Batteries Not Included

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Today was just going to be one of those days, the totally shitty one. Don’t give me that, you’ve had them too; the kind where is seems like nothing is going your way.

My English Lit professor had given out the list of approved books for our end of semester report, and frankly I didn’t know three quarters of the damn titles. My friend Lisa was supposed to come over and help me study for my chemistry exam tomorrow, but was too busy fucking her boyfriend to make it over. Which only added to things since my own boyfriend was working the late shift.

The final topper was about to hit as I eased myself back on my bed, my laptop set off to the side. My brain was fried from all the damn chemistry formula’s and I needed to destress…bad.

My bedroom door was locked, mom was down doing dishes or whatever, and dad was secluded in his office down the hall. It was time to break out my little friend and see if I couldn’t take the edge off things.

Yeah, I live at home with the folks, so bite me. A lot of my friends had gone for campus dorms, or shared housing; but honestly it just killed me to spend that kind of money when I only lived thirty minutes from the campus. No offense, when you are female and nineteen, there are a lot of other things you can spend money on than room and board. Like clothes and the newest iPhone; what can I say I’m a girl?

Besides, mom and dad were pretty cool about things. They gave me my space, let me have friends, and generally left me on my own as long as I kept my grades up at college. Hell, they even ignored the occasional visits from my boyfriend, and I know I’m not always the quiet one when it comes to getting my brains fucked out.

Which, by the way; I like. Some people will say they like sex; not me. I like fucking; and I mean down and dirty, rutting in the dirt, fuck my brains out. It’s one of the reasons I have a bit of a hard time keeping a boyfriend.

Getting them is pretty easy; and it helps when you’re nineteen, have blonde hair to your shoulders; perky firm 36C breasts with fat little nipples. I played soccer and volleyball in high school so kept in good shape. Add to all that a 34 waist and flat tummy and you get the idea.

What I can’t get is why when you have a hot blonde girlfriend; who loves to fuck; why you aren’t banging her ass off every chance you get. I admit I’m a bit more aggressive in the sex department, maybe it scares them off; for whatever reason it always seems to happen. Just like it has been happening with my recent boyfriend. Oh the sex was still decent, but it was starting to fizzle, and I knew it would only be a few months and I would be back to finding someone new.

And that brings me back to where I was; stretching out on my bed, my stretch sweat pants down to my knees, and holding my little friend. That is if you can call an eight inch ribbed cylinder little, but definitely my friend.

It only took a few minutes to get things nice and lubed up; using that quietly humming little tip on my aching clit sent nice little tremors through my belly.

“Fuck yesss” I sighed as I slid home. Fuck that felt good as I felt my walls stretch.

“Come on baby…fuck me.” I grunted as I gripped the end with both hands.

I started with a nice slow tempo, sliding in and out nice and deep. I could hear the wet sucking as my pussy gripped that monster. The little ribs were dragging across my swollen lips, and the quiet hum was sending pulses through my walls.

Closing my eyes, I started to slowly pick up the pace. I could feel my juices oozing out around my toy and dripping down my ass.

“Fuck me baby” I groaned as my eyes closed.

Just so you know; it wasn’t my boyfriend that filled my vision right then and it wasn’t some hot movie star either. I admit; I had a thing for older men, though I had never been with one. There was something about the idea of their skill and knowledge, and how to pleasure a woman that lingered in my mind.

As my belly flexed, and I began to really churn that thing in and out; visions of this bear of a man in his forties, spreading my legs wide by my ankles, filled my mind. I could see his slight belly, the hair on his chest; and god could I feel that cock as it began to pound into me.

“Oh fuck yeah” I grunted. “Take me baby” I moaned as I picked up the pace even more.

A light sheen of sweat began to cover my face as I began to really drill into myself. Both hands gripped the round base, as I drove that thing deep into my aching cunt. You got it, when I start it’s a nice tight pussy; once I get revved up, it turns into a dripping wet cunt.

“Fuck me…fuck me” I moaned as I started shoving even faster.

There I was; climbing that wall, pounding my juicy cunt as my ass began to meet my own thrusts. I could even feel the delicious first waves as my orgasm built; when the unthinkable happened.

My eyes snapped open and I groaned, as I felt the humming begin to fade in my belly. Noooo…no…no…no; I wanted to scream.

FUCK, I almost screamed as the last tremor hummed through gorukle escort bayan my cunt, and then silence. Not now, goddammit why does the fucking thing have to die now.

