Behind Closed Doors Pt. 01

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My name is Jane. I am 19 years old. I live in the suburbs of a midsize city in a perfectly normal country. I am married and have been for a year to my husband Daniel. I have pale almost translucent skin, dark hair and light hazel eyes. I am tall, nearly five feet and eleven inches and well built with a dancer’s body. A body that is supple and curvy but not overly large at any portion. I have firm B cup breast and a taunt ass. What most people notice about me is my soft heart shaped face and my perfect gentle smile. Daniel is very attractive. He’s tall six feet and two inches and well muscled, a swimmer’s body with a handsome square jaw, dark hair and bright blue eyes. He is 20. We tell people we grew up together which is true and that’s why we married young.

If you look at us or even if you know us we look like a perfectly ordinary young couple with a nice midsize house at the end of the street, a two car garage even though we only have one car. Daniel has a very good job managing the money of some very wealthy people, he is very good at it and has an office downtown. He takes the train each day. Being a money manager requires you to go out and meet with people, sign contracts and act as a go between. I stay home, I mind the house, tend the garden and do the shopping. Yes we look perfectly normal.

We have even felt normal for the last six months. It has been that long since they visited, but coming home at the end of the day from the store my blood freezes in my veins as I see the right side garage door is closed. Which means she is here. I calm myself and pull into the garage trying not to stare at the large SUV next to me. I take the groceries from the passenger seat and I close the other garage door.

As it slowly lowers I can see the neighbours lights on. We are at the end of the street visible, but invisible on the outside. Our house looks perfectly normal, but that hides what it is on the inside. I steel myself and walk into the kitchen. I hear voices in the living room. I gulp as I set down the groceries and enter the room. Dame Olivia is a handsome tall blond with green eyes as well muscled frame and large matronly breast she looks to be in her early 30s but is certainly older. Her daughter Helen is with her; she looks like a younger version of her mother but her eyes hold a far more sadistic glint.

Also present is Doctor Alice Hong, one of Helen’s close friends and a lovely oriental woman with flowing black hair and thick rimmed glasses that somehow only enhance her stern beauty. Dr Hong is being served tea by one of Dame Oliva’s maid Tina who like me had a dancer frame, but had her brown hair cut short. Tina was wearing her uniform short frilly knickers and a frilly white apron. Dame’s other maid Lolita is standing by the door, wrist crossed in submissive position. Daniel was sitting on the couch opposite of the Dame still dressed in his trousers and button down shirt, Helen and Dr Hong who were all sitting in individual chairs taking tea.

To an outsider except for the two scantily clad maids it looked very much like a normal evening entertaining friends for tea. But it wasn’t normal, not at all. Daniel and I were slaves of Dame Olivia and had been for our whole lives and when she passed Helen would own us. We had been born into slavery and knew no other life, and so as soon as I entered the room and everyone glanced up to see me i lowered myself to all fours and crawled over kissing the Dame, Helen, and Doctor Hongs feet in turn before going to sit on the couch next to Daniel like him my hands in my lap my eyes down cast.

“Well Jane, I see living so close to the vanilla world has not corrupted you.” Dame said obviously happy at my proper etiquette. “You and Daniel may hold hands.” she continued sipping her tea.

Daniel and I grasped each other’s hands and each squeezed tightly. The Dame knew we were nervous about her visit and indulged us. Daniel and I did love each other very much, but everything we did was strictly controlled by Dame Olivia. Even our marriage had been at her command. The Dame had decided Daniel would serve her well living in the vanilla world managing her and many of her other slave owners assets, but to help him blend he needed a wife. She let him choose and he chose me. Our vanilla wedding had been a small affair at the civil register with Dame Olivia acting as witness. Our black wedding had been far more elaborate. At the Dames great hall over 100 of her friends had been invited along with their retinues of slaves. Dainel had been stripped and oiled and made to stand at the altar naked while I had been led by Helen down the aisle wearing only a white veil and white stockings with a chastity belt. The black priests had intowned the ceremony swearing me and Daniel to each other in our Mistress service. Then Dame Olivia had unlocked my chastity belt and I had laid on the altar my legs open wide while Daniel took my virginity in front of the whole crowd. The ceremony was bad enough but as bride and groom we were the favoured play things of the remainder of the orgy that followed. Since then though we had Bayan Eskort lived quietly and happy with Dame visiting occasionally to review the accounts and conduct an inspection. It had been 6 months since she had last been in person.

