Black Men are Gods Ch. 03

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I love kinky sex of all sorts, especially anal sex. And unlike most Black women, I’m not ashamed of it. My name is Leona Claude. A big and tall, busty and big-bottomed, sexily heavyset Black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a State Police Officer, church-going Christian wife by day. I do all that, and I’m still a cock-hungry bisexual Black slut and absolute swinger by night. Haitians and Haitian-Americans can be swingers too. You’d be surprised how many of us there are. Get used to it. My husband Paul Jean and I love to have fun. He’s a tall and lean Black man of Haitian descent I met three years ago. He teaches business law at Suffolk University. Like me, he’s a first-rate sexual adventurer. He’s bisexual and I’m cool with it. I love my man. Hell, I’m bisexual too. We throw the wildest of parties at our house in Brockton’s west side. The kind of wild stuff you have to see to believe.

Right now, we’re having some fun in my living room. I’m on all fours, sandwiched between my husband Paul and our friend Remy. Remy is a tall, good-looking Haitian guy we met at the town library not long ago. This tall, dark-skinned Black stud is a mailman. You know what that means. He loves to fuck. That’s why he’s got his long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock buried deep in my asshole while I finger my pussy and suck my husband’s dick at the same time. Folks, I’m the kind of female who loves to multitask. And my man loves me for it. Remy grips my wide hips tightly as he fucks me in the ass. I’m getting fucked by two sexy Black men at the same time and I love every minute of it.

Nearby, Remy’s wife Nicolette Amboise is having some fun with my girlfriend Rita Jeremie. Nicolette is a short, skinny and big-bottomed Haitian-American mama I met at the Westgate mall. She’s a counselor at the local community college. She loves to get down. I like that about her. Right now, she’s on all fours, getting fucked by my friend Rita. My dear Rita Jeremie is a tall, muscular and sexy Black Amazon of Haitian and Cape Verdean descent. This native of Brockton is a probation officer by day and a swinger by night. istanbul travesti Her husband, our good friend Ronald Jeremie is currently visiting some relatives in the Caribbean. While he’s out of the country, she gets down with like-minded women and men.

Rita spanks Nicolette’s big butt while fucking the shorter woman with her thick strap-on dildo. Nicolette howls in pleasure while getting fucked by Rita. Nicolette has a thing for butch Black women and Rita was more than happy to oblige. Rita curses Nicolette and fucks her roughly, just the way I know Nicolette likes it. I don’t know why but straight-laced professional Black women like Nicolette are usually the biggest freaks. If you saw her at our Haitian Seventh-Day Adventist Church on any given Saturday, you’d never think she got down the way she did. Girlfriend should have been a porn star. She knows how to have some fun, let’s just leave it at that.

Anyhow, back on track. I was sucking my husband Paul’s long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock like cock sucking was going out of style while Remy rammed his dick into my asshole. Hot damn, it hurt but also felt kind of good. After a while, we tried something new. Both of them fucked me at the same time. They positively filled my holes. I climbed on top of my hubby Paul and he thrust his cock deep into my pussy while our friend Remy filled my asshole with his thick member. The feel of two hard Black dicks inside of my pussy and asshole drove me wild, folks. It’s hard to describe. Like the Matrix, you have to experience it in order to understand it. Let’s just say it was intense.

While squealing in delight as my favorite men in the world fucked me, I watched Rita and Nicolette doing their thing. Now they had switched things up. It was Rita’s turn to get fucked. Watching the towering Black Amazon kneel before the short Black woman was definitely a sight I’d never forget. I didn’t know our good friend Rita could be submissive sexually. Wow. I guess you just never really know anybody, do you? Rita knelt before Nicolette as Nicolette spread her plump thighs and began licking the shorter istanbul travestileri Black woman’s pussy. Nicolette was bossy as hell. She grabbed Rita’s long hair and yanked her head, grinding the tall Black woman’s pretty face into her pussy. And our normally assertive friend Rita simply went along with it. She did as she was told and licked Nicolette’s pussy. Like a good submissive, she obeyed orders from her mistress. Hot damn. Now I’ve seen everything.