Yanking my cream coated dildo out, I shook it, and then slapped it on the bed. Fucking thing, I growled; of all the damn times for the fucking batteries to die.

Rolling on my side I began rummaging in the small stand beside my bed, I always kept spares in there; I knew I had some. The fucker took four double A batteries, I thought as my hand searched the drawer. I pulled back, looking at the two small batteries. Two, where the hell was the other two?

FUCK! I almost screamed. I had taken them out a couple of days ago for my game controller; the same game controller that was sitting by the television downstairs. The fact I had never replaced them and it was my own fault did not fail to hit home.

Frustrated I tossed the abandoned toy onto the bed, and pulled my sweats and panties back up. Fuck, I could feel the thin fabric of my panties cling to my moist lips and it sent a shiver through me. I need those batteries, was all I could think of as I headed for my door.

OK, I admit it; I not only love fucking; but once I start don’t get in my way. It’s like that’s all my nineteen year old brain can focus on. Having been that close to orgasm, only to slide back down; was driving my mind and body insane. I needed relief, and fucking NOW.

Yanking open the door, I started for the stairs. I could hear the television, and figured mom was now in the living room, having finished the dishes; great, now I would have to explain to her why I wanted the batteries.

I love my mother, don’t get me wrong; but over the last few years mom has kind of gone from that normal I remember as a little girl; to a conservative old maid. Mom used to sunbathe in a bikini and wear short skirts showing off her legs. Something about when she turned forty-five things changed. She never wore a swimsuit anymore, and about all I ever saw her in were slacks and turtlenecks.

I could just hear it now, telling Grandma Moses I needed the batteries so I could diddle my cunt off; that would go over like a bomb. I hesitated at the top of the stairs, trying to formulate what I would say, when I heard the soft music from down the hall. DAD! Fuck, he’s in his office. Maybe he has some batteries; I turned without even thinking clearly, and headed back down the hall.

The door to dad’s study was closed, but I could hear he soft music coming from inside. Honestly, in my frenzied state, it never occurred to me I should knock; I just eased the door open and looked inside.

The music was playing from the stereo by the door, which only partly answered why dad never heard the door. The other reason was that his whole attention was on his computer screen.

Like me, Dad loved gamming, and his computer was like his baby. He built the damn thing; it had a top end graphics card, liquid cooled, and a thirty-six inch monitor the size of a television; which at that moment was definitely not showing the game he was currently playing. Holy fuck, I almost shit. I stared as a man in his mid-forties shoved the fattest dick I had ever seen, into the tight wet cunt of a teenage girl.

I felt a sudden gush of my own fluids as the older man all but mauled the young girl. Now that’s fucking, I thought; as he began to pound into her tight little body. I glanced at dad, but with the back of his high office chair to me, I couldn’t tell. Was he masturbating, I wondered.

The idea my dad was jerking off to a May December scene was sending a tremor through my belly; a tremor that suddenly reminded me why I was here. I slowly backed out and eased the door shut. Knocking loudly, I waited the minute I knew dad was shrinking his screen before he called for me to come in.

“Hay dad, I’m sorry to bug you.” I said.

“Its OK sweetie” he smiled. “What can I do for you?”

God, he was the ever the loving father. In the middle of hot sex and he could drop everything and think of me. It made me look at him in a different light. It also didn’t help that he had a fucking huge bulge in his jeans when he turned to face me. God, how big was that thing, then I shook myself. This is your fucking dad, I thought.

“Ummm, do you have any batteries?” I asked.

“I might” Dad answered. “What kind?”

“Double A” I couldn’t tear my eyes from that bulge. My hazed brain was running over half of what I was doing, and I couldn’t stop it.

“Check the drawer on the stereo stand” Dad said.

I turned and bent over to rummage in the small drawer. Just as my hand wrapped around two batteries, I glanced over my shoulder. Jesus, was he checking my ass, I wondered. His eyes were glues to me as slowly I rose back up.

As I tuned, my sweats shifted with my movement, and I could feel the wetness between my thighs. Oh my God, he could see I was wet. My dad was staring at the wet crotch of his nineteen year old daughter.

I slowly walked back to his chair, the two nilüfer escort bayan batteries clutched in my grip. Jesus, I could feel my hips sway as I moved. I watched his face, how his eyes moved with me. They seemed locked higher this time. I glanced down and sure enough my rock hard nipples were straining against the thin tank top I was wearing.

