Becca and Me Ch. 01

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My wife had to go out of town for a few days to look after her sick mom. So I was left alone at home with my stepdaughter. We both work so we didn’t really bump into each other. Then on the Friday Becca my step- daughter rang me at work suggesting that as mom was away we meet up and have a dinner and a few drinks after work. After I had agreed Becca let out a little laugh and said that she couldn’t wait till later.

I thought this was a little strange but agreed to meet her at a hotel not far from where she worked.

So there I was sitting at the bar at 5.45 pm. I looked in the mirror opposite me. I may be 44 and a bit overweight but I looked good, my hair short and spiked my tanned olive skin and I smelt hot.

I ordered my first pint of Stella and slowly sipped it, taking in the aroma of the drink, I looked around the bar, there were five other people in here, a middle aged couple were sitting side by side not speaking to each other, an old man sat on the corner with a pint in front of him, talking to himself. The other two were more interesting a man in his thirty’s wearing a pinstriped suit with a female probably late twenty’s also wearing a suit, they were looking at a folder and discussing it’s contents. From their conversation I guessed they were lawyers going over the days court tribulations.

My thoughts were broken by the swish of the bar door opening, Becca walked in, she was 28 years old with honey blonde hair , she had a curvy figure, she was gorgeous. We had always got on well, and were very close we sort of flirted with each other in an innocent way that is. She was very good at innuendos, which most of the time I ignored.

“Hi Daddy I’m not late am I?” She said

I looked at my watch.

“No Baby it’s not too late” I replied.

She gave a big smile

“Not too late for what daddy” She whispered

“None of that young lady you’ll get me in trouble.” I remarked

A cheeky frown came to her face

“What do you mean, I’ll get you in trouble, I meant was it to late to eat.” She said laughing.

” No its not too late to eat baby, you can eat anything you want, daddy sure could do with some nourishment.” I replied.

“Did you say nourishment or punishment?” She asked grabbing my hand and leading me to the restaurant.

We sat opposite each other in the hotel restaurant; we ordered a nice bottle of white wine and the waiter poured the first two glasses. Becca raised her glass.

“To us daddy may the night ahead be full of fun.” She toasted.

“To us baby and I’m sure it will be” I replied

Over dinner we chatted; I asked why she had been arguing with her mom for the last few days. Becca said that it was women’s things and not to worry. I pressed her into telling me and she finally confided that she had told her mom that she was considering starting an affair with a married man and becoming his mistress but her mom had disagreed with her telling her it was wrong.

Becca had told her mom that, the mans wife was a bitch and treated him like shit. Her mom again said that it was wrong and that the man should stand up for himself. I asked Becca if it was true what she had told her mom and she replied.

“Oh yes Daddy, it’s all true, the only thing I haven’t told mom is, who the man is.”

“Who is he then?” I asked

“Tell you what lets go back to the bar and you can buy me a drink and I’ll tell you” She replied.

As we walked to the bar I opened the door for Becca and as she went passed me her hand seemed to brush the side of my leg lightly, it instantly sent electric shocks through my body and as I looked at her in front of me I couldn’t help notice her perfect butt. That’s when I started to get a twitch in the trouser department.

“Stop it. She’s your stepdaughter.” I said to myself.

At the bar I ordered two drinks and we went and sat on two low sofas facing each other.

“So who is this mysterious man?” I asked.

“Well I’ve known him a long time and I have noticed the way that he looks at me when I am with him.” She said.

“And how does he look at you?” I replied.

“Well a bit like your looking at me now daddy.” She whispered.

“And how am I looking at you baby?” I asked.

“I can see that you have checked out my tits and when I sat down I seen you glance at the hem of my skirt, probably hoping to get a glimpse of panties.” She said

” I have done no such thing young lady, you are my step daughter after all.” I refuted.

“Don’t lie daddy I know you look at me, I’ve seen you loads of times, I don’t mind I’ve even played up to it a bit in the past, letting you get a glimpse of thigh or wearing a low cut top so you can see my tits.” Becca replied.

“Ok baby, I feel really bad, I’m sorry I have to admit that I have looked at you, I cant help it, It’s just that your mom doesn’t come across with sex as often as I like and I get frustrated. I’ve noticed the have turned into a fine women and sometimes when I see you I have these urges, I just want to …………..” I stopped bursa eskort bayan talking.

