Big Ben

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The kid was not leaving me alone.

“Come on, just a quickie?” He looked at me with puppy dog eyes that betrayed the nice cock he was packing.

The problem is that it was just nice, and I’d already had it, and I wasn’t going to take a beating for the same cock twice if I could help it.

“No Michael. I’ve already told you, I thought it was your birthday, I’m not interested in doing it with you again.”

He gave his hard package a hearty squeeze. “Well… what about when it really is my birthday?”

“Then I’ll send you a cake. Now scram!”

Michael whirled and left, almost crashing into Tina as he made it through my door. She paused, a look of reverence on her face before snapping out of it and standing before my desk.

“His dick scraped my leg!” She said breathlessly.

“You can go have him all to yourself later, if you want.” I said. “What have you got for me?”

Since I had deceived Tina with promises of more money involved in the cock hunt, she had become my most avid huntress, trying extra-hard to score that money.

“Big Ben.”

“Big Ben?”

“Otherwise known as ‘Ben with the Ten’, he’s bi, likes to show off his dick to anyone willing at sex clubs. He’s got something of a reputation.”

“Well that’s not bad… but your boyfriend had more then ten.”

“Rumor has it, that he’s Ben with the Ten Soft, in some circles.”

“Now we’re talking!” I thought on it… Aaron Black’s was nine soft, this was a promising lead. “Give me the cock—Ab, ah, I mean–details!”

*** “Switch Hitters” Was an interesting club downtown. Couples and trios whirled around a crowded dance floor to swing music, while singles and couples cruised the bar for doubles and triples. A lot of people hit this spot to find threesome opportunities apparently.

I found a kind of nice looking guy and stopped in front of him, arching my back so that there was some firm FF-cup cleavage on display.

“I’m looking for Big Ben.” I said. “Sometimes known as Ben with the Ten.”

“I know him.” He said, losing part of himself between my breasts. “But why do you need ten when my perfectly acceptable for all your needs.”

I threw back my head and laughed.

“Eight inches? What are you, five years old?” I screamed with derisive laughter. He looked hurt, obviously not used to that kind of response. Eight inches would have been great before I became what I am, but now it was just a joke.

“Jesus bitch, he’s over there.” He said pointing towards a short man in a hat.

I just shook my head at him as I stalked off to the infamous Big Ben.

“You the one named after a British clock?” I asked when I stood before him.

“Yes I most surely am, ma’am.” He said, tipping his hat and helping himself to an almost unhealthy stare at my bulging boulders.

I looked him over. His face was kind of impish, with a big nose and thick glasses. He was not just poorly muscled, he was not muscled.

“Is it true what they say about your cock, clock?”

“You tell me!” He said pointing downwards.

I almost fell over when I got a good look. He was wearing latex pants; the red material stretching unbelievably tight bolu seks hikayeleri a fat long log that he had pulled to one side and still almost went to the knee. Ten was a sore under-estimate compared to what I was looking at. This man was bigger then Aaron Black easily!

My quest was over!

I would be free!

“You are going to come and fuck me. Is that clear?” I asked.

“Pushy aren’t you?” He smiled.

“No. Psychotic with lust. Now come along quietly or I’ll just be bringing your cock without the rest of you attached to it.”

He looked a little nervous, his eyes darting.

“Uh, okay.” He said. “I guess I could go along.”

As he said these words, I’d already dragged him to the door.

*** I parked at the bottom of the hill, and then started up with his hand in tow.

“Nice place!” He whistled, looking up at Black’s mansion.

“Yeah.” I agreed, single-minded as I pulled him along.

“So what drew you to me?” He asked as we walked.

“Christ, your cock. Haven’t I made that clear?”

He looked somehow disappointed. Odd, most men don’t mind being a piece of meat. Maybe after all the years of people only acknowledging him for his pound of ground round he wanted to be loved for himself or some bullshit.

Well tough. I knew what I wanted.

I knocked on the door, and Aaron Black appeared, dressed in an evening suit.

“Veronica!” He said. “What an unexpected surprise. What brings you here?”

I pulled Ben in, triumph welling up in my belly.

“This guy is thicker then you hard while he’s soft, and he’s packing some length too!”

I pushed Ben in between Black and myself.

“Drop ‘em Big Ben, and I’ll harden you up!” I commanded.

“Well I…”

“NOW!” I screeched eager to rub it in Aaron’s face.

Heck, I was even eager to rub ‘it’ in my own face.

Ben fumbled with his tacky rhinestone belt and dropped his pants.

Aaron threw back his had with a hearty laugh.

I did a double take.

As Big Ben’s pants hit the floor, so did his cock. I stalked over and knelt down, pulling something from the discarded garment.

It was black, and floppy, and fake. “A dildo…” I gasped, looking up at Big Ben. My face flushed deep crimson with embarrassment as Aaron Black laughed and laughed.

I was looking at a pathetic little prong that barely stuck out from his pubic hair, like a gumdrop in a bird’s nest.

“What the HELL IS THAT?” I screamed, throwing the dildo far.

“Oh that is impressive!” Black said drolly between laughs. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it!”

“I, I uh…” Started Ben.

“I’m going to kill you!” I gasped, clenching my fists. The fact that I was going to get punished over a two-inch cock enraged me.

“No.” Said Aaron Black. “You’re going to fuck him. You came all this way to get satisfied, let him satisfy you!”

“No…” I whimpered.

“Both of you, strip.” He commanded, easing himself into one of his chairs.

I tried to resist, but I knew that this act was all that was between me and another cock whipping, or worse.

