Becky Was A Virgin

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It’s not easy to live next door to a teen-aged girl, but that’s not to say that it isn’t fun. Fun and frustrating, especially before they turn 18, and since I was ten years older than the mousy looking girl whose bedroom window faced mine across the driveway that separated our houses, I had to keep my hands to myself.

That didn’t stop me from looking though, and I had gotten many little peeks through the curtains over time, but things really heated up when I started showing her a little interest lately. It was after her 18th birthday party, and while of course I wasn’t invited, when I ran into her out in the driveway soon after I congratulated Becky and told her that I had a present for her.

“If you want to come over some night,” I suggested while I checked Becky out, the white sleeveless top revealing a little more skin than usual for her. “I can give it to you and we can have a little party. Maybe tonight?”

“Can’t,” she giggled, acting all coy and blushing while putting one foot around the other and rocking back and forth. “It’s a school night.”

“Oh, you go to college?” I asked, and she blushed more after shaking her head no.

“No, I’m still a senior,” Becky confessed. “Stayed back in 5th grade.”

“Oh, well you must be the prettiest girl in high school then,” I said with a straight face, because while I thought she was cute in her own way, there was no way that Becky would win any beauty contests unless the judges were people with my tastes, which are admittedly eclectic.

“Stop,” Becky giggled, and as she pulled her curly dark brown hair back away from her face, I took note of her underarms, which were shaved.

“Your Mom let you start shaving, I see,” I said as I pointed to Becky’s exposed armpits, which had nothing but a dense 5 o’clock shadow in the hollows, a far cry from the thick tufts of hair they sported a few years back.

“Oh – uh – yeah,” she mumbled, turning even more crimson.

That was what caught my attention back then, when I witnessed some of her friends teasing her about her armpit hair, and when I saw her later I told her that she shouldn’t listen to them because they were immature.

“Makes you look very womanly,” I remember adding.

“My Mom won’t let me shave yet,” Becky had said, clearly embarrassed. “She says that shaving makes the hair grow ever more.”

I had nodded at the nonsense, not only because it was silly but for the fact that I couldn’t imagine the young lady managing to have underarms more hairy than they already were.

That was then, but I was less interested in furry Becky’s armpits than I was about whether that dense growth indicated that she had a big bush between her legs, one that grew all the way under and back.

“You look nice like this, but I thought you looked nice back when you were natural too. Remember when I told you that?” I reminded Becky.

“Yeah, but I thought you were kidding,” Becky mumbled.

“No. When I tell a woman she’s sexy, I mean it,” I assured Becky, who was definitely not used to hearing that from anybody. “And you’re definitely a woman.”

“You know,” I continued, looking around to make sure her mother wasn’t anywhere near. “I bet you’ve got a lot of hair – down there. Am I right?”

“Omigod,” Becky giggled.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” I assured her. “Men – lots of men like that, you know. I know I do. Maybe if you come over to get your birthday present you can show me.”

“I can’t go to your house, Mr. Perry,” Becky said, and when I asked her why she said, “My Mom thinks you’re a pervert. Says you’re always looking at me and her.”

“Oh, I look at you alright,” I replied, although I never recalled checked out her mother like I did her daughter. “No harm in looking, especially now that you’re all grown up. You don’t have to tell her where you’re going. Just sneak out. I mean, you are 18.”

“I dunno.”

“Unless you have a boyfriend that is.”

“No,” Becky said.

“Well maybe I could be your boyfriend,” I suggested.

“You – you’re an old man, Mr. Perry,” Becky said with a nervous giggle.

“Rick, and I’m only 25,” I said. “You must go out with older guys sometimes, don’t you?”

Becky shook her head, and as I looked at the nervous girl with bushy eyebrows hidden behind her glasses, I noticed that she had braces, the almost clear kind.

“You could come over, and I could give you your present,” I suggested. “We could have a drink, and then we could take our clothes off and fool around.”

“Can’t,” Becky said as she took a step back. “I’m a virgin. Have to stay a virgin for when I get married.”

“Of course,” I said. “Fooling around doesn’t mean going all the way. I just thought we could have some fun. You don’t know how tough it is, living next to you while you grew up. Now you’re grown up and so well developed that I would love to see you without clothes.”

My eyes had drifted down to her breasts, and while Becky’s breasts were still small, she definitely had big nipples, judging by the way the fat pegs were evident through the blouse and bra. She was blushing bursa escort and she was embarrassed, but she was also turned on by the move I was making on her.

