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I Am Bi

Hello friends today this is a story about an encounter with me my sister and another guy.

I am 40 and my sister is 39 since was 18 me and my sister have been having fun together but we never fucked till she got married all these years we were having oral sex and her husband did not like orals and she was addicted to it so we continued our fun and my wife though she is good but I have continued my secret sexual fun with my sister. Whenever we get time we go to the outskirts of the city and book in a hotel as husband and wife and have some amazing fun. This story of one such time, my sis’s husband had gone out for a business trip and it was a nice opportunity so I said that I have to go for an official visit and would be back by Monday early morning.

Both me and my sister reached the hotel on Saturday evening and had amazing long sexual session and slept and on Sunday morning we woke up late and after our brunch at the hotel we ordered 2 beers and were relaxing there was no one at the restaurant so the manager came and started a casual chat with us we offered him beer but since he was on duty he Casibom politely refused but said that he usually has Vodka with lime juice as this way no one can find out that he is also drinking so he asked one of the waiters to get him his drink. The manager was quite a handsome guy about 28 with a very nice body. I texted my sister if she wanted to have fun with him on reading my text my sister checked him out and started some conversation with him and after about 2 minutes I got the text back saying “YES”. I texted her back telling to go to the room and get ready meanwhile I talked to him so she excused herself and went to the room meanwhile I started to talk on personal issues and slowly I got to the topic and asked him … he was shocked but I could see the interest in him so I asked him to come to our room in 10 minutes and before that I ordered for some more beers and I left for my room. In 10 minutes there was a knock and I opened the door and it was him.

My sister was in the wash room he settled on the sofa and I informed my sister that was there and I my sister walked out in a sexy night dress and settled Casibom Giriş on the bed and I asked the guy to go ahead while I positioned my self on the sofa so that I can have a best view.

Ashe reached the bed he touched my sister on her cheeks and kissed her softly on her lips and soon they were in a real lip lock and his hands were all over her body. My sister un buckled his trousers and soon the was out of his undies too and he had a nice uncut 7″ dick and he was lustfully licking my sister’s nipples. She held his dick planted kiss on his head and took it in her mouth and started to blow him and after a while they changed positions and now it was his turn to return favor and he started by a kiss and took some time working on my sisters nipples and then slowly went on to her tummy and licked all by now my sister was fully wet and moaning in pure joy and was also hard seeing a live show.

He slowly went down to her pussy and kissed and licked per precum and soon was eating my sisters pussy lustfully, I could see my sister on the verge and soon she came her pussy was now ready to be pounded and Casibom Yeni Giriş he was also very hard he now inserted his ready dick in my sister’s pussy and started pounding her he had nice stamina and he fucked her for about 15 minutes and then I intervened and asked them to change in to doggy position and they were both in the position with my sister facing me and he fucked her in that position for about 10 minutes and then wanted to change the position and meanwhile my sister sucked him for 2-3 minutes and we all knew that he was close to coming and then they were back in the missionary position and he was fucking her hard and soon he came deep inside my sister’s pussy and once he was done he thanked me dressed and left with his juices still in my sister’s pussy as he left I locked the door and jumped on to my sister’s cum filled pussy and started to lick it the mixed cum was really very nice and still warm and my sister was in pure ecstasy and she was now ready was for and I was also so hard and ready to shoot and now it was my dick in her already used pussy and I pumped her for about 10 minutes and we both came together and both of us a very strong orgasm and once I was soft I rolled over we both kissed and she collected the my cum from her pussy and licked it and soon we exchanged cum and slept for about 2 hours in the same position fully satisfied and happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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