Becoming Sadi: Part 3

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Becoming Sadi: Part 3

Hey loves ^_^ sorry for the wait on any new content. But it’s summer and I have been out and about enjoying the new weather! Hopefully this story make’s up for it 😉 enjoy!

The sliding door from the back porch area closes as Sadi and Garet enter the house. Still a huge smile on her face as she kicks off her converses and wrap’s her arms around his neck. She has to of course stand on her tippy toes, which still isn’t quite enough for her lips to reach his.

Chuckling a bit he grabs the bottom of her butt cheeks and lifts her off her feet and gives her a big smooch before letting her back down.

“Hey I could go for a bite to eat….how about you go put on something real nice and meet me in the living room when you’re done sweety?”

She doesn’t understand why she need’s to get changed just to have a meal at home.

“Uhh ok….yeah sure babe”

Smiling at him as she grabs her bag and heads for the bathroom. She closes the door and sits the bag on the toilet seat as she rummages through it. Pulling random clothing items out and tossing what isn’t appealing to her. Smiling to herself as she pulls it out…..
A black sundress with a gold zipper up front as a way to…well show the clevage that she doesn’t have…. She frown’s to herself and figures that Garet will like it regardless (or she hoped anyways) and begins to strip down. Standing in just the black and blue thong now as she slides the dress over her head and let’s it drop.

Looking at herself in the mirror and mostly admiring her shapely thighs and bubble butt. Smiling a little bit, happy that she decided on this dress as she turns and looks at her shoe situation. She smiles when she see’s a pair of black flats and grabs them sliding them on quickly.

“Alright….makeup time Sadi”

She grabs mascara and eyeliner and begin’s to apply them. About thirty minutes later she decides it’s time to put the finishing touches and grabs a tube of a darker shade of red lipstick and applys it to her lips.

“Okay…straighten the hair and I am good to go!”

Letting her hair out of the ponytail and quickly straightening it… is all she can think as she see’s herself in the mirror. She looked like a full blown female who was just unlucky in the breast department. She hoped that Garet would approve as she left the bathroom and headed into the living room….his jaw dropping was definitely a step in the right direction.

“Oh my god Sadi….you look amazing”

He can’t stop looking her up and down, practically drooling at this point.
Looking at Garet she notices he is wearing jeans and a green and black plaid button down.

“Arent we a little overdressed baby?” She say’s confused

With a big smile on his face he approaches her and take’s her small hands in his and looks down at her.

” Sadi…we’re going to head over to St. Charles, it’s another town and no one will recognize you there. We’re going to go have dinner together”

Panic automatically hits her a bit, what if someone notices she isn;t really a female….it was much too risky!


He put’s his finger to her lips and shushs her as he smile’s real big.

“Trust me on this baby girl, now go hop in the truck”.

Sadi keeps glancing over at Garet who is resting his hand on her thigh as they make the 45 minute drive to St. Charles. She was extremely nervous about going to a restauraunt and eating a meal while dressed as a girl. Fuck…she was nervous just being in his truck and on the highway. There was more bugging her too…she had a big question that she needed to ask Garet but couldn’t find the courage to do so.

“Something wrong angel?”

She snaps back to the real world after hearing Garet’s voice and decides it’s time to ask the question that has been in the back of her head all day…

“Garet…what do you consider me?”

He laughs a bit and look’s at her with a smile on his face.

” Well you’re Sadi of course you silly girl”.

She kağıthane escort take’s a deep breath and decide’s to just get it all out.

“Look Garet…I…I”.

“Sadi, you can tell me anything”

“Garet..I …I just really like you a lot and I was wondering if..I don’t know….you’d wanna be my boyfriend maybe…

“What kinda question is that? Baby girl I claimed you the moment we slept together yesterday”

Garet laughs as he take’s an exit towards St. Charles.

“So…we’re dating now?”

“Yes Sadi we’re dating, now just relax and enjoy the ride”.

His hand rubs her thigh a little more and Sadi feels relieved and a bit more comfortable but she still had one question in the back of her head….was she a passable female? She can see a semi approaching in the distance and she has an insane idea…looking over at Garet.

“Hunny…do you get jealous easily…?”

Cocking his eyebrow at the question as he looks at her.

“Uhh I suppose not…why do you ask?”

She blushes a little and looks down.

“I’m gonna try something out…as a way to help my confidence…don’t get mad baby…slow down and let the semi get on the side of us.”

