Bet Your Ass

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Karen, Kathy, and I are smoking bong after bong of my best Thai stick as we celebrate her new apartment, only a block from campus. We are drinking Black Russians, and getting into an argument. It is heated, passionate, and ultimately futile, I think.

“Men have no respect for women! They don’t even remember us the day after they make love to us!” Karen seethed.

“That’s just not true! I’m sure Gary thinks of me often.” pleaded Kathy.

“So true. How could I forget her tawny hair, like a lioness? Or her beautiful eyes, sweet soft kisses, and radiant smile?” I boasted.

“How polite of you. You could say that about dozens of women. But what makes making love to Kathy any different than those dozen other women? Could you tell her apart from another woman just by touch?” Karen said coldly, then tauntingly.

“Well, not many women have pointed C-cup beauties like Kathy. I’ve never seen another little butt as tight as hers, either.” I bragged.

“God! Kathy, he’s so superficial! How do you put up with him?” ranted Karen as she exploded with pent up anger.

“It’s true he hasn’t said anything that would separate me from a mannequin of the same shape. Are you certain you remember what my loving feels like, Gary?” said Kathy, a hurt tone in her voice.

“I’m sure. I’m certain, my love. I just can’t put it into words.” I tried to plead, soothingly.

“Oh bullshit! You could no more pick Kathy out of a dark room of naked women than you can fly like superman!”

Karen exploded.

“I’m certain! I know my Kath! I’ll bet anything!” I pleaded.

“Me too. I know Gary isn’t lying. I back him all the way.”

Kathy said confidently, looking like the ref at a fight in a hockey game.

“OK, you fucking liar! I’ve had enough of you so-called ‘men’ making claims you can’t back up! It’s put up or shut up time!” Karen raged.

“Cool your jets! Jeez, can’t a guy say he loves his woman?”

I begged.

“Only IF it is true, and this time you must prove it!”

Karen said coldly, adding “That goes for you too, Kathy.”

“We’ll do anything! You are on, bitch!” Kathy said heatedly.

“OK, then, here’s the bet. I bet Gary can’t pass a test to determine if he really loves Kathy and remembers her. If I win, I get to spank his naked ass in front of all my girlfriends while he apologizes. Kathy will be my maid, do all my housework, in the nude if I so choose. Both the spanking & the housework will be each week until I graduate four years from now.” Karen challenged, dark tones in her voice.

“But what happens when you lose? Are you willing to do the same for us? Or are you afraid to bet your own ass?”

Kathy sneered.

“Oh, yes I am, and I’ll go you one better. I’ll be your complete sex toy, since your sexual truthfulness is what I’m challenging, IF I’m wrong, which I’m not. So if Gary wants to spank me and then have me suck off all his friends, I’ll do it without so much as a peep IF you win. Are you willing to say the same for yourselves?”

Karen snarled.

“Interesting bet. What’s the test?”

Kathy queried eagerly.

“My bedroom here faces the alley. With the shade rolled down and the bedroom door closed, it’s as black as deep space in there. Now you can tell the difference between Kathy’s kiss and mine, Gary? You can or you can’t. You can tell her breasts from mine, or not. Her tight little ass from mine? Her sweet pussy from mine? That’s just to cover the mannequin issue. Now we get to the bahis siteleri good stuff, the hot part. You have to lick us, and tell us who is who. You have to tell us who is blowing your supposedly big cock as we each do our best. Then, finally, you must make love to us, one by one, and tell us who is who. No grading on the curves, pass or fail. You can’t put it into words Gary, but can you even put Kathy’s name to her most intimate caresses? I bet you can’t. I bet you’ll get confused. I bet you’ll call out her name while having sex with me.”

Karen taunted seething with vitriol.

“Don’t let her say such things, Gary! You love me, I know you do!” Kathy cried out, begging for me to refute the charges against, me.

“Then prove it, Mr. macho big shot big dicked lover and rememberer of Kathy. Show her you’ll never confuse her with anyone else.”

I was sweating. It was the end of summer, but as I looked back and forth from Karen to Kathy, I was scared as hell I couldn’t do it. Not only would I lose the love of my life, but I had no doubts about the depths of depravity that. Karen would visit upon me if I lost. They were so much alike. Hair style, hair color, shape. They traded clothes constantly. Many people mistook them for sisters. Before I could speak, Kathy sealed my fate.

