Becoming Victoria

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I was happily married and still am, but things have changed; or should I say that things have been changed – I have been changed. I was or rather am still wed to Anika, a rather dominating Polish lesbian, who married me for reasons of her own that are still a mystery to me. I’m not the man that I was…Oh, this is so confusing I’d better start at the beginning but I’ll change names and places otherwise Lakshmi will get all upset and try to come up with a new way to humiliate me, although said humiliations have a habit of back-firing. That said, names and places, though not personalities, have been changed to protect guilty and innocent alike.

“Lakshmi?” I here you ask. “Who the hell is Lakshmi?”

Well, she’s Dr Lakshmi Gupta, the main source of all of the misfortunes that have befallen me over the past few months. Dr Gupta is not a woman to trifle with or even slightly inconvenience. She is formidable, sadistic and vicious which is putting it mildly. She is also a Doctor of Medicine with a bedside manner that is unique, or possibly totally lacking. Actually I rather suspect that she could have given Dr Josef Mengele a run for his money.

I had always been led to believe that Indian women are quiet, docile and submissive creatures who were content to stay in the background and attend to their husband’s every need. Who ever put that daft idea into my head had obviously never met Lakshmi Gupta who is also known as “The Ball-Breaker” although I didn’t discover this little gem of information until it was too late.

Okay, life was simple and I was more or less in control. I graduated from college and found employment as an IT consultant and trouble shooter. If an organization was having trouble with a rebellious computer system they would call me in and I would sort things out for a fee. It was profitable and interesting work that kept the little grey cells exercised. I was quite not the best in my field but I was known for being thorough and so was rarely out of work. Being a consultant meant that I could be working anywhere in Europe and for varying lengths of time. This suited me and I could even afford to be picky about the jobs that I accepted.

The last one that I undertook was one of the easiest: a plastics factory in Holland was having trouble with software incomparability. I was booked in for a week but had the problem cracked inside of four days: I wrote and complied a couple of patches, nothing complicated, but it did mean that I was heading back to the family home a couple of days early.

Anika is a good ten years older than I am and has a daughter from a previous relationship that she never talks about. I loved my wife dearly and still do, even though everything has changed. We met at one of the few parties that I went too, a University friend was getting married and was celebrating his loss of freedom… Someone introduced me to Anika and things progressed rapidly. I won’t say that it was love at first sight, but it was certainly lust that drove me onwards. She was about five foot five with long, ash blonde hair and ice-blue eyes and I really wanted her in my life. She had a dry sense of humour and tended to see the funny side of just about everything that happened which was the second thing that I noticed about her… The first being her tits. I was a man. Right? And a pair of forty-fours nestling in an ‘E’ cup bra certainly caught my attention.

“You like?” Was her only comment and was delivered with a slight Polish accent.

We more or less hit it off straight away and were married within six months although I got to know her mesmerising mammaries much earlier.

It was a quiet wedding at the local registry office: I had no real religious beliefs and Anika was an excommunicated Roman Catholic.

“I was doing things with nun that parish priest did not approve of. Fuck the lot of them!” Was how she put it.

We settled down to married life, or at least she did: I was due in Slovenia three days after the wedding.

“Don’t worry, I make my own entertainment!” She said dryly; although I didn’t realise just what she meant: I thought that she was planning to relieve her urges with a spot of masturbation so I didn’t give it much thought. Besides I was preoccupied with the symptoms that they had emailed me from Slovenia and it promised to be an interesting job.

Well a couple of years slipped by and Anika’s Beauty Parlour really took off giving us a reliable second income. Oh, don’t get me wrong; consultancy work pays well but it does not provide a steady income. It is patchy while the Beauty Parlour showed a steady growth. I visited the premises a couple of times when I installed the computer system and I must say that I was really impressed. The second time was when I updated said system after Anika took over the Ladies Hair Salon that was next door. She wasted no time in integrating the two businesses and needed a state of the art IT system to cope with the expansion needless to say I delivered on that.

It was at büyük meme porno this time that I met Dr Gupta for the first time, she was in for a manicure and wasted no time in booking me to give her practice’s computer system the once over. As she was a friend of my wife’s, I couldn’t very well refuse.

Then life dealt me what the Yanks call “a curve ball” and things changed without warning.

