Big U Pride Ch. 01: The Beginning

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The college bus meandered down the winding side streets, making its way at a patient pace down the road. Along the side of the bus was emblazoned in big letters, “Big U Football” with the college mascot printed on it, a Rooster with arms in boxing gloves raised and ready for fisticuffs. Another banner tagged on the side of the bus by the mascot were the words, “Go Fighting Cocks!” All along the route, people would honk their horns in support and shout out their windows, “Go Fighting Cocks!”

It was all so thrilling!

You see, The Big U Fighting Cocks Football team was on its way to its first playoff game in the Football Championship, having just secured their position in the playoffs with a stunning 41-7 win over the Eastern Shores College. They were now on their way to face Mountainview University. The college town that Big U was in, Reamstown, was flush with excitement over their team. It had been 10 years since the team had won a Championship and 5 since they had even made it back to the playoffs.

But something changed 5 years ago that completely revolutionized the team. They hired a new coach. And not just any coach, but a bonafide professional NFL coach, Jackson Hammer. Coach Hammer had used all his connections from his time in the pro leagues to recruit the best players in the country. High school athletes saw their chance to play for a Coach who could hook them up after eligibility to get a prime spot in the big leagues.

And the benefits just kept rolling in for the college, as donors started to pour money back into the college. The baseball team was completely revamped, then the basketball team, and soon even the swimming and tennis teams were enjoying the flood of money. The school erected a new gym, named after its biggest benefactor, “Dirk Diamond,” a cruiseliner tycoon whose name and face were plastered all over the gym.

Athletes once again became celebrities on campus, their names known by even the nerdiest of students. And, obviously, every girl had their eye on these new campus celebrities, hoping to hitch their wagon to the up and coming pro players. It didn’t hurt that now that they were recruiting the best, the players were just bigger and stronger, and easy on the eyes if you know what I mean.

The professors just stopped caring if the athletes showed up to class. At first, the school made up new courses just for them: first it was Sports Marketing, which mainly consisted of watching Gatorade and Nike commercials. Then came Stadium Design, where the “students” would design their ideal stadium and really just spent their time deciding which restaurants they’d put in them. And then came my all-time-favorite, Massage Science, where, you guessed it, the guys would just get massages all morning and comment on which muscles felt better afterwards.

But it didn’t matter, we were all caught up in the sports craze on campus. And it all culminated in this season. My freshman year, my first Big U sports season that I’d experienced as a student.

As the bus made its way down the backroads, the shouts on board could almost be heard outside.

“This is gonna be a fuckin’ rout, boys!” yelled one player up front.

“Damn straight, Markeese, I’m so hyped I don’t know if I can control how big my hits are gonna be.” Shouted another voice in the back in response.

A football was being tossed back and forth across the bus as players joked and shared stories from the year.

One player, Jamarcus, intercepted a pass before bragging,

“Man, the only thing I’m thinking of is which cheerleader is gonna ride my big black dick after we get back!”

Coach Hammer, sitting in the front seat by the driver, yelled back without even looking back,

“Jamarcus, the one thing you best be thinking about right now is the game – I don’t want to see you mess up the long snapper play like you did last game.”

“Yes Coach!” Jamarcus yelled back, seemingly chastened. But then he turned to the player across from him, Danny D, and whispered,

“Ima show Denise my ‘Long Snapper’ when I get back to campus, lol.”

To which Coach Hammer responded, “Don’t think I didn’t hear that Jamarcus. You mess up again, I’ll be ‘snappin’ your nuts clean off.”

All the guys on the bus responded with a unified, “OOOOOOOHHHH”, making fun of Jamarcus.

Danny D looked back at Jamarcus and said, “Man I don’t give a fuck what you do after the game. All I know is that my girlfriend hasn’t given me any in days. Man, I haven’t nut since last Friday!”

Jamarcus responded, “Damn, son. The fuck you doin at the front of the bus then? Get to the back and get some of that tension relieved.”

Everyone knew that Danny D was having relationship problems. I had heard that he got caught by his girlfriend while he was balls deep in one of the massage therapists. Apparently she’d told everyone she knew that he had chlamydia and now if he wanted to get off, she controlled when and where. What a bitch.

“Ain’t no fuckin space back there, I gotta wait till it’s my damn turn.”

Jamarcus goaded him, “Man, just cuz you scared of DeShawn don’t mean oral seks porno you shouldn’t get what you need.”

“You’re right, fuck it.” Danny D stood up from his bench seat.

