Be Verbal With Me

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I ring the doorbell, he answers, smiles at me and says “Ah, good, my personal cocksucker is here.”

As I look at him and say “Yes, I am.” I feel my cock immediately stir. I’m here to do what I enjoy most. But how did it come to this? I’m a white collar, professional, married, 52yo ‘normal’, everyday guy. Yet, I can’t wait to feel his mushroom head in my mouth and then my face up against his full bush. I ache for it, I daydream about it when I don’t have it. How did it come to this? And then there’s the whole verbal thing… I love it when he talks to me the entire time I’m worshipping his cock and balls. I enjoy hearing not only how much he enjoys what I’m doing but also hearing how he degrades me. I draw the line at being called a faggot, but I am his personal cocksucker and nasty, dirty boy who loves the aroma and taste of his hairy balls. I crave it all. Constantly.

“Come on in Bitch, I have a huge load for you today if you deserve and earn it. Do you want it?”

“I do, very much so… it’s been almost a week since I’ve tasted your cum.” I say.

“I also have a treat for you… I haven’t showered yet this morning and I’ve been to the gym.” He teases me with what he knows I love… a little extra flavor and scent.

Here is my friend Justin who somehow picked up on the fact that I might be a cocksucker. I don’t remember exactly how it all transpired, but as they say, one thing led to another and for the past 4 months I’ve been his personal cocksucker. My fantasy come true. Someone nearby, accessible, able to let me sneak away from my wife to his place and get my fill of cock, balls and of course cum. I’ve only sucked a few cocks, but immediately realized I could deepthroat and love to hear the moans of pleasure as Justin buries himself in my throat and holds my head there until I push him back to gasp for air. I love hearing him praise me for being a good little whore and licking his balls clean… and lower if he’s in the mood. I want to taste it all. I want to worship every inch of his hairy crotch. Those shaved guys don’t do a thing for me. I want hair, a full bush, licking every inch, breathing it in as I go. I get hard the moment I walk in the door, stay hard the entire time I’m on my knees and all the way home until I can jackoff. Justin has no desire to reciprocate and that’s fine with me. The pleasure is all mine. He doesn’t understand it, hell, I don’t really understand it either, but I just need to feel his cock and his cum down my throat.

Justin does enjoy watching me stroke myself as I suck him, so I remove my shorts as we get to his living room as he does the same. The whole time he’s talking to me… “Ready for this cock again? Do you remember what it tastes like when it’s sweaty? Are you man enough to lick every inch of me? My hairy balls are waiting for you too…”

I almost drool hearing his words staring at his semi-erect cock. Perfect shape, nice length, thick and just the right size for my throat. His balls are hanging low, curly hairs all over almost calling my name to tug on them with my lips. And that crease where balls and cock bahis siteleri meet the V of his leg… that’s where I can spend hours burying my face and breathing in deep as I lick every bit of sweaty taste away.

Before Justin sits down, he puts one foot up on his couch, knee bent, legs spread… “C’mon bitch, show me how much you’ve missed these balls. If you do a good enough job, I’ll let you work your way up to my cock. But you have to earn it, cocksucker. How’s your cock doing? Show it to me… Look at you, you little bitch, hard as a rock just looking at and hearing about my sweaty balls. Such a total cockwhore aren’t you? Do you think you can make it to the end and not cum before I do? Do you? You better not cum until I’m done or I won’t let you have this again. Remember that, cunt.”

I can’t take my eyes off what’s in front me, I simply nod and say “I won’t.”

Justin’s balls hanging free and loose as he stands there with one foot propped up on the couch. “Come on bitch, get started or I’ll stand here and jackoff without letting you taste anything and watch my cum land on the floor instead of on your tongue.”

I crawl closer to Justin on my knees, dip my head down so that I can come up from underneath and feel his balls on my face.

Justin laughs “Look at you, what a fucking whore you are with my balls on your nose. Look up at me boy, let me see in your eyes how much you cherish this moment.”

And I do… he knows I do. He hears me breathing in deep soaking in his scent and the fresh sweat from his workout. My tongue starts lapping just under his balls… tastes so salty, yet sweet to me… his hairy balls and ass always holds the flavor for me.

“Smell good cocksucker? Taste good?”

“All I can do is mumble “Mmmhmmm” as I worship his balls with my tongue and take each one in my mouth to clean them thoroughly. I rub my face all over and around them wanting to smell it as I work my magic.

“You’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had, man or woman. Do you like knowing that you suck cock better than a woman? Better than my ex-wife ever did. You take pride in that, Bitch?”

“Mmmhmmm” And I do take pride in it… what’s wrong with me… I love hearing that I’m the best cocksucker he’s had… I don’t understand it but it makes my cock so hard it’s about to explode, but I know I can’t. Yet.

Justin finally sits on the edge of his couch, scoots towards the edge, legs spread wide. “Here’s what you want, isn’t it cunt? Your lunch, exactly as you like it, laid out for you. Can you smell me? Is it what you want? Tell me, beg for it.”

“You know this is exactly what I want… your cock so hard, your balls hanging low, so hairy waiting for my tongue and mouth. You will see it in my eyes as always… I’m your bitch, your cunt, your cocksucker… waiting to be face fucked… you know I want it all.”

“That’s what I like to hear… desire for my cock down your throat. Get to work, but don’t rush, I want this to last. As I mentioned, I have a week’s worth of cum built up and I want to dump that entire quart of cum from my balls into your canlı bahis siteleri mouth. Don’t you dare miss a drop either, I want to see you hold it on your tongue, tasting it, savoring it.” Justin said.

