Bhavna Beginning to Blossom

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Bhavna was lying on her bed, she was dressed for the warm weather in a short flowery dress, bare feet and no bra, Arundhati was in the front room drawing pictures. Bhavna’s energy was still high after seeing Daniel off at the airport two days ago when he left for Paris. She had learned so much about her body during the five weeks they had spent together and she was looking forward to seeing him again in Paris as soon as she could work out the logistics, in particular, a babysitter.

She had not heard from Ravi for three weeks, which in reality meant nothing to her other than the fact that Arundhati was obviously missing her Daddy, so she was careful to maintain as stable a home life as she could despite Arundhati clearly noticing the difference in her mother’s demeanour.

The young girl was confused, her father had disappeared and she’d only had one ‘phone call from him, and her mother did not seem to miss him at all. On the contrary her mummy was happy and joking and wanting to play with her whenever she could.

Bhavna soon dismissed thoughts of Ravi and started to imagine being with Daniel again, she lay on her back and slowly drew her dress up exposing her plain white panties, she drew her finger along the elastic imagining Daniel’s finger in place of her own, she slid her hand beneath the waistband and cupped her mons, her middle finger resting on the hood of her clit applying gentle pressure as she concentrated on her breathing, trying to control the sensations slowly building inside her.

She felt no urgency as she explored herself, dipping her finger in between her lips as soon as felt herself moisten but with no real desire to bring herself to climax, she was just happy to revisit some of the experiences since that day when she had so rashly thrown herself at a hot, older, much older in fact, man.

“Mummy, phone’ a little voice called out from the next room.

Bhavna covered herself and sat up on the side of her bed just as her young daughter came bounding into the room carrying her mobile.

It was Anita, her best friend since they had met on the first day of school some twenty years ago, they had been through school together, through puberty together and had been bridesmaids at each others weddings.

“Bhav, sis, where have you been? It’s been weeks.”

Her friends voice brought her back to the present as they made small talk. Bhavna explained that Ravi, her husband, had flown back to India and she did not know when, or even if, he was coming back, news which prompted Anita to declare that she would be at Bhavna’s flat in 15 minutes.

Bhavna did not have long to think about it, Anita was her oldest and best friend and she needed someone to talk to about Daniel but before she could work out how to broach the subject the door bell went and Anita was there.

Twenty minutes went by, made up of small talk and Aunty Anita playing with Arundhati before Bhavna was able to suggest that they should have an adult conversation. A DVD was put on and Bhavna and Anita went through to the bedroom. Anita threw herself onto Bhavna’s bed and Bhavna, sat down beside her and started to explain about Ravi.

“I don’t get it, Bhav, you’re hubbie’s halfway round the world, you’ve not heard from him for weeks and you don’t seem at all upset, what happened?” Anita reached for her friend’s hand to console her.

Bhavna started: “So, he told me he might have to go back to India to sort out some land, which seemed fair enough, but the next day he had his bags packed and a cab was on its way to take him to the airport and he was gone, he didn’t tell Arundhati that he was going away, he just kissed her as if he was going to work. That’s it, that’s all I know. He rang a couple of weeks ago but was so vague about what he was doing or how long he would be away that I just put Dotty on Etlik Escort to talk to him and that’s it. I don’t even know if he’s coming back. Honestly mate, I don’t think I want him to.”

“You’re not telling me everything” Anita replied “Did you have a row? And why are you so chilled about it?”

Bhavna hesitated “No, no row, no argument nothing, but, you must promise not to tell anyone, anyone at all” Bhavna paused and lay back on the bed next to her friend, she was looking up at the ceiling rather than face her because she knew the next bit would be hard so she asked her friend whether she remembered a conversation they had had about five weeks previously about this man who was driving them to Leicester.

Anita did. So Bhavna started telling the whole story about this cute man watching her when she picked up Arundhati from school and the tea incident when she knew that she was going to fuck him at some point, that he had then offered to drive her to Leicester and then how she had then persuaded him to take her to the Lake District.

She went on to describe how they had fucked on the kitchen table almost as soon as they were through the door and then spent the next five days and several days since fucking at every opportunity

“Shame Bhavs, you seduced the poor man, shit…you’re so bad.” exclaimed Anita shocked at her friend acting so out of character “He could have been a psycho rapist, you could have been buried somewhere up north and no-one would know where your body was, shit Bhav, what the fuck!”