“Want to what daddy? What do you want to do?” Becca whispered

“I’m sorry baby I cant say, I think I’ve said enough” I replied.

“No daddy you haven’t said enough, I want to know, I wont be cross I promise.”

“OK then, I get frustrated and sometimes I fantasise about coming into your room at night, and you know being with you” I replied

“You mean fucking me don’t you?” Becca said

“Yes Becca fucking you I admitted, fucking you and tasting your pussy and you sucking my cock and drinking my cum” I blurted out.

I looked into Becca’s eyes, waiting for a response.

“Well daddy I wish you had, you don’t know how many nights I’ve spent lying in bed hoping and waiting for the door to open and for you to walk in. How many nights I’ve played with my pussy making myself cum at the thought of your cock inside me.” She said.

We sat staring at each other sipping our drinks, Becca smiled and looked down to her legs, my eyes naturally followed her stare, Becca parted her legs slightly to get my attention and when she knew she had it she parted them some more. I could see the tight white panties she was wearing, they clung to her pussy lips.

“This is for you daddy, for tonight and any other night you want it.” She said.

I glanced around the bar no one was paying any attention so I leant forward and gave Becca a little kiss on the cheek at the same time my hand touched her thigh, I stroked the inside of her leg as I whispered.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you, to touch you, to taste you.”

Becca held her hand out in front of her revealing a room key.

“I took the liberty of booking a room” She said smiling.

We finished our drinks in double time and headed for the door hand in hand. We got to the lift and pressed the button. The foyer was empty so I placed my hand on Becca’s firm ass and squeezed, I felt her push her self back onto my hand. The lift doors opened and we stepped inside. The doors hadn’t shut fully before we were in a lovers embrace our tongues probing one another’s mouths. I felt Becca’s hand snake up my thigh and rest on my throbbing cock.

“Mmmmmmmm I can’t wait to feel this inside me.” She said.

As soon as we entered the room the room we were clawing at one another, the years of want had finally been released we were down to our underwear in seconds, I stepped back to look at Becca the girl that I had watched grow, was a real women with real desires, and now her ever loving step daddy was about to commit an ultimate taboo.

“Do you really want this? Because once this happens there’s no turning back. I said.

“Oh yes daddy, please I want this more than anything” Becca replied.

We moved over to the large bed, my hard cock rigid in front of me. I removed my boxers and lay on the bed and watched Becca as she removed her bra and slowly peeled her knickers down.

Her tits were as I imagined they were beautifully rounded with erect nipples, just asking to be sucked; her pubic area was neatly trimmed, I could make out her pussy lips, mmmm I thought I cant wait to taste you.

Becca got on the bed next to me and told me to lay back and enjoy, She stroked my cock, raking her nails up and down, I was ready to explode and she knew it, she lowered her head and her tongue licked the pre-cum off the tip. She seemed to like the taste and began to swirl her tongue around the head. She licked my cock from top to bottom, before taking the aching knob into her mouth, sucking hard. Damn, Becca could suck cock. She was stroking my cock and sucking me down her throat. Soon, I could feel my balls contracting and knew I wouldn’t last long I warned her that I was about to cum. Becca just winked at me and kept sucking.

I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth further on to my cock, I began to shoot my load, deep into her throat. She held me tightly in her grasp and coaxed the cum from me making sure she had milked very last drop. We lay there for a while enjoying the moment.

Once I had got my breath back I pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her legs, it was her turn to orgasm and also my turn to taste her succulent pussy

I lay down, softly kissing her inner thighs, swirling my tongue in little lines and circles, kissing my way up to her clean shaven pussy. I slid my tongue up her crease, tasting her juices, savouring her nectar. I licked my way up and down her moist lips, sliding my tongue into her pussy, pulling her wetness out, before moving up to nibble and suck on her clitoris. I pulled her clit between my teeth, slightly nibbling on it as I felt her pussy push against my mouth. Her hands wrapped around my head, pulling me hard against her pussy, I bit and sucked her clit, feeling her pussy thrusting hard against my face, covering me in her sweet juices. I pushed two fingers into her as she let out a loud gasp; her juices were running down my chin. I let go of her clit with my teeth, and licked bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her juices from her pussy but at the same time kept pushing two fingers in and out of her.

Becca was enjoying her self, she was thrusting her wet cunt on to my fingers, and I again found her erect clit and began to suck on it hard.