“Can’t,” Becky said. “Give me your phone number and I’ll call you after dinner tonight.”

That was no problem, so after I jotted down the number I watched her walk back into her house. I’m not saying I waited breathlessly by the phone, but I was looking forward to what she had in mind.


“Mr. Perry?” the meek voice at the other end of the line whispered.

“Hi Becky. It’s Rick, remember?”

“Sorry. I’m supposed to call adults Mr. and Mrs. or I get yelled at.”

“I’m not that adult Becky.”

“Okay, Rick. I’ll probably forget though.”

“So are you going to come over?”

“Can’t. It’s a school night.”

“Tomorrow night is Friday. How about then?”

“I dunno.”

“Well, what do you know Becky?” I asked, getting the feeling I was being screwed around with.

“I’m in my bedroom. You know – the window you look in sometimes?”

“You’ve seen me looking?”

“Couple times,” Becky replied.

“Can’t see very well though, on account of the glass and screen,” I explained.

“I know,” Becky said. “Can’t see into your bedroom that good either.”

“You telling me that you peek over at me?”

“Yeah. Are you mad?”

“Hell no. Did you see anything good?”

“One time,” Becky admitted in a voice with a nervous titter. “I saw you with that red-headed lady with the big boobies. Couldn’t see good but I did see your butt going up and down.”

“Did you wish that you were the one underneath me?” I asked, the thought of Becky having watched me having sex very erotic.

“Told you that I’m a virgin,” Becky said and then giggled, adding, “You do have a cute butt though.”

“Glad you like it,” I said. “Did you see anything else of mine? Did you see my cock?”


“You like big dicks?” I asked, but then threw in, “That’s right. You’re a virgin and have never seen guys naked.”

“I’ve seen dicks.”

“Well, do you like them big? If you do, I think you might like mine.”

“All the boys say that,” Becky countered.

“I’m not a boy though. So what are you doing in bed besides talking naughty to me?”

“Come to your bedroom window and see,” Becky cooed. “I’m at my window, and I opened the window and pulled up the screen so you can see better.”

I was already on my way there, and when I got there and opened the curtains Becky was standing there right across the way, wearing what looked like a nightshirt with a cartoon mouse on the front.

“Hello there,” I said, and it was funny to be talking on the phone when we were only about 15 feet apart, but talking across the driveway was not a good idea given the nature of this conversation.


“You look nice,” I said. “Are you wearing anything under the mouse shirt?”

“No,” Becky chirped.

“Gonna take it off for me?”

“No. I’ll lift it up though, if you promise not to laugh.”

“Laugh? Why would I laugh?”

“Because I’m – you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I said.

“What you said this afternoon,” Becky said.

“Oh. You mean about me guessing that you have a lot of hair between your legs?”


“Show me.”

“Gotta promise not to laugh though,” Becky said, and after I swore that I wouldn’t she put the phone between her ear and shoulder and lifted up her nightshirt and dropped it back down.

“C’mon Becky. I couldn’t see. Lift it up and keep it up,” I said, and as I spoke Becky’s hands lifted the nightshirt up to just under her breasts.

“That’s beautiful,” I sighed as my eyes took in the wide triangle of dark hair that filled the delta. “You’re not THAT Hairy down there honey. It looks perfect to me.”

It was true. I had seen girls with more hair down there, but Becky did have a very lush thicket around her sex, and when I asked her if the hair was as thick as it looked she whispered yes.

“Run your fingers through it,” I said softly. “That’s it. I’ll bet the hair is really soft too. Are you wet down there?”

“Mr. Perry!” Becky whined. “I mean Rick.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of,” I said. “You’re excited about showing off your beautiful body to me. I’m excited too.”

“Show me.”


“Show me your dick.”

“Come over here and you can do more than look at it.”


“Tomorrow night?”

“I dunno. You’re probably not excited. I think you’re just making fun of me,” Becky said as she dropped down her night shirt.

“No I’m not,” I said as I got up and undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor.

“Can’t see. Turn on a light,” Becky said.

“How’s that?” I asked after clicking it on, making sure that Becky’s parents weren’t watching this silliness. “Can you see?

“Yeah,” Becky said, and after I pulled down my boxers my cock sprang out wildly, and as it did I heard Becky giggle.

