Being a Good Neighbor

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A sleepy suburb in upstate New York during the Summer of 1972. The following is a fond memory of a wonderful woman.


1. Coming home.

It was good to be coming home, and even though I was exhausted from driving back halfway across the country I still felt a rush at seeing the old neighborhood again after nine months away. My parents were not home, having gone on a cruise and were not scheduled to return until next week, so I was on my own.

Taking a stroll around the neighborhood, I walked slowly past a few of the local houses. Mrs. Rice’s house was a particular favorite of mine, but with two cars in the driveway there was no way in the world I would risk knocking on that door just now. If she saw me go by, I was sure that she would get in contact with me soon enough.

Mrs. Rice was a hot blonde in her thirties that I had gotten to know really well before I left for college. Big tits, a lush bush and an insatiable desire for sex made her irresistable to me, since she had everything I wanted. Apparently I had something she wanted too.

I stopped in front of Bethany Bauer’s house when I saw the way the yard looked. Ordinarily the place looked immaculate but for some reason the yard was unkempt, which was way out of character for the Bauer’s, because Bethany’s old man was a neat freak. It almost looked as if the house had been deserted for a few weeks, but there was a car in the driveway.

Bethany had been one of my first conquests and we were still on good terms, so I wandered up the driveway to see what was going on. I rang the doorbell a couple of times, and finally the door swung open.

“Kenny, how are you? Come in… come in!”

Bethany’s mother Dawn greeted me and eagerly let me in. I had always had the hots for Bethany’s mom, even during the time I had been screwing Bethany. Her mom was a petite blonde who always looked so neat and reserved, and many was the time when I thought about what it would be like to get her in the sack.

Mrs. Bauer still looked good, but seemed a little worn out. She wasn’t quite as vibrant and glowing as she usually was, and it seemed like something was wrong. There was nothing wrong with her rather immodest outfit, which seemed out of character for her. She usually dressed like June Cleaver with nice dresses and jewelry even during the day.

Today Mrs. Bauer was wearing a tube top and shorts outfit that was made out of material that looked like a towel. There was elastic around the top of the outfit which came to her upper chest. This showcased her slender yet shapely shoulders and arms, which had always turned me on. No way to wear a bra with this outfit either, I noted with pleasure, and my cock stirred when I saw Mrs. Bauer’s little titties wiggling around freely as she walked. She still had great legs too, I saw as my cock began getting interested, reminding me that I hadn’t gotten laid in three days.

Bethany was still away at school, and wouldn’t be home for a few more days, her mom told me. So much for the chances of a badly needed workout with dear Bethany. I asked Mrs. Bauer how come the lawn hadn’t been mowed, and she started getting all choked up.

“I forgot that you’ve been away Kenny,” Mrs Bauer said sniffling into a tissue. “Brad left me over the winter.”

“You’re kidding!” I said in shock, and realized right away how stupid that sounded. A woman crying while telling you her husband dumped her was not something humorous. “What happened? I thought you guys were happy and everything.”

“So did I,” Mrs. Bauer said. “He found some teeny bopper and shacked up with her. I filed for divorce and we’re done.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there while she started to break down.

“T…t…that’s why the place looks so bad,” Mrs. Bauer choked out. “Brad used to take such good care of…”

Mrs. Bauer went completely to pieces, and I found myself holding this broken little woman in my arms as she cried. I felt helpless in a way, but I was nineteen also, and as I felt Mrs. Bauer’s breasts against me I also felt something else.

“Look, why don’t I mow the lawn and stuff,” I said after she calmed down a little. “My folks aren’t home so I haven’t got anything to do.”

“I couldn’t have you do that Kenny,” Mrs. Bauer said, in a voice that sounded a lot like she wanted me to do exactly that.

“It’s no problem and besides I could use the exercise,” I told her.

“Well, I could pay you for your work.”

“No way, I’d love to do it.”

With that I headed for the garage and hauled out the mower. I figured at the very least I might score some points with Bethany when she got home. Besides, I would get to look at her mom some more in that outfit. Damn! The sexual revolution really must have arrived here in order to have Mrs. Bauer walk around braless.

2. Doing the chores.

About halfway through doing the lawn I was beginning to regret volunteering. It was incredibly hot out, and the lawn was so high that it was really slow going. I took Escort Bayan off my shirt and did the lawn in my shorts, even though I was the kind of guy that looked better with clothes on.