“Suck me Daddy, Suck my cunt.” Becca screamed

I sucked hard and pushed my two fingers even harder into her with a third finger finding the entrance to her arse, I eased just the tip into her tight hole, that was enough Becca started to shake and scream, she held me tight pushing my face into her soaking cunt as her juices squirted.

“Oh god, yes daddy, yes daddy, I’ve cum.” She whispered.

We both lay there in the aftermath of our first orgasms together; I stroked Becca’s honey blonde hair and kissed her softly.

“I love you baby.” I said

“I love you to daddy. But now as a lover and not as a step daddy” She replied.

Becca started to stroke my cock and soon had it pulsing again.

“So are you gonna fuck your little girl.” She said.

I manoeuvred myself on top of her, this was our first time and I wanted to see the look on her face as my rock hard cock entered her.

I placed the head of my cock at her opening, she reached down to and held it in her firm grip, she started to slide it up and down her pouting lips coating it with her juices, before guiding me into her hole. My cock slid into her pussy, feeling the hot heat inside, as well as the tightness of her cunt. Her pussy was grasping my cock, coaxing it deeper, as I filled her tunnel with my girth. Becca’s pussy was so tight around me, had I not known better, I would’ve thought I was her first. I slowly slid all the way into her, my cock head finally resting within her womb, my balls against her ass. I looked into her beautiful eyes, she was smiling I slid my fingers through her silky blonde hair, as I began to slowly move in and out of her.

She kissed me deeply, as her pussy clutched at my cock, feeling me sliding in and out of her. We began to move together, fucking one another as if we had been fucking for a long time. I was fucking her hard and fast, my cock forcing further in at each thrust, slamming my balls against her ass. Her legs wrapped around my hips, trapping me and pulling my cock into her on each stroke. She was moaning and calling for me to fuck her harder and faster. We were kissing deeper, moaning into each other’s mouths.

“Fuck me!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!” Becca Screamed.

I raised up on my hands and began to lunge into her, fucking her for all I was worth. I felt her pussy grasping at my cock, and her hips meeting mine stroke for stroke, the unmistakable slapping of bodies filling the room.

“Oh Daddy I’m cumming, yes, yes, oh Daddy.” She squealed.

I pushed my cock as deep as it would go, I felt her pussy walls tighten around me and knew it was time to fill my baby’s pussy with my cum.

“I’m cumming too baby” I hollered

I pumped spurt after spurt of my cum deep within her pussy, as she milked my cock on each spurt.

As we slowed down from our frantic fucking, Becca was whimpering and telling me how much she loved me. I rose on my elbows, softly kissing her, as my softening cock slid from her pussy. I rolled off her, hugging her close as we shared the afterglow of our orgasms, and snuggled up to fall asleep in one another’s arms.

I couldn’t help thinking that I had wanted this for so long, and now it had finally happened, I felt like I was in heaven. I couldn’t wait for us to have a rest and start again, I wondered if Becca had ever been ass fucked, my cock started to stir again.

We fell into a relaxed sleep, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, 21.15pm we had been asleep for just over an hour. In our sleep we had pulled the blanket over us.

I looked down and could see Becca’s curves below the sheet, mmm she looked good, I watched her as she slept, she was really beautiful and tonight I had fucked her, the best fuck of my life.

I stroked my cock as I looked at her, I was getting hard again, I pulled the sheet away from her body, I leant over and kissed her cheek softly, then her neck, I stuck out my tongue and licked her shoulder gently moving my way to her already erect nipple. My tongue made contact with her nipple and she let out a quiet moan, I had her attention now it was time to make her want me, want me more than any other guy she had ever wanted before.

I lowered myself down her body licking and kissing her all over I started slowly kissing my way down her thighs, my fingers caressing her soft skin. With each caress, her hips lifted slightly, opening her cunt to me. I touched her softly, lovingly. Her body quivered with each caress.

Her audible whimpers could be heard through her moans. I slowed my desires, focused on giving her a loving, sexually satisfying experience. Each nibble, each lick was tantalizing, moving slowly toward my bursa eve gelen escort objective, teasing, probing but not touching. I licked down the outside of her labia, almost touching her hole, passing over quickly after a quick jab of my tongue into her wet slit, and traced back up the other side. She thrust her body upwards, trying to capture my tongue as it glanced over her hole.

