Becoming a Slave Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Five Fantasies Fulfilled


A couple of weeks had passed since I had accepted my sexuality. I truly loved cock, and Matt’s cock in particular. I wanted to spend my free time with it in my mouth, or hand, or slapping my face, ready to taste and eat its creamy cum. Sadly, Matt was out of town quite a bit, although he did have me over a few more times, where he let me suck him dry. I had become adept at bringing him to completion with my mouth and hand, and the last time I was able to jerk myself off while he came in my mouth. The mutual orgasm was probably the most incredible thing I had ever felt.

It was Saturday and I was checking my mail every few minutes as I knew Matt would return from another of his business trips today. Sure enough, he had written but I was stunned when I read it. Instead of inviting me over for another suck session, he was telling me that he had started a relationship with another guy and wanted to be faithful. I was crushed. I would never see, touch, or suck his delicious cock again. I asked if I could give him one last goodbye suck, desperation obvious in my tone, but he refused. He did tell me to keep seeking other men because I was a great cocksucker and I should get as much experience as possible. He then mentioned Craigslist and coming up with some personal fantasies, and that was the last I ever heard from Matt and his cock.

Late that night I called Janine on the computer. As I mentioned, we were drifting apart but I was suddenly lonely and vulnerable. She eventually answered but had forgotten to turn her video off. I immediately knew that I would be dumped twice in the same day. She had clearly been fooling around; her hair was mussed and she was flushed, a bra strap showing on one shoulder. I tried to break it off right away, but she beat me to the punch, telling me she met someone else and we were through. I told her to take care and signed off. I was far more upset about losing Matt’s cock than Janine and went to bed to mope, falling asleep and dreaming of sucking Matt off in front of everyone at work, waking with a raging hard-on that I immediately took care of.

The next day I was in better spirits and decided to take Matt’s advice about fantasies and thought about some new things that I wanted to do with a guy. I loved sucking cock and had already eaten cum a few times as well as been the recipient of a full-on facial. Anal sex did not interest me, I was far more into orally pleasing the man and swallowing cum. I realized that Matt had never kissed me and I made that my first fantasy: to make out with another man. I also remembered how much I loved sucking and licking his cock while he was still wearing his briefs and wanted to make a man cum while he was wearing his underwear.

I continued to think about cocks and wondered what it would be like to be pissed on. I had done golden showers with a couple of women, but they never did it to me. I started to dream of being in a shower on my knees while a man streamed his piss all over me. That became my third fantasy. As I surfed the net looking for stories that would turn me on, I found a video where a guy ate a pizza while four other guys came on it. I thought that was incredibly hot and made cum-covered food fantasy number four. I then realized that since I loved cock so much, I would probably love two cocks even more. An all-guy threesome became my fifth and final fantasy. I resolved to spend the next couple of months finding guys who would help me become more experienced, fulfill my fantasies and forget Matt in the process.

The adult hookup site I had used to meet Matt still had my profile as straight, so I went to Craigslist as Matt suggested. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the mother lode – even in a place like Hong Kong, there were dozens of men looking for a bi or gay experience, every single day. I found one guy who was visiting and looking for another guy to come to his hotel for some fun. I replied to his ad, giving him my stats and a picture of my cock. He was quick to answer and in my reply, I asked him if he liked kissing. He was OK with that, and told me his hotel and room number. It all happened in less than an hour and I marveled at how many opportunities I had missed over the past few months. I had heard about problems with Craigslist but it turned out that most posts were from horny men who weren’t getting any at home and turned to bi sex to get off.

I arrived at his swanky hotel and went to his room without being noticed. It was a different experience that I had become used to with Matt as I had not even spoken to this man before. He opened the door quickly and motioned me in. I quickly realized that I had no idea what to do in this situation. Whereas with Matt, we had discussed our plans beforehand and he had prepared, this time I wasn’t sure who would make the first move. I didn’t even know this guy’s name. While I stood there like an idiot, he had moved to bahis siteleri the bed. I finally got a look at him. About 40, balding, not unattractive but nothing compared to Matt. He was wearing a hotel-issue bathrobe that was quite long, covering most of his body. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue, but from the way he was looking at me I could tell that he liked what he saw. I knew that many women found me good-looking, but I never thought myself attractive to members of the same sex.

