Bedroom Sex

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Alison ran up to her bedroom. Feeling slightly giddy from the trip to the restaurant with her husband she was now feeling decidedly warm as she kicked off her shoes and unceremoniously lifted up her dress to take off her tights. She couldn’t remember why she had elected to wear them under her dress in the middle of summer and it felt much better to bare her smooth legs.

Heading downstairs she found her husband opening another bottle of wine. Standing behind him she grabbed his arse before running her other hand up over his chest, her breasts pressed against his back and her head on his shoulders. Slowly her hand trailed down his body and started rubbing his cock through his trousers while kneading his arse.

Turning round they kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths in rapid succession as Alison felt Mark lift her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his torso and held on to his upper body as he carried her up the stairs. The door to their bedroom had been left open as they stumbled through the archway, still kissing, before collapsing onto the bed.

Alison had succeeded in un-buttoning Mark’s shirt which he quickly discarded, throwing it across the room in the general direction of their bathroom, and allowing Alison to run her hands over his bare chest before reaching further down his body. She could feel Mark’s cock was throbbing through his trousers and as he had already removed his shoes and socks she thought it only fair to help him out of the rest.

Mark’s trousers and underwear were soon joining his shirt on the floor, his manhood standing to attention. Ally leaned forward on the bed to admire the shaven manhood in front of her. She cupped his balls as her mouth worked its way down the shaft, leaving escort bayan ataköy a trail of saliva down Mark’s aching member. Alison teased him, as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth and toyed with it with her tongue through the smooth skin, before moving back to the tip of Mark’s cock and the exquisite sensation as her tongue passed along sensitive edge of the tip.

With the tingling sensation growing at the base of his spine Mark knew it was his wife’s turn. He gently pulled back before kneeling down to kiss her again, before getting onto the bed behind her. He unzipped her dress as she slithered out of the silk material and lifted it from the hem up over her head before placing it gently on a chair. Alison’s cooed, as her bare breasts felt the midday summer breeze coming in through the window and her nipples hardened, becoming erect and even more tender. She hadn’t bothered to wear a bra that day, not wanting the extra tension across her 34A breasts which had only added to her husband’s pleasure as he had been able to see them moving freely under the dress before. Now Mark cupped them firmly from behind, his own erection pressing into Alison’s back as she tilted her head up and they kissed again.

As they re-positioned on the bed, Alison was lying on her back and Mark had worked his way down until he was kissing her navel. The small damp spot on his wife’s knickers told Mark all that he needed to know. With Mark’s hands taking a gentle grip on her knickers, Alison lifted her hips until her ass no longer touched the bed. The next instance her bum was bare, as Mark slipped her knickers over her bottom before lifting her legs back up towards her head. He enjoyed the smooth sensation of her legs as he lifted her red thong over her ankles, bayrampasa escort before noticing a small wet patch, and flinging them across the room and turning his attention to his wife’s recently waxed and completely hairless pussy.

He crawled between her legs as they lay invitingly splayed open on the bed, gently kissing her thighs as he went. As he reached the skin by her quim Mark decided to prolong the anticipation a little longer and worked his way around Ally’s pussy onto her other inner thigh, down to her ankle and back up her leg until he reached her breast. He raised himself up onto his arms and they kissed deeply, his cock banging against her thigh as she lifted her bum, trying to bring her pussy into contact with his body. Mark moved away from his wife’s mouth before slowly kissing his way down her body to her breasts and navel, before his tongue arrived at her soaking and silky smooth pussy.

Mark tasted her, before moving his tongue out of her vagina and onto her now exposed rosy-pink clit. The bud was poking out as Mark lavished it with tongue strokes, alternating between gentle and firm, rapid and slow movement over the surface, and breaking from this to suck Alison’s clitoris, increasing the sensation on this delicate spot. At the same time one arm snaked its way up her body while the other hand gently teased the entrances to her pussy and ass.

Mark’s tongue continued its unrelenting and unyielding assault on Alison’s clitoris as he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. Mere moments later Alison’s hips started to buck under the constant ministrations from Mark’s tongue and she moaned in ecstasy as he tongue fucked her to a powerful orgasm.

She tasted her own love juice as Mark moved himself behind her as escort bayan avcılar they spooned while her orgasm subsided and her trembling stopped. She could feel his erect cock pressed against her arse. Wanting to feel him inside her she raised her leg and threw it behind them both as they continued to spoon, and without hesitation the Alison could feel the tip of Mark’s cock as it moved from her bottom to her pussy. They moaned in unison as the rest of his shaft entered her.

Mark pulled back a little before pushing his cock back inside Alison as she moaned again as it filled her hot soaking pussy. They slowly did this again and again until his shaft was buried in her up to the hilt. Alison started to push back with her bum trying to get her husband deeper and deeper inside her as the couple settled down into a rhythmic fucking. Precum was already oozing from the tip of Mark’s penis as he felt the flush of blood to his head and genitals of his pending orgasm. Not wanting to end things just yet, he withdrew and rolled them both over until Alison was on all fours, her ass in the air. He re-engaged and granted his wife’s wish as his shaft thrust deeper and deeper into Alison’s expectant pussy.

Before too long he could hold back no more. Moaning our load he could feel his cock pulse and quiver as he shot a stream of hot cum deep inside Alison, followed by another, and another, and another.

The couple collapsed on top of each other on the bed as the last drops of cum splashed against Alison’s cervix while she enjoyed her second orgasm of the night. Reaching behind she grabbed hold of the base of Mark’s shaft, keeping it inside her before flexing her own muscles to milk the very last drops of cum from his member. They rolled over to caress each other, with Alison lying spread eagle on the bed, her pussy still quivering inside sending echoes of her orgasm up her spine. She lifted her bottom again as Mark reached behind them for a spare pillow, which he placed under her raised bottom before rolling onto his side to kiss her again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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