“Daddy,” she said, a demanding tone in her voice. I ignored the poignant demand for greater satisfaction. I let my tongue dip into her upper folds, just above her clit. I played on the surface, teasing. Her hips jumped up into my mouth. My tongue slipped between her lips, sliding over her clit. I grabbed it with my teeth, nipping firmly, holding it tightly, my tongue mashing it hard, fast, and against the inside of my mouth. “Fuck!” ripped from her petite mouth, followed by a tremendous grunt from deep in her body. Her hips arched high above the bed, supported by her quivering legs. Her hips thrust up, dropping slightly, then thrusting upwards again. Her hands supported her ass, her elbows placed on the bed. “Yes! Oh fuck yes!” she chimed.

I hammered her clit, my tongue thrusting, diving down her slit, back to her clit, and finally, dipping into her wet, flooded hole. As I reamed her, her back arched, tilting her hips hard, aligning her body with my tongue. Her head arched back, her eyes tightly closed. I slid my hand up her body, finding a taunt, firm nipple. I grabbed the nipple, rolling it between my thumb and finger. Her hand left her hip, covered my hand, mashing it against her tit flesh, squeezing my fingers hard, manhandling her flesh. Her arm quickly moved back to support her hips as I licked her clit, twisting her little nipple firmly. Each flick of my tongue elicited grunts from her. The intensity was measured with the degree of nip, lick, and bite of her clit. I pulled back, pulling her clit with me. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth; her hips squirmed against my mouth. Her breathing was growing fast, ragged, blowing out hard, inhaling hard, holding as she thrust her hips up to my devouring mouth.

God she tasted sweet, her hole opened wide to me. As she quickly approached her orgasm, her body giving into my attack on her clit. I slipped my fingers into her hole, my fingertips spreading her lips. Slowly, I pushed two fingers between her lips, driving them deep into her body. She screamed, thrust her hips up, held firm high above the bed, and then dropped down hard, her hands grabbing her tits, pulling the nipples. I eased my grip on her clit, licking softly as my fingers thrust in and out of her wet hole. I did every movement I could in her body to raise her feelings, twisting, driving, thrusting, and pushing against her flesh hard. I stopped all thrusting, grabbing her clit again with my mouth, thrusting my tongue back and forth over the sensitive bud. In seconds, her hips thrust upwards, began shaking as she humped my mouth. Screaming, she came a second time. This time, her legs clamped alongside my head, holding me tight to her sex. I continued to lick and suck her hard, reaming her hole with my fingers, my tongue assaulting her clit. Suddenly, she dropped; her body flopped on the bed. She reached to cover her mound, pushing my mouth away.

Becca’s eyes flew open; a look of lust filled her eyes. Sitting quickly, she reached for my cock.

“I want your cock,” she begged. “Fuck me now!”

My cock was rigid. She pushed me back, and in one movement she was on top of me she held my hard cock in her hand and aimed it at her hole, she lowered herself down and impaled herself on it. Leaning forward, planting her hands flat on my chest, she humped her hips up and down my shaft hard, driving it completely into her cunt. Once down, she ground her hips forwards, backwards, rotating with each grind. She thrust hard, grinding my cock deep into her body. Her face glowed, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her tongue licking her lips quickly. Suddenly, she stopped most movement, then started thrusting backwards, driving her clit along my shaft. Reaching the top of her thrust, she would drive back down, and repeating quickly. Her breathing changed, grunts flowed from her mouth. Her eyes wide open, she watched me.

“Cum with me Daddy,” Becca commanded. “Cum for me,” she whispered to the room.

Her hips flexed forwards, backwards hard, driving my shaft along her clit. Her body was dripping on me, our hair matted in our sex. Raising her knees, she placed her feet flat on the bed, now grinding her cunt hard on my cock. Her eyes flashed, a wicked smile formed on her angelic face.

“Yes Daddy,” she screamed.

My hips arched, I thrust my cock up, forcing her to gasp. I exploded, driving my cock deep, spitting forth cum into the deepest depths of her cunt. I flooded her, squirt after squirt erupted forth. My hands grabbed her hips bones, pulling her down hard. My ass lifted off the bed, bouncing her with each thrust. Our bodies slapped noisily, filling the room with our flesh slapping hard. My last spurt erupted from my balls, jettisoned up my shaft, and spewed forth. I ground my hips up into her flesh. With a final thrust, I settled back down to the bed. She dropped with me, her elbows bending, dropping her torso over me. Wiggling her ass, she lay down on me, Her hard nipples settled against my body, her head settled in the crook of my neck. She nuzzled against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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