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Slowly his hands cupped her face and gently he kissed her. She trembled as the warmth of his kiss traveled through her body. His hands slid from her face and he ran his fingers into her hair. She gasped as her body became electrified. She opened her mouth to receive his and he pulled her closer. Her heart hammered in her chest. She had imagined what he would feel like, what he was like to kiss, to touch, to have inside her. The reality that he was here, kissing her, made her head spin. He kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth. She could feel his body push against hers. He was hard.

His hands moved slowly down her shoulders and forcefully down her back to her hips and he pulled her closer still. She pulled her mouth away from his as she openly moaned. Their eyes locked for a second. His intense blue eyes almost sparkled as he slowly smiled. She wanted him, she ached for him so much her body pulsed. Seconds passed, yet time stood still. She could taste him in her mouth and she wanted more.

He pulled her hips towards him and pushed her back onto the table. Her legs tightened around his waist pulling him escort bayan kağıthane in towards her. Their kissing was more passionate, feverish. His hands swiftly removed her top. His hands, rough from hard work were so gentle as he touched her, caressed her. His fingers feeling every part of her chest. She exhaled as she lay back on to the table, allowing his hands to explore her.

His touch became firmer as he moved down towards her pelvic lines. Slowly he traced his fingers along her hips, her breathing became rapid, the anticipation of his touch made her moan loudly. He teased his fingers around her soft hair, her legs twitched as she knew he was so close to her. Forcefully he grabbed her. Her back arched and she could hardly draw breath. His fingers deep inside her, she grabbed his leg. She could feel his tongue gently caressing her.

Her hands moved to his broad shoulders, then up to his head. She ran her fingers through his dark curls. His tongue slowly caressing her, licking her. His fingers still deep inside her. She could hardly believe this was happening. She had always wanted escort bayan taksim him but had never dared to say. Now he was here, he wanted her with the same deep longing she had kept to herself for so long. Blood rushed down her body. His caressing became more passionate, harder. Her hands returned to his shoulders and she pulled him closer to her. Again and again his fingers thrust inside her. She was so wet, his fingers penetrating deeper each time. She could hardly breathe without making a sound. She could feel every muscle in her body tighten, every part of her tingled with excitement. Her heart rate quickened. She wanted to come so badly, but she wanted him inside her more.

She pushed his shoulders back, and pushed him away from her. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. She could taste her in his mouth. Her hands ran over his chest, his nipples were hard and she teased them with her fingers. This time he moaned. She pulled away from his embrace and their eyes locked again. His look said everything, so serious yet so burning with desire. He kissed her gently as she pulled forward to the edge şişli escort bayan of the table. They still met each others gaze. Again he kissed her gently as she wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened their grip. He was so hard that she began to ache with hunger.

Still keeping her gaze, he forced himself inside her. She closed her eyes, he was so hot, so hard and deep inside her. Slowly he pulled back. He brought his lips to hers and gently flickered his tongue around her mouth. Her legs momentarily gave way as he forced his whole length inside her again. She cried out. Every emotion surged through her body.

Her hands reached around his shoulders to his back and she pulled him close, kissing him passionately as he entered her over and over. Their arms pulling each other every closer, their mouths entwined. His fingers began caressing her as their arousal increased. She could not control her breathing, rapid, shallow. She could feel the blood surge, swollen with desire, her muscles tightened, his fingers fiercely playing with her, his thrusting quickening. She threw her head back in ecstasy, her back arched, her body pulsed unrelentingly, muscles tightening around him and he finally entered his full length inside her and he came. Breathlessly, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close slowing his movements. Her body still shuddering involuntarily, her breathing regaining strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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