Beauty and the Boss Ch. 04

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Layla drove home slowly that night. Her mind was spinning with the realization of her doomed marriage. She hated to put the truth out into the air. It lingered there and dropped on her heart like a ton of bricks. She thanked God it was Friday night. She was desperate for sleep. Her plan was to sleep in on Saturday morning.

She fumbled for her keys and clicked open the locks. Layla entered the long hallway of her apartment. She walked to the skinny antique hallway table and dropped her keys in the catch all bowl. She looked up towards the mirror above the table. She looked tired. Her eyes were dark and lacked life. Mascara had dripped down her cheeks during her crying fit on the ride home tonight. Her auburn hair lacked the silkiness she desired. Perhaps it was all in her head, but either way, she wasn’t pleased with what she saw. She took off her heels and walked to the bathroom. A hot and steamy shower was just what she needed before bed.

Once in the bathroom, Layla turned on the shower and lit some candles. The relaxing aroma of apples and pomegranate filled the small room. She took in a long and inviting deep breath. She was already beginning to feel better. Layla undressed tossing her clothes across the hall into her bedroom where they landed on the floor. She stepped into the bathtub and beckoned the hot water to cover every inch of her bronze body.

Layla stood there for many moments with her eyes closed. She let her head droop down and allowed the water to beat against her stiff shoulder muscles. She was thinking about James, wondering why she hadn’t met him years earlier. She could still feel his hands all over her. She traced the pattern that his hands took and gave herself goosebumps. Her hands caressed her breasts and her fingers traced her flat stomach. She was turning herself on, and quickly stopped. She wasn’t in the mood for much of anything tonight.

Layla bent over and grabbed for her floral scented shampoo. As she leaned forward the hot water beat against her tight ass bathing it in warmth. Layla massage the shampoo into her hair and let it sit for a minute. She didn’t want her shower to end. She was enjoying the relaxing effect that the water had on her soul.

As she allowed the water to touch her hair, she felt the soap slowly trickling down the curves of her body. It followed her spine and went down her ass and curved on it’s final decent towards escort şişli the inside of her thighs. Layla loved feeling soap drip down her body. It was a sensuous feeling that she could give herself every day.

Layla drew in a deep breath. She washed her face and turned off the water. The small room was steamy and the glass was fogged. Layla grabbed at the blue cotton towel that hung on the door. She methodically dried her body parts reaching all the places that James went as of late. Her hair still damp, she ran a comb through it and decided she couldn’t be bothered taking the hair dryer to it. It was late and her bed was calling to her, beckoning her to drift to a peaceful sleep.

Layla entered her bedroom. It was a nice room. Not too big and not too small. She had mastered the cozy feel of a bedroom and enjoyed the relaxing effect that it had on her mind. Even though winter was approaching, Layla slept naked every night. She used her snow white Irish duvet to keep her warm instead of cumbersome pajamas.

Layla slid into bed. The dark blue flannel sheets seemed to wrap her in warmth almost immediately. She felt comforted and was ready to get some sleep.

She drifted off quite quickly. Her dreams came and went. Often they were of James. Tonight she dreamt of them on a beach off the coast of some European country. They were alone laying on a large orange beach blanket. Their naked bodies basked in the hot mid day sun and they rolled around playing and teasing each other. Their kissing was hot and heavy. James ravaged her mouth and pressed the full length of his being against her wet core. Off in a distance Layla heard vibrations. She tried to ignore it, but the noise was getting louder and unbearable. She stopped kissing James to look around. A phone appeared on the beach blanket. It was vibrating. Layla reached to pick it up. As she said hello, she woke up, startled and confused. She still heard and felt the vibrations. She looked over at her night table and her phone was blinking and vibrating. Against her will, Layla answered it in a most groggy and annoyed voice.


“Hi. I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“James? No, no it’s ok. I was just dreaming of you.”

“Dreaming, eh? Well, how about you open your front door and let the real me in.”

“You’re at my front door?!”

“Yes. I hope its ok that I’m here. My wife went to her escort beşiktaş moms house for the weekend with the kids.”

