B,D 101 Pt. 02

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The Players:

Mary: sub female, Age 21, 5’8″, Slender build, Auburn hair, Green eyes, 34C

Ted: DOM Male, Age 32, 6’1″, Heavyset, Black Hair, Blue eyes, 6″

A young woman has bondage fantasies and decides to try and make them a reality. Her first attempt finds her with an inept DOM wanna-be, but later discovers a true master and the real meaning of Sexual pain.

Keywords: B&D, Solo F, Beginner, Female Masturbation

Chapter 1 – Enter the Master

It was almost a month after her encounter with Jeff when a friend of a friend set Mary up on a blind date with a guy named Ted. He was more than 10 years her elder, but was assured that he was a great guy. Mary did not think anyone could be worse than Jeff had been, so she decided to go for it. She had confided in her girlfriend about her B&D fantasy, and Mary was pretty sure this guy Ted was into it as well.

Their date began when they met at a nice restaurant around 7 PM. Ted was not at all what Mary had expected! He was tall with jet black hair and dull blue eyes, had on a wrinkled shirt that covered most of his beer belly. It’s not that he was fat nor ugly, but he sure was no eye candy and had not seen a gym in a long time. Mary almost bailed, but as they talked he was clearly intelligent and somewhat of a charmer. He had to be, Marry thought, or he would never get laid.

Towards urfa escort the end of the meal, Ted brought up the topic of sex very casually; he was clearly comfortable with the topic.

“So I understand you have some interest in B&D, correct?” he asked her.

Mary blushed at his directness, looking at her plate and moving food around it with her fork.

“Well, perhaps. With the right person.” She responded, trying to not sound like a slut.

Ted told her that he was quite an experienced DOM and even had a collared slave. Mary was quite hesitant to believe him especially after her one date with Jeff. It seemed that Ted must have read the hesitation in her eyes.

“If you want, you can come with me and see my play room. No expectations.” He told her. In the end she agreed and they left together, Mary following in her own car.

The home was spacious but simple and Mary noted the clear lack of a woman’s touch with the décor. Inside he offered her some wine which she accepted and then followed Ted to a bedroom of sorts. Upon seeing the room, Mary had two simultaneous thoughts; either this guy was real, or he was a serial killer and she was his next victim.

The room had a smooth tiled floor and the walls were soundproofed. There was no window and just the one door. For a bedroom, it was conspicuous balıkesir escort by its lack of a bed. In the middle of the room was a Saint Andrew’s cross made of wood with hooks about a foot apart all along the beams. On one wall was a table right out of a medieval dungeon with whips and restraints and paddles of all shapes and sizes. One end had a variety of different sized dildos, most far too big for Mary’s liking.

Another wall had hooks and chains with shackles suspended and the last had a very uncomfortable looking wooden chair. Mary stood there with her mouth agape for several moments before she could speak. When she did finally talk, all she managed was “Wow.”

“Please, look around. Touch and hold things. If you want a demonstration, it would be my pleasure — and yours.” Ted spoke with full innuendo intended.

Taking him up on his offer, Mary went to the table and began to look at a variety of items, picking up a few and turning them in her hands. There were a few things that she had never seen before, but was afraid to ask about. She finally turned to see Ted smiling and watching her so she set the current item in her hand back down.

“How do I know I can trust you?” Mary asked casually.

“Well, right now you can’t. Trust is earned between a Master and his slave. Are you trabzon escort interested in trusting ME?” he responded. In the end Mary declined him and drove home alone. But as she lay in her bed, she could not help but think about all the various toys and devices he had, wondering what they would feel like. Before she even realized it her hand had gone down between her legs and she was rubbing her sex.

As she played with herself, Mary imagined being tied to the large X-Shaped cross, bound and helpless. She could see Ted with a flog in his hand walking around and slapping her delicate skin with it, over and over.

Mary’s now had two fingers inside her cunt and was fingering herself slowly, her pussy juices already flowing. Her eyes were closed as she fantasized about several of the toys being used on her causing both pain and pleasure together.

Now she was rubbing her clit and her inner lips, up and down in slow circles, her fingers wet. She thought about one of the dildo’s she had held, far too large for her tight pussy. Her mind pictured Ted forcing her to take it, and how it would be stretching her cunt wide.

With a much faster pace now Mary was pleasuring herself as her ass rocked on the bed. Her head was back and she began to arch her back. She quickly focused on her clit once more and pinched it as she climaxed, yelling out loud.

“Ohhh god FUCK!!” she hollered as she came, her nectar covering her own hand and thighs.

Over the next month, Mary saw Ted for ‘dates’ twice more and enjoyed his conversation but nothing more. She finally worked up the courage and after a bottle of wine on their third date, she asked him to take her to his special room.

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