Black and White Ch. 01

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The usual disclaimers apply. The story contains descriptions of sex between males who are of legal age (some of them are more than 800 years old) and so that should not pose any problem. The story is a figment of my imagination and it took some effort to write. Comments, criticism and Applause are welcome. Contact me at the address in my profile.


Episode One

“Here, want one?” Aiden offered Tinka. This was going to be revenge for the ‘missed calls’ incident. Or so, thought Aiden to himself, as he extended his hand with the cream biscuits towards Tinka. He knew these were her favorite and she would not be able to resist them.

“Ooh Melbies!” she squealed in delight as she promptly took two of them and stuffed them into her mouth chomping ravenously. Aiden carefully watched her face holding his breath. A few moments later Tinka slowed down her munching and got a funny look over her face. And then she clasped both of her hands over her mouth and screeched. “Yuk, what’s wrong with them??”

“Wrong? Nothing wrong. Except… maybe for the fact that I scraped off all the cream from the biscuits and put toothpaste inside them!” Aiden had the smirk of the century on his face.

“You Basta…” The rest of the sentence was left incomplete as Tinka lunged forward to try and smack Aiden on the head who easily dodged her. Moments later she could be seen gargling over the sink in the ladies room of the coffee shop. Cursing under her breath as white foam spewed out from her mouth. She was going to have to come up with some really evil plan to exact revenge from Aiden this time. Boy, was he in trouble now.

“That was totally evil!” she declared as she came back and sat next to Aiden in the café. ” I mean, you are so going to get it from me now.” She stated to a seemingly unaffected Aiden busy guffawing away.

“Stop guffawing like an ape! It wasn’t that funny.”

“Yes it was!”

“No, it was not!”

“You should have seen your expression with your mouth plastered with all that minty goo! Damn, I should have got my camera!”

“Aiden Writer, you are in deep shit now!”

“Yeah Right! That’s exact same thing I said to you when you could not stop giving Chas all those missed calls from my phone, if you can recall any of your past evil deeds,” replied Aiden haughtily, referring to the previous week when Aiden made the mistake of telling Tinka he had a crush on their class branch Co-ordinator. Tinka went all out after that, using Aiden’s cell phone whenever she could get a hold of it, to just give a single ring every time on Chas’ phone. A few embarrassing return calls later, vengeance was all that was on Aiden’s mind.

“Well that was cute and kinda funny.”

“So was this!” replied Aiden with an air of triumph. Then he cheekily extended the packet containing the maligned biscuits towards the enraged female. “Want some more?”

Tinka replied by slinging her bag and smacking him over the head.

“Oww!” cried Aiden. “That hurt!”

“Well it should.”

Aiden and Tinka had first become friends in the 8th grade when A friend of Adien’s had commented that Tinka possessed ‘very large boobs’. That was still in the 8th grade when Aiden’s new found homosexuality made it hard for him to hear guys labeling girls as sluts and bitches. His friend had challenged him to go and say it to her if he had the guts. That very night Aiden called Tinka up and told her what his friend thought of her assets. “What?” she had reacted. “Is that all he likes about me?” Chumminess came easily to them after that and they became as thick as thieves. Always together, and always referred to as a couple. Few of their close friends knew the truth though.

“Well gotta head back and finish my presentation.” Tinka nodded her head. “Miss Marple’s gonna kill us with those submissions and presentations you know.”

“Yeah, excuses. Nowadays you never have time for me,” Aiden stated with a mock frown on his face.

“Yeah dolt!” I spend more time with you than any of the boyfriends I date! I mean, we are practically married!”


“Well eww from my side too, but it’s true.”

“Double eww.”

“Eww all you want, I am gonna be heading back, and you, my ‘husband’ Aiden, are gonna be dropping me back to my room.”

“As your Excellency desires!”

“Her Excellency desires that you pick her and Aditi up at 11:00. We are going to ‘Earthquake’ tonight!”

“Cool! Aditi’s coming to Earthquake too?”

“Yes, you better believe it. The gorgeous Indian Chick is coming along. She’s finally mixing with the other girls now. So if you wanna bring along some guys who wanna discreetly drool over her, feel free.”

“Umm, we’ll see.”

“I am sure Chas would love to come!” Tinka knew she was asking for it.

“Yeah, I bet he would,” replied Aiden appearing to be nonchalant but knowing that Tinka would surely see the seething person inside him.