It wasn’t that was I unattractive or anything, it’s just that I looked young. Even though I was 19, I looked 14 at best. I always got proofed at bars, and would for years to come I feared. I stood 5’7″ and weighed about 120 pounds dripping wet, which I was. I was no bodybuilder to say the least, but girls seemed to like the skinny look. My longish blonde hair got a lot of attention, and girls seemed to find me attractive for some reason.

Me, I thought I looked like a twerp. I would have loved to have been the kind of guy that looked more manly. I was too short, too skinny and in general felt like puberty had passed me by, since my virtually hairless body was a constant source of embarrassment for me. Luckily for me, Mother Nature sometimes compensates in some areas, and overall I have no complaints.

It was all of these things that passed through my mind as Mrs. Bauer came outside and began puttering around, yanking weeds and getting things out of my way. Mrs. Bauer was probably in her mid-40’s, but her ass looked great as she bent down to pick up a tree branch before I ran over it. I discovered that having a hard-on is no help when you’re mowing, and I was happy when the mower cut out a moment later. I brought the can over to fill the mower with gas as Mrs. Bauer came over with the funnel.

“I’m so grateful that you’re doing this for me Kenny,” Mrs Bauer said as she knelt down beside meand held the funnel while I poured.

I got a nice view of Mrs. Bauer’s tits as the neck of her top opened up. Her breasts were long and slender; ‘banana tits’ was a phrase we used for boobs like hers, and you usually saw them on girls that never wore bras but I supposed that it also happened to women as they got older.

That’s not a criticism at all, since I looked long and hard down Mrs. Bauer’s blouse as I filled the tank. I never met a breast I didn’t like. Big or small or in between, I found them all exciting. As I finished with the gas, I happened to look over at Mrs. Bauer’s legs, and when I did I nearly dropped the can before regaining my hold on it and setting it down.

I always thought Mrs. Bauer had shapely legs; very slender with nice calves, but they now had one thing on them that I knew that was never there before, and I know because I kept my eye out for things like that.

Hair. Not a lot to be sure, but hair nonetheless. A light dusting of dark brown hair grew on the insides of her calves starting just below the knee and extending down to her ankles. This was a revelation to me in a couple of ways. Mrs. Bauer not being a natural blonde was a major shock in itself, as she had never given any evidence of anything else.

Secondly, it was amazing that she would let the hair on legs grow, because she had really given Bethany heat for letting her armpit hair grow when she was going with me. Mrs. Bauer had always said to Bethany that it wasn’t feminine, but to me it was fine either way. Downright sexy on some women to me, I admit, and now here was Mrs. Bauer with legs hairier than mine. Not like that was a great accomplishment or anything, but I wonder what Bethany would say if she saw this.

“Oh Kenny, do take it easy,” Mrs. Bauer said in a concerned tone. “You’re so sweaty I don’t want you to pass out or anything,” she added while she put one of her delicate hands on my shoulder, doing nothing to lessen my excitement level.

I finished the lawn while keeping one eye on Mrs. Bauer, my curiousity now really piqued as I tried to see whether she had unshaven armpits as well. That would really be something, since many years of leering at Mrs. Bauer had led me to believe that those little hollows of hers were naturally hairless, since they always appeared so soft and smooth. Yes, I look and I admit it, because I find it a sexy part of the female form.

After putting the mower away, I returned to the back yard where Mrs. Bauer was on the deck cleaning the outsides of the windows, I asked her if I could have a drink of water.

“Oh Kenny, I’m so rude. I’m sorry,” Mrs. Bauer apologized. “There’s soda in the refrigerator I think. I’ll get it for you.”

“No, water’s fine, I can get it.”

In the kitchen, I stood at the sink and downed a couple of glasses of water while Mrs. Bauer worked her way around. I felt gross, with grass all over me and dripping with sweat, but I forgot all about that as Mrs. Bauer brought her cleaning stuff to the other side of the window above the sink. I got another nice view of her tits when she bent down to grab a towel, and I unconsciously leaned into the countertop, the ledge of which laid confortably against my now fully erect cock.