“No doubt you are wondering why we are here.” Helen said

Neither of us spoke knowing it was a trap. The Dame smiled and looked at Doctor Hong “You see Doctor my best trained pair they are completely obedient knowing not to speak or move unless ordered.”

“Remarkable.” Doctor Hong agreed, “I can see why you want to breed them.”

Our hands tightened on each other as ice covered my heart. No I thought not that anything but that. Tears pooled on my eyes and fell silently next to me. I could sense Daniel was also crying.

“Yes I am hoping Jane can pop out at least half a dozen pups.” The Dame said smiling “Which is why I retained your services, Doctor Hong, your reputation as a brood mistress is well established, and of course you are intimately familiar with both slaves having done their valuation.”

The valuation had happened when I was old enough to be sold. I remembered standing naked in Doctor Hong’s clinic with half a dozen other slaves while she took her time examining us in turn. All of us girls (the males were examined separately) had stood in line as Doctor Hong had called us one by one to come behind a curtain. We had to listen to the other girl’s cries and whimpers as she took her time assessing them. I cringed at the memory of how horribly she had abused me when my turn finally came.

“Of course Dame.” Doctor Hong said picking up a black medical bag and placing it on the coffee table before popping it open “Well I suppose we should get started, slaves please strip and present yourselves for inspection.”

Daniel and I both rose without a word. He began unbuttoning his shirt and I pulled my dress over my head. Neither of us hesitated pulling off our clothes and exposing ourselves fully to the women in the room. The Dame and her daughter nodded approvingly as they looked us up and down. The cold air of the house bit my skin as I slid my panties off and watched Daniel remove his boxers. We then both placed our hands behind our heads and thrust our chest out our legs apart. Inspection position. Doctor Hong smiled as she pulled a pair of pink latex gloves from her bag and pulled them on with a loud SNAP. Both Daniel and I flinched at the sound.

“Now I think we will check the male first. Step forward boy.” Doctor Hong said, stretching her hands to fill out the creases in the gloves.

Daniel did as commanded, taking a step forward. Doctor Hong began examining him. First she opened his mouth and checked his teeth, then began feeling his keck working her way down her hands probing his strong chest. She stopped and twisted his nipple hard causing him to wince in pain she nodded and released him then began palpitating his stomach. Daniels cock had become erect in her touch slowly growing to its full impressive size. Doctor Hong finished probing Daniels lower abdomen then kneeled down so his cock was at her eye level she adjusted her glasses as she looked at it.

“My my this one is very well endowed. It was wise of you not to have him neutered Dame.” Dr Hong said cupping Daniels balls in her hand. She manipulated Daniels shaved balls palpitating them. His face betrayed nothing except the slightest blush as his cock began to grow to its full length. Doctor Hong reached into her bag and drew out a measuring tape. She held Daniels penis flat as she ran the tape across the top nodding.

“6.8 inches erect. This is the ideal length for a breeding male.”

“Really” Helen commented as Tina refilled her champagne glass “I would think you would want larger.”

“Only for show ponies.” Doctor Hong responded as she continued to take measurements of Daniel the circumference of his scrotum the inside of his thigh. “A 10 inch cock may look aesthetically pleasing but it is far too big for most women to comfortably handle in breeding. Repetition is important and it’s best not to damage the vagina as much as possible since we will be relying on it later for the birth. Hmmm he is very nicely proportioned. Now let’s have a close look at those balls.”

Doctor Hong returned the tape measure to her bag and drew out callipers and a stethoscope. She first used the callipers to measure each of Daniels testicles individually then satisfied placed her stethoscope on her ears and gently held it against Daniels scrotum.

“Yes, the testicles appear healthy and well used. Jane?” Dr Hong said

“Yes Doctor Hong” I replied instantly

“How frequently does Daniel cum each day?”

I blushed as I answered “Twice a day Doctor. The Dame has given us permission to couple twice per day so long as I do not become pregnant without her command.”

Doctor Hong rose to her feet and pulled a tube of lubricant from her bag placing it on the table she turned Daniel around as I spoke and had him bend forward till his ands were on his knees his legs apart his lovely testicals hanging like Anadolu Yakası Escort ripe fruit and his shaved bottom glistening under the lights.

“When do you couple?” Doctor Hong asked, smearing lube on her gloved hand.