Soon we both stood in front of Black, our birthday suits all red from shame.

“Get him hard.” Commanded black.

“Erm…I already am.” Mumbled Ben. I looked over. He had indeed almost doubled in length; I might be looking at three inches easy.

“Then suck him.” Said Black, pouring himself some wine.

I sunk to my knees before Ben and tentatively licked at his cock.

“Ohh, OHHH!” Whimpered Ben, suddenly producing a thick drop of sperm.

I looked down to his child-sized nuts.

“Please tell me you didn’t just cum.” I marveled.

Aaron Black roared with laughter, almost spilling his wine.

“Eat it!” Aaron said between guffaws.

I leaned forward and slurped up his sad attempt at semen. Its taste was bland; it’s temperature tepid.

Worse still, his “cock” was still hard.

“Now ride him!” Commanded Black.

I pushed Ben over with a hateful shove, and straddled him. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that I wasn’t remotely aroused… this would be like throwing a hot dog into a school-bus after the kinds of stretching I was getting.

I mounted his little knob, and started to bounce up and down on it.

Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face.

“Would you like my cock?” He asked.

The thought of Aaron’s thick meat pushing at my pussy-walls instead of this pathetic display of needlepoint caused me to almost faint. I wanted it so bad.

“God yes, yes please!” I begged him.

Then you shall have it.” Said Aaron, dropping his pants.

“Holy shit!” Said Ben, taking Aaron’ cock in. I could feel his thrusts decrease, his balls try to escape up into his scrotum with fear. Just one of Aaron Black’s pendulous nuts was bigger then all the genitalia Ben had to offer put together.

Aaron pumped himself gently, easing the weight of his own heavy balls while he did so, arousing himself to every inch of glory.

Soon I was staring down the awesome weapon at its full length.

“Get out of me!” I said to Ben, anticipating the proper fucking with glee.

“No.” Said Black. “Stay where you are, bitch-boy.” He strolled around behind me as he talked.

Suddenly I was filled with fear.

“No…. NO!” I screamed as Aaron pushed me forwards.

He spanked me once so hard; my tits jiggled for a few moments, and then planted his hands on my hips, spreading my ass cheeks.

“No! NO NO!” I screamed, squirming.

“You said you wanted it.” Said Black as he placed his head inside my back door.

It was like somebody was trying to shove a baseball bat up my butt, sweet spot first.

I felt something tear slightly, and collapsed on Ben, only Aaron’s hands still holding my hips aloft.

I cried like a baby as he slid inch after inch after inch inside of me. “Oh oh AHHH! It’s so fucking big! Take it out takeitout! AHHHHH!”

He spanked me hard.

“I give the orders.” He said gruffly thrusting his hips a little. ‘Now stop bawling, You’ve almost taken five inches!”

Those five inches felt like fifty, and I wriggled around like an impaled prisoner.

Ben was still thrusting away in me, but I couldn’t feel anything. His little girl’s bitch-boy cock couldn’t possibly draw attention away from the explosion in my ass.

My pussy was just about drowning him in juice… I couldn’t stop thinking of Black’s shaft there instead, even as he plundered my posterior.

Black begin thrusting in and out, gaining a quarter inch here, and eighth of an inch there, gradually working his way in me.

“Seven inches, slut!” He said encouragingly. “Almost halfway there!”

I screamed and beat on Ben’s chest at his words. He thrust in a full inch of cock at once, and I thought I’d died.

Still he fucked into me. Thrust after thrust after thrust violating my rectum, raping my anus with wild abandon.

“Oh god! Please, please stop!” I moaned.

“What did I say about giving me orders?” He said spanking my ass and thrusting harder.

As more and more thick cock disappeared in my ass, I screamed and screamed.

I felt like his cock was going to end up in my chest.

He pounded and pounded and I wailed.

He thrust and thrust and I screamed.

He shoved and shoved, my every nerve aching as my ass spasmed around his endless meat.

It felt like I was sitting on a whole tree, being plunged by a table leg, or taking a whole steel beam in my bum.

As he pulled out on each thrust, the scraping feel of my innards as horrifying.

My ass would never be the same.

“Not bad babe, you’ve got eleven inches in you!” He spanked me to emphasize the point.

“Now I can really begin fucking you!”

Ben had passed out.

Aaron began to rape my rectum in earnest, pulling out to just his head, then shoving all the way back in.

He pounded me with a savagery that I couldn’t describe, like each thrust was meant to punish me for wasting his time with such a tiny cock in his home.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, and pulled my head back as he fucked into me hard. Something inside me gave way, though I don’t know what I had left to give, and then the unimaginable happened.

Aaron’s whole cock slid into my ass at once, his fat nuts slapping up against my thighs.

“GWAHHHHHH!” Was all I said. It was all I could think of.

Aaron roared and started cumming inside of me.

His jizm cannon started unloading shot after streaming shot inside of me, filling my ass with boiling cum.

This wasn’t a cum-shot; this was an enema, his rich sperm filling me up fully, quarter after quart of thick semen pumping into my bowels.

He moved his hips only a little as he came, making sure to keep my butt jammed with a maximum of cum and cock.

Finally he withdrew, a mix of blood, santorum, and cum suddenly darning from my ravaged asshole.

I collapsed as my suffering subsided.

“You bastard…” I whimpered as he strode from the room.

*** I wore a maxi pad at work for days. My ass would not stop leaking cum. Each time I though all of the thick seed had emerged, another thick blurble would bubble out of me, reminding me of how thoroughly I’d been fucked, and how hopeless I whore I’d become.

I never did forgive “big” Ben.


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