My hubby Paul’s cock filled my pussy. He’s so wonderfully long and thick. And his dick is all natural, just the way I liked my men. I’ve got a real fetish for uncircumcised men. Especially uncircumcised Black men. Ever since I first saw one at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst which I attended before enrolling at the State Police Academy. I love dicks, I guess. I like pussy too but I think I like dick more. Don’t ask me why. It’s just this sister’s preference, that’s all. While Paul drilled my pussy with his magnificent member, our good friend Remy slammed his cock into my asshole. He fucked me hard and fast, stretching my asshole. Exactly the way I liked it. My two sexy Haitian-American studs fucked me hard until I came, squealing in delight as my pussy oozed hot girly cum. It was hot.

Remy and Paul were still not sated. Like true bisexual Black studs, they decided to have some fun with each other while I recuperated. I watched the two of them, fascinated. Remy knelt before Paul and sucked his cock. My husband winked at me as he got his dick sucked by our sexy friend. I fingered my pussy, thrilled beyond measure by what I saw. Once Remy got Paul’s dick nice and hard, they stroked each other’s cocks for a while then began fucking. Paul got on all fours and Remy took him from behind. Remy gripped my husband’s hips and began fucking his ass just like he fucked mine earlier. Hot damn. This was hot.

Speaking of hot, Nicolette was now fucking Rita. That’s right, the short Black woman was totally dominating the towering Black Amazon. Nicolette gripped Rita’s hips tightly and began fucking the taller woman with the strap-on travesti istanbul dildo. Rita squealed as Nicolette slammed the dildo into her pussy. Nicolette laughed and spanked Rita’s ass, constantly berating her while fucking her. The berating appeared to turn Rita on for she begged Nicolette for more. Wow. Nicolette fucked Rita harder and Rita screamed louder. They switched things around. Rita’s screams took on a whole new volume and I realized that Nicolette was now fucking her in the ass. Nicolette cackled gleefully as she rammed her strap-on dildo deep inside Rita’s asshole. The towering Black Amazon squealed in pain mixed with pleasure as Nicolette fucked her. Now that’s my kind of hot lesbian kink.

Paul was screaming as Remy slammed his dick up his ass. Watching my husband getting fucked turned me on so much that I joined in. I bent down and sucked his cock while Remy drilled his cock up his ass. Paul sighed in pleasure as I worked my magic on him. After getting his dick nice and hard, I had some fun. I got on all fours and spread my plump ass cheeks wide open. I rubbed my ass against Paul’s dick. My hubby got the message. He pressed his dick against my asshole, and pushed it inside. I grimaced in pleasure as he entered me. Paul hasn’t fucked my ass in a while. I missed it. And now my Paul was fucking his beloved wife’s ass while his own ass got fucked by our sexy friend Remy. Is bisexuality cool or what? Paul rammed his dick up my ass like ass fucking was going out of style. All three of us got down and dirty. I came who knows how many times. It was fantastic. Nearby, Nicolette served Rita with the butt fucking out of a lifetime. She ravaged the tall Black woman’s ass with her strap-on dildo. And I can guarantee you that Rita loved every minute of it.

We had a lot of fun that night, folks. Just some middle-class Black couples having fun in the suburbs of Brockton, Massachusetts. Our way of staying positive during the recession. Nothing relaxes you like some steaming sex. After this memorable night, Paul and I parted from the company of our terrific and sexy guests. We’ve got work in the morning. Hey, would you ever guess that Rita and Nicolette are both members of the choir at our Haitian Seventh-Day Adventist Church? Yeah, probably not. Don’t ever assume you know anybody. People can and will surprise you. Hope you had fun. See you next time. Peace.

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