Birthday Surprises Ch. 03

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The water was warm as I stepped into the shower behind Ann. Both of us just gently holding each other under the warm, cleansing cascade. Both of us were spent from the morning already and the shower felt instantly rejuvenating. The water began working to wash our bodies of the sweat and bodily fluids that we were both now covered with. I felt awake again, and refreshed, the utter exhaustion that had consumed me moments ago in the bed, was gone. Ann’s body felt soft as I held here safely against my chest, just feeling her breathe against me. She held me close, her small arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me close, helping the water to warm us both.

She leaned over and grabbed the shampoo, and took a step back from me, squeezing a little into her hand and reaching both hands up to begin washing her hair. As she stood there, eyes closed, arms raised, her breasts looked perfect, pink little perky nipples, staring straight at me. My cock throbbed once again. I took in her beautiful hourglass shape, the curve of her waist and hips. My cocked throbbed a second time, beginning to thicken.

She turned around and playfully pushed her ass against my hardening member, as she searched blind for the water stream to rinse the shampoo from her hair. I think almanbahis adres she noticed my pole beginning to harden because she waggled her ass back and forth against me, as I helped her to rinse her hair.

She bent over to pick up a loofa and smeared the soap into it, and paused a moment, making sure I got an eyeful of her perfect heart shaped ass. She turned and smiled, and began soaping up her body, starting with her breasts, and leading to her stomach and legs. When she was done, she reloaded the loofa and began rubbing my chest, and legs, as she massaged down she found my cock, now half-hard, and throbbing harder.

“It looks like I haven’t tired him out yet” she said as she coyly smiled up at me, he gorgeous green eyes pulling me into her soul.

She playfully tugged at my member, until I was nearly fully hard. Without a sound she placed each of her feet on the edge of the tub, bringing her little 5’4 frame up to my level, and leaned against the shower wall behind her. The sunlight lit her angelic body as she stared at me with a devilish grin, “Come here big boy, I want you to fuck me!”

I didn’t waste any time stepping forward and placing my hands against the wall behind her, she gently bent at the knees and placed my cock at the almanbahis adres entrance to her sweet pussy. I held still holding her with my cock just parting her lips, still outside her sex.

She grabbed the back of my head and turned her lips to my ear “I said, I want you to fuck me, NOW!”

With that, I grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her down, as I thrust upwards all the way onto my tip toes, slamming my cock deep into her sopping cunt. She was wet, and I entered her easily, filling her completely. She grunted as I filled her completely, and begin to pump her pussy with slow, deep, forceful strokes.

She reach around my back and held onto me tightly as I punished her pussy, ramming my rigid pole into her again and again, each time exuding a grunt. Slowing fucking her with all my cock, filling her, stretching her wet cunt again, each thrust slamming her clit as my cockhead rubbed against her gspot.

She came in no time. I must have only been after 12 or 15 strokes when she clamped down on me and bit into my neck hard. Her fingernails jammed into my back, causing me to arch my back, and driving in deeper, picking her feet up off the ground. She was fully impaled on my rod. Her pussy clamped down and she wrapped her lags around me and almanbahis adres shuddered.

“unnnngghhhhhhh!!” she groaned into my neck through her clinched teeth.

It was too much, as her own orgasm began milking my cock, I erupted within her. My cock twitched and sent a somewhat smaller, but more forceful load of hot cum deep into her body.

I moaned into her neck “ooohhh, baby!”

She shuddered again as she felt my hot juice splatter inside her quivering walls. The second stream was just as strong and caused me to nearly loose my balance as I pressed her hard into the wall. Over and over my cock twitched inside her, she matched my spasms, with her own, her pussy gently coaxing all my seed out of me and into her warm embrace.

She dropped her legs and her teeth released their grip on my neck, surely leaving a mark; and I stepped back, my cock slipping out of her with an unmistakable sucking sound. I backed into the water and extended a hand so she could safely step down into the recesses of the tub. As she did I noticed a fair amount of our mixed juice exit her well fucked pussy and drip onto her leg. I smiled at her, she returned the favor.

I gazed into her eyes as she came back into my embrace until the water. Her infections smile turned devilish, knowingly confident that she was the object of all my desires, “Happy Birthday baby..” she moaned, her own satisfaction communicated through her relaxed expression.

This was starting out as one hell of a birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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