Birthday Presents Pt. 03

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I’m not gonna lie. I kind of wanted her to climb me and take it. I wanted to know what this hot little black and yellow viper had in mind when her big blue eyes squinted and her entire body shook as she said “Don’t make me.” I entertained a number of things that I knew she could realistically come up with, but I really wanted to know what this little jaguar was thinking of that had her trembling in sex fire.

But then I saw that look in her eye that told me she was trying to behave. It all made sense. She made every moment a memory I wouldn’t forget. She kept herself and Jessica still and quiet while Jordan showed her how to Top her Daddy. She helped make this an amazing moment with Jessica. And then there she was sitting on her feet with her knees apart just trying to be a good little birthday present in the collar I made for her. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was wearing one of her anal plugs just in case I made that wish for my birthday.

“Good girl,” I said before standing. I caressed her cheek with the back of my fingers.

She bit her lip and looked up at me with a smile. She whimpered as her eyes shifted quickly between my eyes and the thick cock that was just inches from her mouth and soaked with the same juices.

“Ok, baby girl,” I began lovingly as I pressed it against her chin and ran my hands over her tight french braids. “Open up.”

She tipped her head back, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out so far I swear I could see all the way down to where the tip of my cock bursa suriyeli escort escort was resting on her collar.

I lightly placed the tip on her tongue just in front of her teeth, slowly pushed in and watched my meat fill the beautiful, young mouth on display. I slowly pushed myself in and out a few times with a light tap on her throat. She looked me in the eyes, swallowed and nodded her head.

I gripped her hair and pushed my cock into her throat as I lifted her up and moved her to my desk. Her legs kicked as she coughed and gagged. I pinned her head against my desk and the collision pushed my cock in all the way to the hilt. I felt Lynn moan around my entire length. That was the final straw. The sound and the vibration activated my own primal side and I lost control.

I held her tight braids and fucked her tight little face into my desk like a possessed animal. I slowed to snake my hips back and forth as my swollen meat slid over her tongue and plunged her hot little throat. She looked up my body and her eyes rolled back as soon as they met mine. I almost came in her throat right there, but her whole body was starting to tighten up and she was turning blue.

I held my grip on her hair and backed out. A long, thick web of saliva connected the meat of my cock just beyond the tip to her sweet lips and chin. She coughed, took a few heavy breaths and I buried my cock back down her throat. I thrusted myself in and out until I was bursa ucuz escort near the edge again and pulled off. She sat there in a frenzy of desire as she fought for her discipline and her breath while I regained control of my primal desire.

Before I could stop her she had her shorts off, set her glasses down, and was climbing onto my desk. She folded her feet back under her, spread her knees along the edge, leaned back on her elbows and shot me a look that could only have said one thing.

My cock seemed to gently magnetize to her. I pushed the tip just into Lynn’s beautiful, pink, dripping folds and stopped. Lynn wrapped her arms around my neck and it was on.

I felt Lynn relax her muscles to open up for me and my world shrank down to just the desk where I get ready in the morning as I instinctively buried my raging cock into her tight, inviting body. The sound that came from her when we collided was one of a deep desire being truly fulfilled and not of this world. It was raw and proudly represented every impulse she had been fighting. Feeling her tighten completely around my entire length made it pulse inside her.

“Daddy,” she managed to garble out in a moaning panic to bring my hand up to her collar.

I looped my fingers under the blood red G and took that as my signal to lay it on her. I pulled my cock out to the tip and quickly thrusted back until our bodies slapped together. I put my hands on her hips, pushed them down to the desk bursa üniversiteli escort between her feet, and leaned my entire upper body into her thighs so she couldn’t crawl away from me as I began gaining momentum. I looked down her tight black tank top and saw my meaty cock completely disappear into her small body again and again. I felt every inch of her tight walls squeezing my entire length and knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I tightened down on her collar to pull her against me and meet my thrusts just as I felt a chain of orgasms begin around my cock. And then.. that filthy little mouth I fucked relentlessly said the magic words just inches from my ear:

“Hold me tight, Daddy. Bury your thick cock into my small body and fill me with your hot cum.”

With one final full thrust our bodies slapped together, tightened up, and exploded in the hottest sex fire of my life. The sounds that came from our writhing bodies were almost unnatural. Her eyes couldn’t pick a direction to look at the same time and it felt like my cock was locked in a warm tube vice as it pulsed and emptied my balls deep inside her. Every pulse shook her body. Every shot of hot cum that hit her earned another moan. Eventually our climax subsided and we rejoined the room.

As I slowly unstuck our bodies I noticed her half heart necklace stuck to my chest. I slowly slid my cock out, rested it between us and noticed Jessica and Jordan on the other side of the desk. Lynn tilted her head back to see what I was gawking at and smiled. My balls covered her swollen lips and my swollen, soaking cock rested across her flat stomach as she rolled back and scooped up a little frosting. She looked down her body back to me with the cake and lit candles sitting just above her head and smeared the frosting down her lips and neck.

“Make a wish, Husband,” said Jordan as she lit the final candle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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