“Told you I was excited,” I said as I made my erection bob around in front of me. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” bursa escort bayan Becky said nervously. “You got a really big dick, don’t you Mister – I mean Rick?”

“So you’ve really seen some before?” I said, but she couldn’t have seen too many because while I’m a bigger than average guy, I’m not THAT huge.


“You ever do anything with them?”

“Yeah. I did this to them,” Becky admitted as she made a jerking motion with her hand.

“Like this?” I asked while stroking my cock in my fist, and the gasp that I heard sent a chill down my back.

“Yeah, and one I put in my – you know.”

“Your mouth? You sucked on one of the guys?”

“Don’t tell on me.”

“Of course not. You like watching me do this?” I asked as I kept stroking my cock.

“Yeah. You can probably use both hands when you do it, can’t you?” Becky asked, and when I started using both fists I heard Becky moan a little.

“Like this?” I asked as I wrapped my other hand around my cock while holding the phone between my ear and shoulder. “Wish these were your hands though. You like watching, don’t you Becky? Just like I do.”

“I gotta go,” Becky said, her voice sounding odd..

“You’re going to play with yourself after you hang up, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Really got to go.”

“Do one thing for me though,” I said. “Turn around and bend over. Pull up your night shirt for me. I want to see your ass. That’s it.”

Amazingly enough, Becky did as I asked, and while it only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds it was long enough.

“Okay?” Becky asked as she turned around, while I knelt down and finished cumming all over the floor.

“Great, Becky,” I said while my dick was still twitching. “You’re gorgeous. Will you come over tomorrow night?”

“I dunno. Maybe.”

“Great. Sleep tight.”

I slept tight too, although only after I jerked off, the memory of seeing that furry ass crack inspiring another knee rattling orgasm, and when I dropped off my mind was filled with the vision of seeing Becky at my door tomorrow.


This was something that I would have done when I was Becky’s age, but seeing what Becky was going through to get out of the house without being caught surprised me. After climbing out of her window and onto the roof of the back porch, she walked over to the side where she had left a ladder there earlier.

“Clever girl,” I said to myself as Becky came down the ladder and across her yard, glancing over to make sure that her parents weren’t looking before climbing over the drooping fence that separated our yards and scurrying up my back steps where I was waiting.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Becky said after I let her in.

“Happy birthday – belated,” I said before wrapping my arms around her to give her a kiss, and while she was startled at first, she started to relax a little and the actually kissed me back a little, letting our tongues duel for a second under my hands went under her baggy t-shirt.


“Just trying to find out whether you were wearing anything underneath,” I said. “I liked your mouse shirt last night better.”

“I thought you send you were going to give me a birthday present,” Becky said as she squirmed away from me.

“It’s on the table next to your drink,” I said, escorting her over where the little box with the necklace I had bought an ex-girlfriend a while back but never gave to her because we broke up before her birthday. “Open it up right after we have your birthday toast.”

“What is it?” she asked when she saw the amber fluid in the rocks glass.

“Southern Comfort,” I said as I raised my glass and encouraged Becky to do the same. “And don’t tell me you never drank before. Happy birthday! Drink it right down.”

I watched as Becky bravely took a deep swallow and then go into a coughing jag as a result.

“Good girl,” I said, and then after she finished the drink Becky grabbed the box.

“Wow!” Becky said after she unwrapped the necklace, and after she fumbled with it while trying to put it on, I offered to help.

“Sit on my lap, Becky,” I said, and although she gave me a funny look she did sit on me knee so I could clasp, taking my time so I could inhale her cheap teenybopper perfume. There. Think how nice it will look when you were something sexy. Something low-cut so everybody can see it hang between your titties.”

“I wanna see what it looks like on me,” Becky said as she got off my lap and went over to the mirror, and it was obvious that she wasn’t used to wearing jewelry that didn’t come from Walmart.

“Looks nice, doesn’t it,” I said when Becky came back over toward me, and when I patted my knee and told her to come back where she was before she made a face but did it.

“There,” I said. “I would really like to see what the gold looks like against your skin though.”

“Mr. Perry,” Becky giggled as I tried to lift up her t-shirt, and although she didn’t help much she didn’t really stop me as I lifted the shirt over her head.

I held the t-shirt wrapped aup round escort bursa her wrists I leaned forward under her upraised arm a kissed her armpit, the feel of my lips against the dense peach fuzz making Becky giggle and squirm even more before I tossed the shirt aside.