“Or maybe Dominic would!” This time Tinka hit a sore spot. She was already getting back at him for kaçak iddaa the Melbies prank. Aiden flashed her an angry glare. Dominic was the guy that Aiden had been in love with for a long time though he would never admit it to anyone. Tinka wondered how he managed to keep it all bottled inside himself. She had never seen someone so madly besotted with anyone before. And even more fierce about keeping it all to oneself. Aiden Writer sure had endurance.

“I’ll just get Jason along.” He muttered finally. Jason Bradley was one of Aiden’s roommates.

“Okey Dokey!”

Aiden dropped her off at her dorm and then sped towards his. Maybe if he hurried he could finish all of his assignment work and squeeze in a little bit of tennis playing time with Steve and Jason, if any of them would agree to come along with him. Steve Johnson was his second roommate.


“Hey guys!” Aiden boomed as he swung open the door of his room.

A very lukewarm hey came back from Steve who seemed busy reading a Mathew Reilly novel and a very enthusiastic ‘wazzzzuuuup’ came from Jason who stretched out his hand to high five him.

“Anyone for Tennis?” he enquired.

“Yeah sure.” Steve said pertly as he slammed down his book. As bookish as he might seem, Steve was never one to pass up on a game of tennis.

“You guys go ahead.” Jason chimed in. “I’ll play a little baski and join you later. Jason was the most athletic of the trio and at the same time the most affable, friendly and naive. His innocence caused him to be the butt of jokes at most times but everyone loved the five foot five inch dude and Aiden always considered himself lucky to have such a great roommate. Aiden was academically the most brilliant of the three, by far that is. With the highest CGPA in his class, he always had his friends pestering him as to how he achieved such great grades when he studied so little. “Sheer genius” he would tell them.

“Well I’ll just be playing for a half hour or so, but you can join Steve later if he is still at the courts,” replied Aiden while carefully taking out his tennis togs from a neatly folded bundle in his cupboard. Steve just picked up something from the heap lying on the bed and slipped it on.

“Ok then see you later.”

“And yeah, don’t forget, tonight we are going to ‘Earthquake’ with Tinka and that new Indian babe Aditi.” Aiden knew Steve would not be interested and never bothered informing him.

“You gotta be kidding me! Aditi Agrawal. Fucking-A!”

“Yup, Aditi Agrawal”

“Shit, how the hell do you properly pronounce her name? gotta ask someone that!”

Steve and Aiden left a beaming Jason in the room who was now happily rummaging amongst his side of the room searching for his basketball. How the hell could someone not find a basketball? Aiden would never understand, His friends would badger him to no end about being such a stickler and a neatness freak, but that’s the way that he liked things.


40 minutes of tennis later, Aiden was exhausted and grumbling. His serve was as bad, if not as worse than when he had started playing tennis a year back, his backhand sucked and his reaction time also seemed screwed up. Steve mercilessly routed him for a 6-1 victory.

“Sheesh! I suck! I really do,” Aiden grumbled to himself, slamming his racket on the bench as he slumped down and guzzled on a bottle of water.

“Yup, you sure do!” added Steve.

Aiden glanced at Steve. Steve sure was a mystery to him. The guy was lazy as hell most of the time just lying around, sleeping 10-12 hours a day, watching movies or playing on the comp but he could sure be active when he wanted to. Aiden was enervated to the core after a furious tennis session but Steve appeared to be hardly breaking a sweat. Steve was unarguably the best-looking amongst the 3 roommates and also the most moody. But he was also the only other person other than Tinka who knew about Aiden’s sexuality.

“So. You’re going to the Earthquake with Tinka and Jason?”

“And Aditi?”

“Yeah, her too.”


Aiden knew Steve had something on his mind but knew he would just have to be patient if he wanted him to say it.

“So nowadays you not sleeping around with any guy?”

Aiden was taken aback. This was pretty straight-forward for Steve. Steve had accepted Aiden’s sexuality when he had come out to him, but was never very comfortable with the details regarding it. On the other hand there was Tinka who always demanded things right down to the most graphic and sordid detail from Aiden.

“Nope! No one.”

Steve then took a deep breath. “Why don’t you do something about Dominic and ask…”

“Hey, howzzit going?”

The two were interrupted by Jason as he strutted onto the courts with a basketball in his hands. The petite guy clad with an arm band and head band was smiling as his usual self. Jason looked at an annoyed Steve and a red faced Aiden.

“People, are we playing?” Jason was never good at picking up hints and had no clue that he had kaçak bahis interrupted something, much to the relief of Aiden.