“Victor, can you recommend good University for Melinda?” Anika asked, just before I set off on the final trip to Holland. “She eighteen and is going to be IT lady, just like you.”

I did a double take as I unravelled the sentence. “Er, sure, but can it wait until I get back?” I asked. “Only I don’t want to miss my flight and traffic can be pretty bad this time in the day.”

She shrugged which caused her breasts to jiggle invitingly. “Sure, no problem: see you soon.”

…and that was that.

Day One: Thursday.

As I said earlier the Dutch job was easier than I thought it was going be and so I was on my way home Thursday afternoon instead of Saturday night. All being well I could take a well earned break before the next call-out. It was about four in the afternoon when I pushed open the front door and walked into our Cotswold home.

The house is medium sized and fairly isolated which meant that we didn’t have any close neighbours to upset.

The weather was sunny which accounted for my good mood, well that and the five figure pay-cheque! There was a strange car parked on the drive which puzzled me while I settled the taxi fare. Who did I know who drove a rather large Mercedes-Benz?

Ah yes, it dawned on me when I noticed the ‘Doctor on Call’ lying on the dashboard, Lakshmi Gupta! Who else?

The house was quiet as I dropped my travel bags in the hall and headed for the kitchen to brew some coffee. Then I settled down to drink it in what had once been the kitchen of a farmhouse, although we had spent a small fortune up-dating it along with the rest of the sprawling dwelling.

I put the mug down after a couple of mouthfuls and began to look through the best part of a week’s post. Suddenly I heard a quiet ‘yelp’, which surprised me as we didn’t have any pets.

The ‘yelp’ became a ‘moan’ that rapidly turned into a ‘grunt’. I dropped the post and realised that the background sound effects had been going on for a good few minutes although they hadn’t broken through my reverie. What the hell was going on?

The ‘yelps’, ‘moans’ and ‘grunts’ continued and became punctuated by a rhythmic ‘slapping’ sound. I listened and was able to work out that they were coming from the general direction of our sun lounge. For some reason I thought of Melinda. Had she brought a boy home? I knew that Anika was strict about this, even though her daughter was by now over eighteen.

“You are not going to throw life away on some spotty moron!” Anika had almost shouted when the girl, at fifteen, had brought her first boyfriend home to ‘meet the family’.

Well he was exceptionally spotty and seemed not to understand that it was him that my wife was calling a moron: which thinking about it, proved that he deserved the title.

After that Melinda had not paraded anything similar in front of us, this kept Anika happy and reduced the need for air fresheners. Why do teenaged lads think that a liberal spraying of deodorant removes the need for a regular monthly shower? Deodorant plus stale tobacco smoke plus body odour equals essence of sixteen year-old boy! It has always puzzled me as to why young girls find the stench attractive. Me? I was a geek when I was that age so that particular problem avoided me.

Back to the animal sounds. If Melinda was rutting with a boy, there would be hell to pay when Anika got home from work so I thought that the best thing that I could do was to break up what ever was going on and help my step-daughter to hide the traces. In other words, anything for a quiet life! However, there were two flaws in my reasoning… Two minor flaws that I neglected to take into account when I drew my conclusions regarding said strange noises.

One: Lakshmi Gupta was around somewhere: I had forgotten the good doctor in my haste to commit coitus interuptus.

Two: Anika was also around somewhere as the Salon does not open on a Thursday. If I hadn’t panicked I would have avoided a great deal of grief.

I was right regarding the sun lounge: the assorted yelps, moans, grunts and meaty slaps got louder as I got closer. Although magically they ceased abruptly when I threw the door open, marched in and demanded. “What the hell is going on?”

I stopped dead: nothing could have prepared me for the tableaux that I stumbled across. Melinda was there alright, slumped back in one of the basket chairs, her summer skirt hiked up and her lady-parts on full display, or rather NOT on display. Anika was there also, only she was on all-fours and stark naked with her face buried in her daughter’s çinli porno crotch.

Finally Lakshmi was there to complete the scene, which admittedly I would only expect to see in a porn film and not my sun lounge. She was grasping Anika around the waist and was in the process of hammering her doggy-fashion.