“Yo!” he yelled to the back. “When y’all gon’ be done back there? I am so fuckin tense, I need some release.”

The players all went quiet.

Then a deep voice from the furthest seat in the back bellowed.

“I’ll be done when I’m done.”

“Goddamnit, man. It’s been a week and I am fuckin’ burstin! If I don’t get it out now, I swear I’m gonna lose my mind.”

The voice in the back took a few seconds and responded.

“Not my problem.”

And like a chastened child, Danny D shouted up to the big man in the front seat.

“Coach! Yo Coach! DeShawn’s not letting the rest of us get our turn. I mean, before we know it we’ll be at the stadium and we’ll be stuck in our rooms all night until tomorrow’s game!”

Coach Hammer looked up at the driver’s mirror and spoke.

“DeShawn, how long have you been going?”

“About 30 minutes now, Coach.”

“You’ve got 5 more minutes.”

“But Coach – ” DeShawn started. The big linebacker wasn’t used to being told what to do. Except maybe by the most famous coach in the state.

“I said 5 minutes, DeShawn.”

“Yes sir,” DeShawn responded. Not so much in a contrite voice, but an affirmative acknowledgement.

“Oh fuck yes!” Danny D shouted.

Coach said to him, “That’s only because Danny here caught 2 interceptions last game and I’m expecting him to keep that streak up against Mountainview.”

“Yes, sir!” Danny excitedly said, “As long as my balls are taken care of, I’ll take care of any footballs you want.”

The team erupted in laughter. Danny was the team troublemaker.

Where was I in all this uproarious mayhem, you ask?

Well, that’s a great question. You see, I was right alongside this all-star team, right there with them in the bus on their way to victory.

I stood side by side with them on their warpath to the championship.

Well, not so much “stood.”

DeShawn moaned, “Goddamn she’s fuckin good at this. That tongue is unbe-fuckin-lievable.”

There I was, down on my knees in front of DeShawn. I was the one with that “unbe-fuckin-lievable” tongue, using it on his gorgeous cock.

And I was the one that, according to Coach, had 5 minutes to get him off with it.

“Times like this I’m glad we got Sissy CheerBois again.” DeShawn said to no one in particular. He then looked down at me as I pistoned my mouth on his cock.

“Ain’t that right Sissy?”

I removed my mouth from his cock and licked a teardrop of precum on the head.

“Oh yes, DeShawn. And we LOVE to serve you and the rest of the team.” I responded, looking up at him.

“I bet you do enjoy it, lil’ Sissy Britney. You sure as hell are good at it” he said to me. I almost melted as he said my name. How lucky was I, complimented by the star linebacker of the school’s football team.

But I had business to take care of.

“I only wish Coach gave you more than 5 minutes more with me. The last 30 went by so fast.” I licked the mushroom tip of his fat cock.

“Something tells me you can finish the job in less than that. I heard about your adventures at Alpha Delta last month.”

I blushed. “I’m so embarrassed you found out about that!”

Though I wasn’t really embarrassed as much as proud that my reputation preceded me. But hey, I guess that’s what happens when you single-handedly blowbang an entire frat in 2 hours to completion. Well, technically not “single-handedly”, since I didn’t even use my hands, which were tied behind my back for the whole night.

“How about you try and finish the job in 20 seconds?”

I didn’t even wait to respond, I slammed my face back on that cock and used every skill I learned since I became a CheerBoi, licking, sucking and tonguebathing my way down his thick member.

“Oh fuck!” He shouted at the 10 second mark.

By the 5 second mark his cum was in my belly where it belonged.

“Hands down, the absolute best CheerBoi.” he said, as he helped me get to my feet. I almost teetered over on my 4 inch high heels but he steadied me, though not without grabbing my ass to do so.

“Even better than Jada?” I asked, playfully hinting at my friendly competition with a fellow sissy.

“You’re what I call my Stranded Island Sissy, Brit. If I was stranded on an island with nothing to do but get my rocks off all day, you’re the sissy I’d want draining my cock till I die.”

“Oh DeShawn, that might be the highest compliment you’ve ever given me.”

“Probably the highest compliment I ever give any girl or sissy.”

Wow, what a gentleman.

“Now get going,” He said and spanked my ass, “Only 1 hour till we get to Mountainview.”

I walked down the narrow way between the bench seats up to Danny D’s seat, while players hands groped at me.

Danny looked up at me, his long cock already out of his pants.

“Alright slut, you best drain this monster at least once before playboy porno we get to Mountainview. If I don’t nut, I swear I’ll fumble that ball every damn time. Fuck I’m so backed up with jizz.”

