Best Birthday

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I’d like to share with you the story of the greatest birthday party I’ve ever attended. Mary, the most incredibly beautiful girl in our dorm was turning 19, and she and her friends knew how to party. They bought enough alcohol to drown a whale, and did a pretty good job of drinking it too. As the night wore on, my roommate and I listened from our room across the hall to the party as it got more and more outrageous and loud. By eleven o’clock shrill laughs pierced the air almost constantly.

I stopped by at one point, just to wish Mary a happy birthday. I was greeted at the door by her swaggeringly inebriated friend, Katie, who moved out of the way to reveal five delicious beauties sitting around a beat up coffee table covered in red plastic beer cups and bicycle playing cards. At the head of the table was Mary, looking absolutely amazing as always. She was tall and slender, with long, wavy, brunette hair that fell over her shoulders, resting lightly atop her high, round breasts. Her face was exquisite; she had big blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed; a small, red mouth with sexy, pouty lips, and a cute little nose that was turned up at the end. However, this girl was more than just physically beautiful; the delicate features of her face were made ultimately more gorgeous by the fact that she had such an innocent demeanor. This was the product of twelve years of Catholic school training. She spoke in a soft voice, and most certainly blushed any time something sexual in nature was brought up in conversation. The combination of her angelic face, curvy body, and virginal manner made her almost to good to be true. Every night I went to bed thinking of all the nasty little things I’d like to do to her.

I didn’t know it at the time, but tonight was going to be the night, but not in any way that I would have expected, or even imagined. The girls let me in for a while, and shared some of their giant stash of booze with me. After a couple of drinking card games, I started feeling a little braver, and started cracking jokes. After Marmaris Escort a few minutes, I had the girls doubled over in fits of giggly laughter. Believe me, I’m not all that funny, but after three hours of drinking like sailors these girls would have laughed at a funeral procession. I hung out there a little longer, but then they said that they would be going out soon, so I wished Mary happy birthday once more and went back to my room across the hall.

Around two o’clock I awoke on the couch to the sound of high pitched squeals coming from the hallway. I got up and peeked my head out the door, and there they were, five smoking hot girls stumbling down the hall, totally bombed out of their minds. “Hi!” they screamed in unison when they saw me, and then giggled some more and pushed each other against the walls of the hall. I laughed and then closed the door. At least they had had fun tonight. My roommate was gone that night, so I had the room to myself. Seeing those girls all dressed up for the club had jump started my libido, and so I sat down in front of the computer and started to look up a little something-something to get off. I flipped though pages of internet porn, stroking myself lightly with my hand, as thoughts of Mary on her knees before me brought me close to cumming.

Suddenly, my door shot open! I quickly stuffed my dick back into my pants, clicked out of the website I was on, and angrily spun to see who had barged in without knocking. Slouched against the doorway was Mary, her head bowed, swaying slightly to and fro.

“Hey Mary, are you all right?” I asked.

Her head shot up, and she looked at me, taking a moment to focus her eyes on me.

“Hi! I was out tonight and we had a lot of fun and I thought I would stop by to see if I could do some more stuff tonight,” she slurred. She closed the door behind her, took a few steps forward and then flopped down onto the couch.

“Whatchadoin?” She said with an innocent grin.

“Nothing really, I was just bored, and you Marmaris Escort Bayan guys woke me up.” I replied.

“Oh, sorry,” was all she could muster. It was becoming very clear that this girl was about at the end of her rope. “I’m nineteen tonight. Tonight is a very special day.” She spun her body around and stretched out on the soft couch. “I’m going to stay up all night,” she said, the last few words almost a whisper. “Come on, entertain me!” With that, her eyes closed, and she passed the fuck out.

So here we have a really unusual situation. In front of me is the hottest girl that I’ve ever seen, in a red dancing dress that barely conceals her perky breasts at the top and is pulled up above her white cotton panties below, due to the way she had positioned herself on the couch. I look down at my pants, my dick still rock hard from touching it a minute before she came in.

It’s important to state that I’m not a pervert, and I would never touch a girl without her permission, under any circumstances. But seeing this girl lying there added to the bit of alcohol still floating though my veins gave me the courage to at least finish what I had started. That’s right, I was going to masturbate while I sat six feet away from the girl of my dreams.

I got up, walked over to her, and patted her cheek. She laid there like a corpse. I gave her a little slap, just to make sure. Nothing. “Oh man,” I thought, “if she wakes up, I’m fucked. I’ll be known by the whole school as the ultimate sicko.” But as I looked down at her beautiful face, sleeping soundly, with that look of angelic innocence- Look- You would have done it too.

I quietly pulled my dick out though the hole in my pants, and began to stroke it. She didn’t move, just laid there looking amazing. I thought about her full red lips kissing the tip of my cock, her little mouth opening to suck on the throbbing, purple head. I imagined her big blue eyes looking up at me as she sucked on me, her dainty fingers wrapped around the shaft of Escort Marmaris my dick, her other hand cupping my heavy balls.

I got close in a hurry. I slowed down for a second, trying to savor the moment, but stopped too late. “Oh Shit!” I thought, how could I have shot past the point of no return without even thinking of where I was going to cum! I frantically looked around for a second, not knowing what to do, as my head started to spin from the impending orgasm. Oh shit was right. I was frozen in place by my own climax, and I couldn’t even think straight. I looked down at Mary’s face as I started to cum…

The first blast of cum boiled out of the swollen head of my cock and lobbed through the air, splashing messily right in the center of Mary’s face. This was not good. A huge yellowish-white blob of jizm completely covered her cute little upturned nose, pasting together her nostrils and dribbling down her upper lip. Without hesitation the second volley of spunk erupted from my quivering member, drooling across her closed eyes. Her long, black eyelashes became glued together as her left eye disappeared in a pool of hot white cum. It had been a week since the last time I had gotten off, and now my heavy balls were dumping a huge load all over this unsuspecting girl. A third and forth shot was unloaded, one dripping down between her closed lips, the other forming a rope from her left eye to her ear. Still I came some more, each wad a little less than the last, until finally my loins relaxed and I could breathe again.

Mary’s face was completely plastered with my gooey sperm. She looked so beautiful. Her lips parted, and she drew in a breath now that her nose was coated. Warm semen dripped from her sweet lips, into her mouth. Instinctively her tongue licked her lips, and she made a contented smacking sound with her mouth. It was so unbelievable, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. And she just laid there, totally unaware of the fact that I had just unloaded a weeks worth of baby batter onto her face. She probably hadn’t even smelled in her whole life, and now here she was with her first facial on her nineteenth birthday.

But I started to feel pretty antsy about the whole situation- I had to clean her up before anyone came by to find her. And clean her up I did…

…But not before I got a picture…

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