I stared at them, probably doing a fair impression of a goldfish in the process. Melinda looked panic-stricken, Anika pulled back and glared at me, her mouth shiny with her daughter’s juices, while Lakshmi took it upon herself to answer for the three of them. “I’m fucking your wife; what the hell does it look I’m doing?”

Gently the good doctor slipped her strap-on out of my wife’s pussy and stood up. I made a silly whining noise as she strode purposefully towards me, her bright blue, seven inch strap-on bouncing merrily as she did so. I’ll say this for Lakshmi Gupta, she certainly knows how to take decisive action as I found out when she grabbed hold of my shoulders and brought her knee up as hard as she possibly could.

Stars exploded. Lots and lots of very painful golden stars. The last thing that I remember, other than the sea of excruciating pain, was a high-pitched shriek as I sank down to my knees and sobbed.

Hands grabbed me, steadied me, helped me move. I think that I must have blacked out because the next thing that I remember was being tied to a reclining chair in my own sun lounge and being surrounded by three naked or semi naked women.

I sat there, my lightly used wedding tackle throbbing with the force and intensity of a steam hammer: each throb producing another star-burst of intense pain. I was still moaning: I know this because the kind and merciful doctor ordered me to. “Shut the fuck up!”

Eyes streaming, I did my best to comply.

“Oh, Victor, you are not supposed to get back for another two days. What’s the matter? Holland too boring for you? Now stop being baby and let Dr Gupta examine you, there’s good boy!” Anika chided.

Lakshmi Gupta gave a derisory snort as she poked the centre of my agony with her finger. “You want me to fiddle with his willy? Oh alright I suppose that I’d better check that there’s no real damage.”

Then while my dear wife and her daughter both looked on, Lakshmi did just that… I guessed that this had been their intention all along as my legs were tied to opposite sides of the chair to give access to the injured regions while my torso and arms were secured to the chair back and arms with several turns of thick cord. No doubt to stop me struggling and injuring myself further.

First she undid my belt buckle and gave a tug to remove it completely before holding out a hand and demanding: “Scissors!”

Then, while I slumped there helplessly, Melinda scurried off to find a pair. And what she returned with gave new meaning to the word: they were a pair or tailoring shears out of my wife’s work-basket. I’m not exaggerating but the blades were the best part of eight inches long.

I didn’t like the lopsided grin that appeared on Lakshmi’s face as she examined them before holding them in front of my nose and menacingly snipping the air.

“I advise you to keep very still, you wouldn’t want me to cut the wrong thing off, would you?” She purred.

She was none too gentle as she began to cut my trousers away, slicing down the leg seems and then across just above the ropes. My underpants followed – a couple of quick cuts down the outside legs followed by a pain-inducing tug and they were gone completely. Thankfully she handed the shears back before proceeding with the examination of my painfully throbbing and fully exposed anatomy.

Firstly she peered at it, her expression a mixture of contempt and disgust, then she gingerly prodded it with her finger which caused me to wince.

Finally she gave a derisive laugh. “All that fuss over such a little thing!”

Then she grabbed hold of my penis and tried to pick me up with it or at least that was what it felt like. “Melinda, sweety, please go and get me a bag of frozen peas.”

My step daughter trotted off and then trotted back a few minutes later carrying a large packet of Captain Birdseye’s finest product which Lakshmi promptly dropped onto my injured member. Then leaving me there the three of them left to make a pot of tea.

I must say that I was grateful for those peas: the relief that they provided was without measure. And when the women returned, fully dressed, half an hour later, I was well on the road to recovery.

I can safely say that I will never look at a packet of frozen peas again without getting a feeling of intense relief!

“I’m okay now.” I announced fully expecting the ropes to be removed. After all, they were just there to stop me hurting myself any further – Right?


They were there to stop me making a run for it when the examination resumed. Lakshmi fastened her hair back into a shiny black ponytail and then tossed the bag of peas to one side.

“Disgusting, değişik porno isn’t it?” She remarked casually which caused Melinda to giggle. Melinda was still part of the proceedings and this realisation caused an intense wave of embarrassment to wash over me.

“Why are you blushing? Are you ashamed of it too?” Lakshmi enquired as she grabbed hold of my penis and fiddled with it. “I’d feel ashamed if I had to go through life with one of these silly things.”

