Black Journal Ch. 14

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Duncan Cyrus, age 22, The Law

I enjoy driving as much as the next person. Especially when I have my music on, a drink, and a bag of chips with some beef jerky. I just cruise and eat. This one Sunday afternoon I had gotten bored being inside my apartment and decided to go for a ride. I had a day off so I put on some jeans, a black shirt, and some brown sandals. I got my keys, wallet, and phone and headed out. I had no real destination so I drove around the city. Now, I was eating and driving, that has it’s own particular stimulation. Power and freedom. The music gives you a sense of superiority and energy.

I ate my stuff and drove and drove. That is until I saw a cop car pull up behind me. I cursed out loud because I didn’t know what I did. I drove a little ways to find a safe spot to stop and used a parking lot. I didn’t turn off my car; I just put it in park. I didn’t have anything illegal in my car so I didn’t do all that crap that I’m suppose to do because I’m Black.

Anyway, she stepped out the car. I wondered sometimes how people could be cops and so out of shape. I mean, you may end up chasing people on foot. Then again, why chase if you have bullets. She didn’t look like a hard-ass, but looks can be deceiving. She came up to my window and I already had it rolled down. She greeted with a question of did I know how fast I was going. I told her truthfully I didn’t and she, of course, didn’t believe me. I just stared at her after that waiting for my ticket.

Then she got rough like one of those “what you staring at boy comments”. I just said nothing. She almanbahis adresi told me to exit my vehicle. “Here comes the beat down in broad daylight”, I thought. I stood up straight and waited for the next order. She looked up at me while circling me. I can’t stand cops. She then waved to her car and another cop came out. I was getting nervous because usually more than one means search and seizure.

The other was a guy. He looked in my car trying to find a reason. He asked me the same questions and I answered the same way. I was still looking at the female cop. I was trying to appeal to her good side but she looked like she wasn’t haven’t it. They let me go, with a ticket of course. It didn’t mess up my drive though. I did some day dreaming about the short, plump officer. I did like how she looked in her uniform. I’m pretty much a sucker for a big girl in uniform. Uniforms, to me, hide what’s really under there, a conservative, freaky barrier so-to-speak.

I arrived at my new apartment. I had decided to spend one more year at my current state and told my parents I’ll be back home. I had set up a transfer because I was tired of the winters up there. Back at home I was chilling and decided to put on a porno. The title was “Paying For Two Big Uns.” Basically mff (male-female-female) scenes. I was well into the movie, that and sketching, when someone started knocking on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I paused the movie because I wasn’t really up for company.

I opened the door and the plump cop was on the other side. I said no thank you and tried almanbahis adres to close the door but she blocked it. She was still on duty, or I thought so, because she was still in uniform. I awakened a little in my pants. She came up with some bullshit lie about a complaint. My neighbors and I didn’t have problems with each other. I let her in just to get it over with. I went back to my sketch and played the video. She was amazed that I did that. I’m not ashamed of watching porn in front of people. I gets mine when I feel the need. She tried to start some kind of conversation, but I really wasn’t looking to talk.

I told her if she wants me to fuck the police I have a bedroom we could use to get underway. She pulled out her gun. I will admit I was scared and shaking, but I held my ground. She undid her belt and took off her hat. I didn’t think cops wore those anymore. She had nice ebony skin and her body filled out the uniform well. I held out my hand to lead to the room and she dismissed the gesture. She thought it was going to be a quickie. She also demanded I eat her pussy. Only if she took a shower. She obeyed.

After I checked for cleanliness and freshness I dined on pig. Her vagina was pretty puffy; soft and warm. I used my usual tongue tricks: the shovel (scooping my tongue in and out) and the twister (whirling my tongue over her labia and clit at different speeds). She tried to run but I locked her in place by hooking her joints with my arms. She tried with all her might to push my head away but I had the advantage in submission. I stood on my feet almanbahis adres and raised her on her hands in a handstand. My vantage point allowed me a more advantageous target. I let her go after about five minutes and she gushed. Harder to keep in control when you’re inverted.

Without wasting time I flipped her on her right side and stuck my steel pole in. She went bug-eye. I immediately went into speed demon mode and wrecked her catacomb. Her head bobbed up and down like a bobble head. She choked on her gasps for air. When she found her orgasm I plunged in and stayed. She whooed, she hissed, and she hollered for mercy. I took myself out and she peed a little. Had to change my sheets.

She was already spent but I wasn’t done by far. I grabbed her by her ankle and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I had to carry her on my shoulder and walked to the den area couch. I had placed her in my lap facing me. She huffed and puffed she couldn’t continue. Shouldn’t have given me that damn ticket.

I divided her cheeks and raised the Tower of Stiffness into her crevice. No leeway, no warnings; just down and out wrecking ball. All my thrusts border lined on brutality. She held onto my shoulders trying to weather the storm but I wasn’t having it. She released again, but I continued.

After she was done I still remained on task. She flopped onto me. She passed out. I shook her and checked her pulse. She was ok. I didn’t cum but my dick was covered with her substance beyond recognition. I placed her on the couch and went to the shower. I came back and she was still asleep. She was leaking, even a little from her nipples. That was a first. I turned the porno back on and went back to my sketching. I was still sporting a wrathful hard-on. But when she awoke I made sure the first thing she saw was my penis ready to be serviced. My house, my laws.

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