Looking confused but curious as to what this little girl was about to do he slows his truck down a bit until the semi was on the side of them. Sadi now try’s to decide on what to do….she was going to see if she could get the truckers attention in a positive way. Taking a deep breath she looks over at the rugged older looking trucker and try’s to wave at him in a seductive way.
Responding with a smile as the trucker look’s down at the tiny “girl” even blows her a kiss. She bites her lower lip a bit and waves goodbye to him as she nudges Garet as a way of telling him to speed up again. Well that went well…she thinks to herself. Although it was a trucker and they generally don’t tend to be picky.

“Hey…don’t worry what anything else thinks. Just worry about what I think Sadi.”

She feel’s Garets hand resting on her thigh and she smiles at him, damn him….made her feel so special! They take one final exit as they are now entering St. Charles, it was a nice town on the east coast. She was always happy to see the ocean and decides that Garet had a good idea with going there. She just hoped that no one would find out her secret…or worse…run into someone she knew.

They end up going to a nice seafood place and dinner surprisingly went well, waitress didn’t suspect a thing the entire meal. Garet and Sadi were sitting snuggled up in a booth when the waitress brings them the check and asks how everything was?

“Everything was great thank you! Oh could you maybe take a picture of me and my lovely girlfriend?”

Sadi blushes as the waitress smiles and nods her head yes. Garet pulls Sadi in tight as their faces touch and the waitress snaps a picture of the two with Garets phone before she took his credit card and walks away from the table.


Looking at her concerned from the way her voice sounded.

“What is it hun?”

I uhh…have to go to bathroom…will I be okay to…well use the ladies?”

“Well you are a lady so of course”

They smile at each other before Garet stands from the booth, allowing her to slide out and to her feet. She leans up and gives him a quick peck on the lips before heading to the ladies room. She sway’s her hips just like she has practiced in her free time, trying to look as feminine as possible. She is almost to the restroom when she hears a waiter speaking to a bus boy.

“Damn did you see the ass on the short girl in the black dress?”

She blushes and smiles a little to herself, she couldn’t believe it….she was passable even without hormones…she wants to know how she would look after a little bit of work done to her?
It’s a little strange going to the restroom sitting down to take a pee but she couldn’t risk standing up after all! Flushing the toilet and exiting the stall eyüp escort as she checks herself out in the mirror….god her ass really did look amazing! She thinks maybe she should start working out to try and make it rounder and tighter for Garet. Finally she snaps out of it and exits the restroom, she walks past the same waiter who made a comment about her backside and he smiles at her, she blushes a little but returns the smile. Garet is waiting by the door for her and extends his hand as she takes it.

“What do you say we go walk the beach before heading home?”

She smiles at the great idea and shakes her head yes as Garet wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they leave the restaurant together. The beach is literally right across the street from where they had just eaten. It was late now and the beach was pretty much dead, Sadi stops and takes her flats off before stepping into the sand.

The cool night air felt wonderful and she loved the feeling of sand on her toes as the couple walked towards a darker part of the beach with no people. She realizes that Garet has been awfully quiet since they started walking.

“Are you okay baby? You haven’t said much since we left the restaurant…”

He looks at her and comes to a complete stop, looking as if he had something big on his mind. She holds his hand tightly and starts to feel nervous, like something bad had happened or was about too…

“Look Sadi…I want to ask you something crazy..”
Oh boy…she thinks to herself as he begins to speak again.

“Sadi….I want to leave our old lives behind…you and me just leave together. You can become the woman you were meant to be and I can take care of you…I know I was planning to start a business with your dad but I don’t want that anymore….I just…god this sounds crazy…it’s only been two days but…I want to be with you and start a life…”

She backs up a bit completely shocked at what she had just heard….was he insane? They just up and leave together…just like that? It sounded insane….she wants to tell him no and that it would never work….but she wants it…she wants it just as bad as he does. She has made her decision as she looks at Garet with passion in her eyes.

“Yes….I….I’ll leave with you…”

She smiles at him and he smiles back before pulling her in close and tight.

“Sadi, we could get a house right here in St. Charles, sell my old house. Get you on hormones and have breast implants….set you up for college classes…anything you want.”

“I…I don’t need all those things, I just wanna be with you Garet”

They both smile and he leans down and plants a passionate kiss on her lips. She returns the kiss back as she tries to stand up on her tippy toes in the sand. She was so hard right now…she needed him inside of her now!

“Fuck….take me right here Garet!”

