Better with Age Ch. 01

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Part I: A chance encounter

Warm water poured forth from the shower and enveloped Amber’s petite frame. It was such a great feeling having the hot spays of water moving down all around her, and a perfect way to feel welcomed back home.

Amber had arrived back home after finishing her freshmen year at Seattle University. After completing her last exam, she was on a bus back home to Snohomish, Washington. Eager to return home not only because of the stressful exams, but also every single one of her friends without exception had finished days earlier and were already back home relaxing and enjoying the unseasonably hot weather.

Stepping out of the shower she lightly dried herself before dropping the towel to stretch her arms high above her head, and she paused to look at her reflection in the full length mirror; she smiled to herself and was quite satisfied with the good shape she’d been able to maintain during the semester; seeing those other girls put on the freshmen fifteen was motivation enough to keep up her daily yoga and running routine. Amber wasn’t intense about exercise by any means, but in any given week she would try her best to get in 10-15 miles of running. Her wet red hair came down to her shoulders. Amber wasn’t an incredibly tall woman, but her petite frame at 5’4 combined with her workout routine ensured that heads turned everywhere she went.

Standing with her head to one side as she dried her hair with a towel, she thought about the men, or what’s more accurate to say, the boys she’d spent time with this past year. Amber would have gone to a lot of parties with her friends but hadn’t dated all that much and had only had two flings to mention. Both were fueled by a massive dénouement of stress after mid-term exams each semester and a ridiculous amount of vodka shooters. Yet that’s all they really were to her; mindless distractions to take her away from build-up of stress. They themselves weren’t bad guys by any means, but they were all the same; wanting to party and get into every girl’s pants. On both counts Amber had woken up in their cramped little bachelor pads, completely hungover and trying to remember where she was. Though sexually satisfied, or as satisfied as they could get her, there wasn’t anything else to the “relationship”. Both guys seemed interested in pursuing it past that, and she did go out on a few dates with each one afterwards, but like every other guy, there seemed nothing to them; no substance, no experience, and what’s worse, no maturity. Both seemed to expect Amber to be begging them for their manhood, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. In reality, Amber used them for that one night of distraction, and then got right back to her careful routine of having her head buried in her books. She took school very seriously; she was enjoying her independence away from home and did not want to have to rely on anyone for her future.

It didn’t really matter, she thought to herself, finishing up with her hair and walking out of the bathroom towards her room, wearing nothing since no one was home at this time of day, and she’d become used to living in the nude for most of the year. As she considered what to wear, her phone rang. Picking it off of the dresser she saw it was her best friend, Haley. Amber took the phone to her ear and laid down on her bed.

“Hey babe, what’s up?”

“Hey!” came the excited reply on the other end, “I’m good! Did you get in last night?”

“Yeh,” began Amber, “around two in the morning, my dad picked me up and I went right to bed, I slept in and had a nice shower.”

“That’s great, now we’ve got the summer to relax. How about I pick you up in twenty minutes, I need to buy some new clothes for work and then we can catch some sun by my pool with some drinks!”

Haley always knew the best ways to relax and get the most out of each day, plus her deck and loungers were heaven to lie in on a nice sunny day like today. “That’s perfect, I’ll see you soon.”

From the dresser, Amber picked out a black lace thong and matching thin strap push up bra, and then slipped on a favorite short denim skirt. She’d been given it as a gift years ago but it was far too long. Since then Amber had gown a few inches taller while still maintaining a slim waistline, so when she found it buried at the bottom of her dresser drawer a while back it felt almost a little naughty wearing it, as it came down to about her mid-thighs. On any given day, Amber dressed quite conservatively, not caring for the attention grabbing clothes, but going out with Haley, even for a quick shopping trip to the mall, implied trying on lots of different clothes and turning many heads on purpose. Once again, Amber wasn’t particularly interested in finding a guy, especially at the mall, but competing with Haley was always a bit of a turn for both of them since they were 16. When it came to her top, Amber debated back and forth for a moment between a black t-shirt and a red spaghetti strap, settling on the latter because of the contrast it made with kocaeli escort bayan her bra.

