Black Orgasms Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning to find myself alone in bed. I sat up quickly and apart from the mess of sheets around me there was no sign of our adventures the previous night. I ran over everything in my mind, I couldn’t believe what we did. At the same time I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed it thoroughly. My fantasies had become reality. Of course Adrian had been part of my fantasies for a while but last night’s addition of James just made it all the more special.

I heard then both the men’s voices coming from the other room of the bus. They were laughing and talking, just like any other morning. I got up and threw on my black satin robe. I walked out into the large area of the bus and found James and Adrian getting breakfast ready. Both of them were topless, barefoot and wearing jeans. Adrian came over to me first, gave me a long kiss and a playful slap on my ass. Then James approached me, hugged me, and then kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I was happy about this, at least for the moment.

“Sit down baby girl, breakfast is almost done. Did you sleep ok?” Adrian asked me, while flicking toast on a plate.

“Yeah I slept really well, better than I have in a while actually.” I sat down at the table and realised how hungry I was. James came over and set down at the table toast, eggs and bacon, then took a seat. Adrian poured me some coffee and also sat down. I was in shock for a moment; they were eating just like it is any other day. It felt strange to me but I was also grateful that there were no feelings of awkwardness between the three of us. So I tucked into the delicious breakfast, afterwards helped them clean up and then left to head to the bathroom.

I shut the door absentmindedly and let my robe slip to the floor. I turned on the water and was grateful to feel the hot water cleansing me. I ran my soapy hands over my body and suddenly another joined mine.

“Feeling dirty baby girl?” A sinister laugh followed as Adrian’s naked body slid against mine. He pushed me against the cold tiled wall and I could feel him rubbing his hard cock against my back. He continued to rub his slick hands all over me, making me love showers even more. He put my hands above my head and I moaned. Teasing my nipples with both hands then slowly moving his hands down my stomach Adrian was driving me crazy.

“I think I know exactly where you want to be touched baby girl.” He said, before licking right down my neck. I trembled underneath his soft hands as he finally drew his fingertips over my swollen clit. I desperately wanted to hit him as he took his hands away again and dug his nails into my hips. He wrenched my body around to face him and growled as his lips and tongue delved where I needed them most. I could hardly breathe as Adrian licked and sucked around my clit and inside me. He was so good at this and soon enough I was screaming out my orgasm and shaking in his arms. My knees were totally useless so Adrian swept me up in his arms, stepped out of the shower and placed me gently on the side of the bathtub.

He got towels for both of us and tenderly wrapped one around me. I smiled up at him and watched as he got dry, it was a magnificent sight. He noticed me watching.

“Hmm if I didn’t know better baby girl Marmaris Escort I would think you have a bit of a thing for me.” I just smiled more and stood up to run my fingers down his chest. “Really? I have no clue where you would get an idea like that. All I know is that when a very attractive guy stands in front of me naked I’m entitled to watch and enjoy it.” I moved my hands lower until I gripped his hard cock. He groaned as I began to stroke him slowly.

“Do you like this Adrian?” His head dropped back as I ran my tongue down his amazing body and took him into my mouth.

“Ah yes, that’s it baby girl, suck my cock.” Whenever Adrian was turned on he got so into dirty-talking, so I just kept going. I jerked him off with one hand, while licking and sucking. Adrian was moaning and swearing, almost incoherent. I increased my movements and with my other hand I scraped my nails down his stomach and thighs. I kept going faster and faster until Adrian came hard in my mouth with a long, drawn out “Fuuuck!” I licked my way back up to his mouth and kissed his soft lips.

“Do you like tasting yourself Adrian?” he grinned and hungrily kissed me back. He laughed his very wicked laugh, took my hand and led me back to our little bunk. We got dressed upon James letting us know that we were about to arrive at the hotel.

As the band were about to go onstage, the air was electric and just as James was going to step out before Adrian they both held me close and whispered in my ear.

“We’re both going to fuck you after we play alright? But we have a surprise for you too.” And with that they both walked out to throngs of screaming fans.

As usual after watching the show I went back to the hotel room and waited for them. Only this time I was filled with all-consuming anticipation which left me flushed and trembling. I had no idea what was in store for me this time. My chaotic thoughts were interrupted as Adrian slammed open the door, looking menacing and ravenous.

“Bend over the bed! Take your shirt off, bend the fuck over! Ass up high.”

I did what he said, knowing not to disobey him. He was asserting his control over me and I knew it. Adrian left the room and I heard the water from the shower, I was left once again with James, listening to my heart beating fast. I felt him come close to me, feeling the curves of my back and ass. With a lightning fast movement his hand came down hard on me, knocking the breath out of me and making me grip the bed harder.

“I’m going to punish you and I want Adrian to hear.” I swallowed and braced myself. One after the other, James’s blows came down on me yet I still didn’t cry out. This frustrated James, ripping my small black panties down my legs, exposing my pink flesh. His rhythm began again, even more painful, each one stinging my sensitive skin. Finally I started to moan each time he spanked me, getting louder and louder, much to James’s satisfaction.

“That’s it, scream for me.” To my delight James’s blows went lower until each slap brushed my blushing lips, sending me into ecstasy. I kept up the moaning and as it became unbearable, I screamed. I was so close.

“Oh fuuuck…”

Then, he moved away. I was slumped Marmaris Escort Bayan over the bed, panting and unsatisfied.