She doesn’t have to tell him twice as he takes her down to the sand and is reaching up her dress and sliding her panties off an tossing them. She rips at his belt buckle as she tries to undo it but doesn’t really get much of a chance as he dives between her legs and begins to…

“ughhhhhhh! oh my god Garet!”

She digs her nails into the cool sand. She was not expecting him to take her small cock into his mouth, he slowly sucks it, definitely his first time but she didn’t care. Feeling his tongue swirl around it as he continues to move her in and out of his mouth before letting it back out.

“Sorry if I’m not very good babe…first time and all”

She looks up at him and chuckles a bit.

“I don’t even care…that felt amazing baby. But now it’s your turn!”

She winks at him before pushing him on his back and going between his legs. She undoes his belt completely this time and pulls them and his boxers around his ankles. Taking a quick look around to make sure they were alone before taking his massive member into her hands.

“Hmmmm now what should I do with this big boy?”

Garet laughs and puts his hands behind his head.

“Oh….I’m mecidiyeköy escort sure you’ll think of something sexy!”

Winking at her and smiling….his smile goes away though as he begins to moan, feeling her mouth go around the head and being to work his shaft with her hands because one hand wasn’t enough for it. Sucking him fast as she strokes, occasionally going down and grabbing his balls before licking them slowly. He arches his back every time his balls are touched. She smiles every time he does it and then she goes down to the bottom of his balls and begins licking all the way up back to his head and then taking his cock back into her mouth.

“Ooooohhhh shit Sadi….you better stop before you make me cum too fast!”

She looks up and smiles.

“Fine have it your way!”

He sits up quickly and picks her up no problem. Positioning her on all fours as he leans down and begins to tongue at her cute little hole, getting it prepared for his cock. Sadi really enjoyed it when he ate her ass out, one of the best feelings in the world she feels a finger slide in and out every now and then. His tongue continuing to explore her before finally he positions himself behind her. She isn’t too tight since they had sex earlier that day but that doesn’t mean his massive cock doesn’t hurt anymore! She winces in pain as he begins to enter her and grabs her nice hips tightly.

“Ooooohhhh shit Sadi your ass is so tight!”

Leaning down a little and covering her mouth so she isn’t too loud. He starts to go to town on her round ass. Looking around occasionally to check people. All you can hear is the ocean waves and his skin smacking off of her jiggly ass every time he thrusts into her. He leans down and kisses on her cheek, breathing heavy on her as he now has a forearm around her throat as he is hitting it from behind much rougher now. He continues to pound into her before finally…

“Fuck…I’m gonna cum baby…I’m going to fill your ass up with my cum!”

“Fuck yes fill me up Garet!”

He grunts loudly as she feels his weight on her back and his heavy breathing on her shoulder. She also breathes heavy as she feels him kiss her shoulder and stand up. She flips over and grabs her panties and slides them back on, she can feel his gooey cum oozing out of her ass as she stands back up. She walks over to him and sees him holding both of their cell phones.
“We can get new ones tomorrow”

He throws them out into the ocean, she isn’t mad at him for it though…not even a little…They take each other’s hands and walk back the way they came…she didn’t regret any of it….not even a little in the next year that passed after that life changing night..

Waking up with a smile on her face like she has done every morning since that night. The sliding door in their bedroom that looks right back at the same beach where her life changed forever. They sold Garets old house and vehicles and moved to St. Charles where they bought a nice little beach house. She kicks the sheets off and steps out of bed. Garet isn’t there so she assumes that he left to make a few errands.

She heads for the bathroom to shower but stops and admires herself in the tall mirror in the corner of their room like she did every morning. All she could feel was thankful…thankful for Garet…he paid for her hormones…her college classes that she was attending and well…

Sadi smiles as she grabs her now 32D cup breasts. If her parents or anyone saw her…they would have no clue who she was. The breast implants, she had a nice flat tummy now from working out, a tan from sunbathing out on the beach or in their backyard when she needed more privacy and she also dyed her hair red.

She was now the woman she always wanted to be and it was all thanks to her love Garet.
Smiling to herself as she strips down and heads to the bathroom, ready for another amazing day.

Hey guys it’s Becky here! Sorry it took so long for some new content. I really hope this was worth the wait! To anyone that doesn’t like how I ended it well….I did it because I just wanted to kind of let you guys and gals know what direction the series is going to take in the next part. I do hope you enjoyed this part and I promise to include more sex in part 4! Thanks for reading ? XoXo.

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