Less than twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and Amber ran down to answer the door, cell phone and keys in hand. As she opened it, her earlier thoughts were correct; Haley stood in an even more provocative outfit than expected – red shorts which were almost nothing more than tight volleyball bottoms and a black top with the same style of shoulder straps as mine, with a clear outline of her own favorite red bra.

“You certainly look dressed to grab some attention.” Amber said as she locked the front door behind her and they made their way to the her car.

“Hey!” she quickly replied, “I had a hard end to the semester and I’m single right now. All I want to do is have some fun when I’m not working and enjoy the warm weather. Plus, since I’ve been back a week already I’ve been hitting the running trails and yoga classes every morning, and I’m looking pretty damn good if I do say so myself.” With that, Haley paused mid-walk and did a little twirl, stopping with one leg out and popping her hip in a sexy pin-up girl sort of way.

Amber grinned at the sight of Haley’s little spin. “You’re definitely looking great, no doubt about that!”

Although Amber had never really been into girls, it didn’t mean she didn’t know when to appreciate beauty, and Haley had some real beauty, no doubt about it. She was a little taller than Amber at 5’6, and probably weighted 10 lbs more, but considering the height difference you’d never really notice.

The two girls had been friends since they were nine years old, having met in elementary school, and were always doing things together ever since. One of the reasons they got along so well was because both of their families were big into outdoor activities; hiking, running, bike riding, rollerblading, camping – pretty much everything and anything, so it was easy feeling like a member of the family, for either of the girls at the other’s home. They had been together through most major life changes; when Hayley’s mother divorced Dave and moved to California, when Amber’s grandmother passed on, and shortly thereafter her grandfather, and lots of other important milestones.

After a quick drive to the mall Amber and Hayley were back to their old selves again; laughing, smiling, trying on all kinds of clothes and swimsuits for the summer, and as expected there was no lack of attention from the boys and the men at the mall; it seemed as though everywhere they walked there were any number of eyes looking them up and down, all of which went quite noticed by the girls, and all quite ignored, with much more interest being placed in the shopping than the stares, though they certainly were ego-boosting.

After a solid two hours of walking around they had built up a decent score of sale items; Hayley had found herself a great new set of running shoes and a few pairs of long black pants which she needed for her new summer job at her uncle Greg’s accounting office.

“What is he having you do down there?” Amber asked as Hayley paid for her items.

Hayley replied , taking back her credit card from the cashier, “Mainly some basic bookkeeping, similar to what I learned this past semester in my intro to accounting class. It should keep me busy, and out of trouble during the day.”

“And bored stiff!” Amber quickly replied, “Also, I know you babe, you don’t need to look for trouble, it finds you everywhere you go.” Amber stood back and gave Hayley a quick once-over from head to toe. Hayley laughed and looked off to the side as the blush filled her cheeks, and this was often, ever since Hayley had told Amber about the “special after hours” she’d had with her economics professor. Hayley was a straight A student just like Amber; she didn’t need to exchange favors for grades, but Amber recalled her text that cold September morning after she’d had her first class with him, “OMG my prof is super hot!” She played it cool all semester, but then one afternoon over coffee, that professor happened to walk by. The smile Hayley flashed him said it all, and as he left Amber blurted out excitedly, “Tell me everything that’s going on with him!” For the next twenty minutes, Hayley rehashed every dirty detail about how she specifically transferred out of his class but kept going to see him for his office hours, and one thing let to another, which led to Hayley going down on him in his office chair and then with Hayley on her back on his desk, legs spread wide. “Older guys are just the best babe,” she began, “They know what they want, they know what we want, and they have the patience to make sure we both get it!” Though Amber had only been with a few young men, she immediately understood what Hayley meant, simply by virtue of her past lover’s inexperience and eagerness to get right to the deed, as opposed to savoring it.

Amber hadn’t had any time to search for a summer job herself, but since she’d only arrived back home yesterday, her mind was still very much kocaeli sınırsız escort so in relaxing mode. While Hayley had found work clothes, Amber, had found new panties (black and red lace with small, cute little bows on the side) and a swimsuit for the lazy weekends she knew would be spent lounging around Hayley’s poolside deck, taking in the warm sun and working on her tan. The bikini was a bright yellow with a tie up top and tie up bottoms which were interesting; not a full bottom nor a thong, but somewhere right in the middle (literally).

