Bed Wetter

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In the darkness, Aimee laid awake feeling pressure on her bladder and a wetness between her tan legs. She had the whole king-size bed to herself because her fiancé, Clark, had gone a business trip. However, it wasn’t as fun as Aimee thought it would be. She was being punished for cumming without permission a few nights ago so that meant no playing with herself or any of her toys. Her instructions were not to cum while Clark was away.

Aimee had been finding this very difficult all night and now she really had to pee. As she got out of the bed and started heading towards the bathroom, she had an idea. If she couldn’t cum, that didn’t mean she couldn’t pee. Aimee always loved to be bad, but she had never thought about getting off by peeing somewhere she wasn’t supposed to. She looked around the room and decided the nice, big bed was the best place to pee! All her life, even merging into her early twenties, Aimee has had a bed wetting problem. But peeing in the bed on purpose sounded fun to her. Aimee didn’t even bother removing her pajama bottoms or panties. She let her bladder loose in the middle of the mattress, feeling a rush of sweet relief as hot pee streamed down her legs. It soaked her favorite pink pajamas and made her pussy wet with more than just pee. Sweet relief rushed over Aimee as the last few drops fell from her body. Finally exhausted, Aimee went to bed on the wet sheets and in soaking pajamas. She loved it.

The Mardin Escort next morning, Clark made an unexpected arrival home. He was early. He walked into their bedroom to greet Aimee with a good morning kiss, she always was a late sleeper anyway. But as Clark opened the door, the stench of pee filled his nose. He marched over to Aimee on the bed and woke her up by gently stroking her dark brown hair away from her face.

“What is this, honey?” Clark asked calmly, but firm.

“I-I had to go. . . I’m sorry Daddy,” Aimee stammered.

“I am very tired of you wetting the bed. If you want to act like a dirty little baby, then I will treat you as one. I’m going to the store to get some supplies for a new punishment. While I am gone, clean up your mess, Little Girl.”

“Yes, Sir,” was all Aimee could think to say.

When Clark arrived home an hour later, Aimee greeted him with a kiss and another apology. However, Clark just pulled out of the bags what he wanted to use in Aimee’s next punishment. He first pulled out a paddle and Aimee gulped. Then came some baby powder, a pacifier, and finally a few packages of diapers. Aimee was starting to understand.

“Lay down,” Clark instructed.

As Aimee did so Clark pulled off her pants and panties, telling her all about her new punishment.

“For the rest of the week you are to wear diapers. You are not permitted to use the toilet and only Mardin Escort Bayan I can change your diapers. You are being punished for wetting the bed like a naughty little girl. Now I am going to keep you in diapers like a baby.”

Clark diapered Aimee and let her sit on the floor next to him as he watched tv. He handed her a sippy cup full of warm milk and instructed her to drink it all. She didn’t know how she felt about this punishment. How would she hide a diaper under her clothes? But as Aimee moved around in the diaper, a wetness grew between her legs.

“I will put you down for a nap and then lunch, Baby. Let me check your diaper.”

“I don’t want to go in my diaper. I want to go in the toilet, Sir. Please?” Aimee said, hoping to feel a little less humiliated.

“You should have went to the toilet when you wet the bed. No. Now come here.”

Aimee presented herself to him and he put his hand between Aimee’s legs to feel if her diaper was wet.

“Do you have to go potty before I put you down for a nap, little one?”

“No,” Aimee said crossing her arms.

Just then Clark started to tickle Aimee furiously. Pee flooded from Aimee’s body and the familiar feeling of relief and now humiliation washed over her. Clark moved his hand back down to her diaper as she peed.

“You lied, little one. Your diaper is all wet now and I have to change you. But first get over my Escort Mardin knee. I need to punish you for lying.”

Aimee reluctantly did as she was told and she got ten hard smacks of the paddle on her diapered butt. It only made her pee more and some dripped out of her diaper and onto Clark’s trousers. She knew she was in for it then and she still had to pee.

“So now you have to pee, little one? Well you got my trousers all wet. Back over my knee.”

With that, she got five more swats.

Clark removed Aimee’s sopping diaper and laid a fresh, clean one under her. He wiped her pussy clean with a baby wipe, paying special attention to her clit. This made Aimee squirm with delight. The wetness between her legs started to drip down on the fresh diaper. Clark pulled out his big, hard cock and presented it to Aimee, ordering her to suck it. She did as ordered and ran her tongue along his shaft and over his head. With each suck she put his hard cock deeper into her mouth. Clark put Aimee in a diaper position and thrust his hard cock in and out of her dripping pussy, catching Aimee by surprise. With every thrust Aimee whimpered or moaned, loving the feeling of having sex on such a full bladder. Clark gave her one last thrust, pulled out, and came all over her.

“That is what naughty little girls get. Now I’m going to put a fresh diaper on you and put you to bed with my cum all over you. If you wake up with a fresh diaper, I might shorten your punishment.”

Once Aimee was diapered and Clark left the room, she let her bladder loose into the diaper with a moan of relief. Aimee slept soundly with a diaper full of hot pee. She knew her punishment wouldn’t be over any time soon. And she loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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