“Yeah, sure… err…” stuttered Aiden. “I’ll just go and… um… you continue with Steve.” Aiden looked about frantically and caught side of Steve with a blank expression on his face. ‘Always difficult to read’ he thought.

“So 11 PM at night right?”

“Yup, be ready!” stated Aiden as he scurried about collecting his items in a rush to get away from there. He left the court hastily as Steve’s eyes followed him till he exited and Jason continued rambling to Steve telling him about how he had obtained details about Aditi and how he had found out that she really loved cats.


“It’s been eons since an Alchemist has appeared on the material plane,” the dulcet voice of the Empress of Vand stated.

She cast her blue eyes upon the bowing masculine figure before her. Black. That was the name he was famously known as. The guardian of the empress of Vand, the dark silver ‘seraph’, the keeper of the Dark, all were names and titles bestowed upon him. Arangyunus was his real name, but very few Perpetuals knew that. His Silver grey wings stretched across more than 30 feet from one tip to the other and a dark crystalline glint sparkled across his sinewy torso. The tips of the wings had black streaks highlighting the edges. The scene looked peculiar, for an entity of such seeming power to be bowing in respect in front of an ostensibly four year old child.

The Empress shook her head and her long golden tresses swayed. “The alchemist has to be won over.”

Her pet chimera, Pi flitted noisily. “Black will take on the required form and descend upon the material plane?” This message was telepathic and was directed only towards the Empress of Vand?

“Yes Black will do the required.” And she gazed upon the eyes of her guardian as he lifted his silver eyes to meet hers. Brilliant sparkles of white and blue light scintillated across his form as the wings slowly disappeared and the Perpetual’s body slowly changed color to a pale flesh tone. At the end of the transformation, present in front of the Empress and her pet was a naked man, bowing waiting for his mistress to give the next command.

“Go, Arangyunus. Perpetrate the necessary.”

And with that order from his mistress, Black stood up, a powerful male of the human species. His form slowly shimmered and disappeared. A few seconds later he appeared on the material plane. This would be the most difficult errand his mistress would ever send him on. Only, he did not realize that yet.

“Mistress, are you certain that Black should be employed for this task.” Pi, the telepathic chimera had doubts. “The Alchemist is an event occurring in a millennium. Should you not descend upon the material plane yourself and handle this yourself?”

“The Alchemist possesses powers beyond the Perpetuals. And that power has never been correctly harnessed. Force will under no circumstances lend us his powers, because they are his to use.”

“So overwhelming by lust will bend him towards our side?”

“Perchance. Or maybe it will require more than that.”


The door of the bar swung open as the 4 of them walked in. Aditi being led by an over courteous Jason followed by a pair of haggling 21 year olds; Aiden and Tinka.

“What do you mean by ‘the debate club is not good enough’? The debate club of our uni is fab and I Aiden, am absolutely the best speaker.”

“You would not be the best speaker if there were no other speaker’s left darling. I think Mr. Rodrigues would oust you in a debate.” Mr. Rodrigues was the head janitor in the university campus. He was dumb and speech was not a virtue bestowed upon him.

“What? You saying that he can raise arguments better than me?” Aiden was flaring as he took the seat opposite Jason and Aditi.

“You would not recognize a cogent argument if it hit you on the head and ran all over you.” Tinka knew exactly how to push Aiden’s sore spots to get a rise out of him. She gracefully sat on the seat beside Aiden.

“And what about your…”

“Guys Please.” Jason interrupted Aiden with a pained expression on his face. Aiden immediately felt guilty when he thought about how badly Jason wanted to meet this Aditi girl. He turned and saw Tinka was in too with a guilty expression on her face. Then he saw Jason pleading him with his eyes. Jason really had the hots for this Tinka girl and he wanted things to start of on the right foot today.

“Well Aditi, the two of us are always at opposite warheads releasing all kinds of ammunition on each other. It is not as bad as it looks or sounds.” Tinka was smiling as she said that. Aiden also had a big grin over his face once again remembering that other people might not find their ‘friendly’ bantering as friendly as it was supposed to be.

“Yeah, tell me about it, motormouth marathon” Jason whistled under his breath. Then before Aiden could figure out what he had said he quickly turned towards Aditi, “Hey illegal bahis Aditi, you like cats? My grandma lives close to the campus and her cat just gave birth to 5 kittens last week!”