I looked down at his “monster”, his long tower of flesh.

Then I said to him, really so loud so the whole bus could hear.

“Well we wouldn’t want that, Danny. After all, if you lose then you don’t get to celebrate with me and the rest of the CheerBois when you get back to campus.”

I took my finger and lifted a glob of cum that DeShawn had left on my cheek.

“Which would be a shame.” I said. I then salaciously stuck the salty treat it in my mouth and sucked it up, and looked back at the guys at the back of the bus.

“Because nothing tastes better than the cum of champions!”

The whole team cheered as I said that. But I had work to do and not much time, and I leaned over at the waist and wrapped my pink glossy lips around his cock.

Behind me one of players in the seat cross the aisle lifted up my skirt and started licking my boicunt.

Mmmmm, nothing better than this.

I should probably explain how I got here…


6 months earlier…

“Oh gosh I can’t believe our little boy is starting college!” My mom said.

“More importantly, honey, “my dad responded. “He’s starting college at Big U!”

“Go Fighting Cocks!” Mom cheered!” Pretending to strike a cheerleading pose.

“Mom, please” I said, shushing her. “You can’t embarrass me on my first day of school.”

“Oh calm down, son.” Dad said. “Your mom is just reliving her glory days as a Big U cheerleader.”

“I used to be quite the popular one on campus!” My mom said, picking up a box from the car trunk.

“She sure was!” Dad piped up. “And somehow a little physics nerd like me snatched her up.”

“How could I resist, honey?” Mom said, moving across the parking lot carrying the box. “You were the first and only Big U undergrad to get a patent and have a startup sell for over 10 million dollars before you graduated!”

Dad laughed, and carried his box alongside her.

“Are you saying you only wanted me for my money?”

“Oh honey, no!” Mom laughed. “But what girl can say no to a cute face and a thick wallet?”

They giggled like schoolchildren as they walked over to the dorm entrance carrying my boxes. I followed along at a safe distance so no one would suspect they were with me.

It was my first day at Big U, the best academic school in the state and one with a real sports culture that could rival any in the Big 10. That’s not to say that I was either a genius or a jock. More accurately, I was neither.

You see, despite my Bs and Cs in high school, and my inability to even run once around the track without getting out of breath, I had a lock on Big U. My friends back home were all jealous, knowing that Dad’s famous turn as the college boy-genius-turned-millionaire at Big U pretty much secured me a spot at the school. Not that I wasn’t talented at nothing – I’ve been know to be skilled at the joystick. Get me playing Skyrim and nothing could stop my stamina. I could spend hours at the screen.

But hey, all that didn’t matter. I was finally in college and ready to get the full experience. Let’s not cut around the bush, by “experience” I meant chicks. I wasn’t a pussyhound in high school. Well, I wasn’t much of an anything-hound. I had one girlfriend all of high school and we barely touched. Catholic girls, right?

This was my chance to sow my wild oats. With the money my dad gave me, I had enough money in my pocket each week to go on as many dates as I wanted. Plus, I knew I a guy who could make fake id’s so booze wouldn’t be an issue.

We made our way through the dorm entrance and took a right towards my dorm room. Room 108, ground floor. Good, easy for me to bring girls to and from, right?

I just hoped my roommate wouldn’t be a loser and drive away any girls I bring back. On the other hand, let’s hope he wasn’t a jock so I wouldn’t lose my girls to him either! I had to be careful – yes I had money but I definitely didn’t have a body. Even with my best posture, I stood no taller than 5 foot 7 and I was slimmer than a slim fit. My waist was tiny, but annoyingly my hips and butt weren’t. Mom said I got that from her. She had a slim waist and a thick butt that my friends would always comment on to my perpetual irritation. But genes being what they are, I seem to have inherited the same trait.

Even my prude of an ex-girlfriend used to comment on my butt. She’d say, “How did you get that ass and I got stuck with a pancake for a butt?” One time, as a joke, Mom had me try on her jeans and to my eternal irritation they fit like a glove. She told everyone at the family reunion and for that whole week they called me “Mom butt”. But that wasn’t as bad as the time when I hadn’t gotten a haircut for months (part of my grunge phase) and had long blonde hair – when we were at the grocery store, one of our neighbors came up to pornhub porno me and said, “Wow Veronica, that ass is lookin’ nice today. Can’t wait to see it at work on Sat- Oh…” I swear he almost knocked down all the watermelons as he scurried away once I turned around and he realized who he was talking to. At the time it bothered me that anyone would talk to my mom that way, but I brushed it aside.

