Bill , Lauren Ch. 3

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Well, when we last left Bill he had found something out that was shocking. His long time girlfriend had had a secret relationship with his sister and now Bill’s beautiful sister Michelle wants Bill to take her virginity.

“Are you sure you want me to do this Michelle?” Bill asked.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way” was Michelle’s answer. Bill had always wondered why his sister never dated. He tried to set her up with some guys before but she just simply said no thanks. Well now he knew she liked girls and the only guy she wanted was her own twin brother. Bill just looked at Lauren who had taken a seat on the edge of the bed against the board and spread her legs wide open. Lauren smiled and nodded her approval.

“Ok lets go babe” Bill said “you set the pace I don’t want to hurt you” he finished. Michelle leaned down and kissed his stomach and ran her lips all over his chest.

She kissed him on his neck and whispered in his ear “I’ve wanted you for so long.” Bill took one of her breasts into his mouth he sucked on it and nibbled on the hard nipple. He placed a hand his twin s pussy and rubbed it slowly getting her excited. “Fuck me, Fuck me now.” Michelle pleaded. She rubbed her slit over Bill’s cock getting him turned on. Bill looked at Lauren on the edge of the bed she was still smiling but had a bursa bayan eskort look of lust in her eyes and she was rubbing her wet pussy getting herself off moving her hips. Michelle eased herself onto Bill’s cock she slowly slid it in her. He felt it meet resistance and then it was gone.

“Aaaa, oooo” Michelle moaned as she had about 3 inches in her. “More I want more” she demanded. Bill grabbed her hips and slid the rest of himself into his sister s virgin pussy. “OOOHHH tha-that fe-feel-feels so good” Michelle screamed. “Ahh AAA your dick is huge inside of me” She screamed again. Bill thought she was going to wake up the neighbors and that would be bad. “I want it hard Bill fuck me hard OOHH.”

“OH god you’re tight Michelle.” Bill glanced at Lauren still on the corner of the bed but she was fingering herself like mad bucking her hips and pushing hard on her cunt with two fingers. “This is amazing, My girlfriend fingering herself while I fuck my sister” Bill thought.

“OOHH Bill OOHH I love you inside of me, OOOHHH I’m cumming I’M CUMMING” She flooded Bill’s Cock with her juices and Bill came a second later releasing load deep into his sister. She came crashing down on Bill’s chest. Lauren Began climaxing and she sucked her juices off her fingers by herself. bursa evi olan escort Michelle laid on top of her brother “That was sooo good Bill.”

“I’m glad you like it” Bill said kissing her on the forehead. Lauren appeared at Bill’s side and kissed him.

Then she turned and kissed Michelle. “Thanks for letting me borrow him Laur.” Michelle said happily.

“No problem that was such a good feeling watching him fuck you.”

“I need some more Bill, I’m just so worked up, I need it bad.” Michelle said.

“I don’t think I can squeeze out anymore hon I already did 4 times tonight.”

“Wait Michelle, I know what to do” Lauren said hopping off the bed and walking over to her backpack.” She pulled out what was about a 12-inch double-ended dildo. “We can share it” Lauren laughed.

“Ok” Michelle agreed. Lauren moved onto the bed and inserted one end in her pussy and handed Michelle the other end. Michelle slowly put the remaining part in her cunt. “OOOO” Michelle gasped when you move it feel s like Bill’s inside me again.

“Then let’s keep moving” Lauren groaned. Their cunts rubbed together and Michelle wrapped her legs around Lauren s waist.

“OOHH Michelle it feels like your fucking me.”

“MMMMHHHMM” Michelle moaned bursa rus escort to agree. Bill started stroking his dick again and it was beginning to grow hard once more.

“OH I think I got some left girls” Bill exclaimed. They both leaned over and shared Bill’s cock in their mouth. Their tongues ran over his shaft and met each other at the tip and then they resumed licking it up and down.

“Here it comes” Bill warned. Bill unleashed his load, Lauren let Michelle take it in and Michelle sucked it all up with a little dribbling from her lip. Lauren kissed Michelle and Michelle opened her mouth up for Lauren. They sat there sharing Bill’s cum through their open mouths. When the last remnants of it had gone down their throats they laid down next to Bill.

“That was fun,” Lauren said. “Yeah you scared the hell out of me when you called Michelle up Laur.” Bill answered back. “Hey I think I was the one who was scared the most when I heard your voice telling me to come upstairs, I thought Bill and you were gonna scream your heads off at me.” Michelle got up and started towards the door. “I’ll leave you two alone now besides the assholes are coming back tomorrow and I don’t think they would appreciate the three of us naked in bed together. She closed the door after she left and opened it again after a few seconds.

“But I might need this” she said grabbing the dildo and then she left again.

“I love you” Bill said looking into Lauren’s beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you too” she said kissing him on the lips and laying her head down on his chest. Bill could feel her hot breath against him as he drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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