“We’ll do it, the whole ball of wax.” Kathy said proudly.

“What about you. Gary? Cat got your tongue? Or are you in too?”

From far away, I heard myself say “Yeah, I’m in, the whole ball of wax.”

Kathy and Karen each took a hand, and led me to the bedroom.

“You sit on the bed Gary. When I turn, out the light, we will undress. No hints, no moaning. We’ll tap each other on the shoulder when it’s time to trade spots. Gary can ask to repeat whatever we did, but each call he makes by name is final. Kathy & I will score it at the end, and announce the winner. Good luck, Kathy, you’re going to need it.”

Karen instructed triumphantly.

“In your dreams, slut. The first thing I’m going to make you do as our new sex toy is to make you lick out my sweet snatch in apology.” Kathy said.

“Why, Kathy!, I didn’t know you liked that kind of action! Goodness me, the things we learn about our closest friends!” Karen teased. Karen snapped off the light,

“Get naked and shut up my future slut”.

I stripped and sat down on the bed. A woman came to me in the darkness a few moments later, pulling me up to stand, wrapping her soft naked body around me, kissing me like a drought of romance in her life had just ended. Too soon, she pulled away, to be replaced by my sweet Kath, hungry, hotter than I’d ever seen her, insistent, but undeniably Kath. As she pulled away, I called out “That was Kathy.”

A woman ran her hands down my arms pulling my hands in the darkness to place them on her breasts, pushing my head down to suck on her nipples. They stiffened gratefully, as I move from one breast to the other, cupping them and teasing her nipples with my fingertips and tongue, sucking and licking them like a baby. She pulls away as a shiver runs through her body. I started right in on the other woman. After a few minutes, I couldn’t tell any difference. She pulled away. I was confused.

“I need a repeat.”

I said, to which I could hear Karen chuckling on the other side of the room. The first woman came back, nipples stiff, scent of hot pussy wafting in the still air from her heat. This was Kath! Because of the shiver, and the fact Karen went first last time, canlı bahis siteleri I would have guessed wrong. She pulled away, and my mouth zeroed in, drooling and slobbering all over Karen’s soft breasts. I teased her nipples with my tongue, lashing out at her, in her impudence in thinking I’d confuse her with my beloved Kath! She pulled away and I said calmly

“The first woman was Kathy.”

A pair of round ass cheeks rubbed against my stiff dick. I sampled them with my hands, squeezed them, and gratefully let go of them, having no clue who owned them. A pair of breasts brushed my chest as the next woman guided my hands to her butt. I did my full Mr. Whipple imitation, squeezing the Charmin, but still had no clue who was who. The dominate scent in the room was hot cunt, and I could no longer venture a guess based on scent.

“I need a repeat.”

which led to Karen snickering as she stifled a laugh on the other side of the room. I pulled the first woman to bury her tits in my chest as I caressed her ass. I rubbed my cock on her buns, hoping to God it had some special memory of it’s own about Kathy. I rubbed myself on her, gleefully indifferent to her identity. She pulled away, and I repeated all the same actions with the other woman. When she pulled away, I still didn’t have a clue, and Vanna was not handy for me to buy a vowel, so I guessed.

“The last woman was my Kathy.”

My hand was pulled forward to cup her mound. Her soft hand wrapped around my shaft, stroking my hard on. Her bush was shaved into a straight stripe of fur. Karen knew this one was too easy, so she tried to make me cum, fisting my dick frantically. She pulled away, and my beloved Kath took her place, her clit throbbing and fully erect. She stroked my tool, insistently, trying to make me pop off, shoot my wad.

“This is Kathy.”

I called out to stop her, before she made me squirt. She came to me, pushing me down to my knees, moving her snatch over my face. I kissed all around her mound, using my fingers to enter her dripping wet cunt, licking up her excitement with my tongue. She had a big clit, and came way too quickly. She was pulled off of me, and I started in again, teasing the new thighs and ass with light caresses of my fingertips, teasing her mound, sucking her small nub, fingering her dripping wet box. I fucked the woman I knew to be Kath with my fingers as I licked her to ecstasy. I think Karen pulled her off, she sure didn’t want to stop.