“I know” answered Bhavna “but it was so good. We had a great time, we met a couple more times afterwards but he’s now moved to Paris so I don’t know if I’ll see him again but it was so good, seriously sis, he made me come so many times I lost count, he was cute, his cock was so thick it just filled me up and he wanted me, me. He was so into me it was weird actually being wanted so badly by someone like that.”

“That must be why you’ve had a smile on your face since the moment I got here” replied Anita relaxing back on the bed.

“Mmmm, I know, it makes me wet just thinking about it” giggled Bhavna lying on her side facing Anita, her right hand resting on her friends waist, her little finger making contact with bare skin.

“So has Adil ever kissed you down there” Bhavna asked shyly as she absent-mindedly stroked her friends waist below her blouse. “Daniel did it to me so many times and it was amazing, his tongue was so clever, he made me feel things I did not know I could feel.”

Anita shifted slightly, not answering, she had started to feel warm as her friend described in greater detail the first night they had spent in the cottage. The story and the contact was making her uncomfortable and she wanted Bhavna to stop but couldn’t say why. So she adjusted herself and sat up.

“You’re such a bad wife, Bhavna, god you’re such a slut” she said laughing. However, as soon as she had moved away she missed her friends hand on her waist so she moved back but closer, her arm going over Bhavna’s waist and her left leg going between Bhavna’s, a position that they usually found themselves in after a heart to heart.

Neither woman wanted to admit that such close contact felt different this time, they were both aroused by Bhavna’s stories of wantonness and almost unconsciously they moved together, Anita moved onto her back but Bhavna followed her movement, her arm went across Anita and she kissed her friend lightly on the cheek, their legs entangling.

Bhavna whispered “It’s so good being able to tell you all this” as she nuzzled her friend’s neck, her arm wrapping around Anita’s waist and her hand resting on her ass. Almost imperceptibly each pulled the other woman in closer.

Anita felt her friend’s hand on her Keçiören Escort leg, her dress had ridden up and most of her thigh was exposed, she could feel Bhavna’s hard nipples through the thin cotton and she liked it, her own nipples were now hard too and her pussy felt slick and warm, she pulled Bhavna closer so her pussy was now in contact with her friends thigh as she let out an involuntary moan.

Neither woman quite knew what to do next, they just knew they wanted to do it. Bhavna went still as she listened out for the sound of the DVD still playing in the next room. She got up and went to the door, Arundhati had fallen asleep watching her film, something Bhavna usually wanted to discourage otherwise her young daughter would not sleep later that night, but today it didn’t matter. She pushed the door ajar and turned back towards her friend.

Anita was lying back on her bed, eyes half closed with one hand inside her blouse teasing an erect nipple. Bhavna slipped her arms out of her dress and let if fall to the floor, she moved onto the bed between Anita’s legs, parting them gently. She reached for her friends panties, waited for a second for any sign of dissent and then in one movement she pulled the panties down and off. Bhavna went straight between her friends legs, one arm either side and breathed in the heat and aroma emanating from her friend.

Covering herself with Anita’s dress she licked slowly up the inside of one thigh until she reached Anita’s outer lips before she gently eased them apart with her fingers, she repeated the action on the other side but this time allowing her nose to brush gently against Anita’s clit, she felt Anita shudder and arch her back slightly allowing Bhavna easier access to the honeypot in front of her. She tried to remember what Daniel had done that had caused her so much pleasure but soon realised that it was no action in particular but more the way he responded to her body.

She teased her friends pussy lips with her tongue sensing the way that Anita reacted to each touch and then she slipped her tongue in between her friends outer lips and tasted the juices inside. She had tasted herself on Daniel’s fingers but this was the first time she had tasted another woman in this way and she liked it.

She sensed Anita relax as she opened her legs wider to allow Bhavna in, Bhavna slipped in one finger and then a second as she felt her friend squirm in ecstacy, she tried a third before slowly withdrawing them and trying again with her tongue, her top lip resting on Anita’s mound just above her clit as Bhavna applied gentle pressure as she explored her friends growing bud, which had popped out of its little hood, allowing Bhavna to use her tongue directly on Anita’s clit.