I already had two batteries in my room; I had enough with these two; so someone tell me why I picked that moment to lie.

“There’s only two…I need four” I said softly.

Dad sat mutely, staring at my breasts; I had this horrible urge to thrust my chest out at him, but somehow resisted. Slowly his eyes rose to look me in the face, confusion written in his look.

“You need four?” He seemed off balance; God does the same thing happen to him, I wondered as my hazed brain controlled me.

“Yeah, it won’t work on two.” I said.

“It won’t work on two?” He asked. “What won’t work on two?” he looked at me.

One glance at that bulge in his lap and my nineteen year old brain just shot down; but my mouth kept working.

“My vibrator” I told him. “It takes four batteries.” God did I just say that to my dad?

“Vibrator” Dad moaned back.

“MY vibrator” I repeated. “I’m horny as hell and it died.” I told him.

“Oh Jesus” Dad moaned. “Sorry sweetie, I think that’s all I have.” He said.

I glanced over at the closed door to his office, and then back at his face. I could see the sweat forming on his brow and how his hands clenched on the arms of the chair. I should have turned and left; gone back to my room and started where I had left off.

Today had been a totally shitty day and I wasn’t in the mood; what I was in the mood for was between this man’s thighs. Against my better judgement, I stayed, and I made it even worse.

“Turn it back on.” I could hear the rasp in my own voice.

“Turn it…” dad stuttered.

“The movie” I told him. “I need to finish, I want to watch.”

Nothing like admitting I had seen him watching porn. Any normal father would have raged at his daughter at that moment; I knew dad was in the same position I was when his hand reached for the mouse.

I watched the screen as me brought the clip back up again. It was paused at the perfect moment for my fogged brain. The girl was stretched out on her face on the bed, while the older man mounted her from above.

I heard the mouse click, and watched as the man resumed movement; his hips pounding down into the girl. Every blow made the cheeks of her ass shake as he rammed into her like a pile driver. God, now that was fucking.

I was a bit surprised there was no sound, and then saw the ear buds sitting on the desk in front of dad. Setting down the batteries, I reached out and picked up the bud, bringing it to my ear. I saw dad start to move to stop me, but then hesitate. I found out why when I slipped it in my ear.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me harder.” filled my ear. I felt the hugest tremor shoot trough my body as I stared at the screen.

Without turning my eyes, I slid one hand down my belly, inching my fingers under the waist band of my sweatpants. My fingers crept lower and lower towards my now leaking pussy.

“Go ahead and finish” I whispered at dad; not taking my eyes from the screen.

I didn’t hear him move, but that didn’t stop me. My fingers slid over my mound, then down into the wet crevice. I moaned softly as one finger slid into my soaked cavern. That was apparently all it took.

I sensed dad shift beside me and the rustle of cloth in the quiet room. His elbow rested on the arm of his chair, but I caught slight movement out of the corner of my eye.

I added a second finger as the man on the screen pulled the girls hips back, bringing her ass into the air. Now on all fours on the bed, she was taking a pounding and by the sounds in my ear, loving every second.

Realizing I was wearing the ear bud, it meant dad no longer had sound. Once again judgement went out the window as I opened my mouth.

“She loves it, you can hear it.” I said hoarsely. I didn’t expect dad to reply, and when he did it totally caught me off guard.

“She likes having her daddy pound her cunt.” There was no hesitation in his words, they were strong and powerful.

I turned to tell him as the girl on the screen was squealing like a stuck pig; when his lap came into view. I meant to look him in the eyes, but only made it to his lap before my gaze locked. Jesus, how could you not stare; I mean that thing had to be at least eight or nine inches long, it was thick as a hell, and fucking rock hard.

“Because it’s so big” I gasped, staring at that hunk of meat.

“I bet it fills her tight little twat.” Oh fuck I almost buckled at my father’s words.

Was he still talking about the movie? I tore my eyes from his groin and looked up. His eyes were locked on my own waist; watching the cloth of my sweatpants move in time to my plunging finger. That was it; the movie was gone for bursa otele gelen escort bayan both of us. The point of no return had been crossed like a race car blowing across a finish line.

“Big, fat daddy cock” I moaned as my eyes dropped back to his lap.

I stared in wonder as his fist pumped up and down that shaft, the veins pulsing in front of me. I had lost my virginity by the time I was sixteen; fucked more guys that I could shake a stick at; but never in my life had I watched a full grown man jerk off.