“In the morning when we wake we ma..couple in the bed before he leaves for work. Then when he returns for the day we couple before we eat dinner.”

Doctor Hong nodded as she pushed two gloved fingers into Daniel’s rectum ignoring his intake of breath.

“These two slaves seem to have a genuine fondness for each other. This is good, it will make the breeding easier.” Doctor Hong said as she took her other hand and manipulated Daniels balls while her fingers pushed into his rectum. He grunted but did not cry out. A feeling of absolute vulnerability coursed through me as I stood at attention, my body on display for the three mistresses. I had managed not to say that when Daniel and I coupled it was gentle and tender. It was like making love and it was a moment of absolute freedom.

“Now” Doctor Hong said finally taking her hands off David and pulling off her gloves. “Let’s have a look at the female. As this is a much more intensive exam we will need to go downstairs where Nurse Liddy should be done setting up.

The ladies rose and made me and Daniel lead them. We both let our hands fall to our sides but kept our bodies uncovered and our heads up. We walked slowly first me then him with the Dame, Helen, Tina the maid and finally Doctor Hong carrying her big black bag following behind. Our basement had been extensively redone to suit the Dames needs; it consisted of a stairway leading to a hallway that had two doors. To the right was the discipline room where the Dame administered any punishments we had earned. The last time she was here She had taken Daniel down there the whole night and I had sat in bed awake until he returned the next morning his body blacked and bruised.

The left hand door led into the inspection room. I turned the handle, my breath catching in my throat as I opened the door. It was furnished to look just like a doctor’s office complete with a gyno chair, a pair of surgical lights and cabinets holding all manner of instruments. I recognized Nurse Liddy, a spare blond girl who was Hong’s assistant and pet. She was in blue scrubs and pink gloves laying instruments out on the table next to the gyno chair. Daniel and I went and stood beside the gyno chair and resumed our inspection posture. The Dame and Helen sat in a pair of comfortable chairs that gave a very good view of everything that would be happening on the table and Tina stood behind them, her eyes downcast ready to respond instantly to their slightest whim.

“Hmmm very good Liddy, now Daniel go sit in the corner until we are ready for you.” Dr Hong said, setting down her medical bang and beginning to change into the scrubs Liddy had laid out for her. Daniel looked mournfully at me as he obeyed, walking over to the opposite corner and going down to his knees, his hands behind his head. I felt fear grip me as I watched Dr Hong pull the scrubs over her firm body. She smiled at me as pulled on a pair of pink gloves with a SNAP.

My mind flashed back to my first inspection. I had been naked, fondled and molested by my betters my whole life. It was normal for me but I had never been so scared as I was when Liddy told me to come behind the screen. I left the other shivering naked girls and walked behind it to see Tina who had been ahead of me. She was strapped to the table and gaged her eyes pleading.

‘Absolutely unacceptable’ Dr Hong had said as her black gloved hands penetrated poor Tina

‘This one is useless. Its to be a ladies maid for you sweety and if you’re lucky maybe someday your mistress will have this reversed. I had stood numbly as Dr Hong had reached for her instruments and sewn up Tina’s vagina stitch by stitch with no pain medication. As Tina writhed and screamed into her gag. She had then bandaged all of Tina’s vagina telling her that though she would be able to urinate and gain clitoral pleasure her hole was closed as she was unworthy to ever be bred. ‘Be grateful I left you your clit you stupid bitch’ she had admonished the weeping Tina’ She had released Tina who staggered away crying and Dr Hong had turned to me wearing the same grin she did now.

Tears stung my eyes as the memory faded and I returned my mind to the present. Dr Hong came over to me and began my exam with her perfunctory feeling of my neck glands. She took my pulse and tapped me on the ass having me walk over to a scale to have Liddy record my height and weight. I stood at attention as Liddy wrote down my weight and measured me. Then I returned to the gyno table which Dr Hong had lowered to be a flat surface.

“Up you go dear” she said.

I knew what was expected of me. I climbed onto the table on all fours my sex open for the Dame and her daughter to see and my breast hanging like udders. I gave a intake of breath as I felt Dr Hong’s cold fingers run down my spine, her hands stopping periodically to probe my tissues. Pendik Escort Satisfied my spine was straight, she came to the front of me where I could see her beautiful oriental face. She reached forward and grasped my nipples, twisting them painfully until I winced. She nodded and smiled at that before taking her hands and roughly squeezing and palpitating my breast one at a time. Her gloved fingers traced along my stomach until she came behind me carefully feeling the muscles in my ass. I tried not to gasp but I felt myself growing wet as she worked on me. This is my greatest shame, when Daniel and I make love it is kind and gentle, but part of me always longs to feel this helplessness, the total loss of control, I never have long to wait.