He motioned me to the bed, so I took off my shoes and hopped up next to him, unsure of what would transpire but not strong enough to run away. He immediately began rubbing my crotch. I tried to relax but I was really nervous; I had gotten myself into a situation where I wasn’t in control. He must have sensed my anxiety because he asked if I was OK. I muttered something about being new to this and he smiled, telling me to lie back and relax. He then undid my jeans, sliding them off my legs and tossing them on the chair next to the bed. My cock wasn’t hard yet but he continued to rub it as he kissed my chest and stomach. He was enjoying himself as he slowly moved his tongue down my body, using his teeth to remove my underwear. He gazed at my hardening cock with unbridled lust, telling me how beautiful it was, before putting it in his mouth and beginning to suck. I lay there for 20 minutes with a complete stranger giving me head, my mind thinking about how weird my life had become rather than appreciating the effort this man was expending on my account. He didn’t seem to mind though, gleefully teasing my dick with his tongue. I didn’t know if I wanted to kiss him or suck him, so I didn’t offer, allowing him to continue pleasuring me. I couldn’t say I was enjoying it, with the memories of my experience with Matt still fresh in my mind. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but Matt was the perfect teacher. He wasn’t pushy, was attractive with a great cock, and helped me overcome my initial shame with some words of encouragement. Was this what he had led me to with his advice about Craigslist and fantasies? I wondered if he would be disappointed in how quickly I had moved into this world.

Finally, Baldy (he had never told me his name, which I soon discovered was an unwritten rule in these anonymous encounters) stopped sucking me and looked up. He asked me if I wanted to suck him. By now his bathrobe and come loose, but it was still covering his dick. I reached over and lifted the bathrobe. When I saw what he had, my reservations were cancelled. It was enormous, probably 10 inches long, thick, red, with a huge, leaking mushroom head. It reminded me of cocks I had seen in those porno movies. I looked at him and nodded silently. I opened the bathrobe fully and kissed his chest and nipples as my hand stretched to grab his cock. I moved up to his shoulders when he pulled me close to him and kissed me on my lips. His whiskers burned as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back and moved my hand up to his head, cradling it as we began to make out. Our tongues touched and I found myself fulfilling my first fantasy. It didn’t bother me that he was older and balding, I was making out with another guy and I liked it. We kept kissing, deeply at first, then lightly, then with tongues. I could taste my cock as he probed me and found it a wonderful turn on. After a few minutes though, my face was raw with whisker burn and I moved away, turning my attention to his now throbbing member.

I went down on him, amazed at how this rather boring looking guy could have such a fantastic package. As I stretched my mouth around its girth, I realized that this was cock number 2 for me. I had trouble at first as I wasn’t used to such a thick rod, but I slowly got the hang of it and began to suck, moving my head up and down his dick. My inexperience left me unable to take the whole thing in my mouth, so I had to lick the end of his shaft to keep it wet. I also dove into his balls, which were hairy and musky and a new experience. But nothing could top his dick. I returned to it and spent the next 15 minutes eagerly sucking it while he watched me.

Suddenly he pulled out and told me to turn over. I quickly told him no anal, and he said not to worry. I did as I was told and he straddled my ass, jerking off. Suddenly he yelped and I felt his cum on my ass. It was a weird feeling, but he was obviously loving it. When he was done, he wiped his cum into my ass crack, and then lightly fingered my asshole with it. I was surprised by his actions, but not turned off. When he had satisfied himself, he turned me over and went back to sucking me. Within minutes I was ready and told him so. He stopped sucking me and got off the bed, onto his knees. “Face, face, face,” he grunted.

I stood up in front of him and began to jerk off, coming almost immediately. He moaned as my cum landed on his forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. As I finished, I sat back down on the bed, exhausted. canlı bahis siteleri He stayed on his knees, my cum dripping off his face and onto the floor. “You can go,” was all he said.