“Yes, of course it’s fine. Let me get on a robe. I’ll be right there.”

In the dark, Layla searched for her robe and found it laying over the chair in the corner of her room. She placed it on her body and didn’t bother to tie it at the waist. She stumbled down the hallway and unlocked the door. There was James. His beauty took her breath away. She was silently thankful that she took a shower before bed. She would have hated looking like a sad clown in front of James.

She ushered him into her home. She took him by the hand and led him to the kitchen.

“Can I get you a drink or a snack?”

“No, I’m fine. I just wanted to see you.”

Layla smiled her perfectly crooked smile. She enjoyed that James needed her just as much as she needed him.

“I was worried about you baby. You left looking so upset tonight. I couldn’t bear to know that you were alone in your bed.”

“I was upset and I appreciate your concern. I feel better now though. It’s just a hard reality that I have to get used to.”

“So, if you feel better than maybe I should leave?”

“Don’t leave. Please don’t go. Stay with me tonight.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” James winked at Layla and glided across the floor to meet her. He bent down and gently kissed her on her forehead. As usual, tears built up behind her eyes.

James pressed his body against hers and said “You look cute in a robe.”

“Oh, please. I look frumpy.”

“Hardly. You’re adorable. Let’s get back to bed. I’m sorry that I woke you up.”

“Don’t worry about that. If I’m going to be jarred out of a dream about you, then at the very least it should be by you!”

James laughed and placed his large hand on the small of her back leading her towards her bedroom. Layla let her robe slide down towards the floor. An almost imperceptible gasp escaped from James’ mouth. He was taken aback by her natural beauty. Her hair was messy and she had no makeup on. She was complete perfection in his eyes. It took everything he had to not pounce on her right then and there.

Layla noticed that he was ogling her body.

“You like?”

“I love.”

“Come here and touch me James.”

In an instant James was scooping her up and placing her gently on the bed. He escort beyoğlu kicked off his shoes noticing how very naked she was and how very clothed he was. Layla helped slide his pants down revealing a pair of green boxer briefs. She pulled his white t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside and used her feet to slide his boxers off. James’ erection was full and throbbing. He couldn’t wait to be inside her.

“Forget the foreplay. I need to be in you now.”

Layla chuckled. “Oh, James. You really know how to romance a lady.”

James smiled. His perfect white teeth sparkled in the moon light that streamed in from her bedroom window. He pressed the long hard length of him into her waiting hot core.

Layla gasped and tightly shut her eyes. James didn’t take any time to ease her into sex. His massive being was something she had not experienced before. She enjoyed it, but definitely needed a loading period per se. Tonight, she wouldn’t get that chance to stretch and accommodate his large cock. James pounded her wet core and she clamped down on him like a tight sheath. James shuddered at how good she felt. Her warmth, her body, her arms that so desperately clung to his chest. They kissed ferociously and moaned louder and louder. Layla was feeling fire lick at her insides. Her muscles were rigid and ready to accept every ounce of pleasure that James offered her. James grabbed at her bouncing creamy mounds and pulled on her hard granite peaks. That was enough to put Layla over the edge. She allowed her body to take all of him in and she came, over and over again she felt the waves of pleasure wash over her body. Her muscles tingled with excitement. Her breathing was heavy to match James’. He enjoyed watching her have an orgasm. He loved knowing that he could take her to the highest peaks of pleasure. Just watching her body move with his in a rhythmic motion pushed him towards eternal pleasure. White hot lightening seared at his groin and with a deep final thunderous thrust, James released his hot liquid into Layla’s awaiting sheath.

James and Layla laid in her bed still connected. Their legs were tangled together and neither attempted to move. They copied each other’s breathing and listened to their hearts beating as one.

James kissed Layla’s eyelids and rolled over to his side. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her so close to him that not even a single strand of hair could slide between them. Layla reveled in the aftermath of their sex and pulled her duvet up around them. James kissed the back of her neck and wished her sweet dreams. With that, they fell into the most blissful sleep they had ever had.

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