Black Journal Ch. 26

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Duncan Cyrus, age 27, The Day: Afternoon

1pm – lunch and I was starving. I still hadn’t worked out yet because of my errands. I resolved myself to have a sandwich. Easy and light was my reasoning. I headed over to this cafe type place where they serve a mean BLT. My waitress was an African American that I could tell just started. I made it easy for her because I know people are assholes with new people that serve their food. She had a pretty smile and it was inviting and warm. She had obviously done this job before.

She greeted me with small conversation on the weather and about the changes on the menu. Her speech had been a bit rehearsed but it was cool. She was on the clock after all. She wrote down my BLT with Swiss cheese, baked chips, and a blueberry lemonade. She read it back to me and I could tell she wanted to lick her lips after she read my order. She smiled at me again, turned, and sashayed her hips as she walked away. My shaft came to half-life after that.

It didn’t take long for my food. She placed each item one at a time with its description. She actually taksim escort put my chips on a separate plate saying how people don’t like their food touching each other. I’m not that type of person but it was the consideration that counted. She told me she made sure that all my sandwich ingredients was neatly stacked and the bacon was made to perfection. Tasted awesome as well.

She worked me for that tip and I was glad to provide her with a generous one. I mean, come on, she made sure my drink was always full, and she offered some extra chips free of charge. Oh and this one time when she asked about my food and I guess wasn’t paying attention and she offered for another to be made, again free. Of course I stopped her, and yes, I pretty much was sure it was her angle or game but too much work was put into it, you got to give props.

I left a tip and I guess once she saw how much it was she chased me out to the parking lot trying to say I gave her too much. Well, it was over the fifteen or twenty percent obligation but I was feeling generous. She kept at me and I fatih escort had to do something. So I asked when her break was and she told me and I came back. She had a thirty to forty-five minute break and we made out for the most part. I made her work the rest of my tip off by fingering her and sucking on her delicious breasts. I did it in the back of my car behind the restaurant.

I fitted three of my fingers easily into her snatch. I dug for all that creamy gold as she let loose wave after wave of orgasm. Her tongue was divine because it was the softest thing I ever wrestled with. She moaned in my mouth almost to the edge of crying. I flicked her clit accurately when she gasped every time I pushed in deeper and played with her walls. I was rocking Mount Kilimanjaro in my pants and it was hurting under the strain. The noises that resounded in my car begged me to shove my dick in her and kill her softly.

After the umpteenth orgasm she made me stop because she only had five minutes left on her break and she had to freshen up. My hand was sloppy with her juice. fındıkzade escort Luckily I had paper towels in my car from washing it. She gave me her number so that I could finish her later on. She walked back in and my hard on was not subsiding anytime soon.

4 pm- I had just finished my workout for the day. I did a light workout made mostly of stretching, running, and calisthenics. I sweated so much because of all the release and built up energy I was doing during the day. And the women weren’t helping. So this group of thick women decided that day of all days to do a group day. At most you see maybe two together, sometimes three. Oh no, a group of five came in. I was not the only guy drooling a mess on the floor that day either. Curves, humps, bumps, dumps, and everything that has to do with bodacious.

There was white, black, and brown colors. They were like making a statement or something. Too bad I was basically done with my workout and all because I would’ve slowed it down to tortoise pace. I made an impression and said hello to all the ladies. They all had that tough mom thing going for them. And they were all married. Unknown to them that wasn’t going to stop the other men still there. I drove home to shower and to rest a bit. I received word that my car was done and I could pick it up any time before 7 pm. Still going strong.

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