Anita managed to take this for a minute or two before it became too much and she had to pull her friend’s head away as she knew she was going to cum otherwise and she wasn’t sure whether she was ready for that, yet.

Bhavna smiled at her “Nice, isn’t it” she said “Do you want to taste yourself?” as Bhavna slipped her fingers into her friend’s mouth and then withdrew them and kissed her hard, her tongue slipping between Anita’s lips and finding her tongue which responded in kind.

“More?” Bhavna asked her friend as she walked to the bedroom door to check on Arundhati who was still sleeping on the sofa.

Anita knew that she wanted more but felt weird “Does this make us lesbians?” She asked Bhavna.

Laughing Bhavna replied “No, I don’t think so, perhaps we’re friends with benefits.”

Bhavna slid the straps of Anita’s dress off her shoulders and then off each arm before helping her friend lift her ass off the bed so she could slide the dress off. Bhavna looked at her again before kissing her on the neck just Kızılay Escort below her ear as she reached round and undid her bra, releasing Anita’s round 36C tits, rounder and fuller than Bhavna’s but with nipples that were not so pronounced.

Bhavna lowered her head and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked. Anita squealed with delight “Fuck Bhav, that’s so nice” just as Bhavna reached down and slid her finger into Anita’s soaking wet pussy causing her to arch her back forcing her clit hard against the fingers penetrating her.

Bhavna slowed down before sliding off the bed, standing over her friend she tucked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and wiggling her ass seductively lowered them before stepping out of them and back onto the bed. Both women were now completely naked, the vulnerability between them as they tested their friendship simply adding to the eroticism of the moment.

Neither had any experience of making love to another woman so they needed to rely on their imagination and how they felt they wanted to be touched. There was lots of kissing, hands moving all over the others’ body until Bhavna slipped her thigh between Anita’s leg and hard up against her crotch eliciting a guttural moan from her friend who began sliding her wet pussy up and down Bhavna’s taut leg muscles. Bhavna tolled over onto Anita, her leg still grinding hard against Anita’s pussy, their nipples squashed together, they kissed again.

Bhavna then shifted position as she slid her leg between Anita’s thighs and slid her pussy up until it was next to Anita’s and then she twisted, crossed her other leg over and pressing their pussies together.

This was another new sensation for the two women who both needed a few seconds to find a comfortable position as they felt their pussy lips grinding against the others, they fucked each other slowly as they tested their weight against their clits as their stomachs tightened, their pussy muscles started to twitch and spasm as they neared their climax. Exactly in sync they moved against each other until the orgasms hit them both hard and they flooded each other with their juices.

As they lay back panting, their legs disentangled, Bhavna’s mind went into overdrive. She could hardly ask Anita to look after Arundhati now while she went swanning off to Paris to fuck her older lover, she thought. Or could she?

Or better still, could Anita come with her and they could see if Daniel could handle them both. She was sure he could but that got her wondering how that worked, what did the other woman do while his thick cock was filling one of them. This got her imagining herself sitting on Daniel’s face grinding her pussy against his mouth, his tongue penetrating her soaking pussy while Anita was riding his cock. As the two women faced each other they would take turns to suck on each others nipples.

“Penny for them” Anita suddenly asked “what are you thinking? Should we have done that?”

Bhavna was used to being open and honest with her friend so replied “I was thinking that you would like Daniel and I’m sure he would like you so I was imagining us having our wicked way with him. I was thinking how I would sit on his face and be kissing you while you were riding his hard cock.”

“i think he might have turned me into some sort of sex maniac” she continued “because that was really nice. I don’t think I’d ever had a proper orgasm ever until I met Daniel and now I’ve had one with you as well.” She blushed.

“I offered to sit on Adil’s face once” Anita replied “but he looked so shocked that I had to laugh it off as a joke, I’m sure men just want us so that they can get themselves off, just use us as baby-making machines, bastards. I would love to sit on your face though.”

They took turns imagining different scenarios, firstly how they would persuade Daniel to fuck them both, although Bhavna imagined he would not take much persuading, before they moved on to the different combinations they could try. Their favourite, they decided, was Daniel fucking Bhavna doggy style while her face was buried between Anita’s thighs before they would switch.

“How big is it again?” Anita asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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