“I’ll bet she’s nice and tight” Dad grunted.

“Fuck yes” I moaned back; adding a second finger to my now drenched cunt. Yep, I had devolved down again; the pussy was gone, all I had now was a hungry cunt.

“She likes showing daddy her hot little cunt.” Dad’s voice filled my ears over the squealing in the ear bud.

God how did he know the perfect thing to say? My other hand shot to my waist and I tugged the elastic waist of the sweat pants down; letting the cloth free to fall and puddle at my ankles.

“I bet daddy loves her tight teenage cunt” my voice was hoarse.

I spread my feet, opening my thighs more. I glanced up and could see his eyes locked to my shaved cunt. Not being a true blonde, I made sure to always be shaved smooth; that way a guy never truly knew. At this moment, it also meant that my swollen lips were on full display to my father’s hungry eyes.

“Her tight little walls wrapping around his thick daddy cock.” Dad grunted.

I could see his cock jerk in his grip when my sweats fell to the floor. A drop of pre cum seeped from the tip and I felt the overwhelming desire to lean forward and lick it onto my tongue.

“I bet…she cums…on his cock.” I gasped.

By now I had added a third finger; and the wet smack of my hand against my mound was audible as I pounded my fingers up into myself. I had to grip the edge of the desk as I shoved my hand harder and harder into myself.

Dad had matched the tempo of my fingers; I could hear the slap of his fist every time my hand hit my mound. I could feel my walls clenching around my fingers, panting as my body climbed once again.

“Does she want her daddy to cum inside her?” Dad grunted out.

MY brain snapped; the movie totally disappeared as I felt that familiar knot growing in my belly. Fuck this was going to big, I realized. MY eyes were locked to that pumping fist as my juices coated my hand between my thighs.

“Fill me daddy” I gushed out. “Fill my cunt with your seed, make me yours.” I babbled

“Fuck you so good” Dad moaned.

“Yessssss, fuck me daddy.” I hissed back.

“Fill that tight cunt” he panted. “Hot, thick daddy seed.”

“Fuck meeeeeee” I moaned.

I watched his ass drive up off the chair, as I rammed my fingers as deep as I could get them. Somehow, even then, we met together. As my orgasm lit up my belly, I watched his face clench in raw passion.

“Fuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Dad moaned. I watched as a thick rope of jizz shot out the tip and arched through the air.

“Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhh” I wailed with him. My body spasmed and shook as my orgasm tore through me. A hot gush of fluids erupted from between my thighs, coating my hand and dripping to the floor.

I stared as a second and third thick rope pumped out, coating his hand. Fuck, how much did he cum, I thought. I could feel my belly flexing as the waves rolled through me with one of the most intense climax’s of my life.

By the time we both had eased back down my thighs were drenched in a flood of my cream and his entire lap was covered in this cum. I saw the look of guilt that grew on his face. Now was not the time to discuss this. I scooped up the batteries and reached down to gather my sweatpants.

Just as I reached the door, I stopped. I didn’t dare turn around and face him; but I just had to say it.

“That was fucking fantastic” I whispered; then slipped out the door.

Back in my room, I loaded the batteries in my toy, and promptly pummeled my cunt to two mind blowing orgasms; each one with the image of my father driving his fat dick up into my needy cunt.

As I collapsed back on my bed, it was my turn to feel the guilt. I knew what we had done was wrong, in fact beyond wrong. I reasoned it had been a moment of weakness for both of us, our hormones taking control. I silently vowed to myself to not let it happen again.

Two days later I got the chance to get together with my boyfriend. I figured maybe having sex would help purge the thoughts that kept coming into my brain every time I masturbated. It back fired, and big.

The fact that it was my father’s face I saw every time I masturbated; didn’t help matters. It had taken every ounce of my will to not call out for him as two days of frustrated masturbation were taken out on those fresh batteries.

Comparing the image of being on all fours on a bed, while this mature man hammer’s your quaking cunt, to the cramped and sweaty back seat of a car; that’s like comparing cold oatmeal to steak.

You would think images like that would excite you, spur you on. Nope, for me it had the opposite effect; I just lay there and let a sweating humping boy do his thing. When he finally stiffened on top of me, and let out his thin drizzle of cum, I couldn’t help but compare it to what it would feel like to have those ropes of hot seed flooding into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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