Next she grabbed hold of my scrotum and began to feel for damage being none too gentle in the process. She sniffed her fingers and grimaced. “Smells worse than it looks!”

Then she turned to Anika. “This can’t be why you married him?”

My wife shrugged. “Seemed like a good idea at the time: he’s not without redeeming features.”

Lakshmi laughed again and lifted my penis up by its foreskin. “Obviously this isn’t one of them! It can’t be a cock because its way too small.”

Melinda found this to be very funny, or may be she was laughing to hide her own embarrassment. I was past caring and just wanted to crawl away and hide somewhere.

Lakshmi was far from finished and grabbed my organ around its still soft shaft and began to try to jerk me off, admittedly without much success: not with my step-daughter watching anyway. “How big is it when it’s, er, angry?”

“Just under fourteen centimetres!” My wife chuckled entering into the spirit of things.

“Do you mind?” I suddenly shouted.

“No! And neither does your wife.” Lakshmi retorted. “This silly little thing gave the three of us something to laugh about over tea, so I suppose it does have its uses although I doubt if fucking is one of them.” Then she tried but failed to give me a reassuring smile. “Don’t you worry, little chap, we’ve really got your best interests at heart.”

Suddenly things became serious, which was a pleasant change from the humiliating remarks that had been hurled at me.

“Please let me go.” I pleaded.

“Sorry, but that’s quite out of the question.” Dr Gupta said crisply. “If you tell anybody about what we were getting up to, then I’ll be struck off. It’s a no-no for a doctor to make her patient into her mistress.”

I began to panic. “I won’t tell anyone: honest! I handle confidential information all of the time.”

Lakshmi Gupta ignored me. Instead of answering she tore a piece of duct tape off the roll that she had brought in out of the kitchen and slapped it over my mouth. Then she turned towards my wife. “We are agreed?”

Anika hesitated.

The doctor put her arm around my wife’s shoulders and gave her a hug. “It’ll make him a lot more docile, easy to handle and a lot less smelly. He’ll also be a lot happier afterwards.”

Anika smiled. “Oh yes, it needs doing anyway.”

The Doctor turned towards my step-daughter. “Melinda?”

“Yes, agreed! I’ve never liked him! He always seems to be undressing me with his eyes.” She stated, her voice heavy with disgust.

Lakshmi nodded. “That’s a man-thing: they all do that, dear. Disgusting little reptiles aren’t they?”

Thoroughly confused by the exchange, I thought for a moment that they were intending to kill me. I was an embarrassment and was clearly no longer welcome in my own family. I tried to shout but the makeshift gag muffled my cries and caused the three of them to chuckle.

Next thing that I remember was the reappearance of the tailoring shears which snipped and sliced away more of my clothing until the only bits left were those that were protected by the ropes. This done and the intimate examination resumed with Lakshmi prodding and peering at just about everything that she could see. My face was examined closely and my profile was checked. “Hmm. There’s a lot less work needed than I thought: it shouldn’t be to difficult. I can call in a few favours for the bits that I’m not equipped to tackle: full GRS would be more complicated, but we don’t need to go that far, do we?”

Gender Resignment Surgery? I heaved a sigh of relief. Murder was not on the agenda. Hold on! GRS? I clearly had something new to panic about.

There was a brief interlude while Melinda was sent off to get the Doctor’s bag out of her car. Evidently Lakshmi still made house calls although for some reason I did not find this information to be particularly reassuring or comforting.

She opened the bag and peered in at the contents. “I believe that we can make a start,” she turned towards Anika, “you know what needs doing?”

My wife grinned while she nodded then bent over me and began to fondle my prick. She worked gently but firmly and soon encouraged it to stiffen. She smiled at me. “Don’t take any notice of her,” she said soothingly, “I like the feel of it inside me.” She began to slide her hand up the shaft taking the fairly loose skin with it. “This much more pleasurable than the alternative. Lakshmi wanted me to use the vacuum cleaner hose. You wouldn’t want me to do it that way would you?”

Her words were kind and soothing and must have gone some way towards smoothing my ruffled feathers because I felt myself becoming stiff. I hadn’t intended too and hadn’t thought that I would be able too while the others were watching, but my wife’s gentle nature and even gentler words worked their magic.

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