He knows I will, he knows I’ll savor it and won’t swallow until he says to… Feeling and tasting his thick cum coating my mouth for what seems like hours afterwards.

“OK cockwhore, get started and I’ll tell you if you’re good enough to deserve my thick load.”

Still on my knees, I scoot closer, I start by lowering my head and swiping his big hairy nads with my tongue, feeling him jump a little at the initial contact… starting to lap at them, feeling every hair, tasting every inch. I breathe in deep soaking in his manhood. I reach up and slowly stroke his cock as I focus on his balls and that delicious crease where his legs meet… the best tasting spot where it all collects. I then start to lick a little lower. Sometimes yes, sometimes no… today is yes… he’s going to let me tease his asshole with my tongue.

“I showered before the gym, so it’s clean bitch, other than my workout sweat. I thought you might like being an extra dirty whore today… and I was right. Look at you… aching to lick my shit hole. What a little cunt you are.”

The more he says, the more aroused I get and the more I want it… Why… I don’t know, but I can’t control myself when my face is buried in a set of balls and flicking his asshole with my tongue.

Then he lifts his feet and pulls his legs back a little. My lucky day, he’s giving me full access to his hole… He’s extra horny today after a week without release.

His asshole is hairy just like the rest of him… his hole is tight and puckered but I enjoy pressing my tongue against it trying to open it. I spread his cheeks slightly as he pulls his legs back a little more.

“That’s it bitch, get in there. First a cock sucker, now an ass eater… what a sight you are… diving into my asshole like you haven’t eaten in a month. You like tasting my ass? You like tongue fucking my shit hole bitch? You’re such a dirty little cunt. What if your wife saw you right now? What if your employees at work saw what you’re doing? Would they believe you’re an ass sucking, cock licking whore? You love my balls on your forehead don’t you cunt? Damn your tongue feels good, keep going until I tell you to stop.”

Justin doesn’t have to tell me to keep going… I can’t get enough. I love feeling and tasting every tiny hair around his hole. The weight of his balls on my forehead as I’m buried underneath him.

Precum leaking from my cock. Precum leaking from his cock. He has me stop for a minute… Why? *slap slap*… he slaps my face with his rock hard cock… “You’re such a little cunt. Lick that precum off, I don’t want it to go to waste.”

I enthusiastically lick the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue, looking him right in the eyes as I do it. He simply smiles and chuckles at me. It amuses him to see me so worked up.

Some days Justin is passive, other days he’s aggressive. I get the feeling today canlı bahis is on the aggressive side. I’ll be finding out soon I think.

I take the full length of his cock in my mouth and throat again as he moans, holding it there for a couple of seconds, my face up against his full bush and stomach. I love the feeling of his man fur on my face. Justin puts his hand on my head and holds it still… “You know how I love to fuck your mouth like I do a pussy. My personal pussymouth right here. I love to pound a nice pussy. You ready to be my pussy?”

“Mmmhmmm” is all I can attempt to say.

He looks down at me and smiles as I strain to look upwards with my mouth full of cock. He pulls out slowly, smiling… then SLAM, right back in and down my throat. “There’s my pussy bitch. Open that pussy wide and take this cock. You’re going to have a sore throat tomorrow.”

Damn, I hope so, I love feeling the effects of one of my visits to Justin for a day or two, almost able to still smell his balls and taste his cum, remembering how he talked to me and used my face.

Justin holds my head firm and moves his hips back and forth fucking my face the same as I fuck my wifes cunt. Banging until he bottoms out, my nose pressing against his bush over and over again. This is what I crave and hope for every day. Fuck my face. Fuck my throat.

“Damn bitch, your throat is wide open today isn’t it? You’ve been waiting for this haven’t you? Such a nasty cockwhore you are. A total cock slave…” as he pounds in and out, not letting my head move an inch. “Oh here it comes bitch, here it comes, you ready for my massive load? I’m going to fill your mouth and then I want you to show it to me. Don’t you dare miss any or I won’t let you have any more again. A good cocksucker knows how to hold it. Show me what a good mouthpussy you have.”

I can smell his sweaty balls as he continue pounding my mouth and face, his hands tighten on my head, I can feel his cock swelling in my mouth and throat. Give it to me… I’m stroking my cock as fast as he’s facefucking me. Suddenly he stops with his cock halfway in my mouth, I keep stroking my cock, and then…”GAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD YES! You little fucking cocksucker! TAKE IT!!!”

Spurt after explosive spurt hitting the roof of my mouth, the back of my throat but my tongue blocks any of it from going down. Feeling my mouth fill up. After 7 or 8 streams of cum he loosens his grip on my head and slowly pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Hold it in there bitch. That’s it, now show me.”

I open my mouth wide while looking up at him from my knees. “Damn what a nasty mouth cunt you have full of cum… look at that creampie I gave you… that shit is so thick and nasty… but you being a total cockwhore, you love how it feels and tastes don’t you?”

I nod my head while keeping my mouth open.

“Swallow it bitch. Swallow that massive load. My ex-wife never swallowed, you’re a far superior cocksucker than she ever was.”

I close my mouth and swallow… twice… so much thick cum I can’t get it all down the first time.

“Yum… thank you so much for feeding me. I needed that.” I say, still with a hard-on… that I’ll take care of when I get home.


I hope everyone enjoyed this, I know I’m rock hard typing it. Let me know if you’d like more chapters…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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