Dr Hong nodded as she teased my outer labia. “Would you ladies care for a close look?” she asked. Both Helen and the Dame said they would and gathered behind me.

“As you can see,” Hong continued cheerfully, “This one is already wet feel the heat from those loins she is practically begging to be impregnated now I will just need to make sure she is able because she is certainly willing.”

“Do you mind if we observe up close?” The Dame asked politely

“Of course not,” Hong replied. “Now roll over sweet little Jane and show yourself to us.”

I did as I was commanded. I am well trained. I rolled to my back and held my legs up and opened them at my knees. Nurse Liddy took them in turn and positioned me in the stirrups which were then opened further. My smooth hairless pussy was now on full display for the three ladies. Briefly I glanced at Daniel kneeling in the corner with his hands on his head. I sensed his tears as I was humiliated. He does love me so much.

Hong began with a digital exam. Slowly she slid two fingers into me commenting that my natural lubrication meant I needed no additional lube she pressed her other hand to my abdomen feeling my ovaries. She lingered in this as she did in everything and I felt her finger twitch my hands grasped the bench as I resisted the urge to orgasm knowing doing so without permission was a serious offence.

Next Dr Hong picked up a speculum and slid it into me. The cold metal made me wince and the Dame and Helen enjoyed my discomfort. Helen had moved to the side of me and was molesting my breast while the Dame watched intently at Dr Hong’s work. Dr Hong took her time carefully checking my vagina before withdrawing the probe and inserting her hand once more this time to feel my cervix. I gasped in pain as she gently began to push her hand into me.

“Yes very flexible she will have no problem with a vaginal delivery.” Hong told the Dame I may be flexible but the pain was intense. I was relieved when Dr Hong finally removed her hand. Liddy squirted some jelly on my lower abdomen and Dr Hong took the offered wand and began to rub it over my body. She commented both my ovaries appeared to be in good condition Liddy moved next to Helen who withdrew to her mother and began smearing the cold jelly on my breast causing me to wince and gasp. Dr Hong began the sonogram on each of them in turn nodding and smiling.

“Her milk glands appear healthy I doubt she will make a good cow, but at least she will produce enough to feed her own little slaveling. I felt the tears fall but I was silent. This was the worst part any child I brought into the world would belong to the Dame and her family that’s how it had been for me and that’s how it would always be. I accepted it. I accepted laying here on display while these woman assed my viability as a breeder and my loving husband knelt not just feet away. I accepted it but the tears came anyway. Also the fear as I looked to a noise and saw Liddy polishing lubricant on a very long white tool that she connected to the sonogram machine after Dr Hong finished with my breast. Dr Hong took the wand and moved between my legs teasing my clit. I wish they would restrain me that would make it easier but instead I took a deep breath as Dr Hong inserted the probe into my vagina and kept going through my cervix into my womb. Entering the cervix made me cry out by the time she was in my womb I was screaming in pain but I tried to hold still and not thrash. Dr Hong true to form took her time before withdrawing the probe at last and I collapse for a second my chest tear stained and soaked in sweat.

The exam didn’t end there no a breeding philly needs to be thoroughly checked. Dr Hong and Liddy checked my urine, my blood, measured my hips and tracked my heart rate and lungs. They had me do various stretches and jump up and down to accelerate my heart rate. All the time Dr Hong speaking to the Dame about me as if I wasn’t there. Finally Dr Hong asked me for my last cycle date. Daniel and I use condoms and spermicidal lube the Dame does not allow me birth control less it affect my fertility. My exam at last complete Dr Hong had me stand at attention and said “Jane is ready to begin breeding she is healthy and fit and a ideal candidate. She will next ovulate this coming Tuesday. Until then she and Daniel must refrain from any orgasm Daniel especially as we want to build the potency of his sperm. The Dame agreed and sent Tina to the punishment room she returned with two chastity cages one for me and one for Daniel. My was fitted and locked but Daniel when told to stand showed to still be hard as a rock.

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