I wanted to shower, especially with his cum in my ass, but was forced to wash up quickly and get dressed. As soon as my boxers were on I could feel his cum dripping into them. He had not moved, staying on his knees with my cum slowly drying on his face. He told me to be quiet and quick on the way out as his co-workers were around. I checked the hallway through the peephole and when the coast was clear, opened the door and snuck out, without even saying goodbye.

My boxers were wet and I knew I smelled like sex, so I walked home, which was only 20 minutes or so. As I did, I reflected on my first anonymous encounter. I certainly had enjoyed some of it, particular my first giant cock, but the end result was not satisfying. I had loved Matt’s cock, but this unknown guy was just a way for me to trying to get over losing it. I was on the rebound, and like all men on the rebound, I would take whatever I could get in order to regain my self-esteem.


I spent every evening that week on Craigslist, studying the ads. I had begun to think about my other fantasies and was jerking off regularly to them but there wasn’t anybody looking to do the same. On Friday night, I decided to post my own ad to see what I could find. I wrote about my underwear fetish and how I wanted to suck cock through a pair of dark, tight boxers. Within 15 minutes of the ad going live, I had two replies. One was a from a local Chinese guy, the other from a white guy who was visiting. I wasn’t particularly attracted to Asian men, so I replied to the white guy first. He said he would love for me to come by his hotel and help him shoot a load, so I asked him for a picture of him in his boxers. He sent one through with his cock clearly outlined in a tight pair of navy blue shorts. My mouth watered as soon as I laid eyes on it. I told him what I wanted to do and he invited me over, telling me the hotel and room number.

I hurried over, grabbing a taxi and racing to the elevator when I arrived. It was one of the classiest hotels in the city and he was on the 50th floor, clearly he worked for a big company with a lot of coin. I took the elevator up and found his room. Before I could knock, he opened the door and let me in. He was tall and good looking, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that were sparkling in anticipation. A square jaw completed the picture. I was surprised that I wanted to kiss him, a feeling I had not experienced before.

He invited me in and offered me a drink from the mini-bar. I accepted a beer and we started to chat, again avoiding names. I admired the amazing view while we made small talk. It was surreal for me to think about why I was here. He obviously had done this before and was completely relaxed. He asked me if I was bi or gay, and how long I had been doing this sort of thing. I was truthful and told him about my fantasy while looking pointedly at his crotch, imagining the blue boxers hiding beneath his pants. He stood up and moved towards me on the other chair. I didn’t need any encouragement. I immediately got on my knees and undid his belt and fly. He slipped out of his trousers and took off his shirt, revealing a beautifully sculpted chest and abs. His cock was not hard yet but I could see its shape inside his boxers. I put my hands on his ass and brought him close to my face. I loved the feeling of his cotton boxers and rubbed his bubble butt while I pushed my face into his crotch. I could smell his scent and inhaled deeply. I could feel his cock hardening and began to kiss it and lick it, making his boxers damp. I loved feeling his cock get harder and harder as I continued to press my mouth over its shape. He put his hands on my head and began to thrust his hips, face fucking me as best he could. By now his cock was rock solid and I could actually put the tip of it in my mouth as it tented his shorts. There was a lot of precum which I licked, trying to taste it. I closed my mouth around his tip and tried to suck it, my hands still on his ass. He kept thrusting, and his tip was in and out of my mouth, his boxers by now completely wet with his precum and my saliva.

I was truly enjoying this, and I wanted him to cum in his underwear so I could eat it. He continued to push and I realized he was thinking the same thing. I opened my mouth wide as he quickened his pace, his breath short. He grabbed my head and pulled me into him as he began to cum. There were no shots in my throat though, the cum just leaked through his boxers. I used my tongue to lick it off and swallow it as he continued to moan, holding me tight against him. As he finished, he let me go and I looked at what I had just done. There was still some cum that had snuck through, so I sucked it off. He took off his boxers, and I saw what a gorgeous cock he had, 7 inches canlı bahis of beauty glistening with leftover cum. Before I could get to that, he showed me the inside of his underwear, also covered in cum. I opened my mouth and he pushed his boxers inside, ensuring I got as much cum as I could. I loved his taste and the feeling of cotton on my tongue. I ate every drop.