“There, doesn’t that look beautiful?” I said while looking at the necklace nestled in the modest cleavage formed by Becky’s ill-fitting bra.

The harness looked like a training bra, and while Becky’s breasts weren’t very large they had certainly outgrown the old bra, and I told her so.

“Should have bought you some nice bras instead,” I said while wrapped my arm around Becky’s waist. “Something from Victoria’s Secret. Maybe next time I’m up at the mall I’ll get a a couple. What are you? I’d guess around a 34B or so. Maybe 36. What do you think?”

“I dunno,” Becky said, who was blushing but seemed happy that I was exaggerating her bust size by a cup size and a couple of inches at least.

“That bra looks so uncomfortable,” I said as I played with the strap that cut into Becky’s shoulder. “Why don’t we take this off?”

“I can’t, Mr. Perry,” Becky said, but my hand had already slipped up Becky’s back and with a flick of my wrist I undid the hooks in back, forcing Becky to grab the cups and press them to her chest.

“You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, Becky,” I said as I stroked the back of Becky’s hand that was clamped to her chest. “Unless you’ve got falsies up under the bra.”


“You know, tissues or padding,” I said, and Becky shook her head no emphatically.

“Let me see, Becky,” I said while trying to coax her hands away from the dangling bra, and as the straps slipped off of her shoulders I managed to coax it off which left me with only her hands to contend with.

“Wow, I remember when you were as flat as a boy, and now look at you,” I gushed when her hands came down, exposing breasts that were only about the size of tennis balls, although her nipples were large and rested on puffy aureoles.

Becky sucked air through her teeth when I reached up and grabbed a firm titty that fit in my hand perfectly, and I felt the already plump nipple blossom even more.

“Nice,” I sighed while gently kneading her breasts while Becky looked down at the necklace and my busy hand. “So tell me, did you play with yourself last night?”

“Mr. Perry, how come you always try to embarrass me?” Becky whined as my other hand rested on her knee.

“I’m not, baby. Nothing to be ashamed of – playing with yourself. After we hung up last night I jerked myself off. Came real good while remembering how sweet your ass looked.”

“You did?”

“Of course I did. I’m not ashamed of that. Give me your hand.”

I took Becky’s hand and put it on the bulge in my jeans without waiting for her to decide whether to do it on her own or not, and I enjoyed the look on Becky’s face as I pressed her hand down on it.

“Why don’t we take your shorts off?” I asked, and although she started to whine that she couldn’t, after a minute Becky was standing up in front of me while I was pulling her shorts down to the floor.

“Look at you,” I sighed as I put my hands on her hips and looked at Becky’s blue panties and the dark brown hairs that were peeking out from the sides.

Becky’s bush was pressing against the fabric of the panties, the hair outlined clearly through the cotton, and there was even a little treasure trail that went from above the elastic top of her panties up to her belly button.

“That’s pretty,” I said as I let my fingers slide along the tail of hairs before sliding down to the front of her panties, and the teen’s body shook as I did that. “And you’re wet already.”

“I can’t,” Becky was saying, but she didn’t stop me as I peeled her panties down, exposing her lush bush, and as the undies came down the aroma of her sex nearly knocked me over.

“You’re as horny as I am,” I said as my fingers raked through the thicket of hair that was as soft as I had expected. “You’re hairy and horny.”

“Please,” Becky whimpered as my finger slipped into the dripping wet fold, but I told her that I just wanted to play.

“You taste so good,” I said after taking my finger out of Becky and putting it in my mouth. “You want to take my jeans off? Here, get down on your knees and take them off.”

“No,” Becky said, resisting the helpful hand I was putting on her bare shoulder in an attempt to coax her down, but she did fumble with my belt, eventually getting it free.

Without the belt my jeans came down easily, and when they did I saw the horrified look on Becky’s face when she saw the bulge in my very crowded cotton boxer briefs. It looked like I had a snake stuffed in there, and I encouraged Becky to give it a feel.

“It won’t bite,” I assured her while she shook her head, but I grabbed her wrist and brought her hand over to the front of my briefs. “Squeeze it.”

“It’s not even hard yet,” Becky mumbled, but I told her that in a few seconds it would be, and I was right.

“Take it out for me, honey,” I encouraged Becky, who seemed content to rub my dick through the cotton, but that wasn’t enough for me so I yanked down my briefs, trying not to laugh when I saw Becky’s flinch as my cock sprang around wildly in front of her. “Hold it for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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