3. My cock.

I might as well get this part out of the way and tell you about the rest of me. I’ve already explained my shortcomings, and my disdain over the way I was left out of some of the benefits of growing up. One area I was not cheated in was between my legs.

Funny thing was that I was never really aware of anything unusual about myself. Porn didn’t exist in the middle 60’s in my neighborhood, because if it did I would have found it. I saw pictures of naked women alright, but the only males I ever saw was my classmates in the shower at school, and frankly everybody looked pretty much like me.

When limp, my dick looked much like the rest of my classmates did, although in retrospect I never noticed mine was more wrinkled than everybody else. Then again, I didn’t spend a lot of time gawking at the other boys either.

Nobody walked around with hard-ons, so I thought that I was just one of the guys, except for the razzing I got from some of the guys for my virtual absence of body hair. A little tuft above my dick, a few stray hairs on my legs and under my arms and that was it. My friend Dave was as hairy as a bear, which made me feel even worse, but later on when my pecker secret was revealed I guess we spent a lot of time wishing we were more like each other.

So when girls started taking notice in me (and at first I know it was my baby face complete with dimples that drew them in) I was as insecure as I could possibly be. When my cock ended up in a female’s hand for the first time, I felt very scared, but as that hand pulled my cock into a state of readiness I discovered that I had nothing to be shy about.

“Holy shit!”

That’s the exact quote from Wendy, as she became the first person besides myself to hold my erection. As it turned out, I have a long cock. Exceptionally long it seems. Long, but not big in my mind, which is a word that describes another variety of weapon.

My cock is weird, as it starts out at the base being average in thickness. My dick tapers as it reaches the tip, with the head of it being not much bigger than a jumbo olive, so the end result is having a cock shaped almost like a spear. That’s what one girl called it after I dumped her, but until then she had been far more complimentary about it.

I came to enjoy the moment when a girl would first see my erect cock. The expressions on their faces is a turn on to me, as most of them do double takes with unbelieving open-mouthed expressions as it springs into view, all this despite many of them being told/warned about it by other women. When you have a dick like mine, word spreads fast and you do get passed around a bit. When you combine all this with the fact that this outrageous equipment is attached to my boyish body, the visual effect is even more shocking.

Just like most guys, I would rather be built differently. I don’t get involved in measuring the thing, and wouldn’t know where to measure it from to begin with. To give you a rough idea, suffice it to say that if I had my choice in the matter, I would trade half of the length in exchange for doubling the thickness, and then I would be pretty normal. Some people are never satisfied I guess, and I’m sure that if I did somehow get my wish, I would have far fewer opportunities to use it than I have thus far in my life.

4. Watching Mrs. Bauer.

When Mrs. Bauer began washing the window that separated us, she didn’t notice me on the other side. I sure noticed her, that much I know. When she sprayed the glass and raised the towel to wipe the window, my eyes were fixed on the most incredible sight I could have imagined.

Just as I had half expected, and fully hoped, I was treated to the sight of delightful tufts of dark brown hair spraying out from her armpits. Mrs. Bauer underarms were not nearly as hairy as her daughter Bethany’s were, although that would have been an unfair comparison for anyone since Bethany was one of the most generously endowed females I had ever seen in that regard. Still, Mrs. Bauer was rather furry given her fair features and all, and I stared with lust as she unknowingly provided me with the most amazing show I could have dreamed for.

It was at that point that I found myself grinding my cock against the edge of the countertop, almost unable to help myself. It had been a few days since I had sex, and that combined with this remarkable view I was witnessing found me in this embarrassing position.

My orgasm came quickly, almost upon me before I realized it. As I exploded into my shorts I let out an audible gasp, which was only heard by yours truly because of the closed window, That much I suppose I should be grateful for, but while Mrs. Bauer missed my audio response to my cumming, she didn’t miss my facial reaction.

I was spurting for the third time or so when Mrs. Bauer looked through the window at me. The window was sparklingly clean by now, so she didn’t miss any of my facial contortions that accompanied my orgasm. I don’t know what I looked like at the time, but I obviously gave the impression that I was having a seizure of sorts, which was partially true.

I was so transfixed at staring at Mrs. Bauer’s armpit hair that I didn’t notice at first that she had been staring at me. When she looked at me, she noticed where I was looking, and after glancing over to her underarm, quickly dropped her arm down. Incredibly, she was blushing then, but I’m sure my face was much redder as I quickly turned away and filled my glass from the faucet while I tried to regain my composure.