The girls finished up their shopping and drove back to Hayley’s house, having decided that it was simply too perfect already to not enjoy the sun with a nice cold beer out by the pool. Pulling into the driveway the girls noticed the absence of Dave’s Mazda, and Hayley commented “I thought my dad had the day off today. He must be out running errands.”

The girls took their bags and entered into the house. This place wasn’t simply Hayley’s home, to Amber it was her second home, as she’d spend many nights each summer sleeping over in the guest bedroom Hayley’s parents had renovated years before, and then to simplify things even more, by installing a small, second bed in Hayley’s room specifically for Amber’s visits. “You go ahead and change first;” Hayley began, “I’m going to make sure we’ve got cold drinks in the fridge” and she walked away from the stairs leading to the upstairs bedrooms and towards the kitchen. Amber headed upstairs to Hayley’s room and laid out her new swimsuit on the bed. She quickly slipped off the red top and black bra and then unzipped the short denim skirt before sliding her fingers into the waistline and peeling it down over her hips. Clad in only her black lace thong, Amber heard Hayley call from downstairs, “Hey! We have everything to make margaritas! Want to make those instead of beers?”

Amber bounced out of the bedroom to the wood railing that overlooked the front of the house where she would be better heard by Hayley, “Yeh, that sounds perfect.”

At that moment, Amber turned to return to Hayley’s room, when the master bedroom opened on the opposite end of the hallway and out walked Hayley’s dad, Dave, wearing black shorts and a red t-shirt. “Did you say something swee-” was what he began to say before catching sight of Amber, nearly naked, standing still and clearly shocked to see him.

“Amber!” began Dave, “What are you doing like that?”

Amber stood frozen, her arms moving up to cover her breasts. “Mr. Goldie! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were home, I was just up here to change.”

Dave’s expression softened a bit, and in one swift motion he took off his own t-shirt and moved towards Amber. “Here,” he said, “put this on.” Amber took the shirt and quickly put it on, as she had no choice now but to see Dave topless, his defined pectorals and muscular chest looking very impressive for a man old enough to be her own father. Dave’s expression softened a bit as he said “I took the car in for service, they’ll be working on it until tomorrow. Normally, we wear clothes when walking around the house,” Amber nodded quickly, feeling exposed and like a little girl in trouble, when he continued on “but if you’re going to walk around like that, maybe a little warning for this old man next time, I don’t think my heart can take seeing such a beautiful woman like that, you might give me a heart attack next time without any warning!”

Amber lifted her gaze to meet his, turning her head slightly at hearing his comment. Dave finished with “You should get changed; I’ve got some yard work to do.” Amber nodded slowly and turned to walk away, back to Hayley’s room, while being very aware that her legs were clearly visible to Dave, as was the lacy black thong under the hem of his t-shirt. She could not be certain, but she felt Dave’s eyes watching her walk away.

Once inside and again alone in the bedroom, Amber felt a rush of excitement as she thought about Dave’s comment to her. She stripped off his t-shirt and held it close, his strong, musky smell strangely intoxicating. She was about to put it on the floor when she thought again, and instead folded it up, and placed it into one of the shopping bags with her new panties. Amber finished changing into her new yellow tie-up bikini and then walked back downstairs to the sound of Hayley working the margarita machine.

Hayley turned, her mouth forming an ear-to-ear grin with a long nod in approval of Amber’s new swimsuit, “Aye mamasita! Very nice! Very nice indeed” Amber took this as a cue to spin around and bend over ever so slightly, before spinning back again and posing for Hayley. “I’m glad you like it” responded Amber.

Hayley laughed gently, her beautiful smile becoming even larger now as she searched for two glasses for their drinks, extra large glasses that would ensure that they’d both be tipsy after only one helping. “Don’t you have anything bigger?” Amber teased as Hayley poured the first drink, “Hush,” replied izmit anal yapan escort Hayley, “We’ve had a long semester of classes and we deserve sun and relaxation” as she handed Amber her glass.

“Cheers to that!” Amber said as she eagerly accepted and quickly drank a third of the large glass.

