Bite it…! make me cum… again please!”

Roni slid eagerly between the young woman’s legs; balancing Joanne’s fanny in her hands and parting her thighs with her shoulders and with her thumbs splayed her labia, took one last full view look as the satin cream slid from Joanne’s splayed labia, then wrapped her mouth around her very lively clitoris and began softly tonguing and suckling the young lady to another consuming climax. Roni’s face was glistening from being coated with Joanne’s creamy sweet dew as she looked up smiling a lascivious smile and faking a southern drawl crooned, “My, my child you came all over my face.” Then they both laughed loudly.

After coming down from her sexual high, Joanne in an embarrassed voice apologized, “I’m supposed to be taking care of you and here you are bringing me to climax twice. I don’t think that’s exactly what Kim meant when she told me to take care of you!”

Roni just giggled laid her head on Joanne’s firm belly and replied, “Believe me, I was more than happy to do it. It makes me feel young again suckling you to orgasm I love the taste of your sweet cream. I hope you don’t mind I drank as much as I could!”

“Well, now it’s my turn.” Joanne replied softly while helping Roni out of the pool and into a chaise lounge next to it, “I think it’s time we kissed your vagina, I think that you’ll find my style sensual.”

A shiver of desire and anticipation swept through her body, Roni asked, “I hope I’m not too hairy for you?”

“Of course not.” Joanne replied a matter-of-factly, “Now let me massage your lips. My God you do have the hairiest bush I have ever seen…!” She playfully teased as she stroked the thick patch of raven black hair.

Roni lay back with her eyes closed luxuriating in the sensations she was feeling in her swollen vagina and suggested, “Joanne pull them straight and see how long they are.”

Joanne’s soft hands gently brushed the hairs away from Roni’s warm vaginal opening she laughed saying, “My God…I have never seen pubic hairs this long. You could wrap them around my head.” Joanne went to work first parting the raven black hairs and then parting Roni’s meaty vaginal lips with both hands and massaging them with her fingers. Joanne began suckling on Roni’s erect clitoris, lavishly licking and suckling Roni’s labia and clitoris with her dancing tongue and lips diddling first one nipple then the other with her free hand.

Roni moaned softly, “I-I’m feel my insides melting and turning hot. My God Joanne you are doing a heavenly…job.”

“Well thank you ma’am.” Joanne said softly as her fingers continued massaging the length of Roni’s blossoming labia, “Your clitoris is poking its head out from inside it’s beet red hood and your labia have become dewy with your sweet cream and turning bright pink as they fan out!”

“Sweet Jesus in heaven.” Roni moaned while arching her back and thrusting her pussy onto Joanne’s mouth, “I … I’m… I’m going to explode!

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice.” Joanne whispered, “But not yet, dear, hold off a little longer.” and she started slowing her fingers and suckling of Roni’s incredibly wet vaginal opening.

“It feels so wonderful.” and began washing Joanne’s face with her creamy black hairs as she squirmed.

“Mmmmmm, Roni you are getting really wet.” Joanne replied softly while continuing to suckle again, “I’m gonna make you another promise.”

“What’s that?” Roni gasped, as she slipped closer and closer to sexual delirium, “Tell me, what are you going to do…!”

“Well…” Joanne said teasingly, “I…no… I have a better idea, you tell me… what to do.”

“I-I don’t know.” Veronica moaned loudly, “I just don’t want you to stop.”

“Yuumm.” Joanne hummed, “I know that if I had some one playing with my pussy and asked me what I wanted them to do next, I sure know what I’d say.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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