The sliding door opened and Mrs. Bauer came into the kitchen, kicking her shoes off and exhaling loudly. The water kept pouring into my glass and I kept drinking while trying not to make eye contact while I searched for something to say that would explain what I had just done.

“Whew, it’s so hot out there,” Mrs Bauer said finally, and I nodded in agreement.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me,” Mrs Bauer added. “You made me feel ashamed at how badly the place had slipped since Brad left, so that got me going at last.”

“Looks good,” I said quietly.

“I let everything around here go, including myself,” Mrs. Bauer said. “I’m so embarrassed. Until I saw you looking under my arms just now, it hadn’t really struck me. I hadn’t even thought about how gross I must look to you.”

“You don’t look gross Mrs. Bauer, you look great to me,” I said meekly.

“You’re sweet Kenny, but it’s been so long since anyone’s been around here I haven’t kept myself up like I should. No point in shaving under my arms if there isn’t anyone here to see, I guess. I’ll get myself cleaned up.”

“NO!” I said in a voice way too loud. “I mean, you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable, Mrs. Bauer.”

“Well, I don’t know. After all, I’m a swinging single now and I’m never going to find Mr. Right if I’m all hairy, am I?” she added with a nervous giggle.

Mrs. Bauer came over toward me as she spoke and started picking off what I assumed were blades of grass.

“Some men… a lot of men like natural women,” I squeaked while Mrs. Bauer cleaned me off delicately.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Mrs. Bauer said. “I think that’s more of a hippie thing, or least more popular with the younger generation. Bethany was into that for a bit, remember? That was when you were going out with her wasn’t it?”

Indeed it was, and I was the one that had encouraged Bethany to set the razor aside, but I didn’t mention that as Mrs. Bauer continued brushing me off delicately. I hoped that Mrs. Bauer couldn’t smell the brassy odor of semen that was hanging in the air as I looked for a way out.

“Why don’t you let me fix you dinner tonight Kenny?” Mrs. Bauer offered. “Your parents not being home and everything. Let me thank you properly for being so helpful.”

“Uh… okay,” I answered. “I have to go home and clean up though.”

“You could take a shower here and I could wash your clothes while you…”

Mrs. Bauer’s voice stopped, and when I looked up at her and saw that she was staring down at me, a chill went down my spine. She was staring right down at my crotch, and when I felt the sticky and clammy feeling in my underwear I was reminded that I had a copious load of cum in my underwear. A load that must have made itself visually obvious by now, if Mrs. Bauer’s face was any indicator.

“I better go home,” I said nervously as I edged toward the door while trying way too late to hide what I feared was an embarrassing sight.

“Six o’clock okay Kenny?”

“Great,” I said as I worked my way toward the door.

“Wonderful! It’ll be nice to have a man around the house again,” Mrs Bauer said as I slid the door open.

I doubted that anybody wanted a man around that humped her kitchen counter while they leered at you, but I didn’t say that.

“And Kenny, you can call me Dawn. You’re a man now, after all.”

I skipped down the driveway and only paused to look down at myself when I was safely home. Good grief! The wet stain was not only visible, but the entire right side of my shorts was saturated with the very visible evidence of my nasty behavior. How could I ever face her again was what I was thinking, but the more I thought about Mrs. Bauer, the more I realized the answer to that question.

5. Dinner

I did go over for dinner, and Mrs. Bauer, I mean Dawn, made me a great chicken dinner. I helped her with the dishes, and afterward we went out to the living room. Dawn brought a bottle of wine out with her, and it was at that point when I thought that something might be going on here.

Actually, I suspected that there was something in the air when I first arrived. Dawn had indeed showered and cleaned herself up, and put a little makeup on as well. She had changed into a cute red blouse and shorts outfit and made it clear in a casual way more than once that she had not taken a razor to her wonderful underarms.

I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts with sandals because of the continuing heat, and after Dawn poured us wine it got warmer immediately as the drink made my skin feel flushed.

We sat and talked about various things, and Dawn put her leg up on the sofa and put her arm over the back of the couch. I fought to keep my eyes away from what I longed to stare at and was losing the battle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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