When I was finished with his underwear, I returned my attention to his cock, not wanting that cum to go to waste, so I began to suck it, the third cock I had in my mouth in my life. Amazingly as I sucked he began to harden again. I grabbed his balls and began to give him a real blow job, but he pulled out, saying he wanted to piss first. I realized that I could fulfill two fantasies in one night and without thinking, asked him if he wanted to piss on me. He raised his eyebrows, surprised by my request, but he accepted. I took off my clothes and followed him into the bathroom.

The shower was set up with a mirror inside and I got inside and on my knees so I could watch myself get pissed on. He entered and asked me where he should point. I didn’t want to drink it, just for him to piss all over shoulders and chest. His cock was flaccid by now and he held against against my face for a second. I kissed the tip and moved back, watching the mirror as he let loose. His piss was warmer than I expected as it fell all over me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – myself on my knees in a shower in a hotel in Hong Kong, having a complete stranger pissing on me. It was over in 20 seconds and the smell of piss dominated the shower. Before I could get up though, he came closer and told me to suck him.

My knees were still resting in his piss as I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. I could taste the last bit of his piss and it was very bitter, but it was quickly replaced by the deliciousness of his cock. He was still soft but as I began to suck, he got hard again very quickly. I began to touch my cock, feeling his piss in my pubes. I gave him a good long blow job, but the odor of his piss on my body and the floor became too strong to continue. I pulled his cock out and asked if we could clean up. He agreed and we showered together. I got in close and we washed each other’s backs, which was surprisingly erotic. As we turned to face each other, I leaned in to kiss him and was relieved that he responded. We stood in the shower kissing for a long time, our dicks touching. My need for cock got the better of me, so I returned to my knees and he turned off the shower. I began to suck him again and I guess he had enjoyed kissing me as he came almost immediately. I had no trouble gulping down this smaller second load. As my mouth gripped his cock, I could feel his jism pulsating through the shaft as it entered my throat. It was an unreal experience and one I wanted to repeat as soon as possible.

My still anonymous partner was spent and returned to the bed. I was more than happy to jerk off in his shower, content that I had eaten cum through underwear and been pissed on at the same time. After I came, I briefly showered again. When I went out to dress, he was snoring in his bed, still naked. I stared at him for a minute, wondering if I should take a picture of his great body, but decided against it. How could that be explained if it was found? Instead I quietly let myself out and headed home, tired but satisfied.


I still had two fantasies to achieve but already Matt was a distant memory. I had learned a lot about myself in the meantime. I finally admitted that I loved sucking cock, and I loved cum anywhere on my body, especially streaming down my throat. I couldn’t wait to eat something with another guy’s cum in it. With that in mind, I placed another ad on Craigslist a couple of days later, wondering if anybody wanted to feed me a slice of jizza or a cumburger. This didn’t seem to appeal to many others as nobody replied, even after several days.

I decided to focus on my threesome fantasy instead. I posted a second ad, this time giving as much detail as I could without being identified. I admitted to be new to this, very orally submissive, and looking to suck two cocks at once. I knew my stats were an advantage given how many people refused to post anything like that, so I added those too, along with a cock pic. Sure enough, I had a reply within an hour. Turned out two gay guys were visiting later in the week and were looking to explore with a newbie. We exchanged several emails where I told them what I wanted and they told me about themselves. Finally, they agreed to write as soon as they arrived.

I was so horny for the rest of the week, every day was torture until I could get home and jerk off. The Friday they were scheduled to arrive passed so slowly; I was counting the minutes until I could get over to their place. I checked my email and they had arrived a bit early and expected me as soon as possible. I immediately told my secretary I needed to leave early and headed over to their hotel, not quite as classy as the one I had visited earlier, but still decent and not one where I would be out of place had I been noticed. I walked up to their 5th floor room and knocked.

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