Hayley stood and laughed at Amber, “Usually, you wait for the other person to also have a drink before yelling cheers and downing yours, but I’ll catch up soon enough.”

“Hurry up then!” Amber said in her playful tone while taking another sip of her own. As Hayley finished pouring her own drink, the familiar sound of her mobile phone went off. Hayley looked at the number and said “One sec babe, it’s my uncle Greg” as she walked away from the kitchen counter to answer it.

Amber continued enjoying her drink, though in smaller sips now while Hayley chatted on the phone. After a few minutes she returned to the kitchen with a disappointed look on her face. “I’m really sorry Ambs, but I completely forgot that I promised my uncle Greg that I’d help him organize some of the accounts at his office today. He’s been waiting for me for about twenty minutes now.”

“That’s totally fine, but too bad because I was looking forward to the tanning.” Amber replied.

Hayley thought for a second, “Well it’s up to you babe, I’ll probably be there and back in a little less than an hour, why not just get a head start in the sun?”

Amber didn’t need much convincing, the deck chairs looked very inviting from here, and the rush of alcohol into her system just made her want to lay about and do absolutely nothing at all. She nodded in approval and Hayley quickly added “Well then you’ll need to down your drink so that you can start mine! It’s going to get warm otherwise.” Amber laughed and grinned at the challenge, downing the rest of her drink in one fell swoop. Hayley laughed and reached over to trade glasses, “At a girl! Here’s you’re new drink, I’ll be back soon.” And with that she walked out towards the front of the house, the door locking as she closed it behind her. Amber’s head was feeling quite light now as she looked at the fresh oversized glass or Margareta placed before her. “Well,” she thought to herself, “Might as well get outside, this isn’t going to drink itself!”

Amber noticed Hayley’s sunglasses on the countertop, having forgotten her own in the car. Picking them up along with the tanning oil and cell phone, she looked out the window towards the pool and noticed Dave out by the hedges, clipping away at the overgrowth, now wearing a yellow t-shirt with his black shorts. She had forgotten completely that Hayley’s dad was going to be outside working in the yard. Come to think of it, Hayley hadn’t even seen her dad, and wasn’t even aware that he was home. All at once, the episode from upstairs, Hayley’s portrayal of the older, mature lover, and her lack luster experiences over the last year all came flooding back to her seemingly at once. Amber watched as Dave worked the hedge clippers, leaning up and forward, his muscular frame straining against his shirt, the sweat obviously coming in quickly with the heat outside. Amber starred longer than she expected and was biting her lower lip softly when she caught herself.

“Well,” she thought and she slid on the sunglasses, “I guess its drinks, sun, and a show” as she walked over to the sliding patio doors and undid the latch before going through, causing Dave to look up in surprise at Amber, sunglasses on and with a rather large glass, sporting a very skimpy swimsuit.

“Hey again Amber, glad to see you’re wearing more clothing now.” Dave said as he lowered the clippers.

“Yeh, not much more though.” Replied Amber, scanning his face for any noticeable reaction to her comment relating to their encounter before, and noticing only a small grin come and then quickly go on his face. “Sorry again about that, I didn’t mean to surprise you, we didn’t think you were home.”

Dave wiped the sweat from his forehead. “No problem Amber, just took me by surprise is all.”

“I know,” Amber replied as she walked over to the sun lounger by the pool, “next time I’ll warn you, just like you asked.”

Dave paused momentarily at the comment, and then caught himself stealing a glimpse of Amber as she bent over to turn the lounger towards him. This didn’t seem so out of place, that was the best way to position the lounger for the most sun, it simply seemed quite convenient that it was directly placed facing him.

Amber knew that Dave had to have been watching her as she bent over, and decided to continue the show by oiling herself up with her back to him. She started with her legs, lifting one up and placing it on the lounger, half bending over to get her whole leg done before switching. Dave meanwhile was caught in the same stupor that Amber had experienced earlier, finding himself unable to look away as Amber applied the oil to herself. Finally, she turned to sit in the lounger and Dave quickly moved back towards the hedges, very aware now of the growing problem in his shorts. Amber got herself comfortable in the lounger and took another long sip of her drink. The combination of warmth and alcohol was absolutely blissful, and she felt all the stresses which had accumulated over the school year simply melt away.

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