“I need a repeat.”

I stammered. Karen practically howled in laughter. After she had recovered, she brought her wet snatch back to my hungry mouth, dancing on my fingers as I licked up & down, vibrating back and forth on her clit. She came, over and over again, until Kath dragged her off of me. I feasted on Kath, who surprised me by coming twice, stronger each time.

“I need a repeat.”

Karen laughed out loud, saying

“Well, if he doesn’t know that…”

Kathy cut her off with “Gary just likes eating pussy. NO dice, Gary. You only get to eat Karen again if you win. Now choose.”

“Kathy, my love, I didn’t mean to offend. You know Karen was first and you were last.”

I meekly offered. Hands pulled me to stand. I was completely unprepared for the intensity, even fierce nature of her oral assault on my cock. She stroked me with one hand, tugged on my balls with the other, as she blew me. Her mouth sucked on me hard, as her head bobbed back and forth on my rock hard cock. Her tongue polished canlı bahis the knob of my rod. I couldn’t hold back. I blew my wad, right in her mouth, which drove her to a freakish. intensity. Kath never let me cum in her mouth. She got up, and walked off. Another soft mouth closed on my cock, sucking me softly, insistently, but very lovingly. Her hands twisted as she stroked my shaft, making me fully hard again, stretching the skin taunt. I was convinced it was Kath, changing tactics just to be sure I never got to eat Karen’s quick cumming quim again. She pulled back, leaving me fully hard, swaying in the breeze.

“I need a repeat.”

I begged, greedy to have my cock sucked again by these two beautiful women. Nobody laughed. She came back, not on the attack, but slowly, lovingly. I was very glad I didn’t choose earlier, because I would have been wrong! Kath blew me for several minutes. Karen finally took her place, and she went on the attack. She took me to the edge of climax, then she stopped.

“The first woman is my beloved Kath.”

I declared proudly.

She pulled me down to the bed, in the dark room as black as a coal mine. Her hand guided me to her slick channel, and she pulled me down for a kiss as I rammed my prick into her tight hot cunt. She kissed me hotly as we screwed, digging her heels into my ass, as she silently urged me to fuck her faster. I really put the boots to her then, and she came. Our tongues writhed like snakes in her mouth as I drove my cock deep into her spasming cunt. A tap on my shoulder told me it was time to get off of her, but I didn’t want to let her go. She pulled herself off of me, and the other woman spread herself for me in the dark. My moisture seeking muscle missile speared into her tight hole, but she cooled me down, slowing the pace, kissing me deeply, guiding my hands to her tits, tugging at my balls and squeezing my ass with her hands. Hands came between us, separating us, and all I could think of was making love to the first woman again.

“I need a repeat.”

I begged. She slid underneath me, digging her heels into my ass to drive me fully inside her, then to hold me there, kissing me frantically, and screwing me very slowly, very tenderly. She still came, grinding her twat into me. I knew she was Karen. Kath positioned me doggy style, the way she did when she needed a fast and furious fucking. I bounced on her buns gleefully, then without even realizing it, I was pumping her full of cum as we both came together.

“That was incredible, Kathy my love!”

I said as we collapsed on the bed. She kissed me deeply, while Karen turned on the white light in the bathroom. After the dark, it was blindingly bright. I kissed Kathy as she sobbed in my arms, my cock slowly deflating inside her.

“You knew! You knew when it was me! I thought we’d have to be her slaves, but you loved me, and you remember me!” Kathy shouted with glee.

“I’m sorry Gary! I -was wrong about you. You really do love Kathy as much as you claim. I just wish I could be loved like that…” Karen said submissively.

“That means we won, right?” Kathy said brightly.

“Yes, my love, it does.” I replied.

“Then,your Miss Sex Toy, lie down and eat my jism filled cunt! You may fuck the stuffing out of her at will, Gary my love.” Kathy commanded.

“I guess I better put out or shut up., huh?” Karen teased.

“You bet your ass, honey!, Now stop gabbing & start licking!” she ordered.

As I fucked Karen, watching her eat out my beloved Kath, I wondered if I had been set up. As she started climaxing around my shaft, playing with her clit as we screwed, I started wondering who I would invite to her first spanking. After all, she bet her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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