Adrian was back, and their devious plans for me continued.

“Stay there baby girl, let me see that ass. Shit! Munks you got her good!” He laughed a little at this, I just rolled my eyes, and making sure I was still obeying Adrian. He moved over to me and ran his cool fingers over my red, sore cheeks. Then without warning I felt him dripping a cool, slippery substance on me. I instantly knew what I was in for. His thumb brushed over my ass, pressing lightly, getting me used to the feeling.

“You like it in the ass don’t you baby?”


He slapped my ass hard with his other hand, “Yes what?”

“Yes master.”

He laughed quietly and I could imagine the small smile on his face as he thought about the control he had over me, his ability to make me submit. I moaned as his thumb worked slowly in and out of me, his other hand moving down to flick over my clit. It was an incredible feeling and I knew this wasn’t even half of it. Adrian removed his thumb and replaced it with two fingers, stretching me and continuing the sweet torture. I moaned louder.

“What are you going to do to me master?”

Adrian paused, “James and I are going to fuck you at the same time, and then when his cock is all wet from your cunt, he’s going to fuck me while you watch.”

I held back not to come at that very moment. “Oh god.”

I heard James laugh and step closer. He knelt down in front of me; I could feel his breath on my thighs. I began to shake with anticipation and I moaned out loud when his warm tongue swiped over my clit. From that moment it was relentless, Adrian fingering my ass fast while James mercilessly licked my clit, sucking and occasionally biting until I came hard, fighting to keep standing.

“I think she’s ready now James, what do you think?”

“Fuck yeah, can’t wait any longer.”

Adrian took both of my hands and led me over to the large, soft bed. He moved behind me and I could hear him rubbing lube on his cock, while James knelt in front of me kissing my neck and supporting my hips.

Adrian’s hands joined James’s around me and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck.

“Relax baby girl, breathe deep for me.” He held his cock close to me just slowly pushing in. “You want this?”

“Yes, please Adrian.”

I almost screamed as the combination of dark pleasure and intense pain ripped through my body and then couldn’t hold back as James thrust hard, burying himself deep inside me.

I lost all control, moaning and swearing, incoherent, as both of these men played my body simultaneously. When Adrian pulled out James would thrust forward, and then they would slam hard into me drawing sounds from deep within. With perfect synchronicity they brought me to heights of ecstasy I had never known. The crescendo continued to build and when I finally felt the complete mind-blowing pleasure rip through every inch of my body I blacked out, dying a little for both of them.

Once again I awoke but this time I wasn’t alone. Next to me on the bed James and Adrian were whispering to each other, Escort Marmaris their naked bodies still a spectacular sight. “What are you talking about?”

They looked over at me and both smiled.

“Just wondering how much you’re going to like what we do next.” I realized then that I was tied to the headboard and I would have to endure whatever happened next. “What do you want me to do to him baby girl?”

I thought for a moment, “Kiss James.”

They both smiled and kissed passionately and I had a sneaking suspicion that they had done this before. James’s hand came to rest on Adrian’s neck, while Adrian’s hand stroked softly down the darker skinned chest. When they finally broke apart Adrian looked at me expectantly again.

“Suck James’s cock, I want you to be close so I can watch. James grinned in an evil way and lay back close to me on the bed, almost in the same position as me. He ran his fingers through Adrian’s dreads and they kissed softly at first before James pulled him down to his cock.

“Suck my cock Adrian, the way you know I like.” So I was right, they had done this before and knowing this only got me wetter.

The display in front of me was unbearably hot, with James moaning softly while Adrian used his hands on mouth all over his cock. It was about to get even more unbearable. James ordered Adrian to stop and grabbed his dreads hard, moving so he was behind him, Adrian’s aching cock inches from my face. The smaller man seemed to know his place and got on hands and knees willingly, waiting for what was about to come. James rubbed a large amount of lube on himself and Adrian and then moved slowly towards him.

I watched Adrian’s face intently as James entered him slowly. They both began to moan as James built up a steady rhythm. Back and forth, sweat dripping of both bodies, moans escaping lips, hands gripping body and sheets hard.

“Ah James please! I want to come, please touch me!” James smiled and reached down to pull Adrian’s dick up and down fast.

“Oh god, fuck! James!” And with that Adrian came all over James’s hand and the bed, setting off James to let a low drawn out cry and come deep inside him.

Both of the men collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and touching each other lightly. After a few minutes they looked at me hungrily once more.

“I guess it’s your turn now baby girl. You’re in for it now.” I smiled as both settled themselves between my legs. I wasn’t prepared at all for what happened. Adrian slipped two fingers inside me, I was already desperately wet, and James laved his tongue over my clit. As Adrian pulled his fingers in and out slowly, they both traced their tongues over and around my clit, I was in heaven. I moaned loudly and muttered their names, not knowing which sensation to concentrate on. Adrian hooked his fingers up, searching for that spot that sends me out of the universe and at the same time their tongue movements sped up. My orgasm built fast and before I could think I was screaming, the pleasure almost too much to take. But they kept going. One orgasm blended into another as the onslaught continued until my body was completely wrung out and I could hardly take a breath. Finally both Adrian and James pulled back, kissing each other, tasting me on their lips and tongues, and then releasing me from my restraints.

Just like the previous night they kissed me, tucked me into bed and slept close either side of me. Another perfect end to another very interesting day, I could only imagine what I was in for tomorrow.

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