Aiden clunked his head against the table in his mind as Tinka nudged his foot under the table. This had to be the cheesiest way to start a conversation with someone.

“Um, yeah…” Aditi replied looking at Jason with a weird look on her face.

“Great, you can come over with me sometime to my grandma’s place and we can… err cuddle and pet.” Tinka, Aiden and Aditi all glared at Jason.

“Pet the kittens… the, the little fur balls… all soft and cuddly.” Jason’ face was as red as a beet root. He could not believe what a big ass he was making of himself.

“Uh huh…. maybe sometime.” Aditi had a ‘what-a-bozo’ look on her face.

Just then a black girl with golden curls and an apron appeared and introduced herself as the waitress. “What will you guys have?”

While Tinka glared at Jason, who looked sheepishly at Aiden who was busy looking at Aditi wondering whether the ‘why do I have to be unwittingly paired up with this bozo’ look on her face was indeed what he was deciphering it to be. Jason really wanted this girl very badly and he and Tinka would have to take matters into their hands for now. Tinka apparently had the same thoughts on her mind for as soon as the drinks were ordered she asked Jason.

“So, how is basketball coming along these days?”

Jason got a smile on his face just at the mention of the game. “Yeah that’s’ right” Aiden thought, keep the conversation to sports and Jason would not have any trouble then.

Over the next 15 minutes Jason’ sports abilities were discussed in detail. His being in the uni’s Basketball team or ‘Baski’ as he referred to it, even though he was by far the shortest player on the team. His being on the uni’s tennis team, a feat Aiden had spent grueling hours of practice to achieve, and Jason seemed to play tennis effortlessly. His being on the swim team and even an ace track athlete. Aditi seemed to be taken in by his athletic achievements and looked at Jason with a new admiration. Jason just seemed to bask in the glow of his abilities and was back to his effervescent affable self – the one that does not blunder like a drunk on 36 shots of vodka when he was with girls.

As the two started to get engrossed into the conversation themselves Aiden motioned over to Tinka to let the two be. They excused themselves and headed over to the bar.

“Well that starts of something between Jason and Aditi.” Stated Tinka as she flopped down onto one of the bar stools and motioned the bartender to come over. The guy sitting on the adjacent glanced at her and then fixed his gaze on her breasts. Aiden noticed and scowled a bit. He slowly settled onto the stool next to Tinka still frowning at the guy which seemed to have no effect on him.

“Well you’ve got an admirer.” Aiden said pointing with his chin to the lecher on Tinka’s right. “Or rather should I say your body parts have another admirer?”

The guy coughed and looked away as Tinka whirled around to see what Aiden was talking about then shook her head and looked at the ceiling in a helpless gesture.

“I was saying that Tinka looks to be totally into our chummy buddy.” They booth looked at a Jason and Aditi animatedly laughing over what appeared to be a very good joke. “She could probably pick him and toss him out if he causes any trouble.” She said laughing to herself. Aiden joined in the laughter. It was true; Jason was not exactly shorter than her, but was pretty short indeed and Aditi had apparently wore heels cause she now stood just a couple of inches over him if they both stood up.

“So Aiden, when are you going to get hooked?” she said with a solemn expression on her face.

“Don’t know.” Aiden took a deep breath and continued, “When the mood is right I guess?”

“Mooood? What the hell do you mean by that? How about now?”

“And you are supplying prince charming I suppose?”

“Yeah, he’s behind me!”

“What?” Aiden glanced behind her. ” ‘Mister-I-can’t-keep-my-eyes-of-women’s-boobies’?”

“No not him you moron!” Tinka said haughtily. “The guy behind the lecher, the one in the black shirt.”

Aiden leaned forward to look behind her. The guy who he had first scorned at him now scorned at him. This time Aiden ignored his look and looked at the guy next to him. Blond hair, nice face and good looking. He had a prominent dimple on his cheek.

“And what makes you think he may be interested in me?”

“Well…” Tinka stated with an air of omniscience, “I noticed him glancing over at you before when we were with Jason and Aditi….” She paused to gulp at her drink. “And besides he never once glanced at my breasts when I settled down here” she stated as if it was the most non- hetero thing to do on the planet.

“Yeah right! And that gives me the authority to go and make a pass at him….”

“Of course it does!” Tinka stated triumphantly cutting Aiden off.

Aiden swallowed before his next words. “Mrs. big Doosies does not get stared at her curves and then expects the guy to be a crooked one eh… someone sure is conceited!”

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