Anyways, at least my money made up for my girlish body. I definitely got a lot of dates in high school because of the money…though most of the ended up with the girl leaving with another guy. But that didn’t matter, my friends were still jealous.

As we got to the room I kicked open the door and saw a guy laying on the bed on the left.

“Oh hi,” he said. “I’m Kris.”

“Hey man, I’m Brian. I’m your roommate.”

My parents came barging behind me. “Oh, look at that! You and your new roommate could be twins!”

Could they get more embarrassing?

But they had a point, this Kris fella did kind of look like me. Or mostly his body was similar. He was also short, maybe 5 foot 6 and real thin. And like me he had blond hair. His was in a bob-like haircut.

“Hah, yeah sure, I guess.” Chris said.

“Don’t mind them, they don’t have a filter.” I said to him. “They’ll clear out of hear soon.” I said loud enough for my parents to hear.

“Yeah, yeah. We do all the work and then just disappear, sounds like a good deal. Should we spit shine your desk while we’re at it.” Mom sarcastically said.

I rolled my eyes so Kris could see.

We spend the rest of the afternoon unpacking and setting up my apartment, putting up my posters (I especially liked me Girls of Spring Break poster, even though Mom didn’t approve).

Then that was it, they were ready to go. We made our way back down the hall to the entrance together. And that’s when I saw her.

At first I thought she was Megan Fox, that’s how hot she was. She wore a cheerleader uniform with “Big U” on the front and she was handing out flyers.

“Pledge Kappa! Pledge Kappa! Come to our pledge event Friday night!” she said to people passing by. As she did, she handed our fliers, mostly to the most attractive girls passing by.

My heart was in my throat, I didn’t think college girls could look like her. I mean, she was practically celebrity-hot. If all the girls on campus were like this, I was gonna have an awesome time here.

“Pledge Kappa today!” she turned to me as me and my parents passed.

“Oh, I’m a guy.”

“Yes, you are silly!” she said to me, still with the flyer thrust out towards me.

“So, this is for a sorority, right?”

“Yes! Kappa Lambda! The best sorority on campus! It’s sort of the unofficial cheerleader sorority.”

“Oh Kappas!” My Mom suddenly shouted with glee.

She then started chanting,

“Kappas are the best,

We put you to the test,

You won’t get any rest,

When we trap you in our nest!”

And then this beautiful girl started chanting alongside her.

“Kappas Kappas Kappas!”

They giggled and hugged each other like they head known each other all their lives.

“You’re a Kappa too?” this Megan Fox lookalike said.

“Class of 2002! But gosh now you must think I’m ancient!”

“Are you kidding me?” said the girl, with her hands still grasping my mom’s. “You look like you’re still in your 20s!”

“Oh you’re too kind.I guess that’s one of the benefits of giving birth the same year you graduate college.” Mom responded, tossing her hair back and forth playfully.

“So I take it this it the lucky son of this hottie?” the girl said, now both of them looking at me.

“Don’t be shy, Brian! Kappas know how to make a man feel welcome.”

“Well if you were made from a Kappa, then you MUST come to our pledge event!” she said, stuffing the flyer in my hands.

“But…but isn’t this for other girls?”

“Oh hush! Just come!” she said. “And ask for Lana.”

“Well, thanks…Lana.”

My mom and Lana talked for a few more minutes while my sweaty hand gripped the flyer and my eyes barely looking away from this beautiful creature.

Holy shit, I’ve been invited to my first party, and with what might be the hottest girl on campus.


Orientation week was otherwise boring except for the thought in the back of my head that I was gonna spend my Friday night with the hottest girl on campus.

I still couldn’t understand why I was being invited to a girls pledge event at a sorority. Part of me wondered if she was the kind of girl to move quickly and wanted me in her room ASAP for sex. But it was weird since no other guy on campus knew about this event or was invited.

But hey, maybe Lana knew that my dad was rich and wanted to get a piece of the fortune by shacking up with me. Who was I to complain?

The orientation week passed like a blur. I barely paid attention to what classes I was signing up for; I was too distracted by the bevy of babes that seemed endless on this campus.

Kris and I bonded a bit over the week. He was also a video game nerd like myself, and we carved out time to play Halo together. It was reassuring to me that he was overall a decent fella, though I wondered if he wasn’t a bit too sheltered. I mean, he didn’t seem to have any interest in going out or partying or girls.

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