Blackshaft – 1-01 Say Hello To The Black Guys p1

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Blackshaft – 1-01 Say Hello To The Black Guys p1
(Adults Only. Copyright@Rama. 2013)

Eglin City. Lade and Ninth Street. Night

Except for the dark blue tunic that flapped open, she was naked and her skin pale in the moonlight. Her nipples were perky in the cold night air and her recently shaved crotch still buzzed with the feeling of nakedness that her pussy lips now enjoyed. The white woman held herself up as she made her way along the wall. The cold didn’t bother her. The concrete under her naked feet didn’t bother her. Only one thing did. She remembered begging and pleading to them. But they ignored her. Just put the cloth over her mouth and nose and let it do it’s job. She woke up… When?
She didn’t know…
She didn’t care…
She saw an alley, not the bed. All she knew was she was as good as naked, and her cunt wanted more.
As she sat there, her fingers found her smooth, bare slit the woman thought about Them – the three strong, black studs who had teased her and made her beg. The same strong, black studs who had casually slapped her face and her tits with thise bug, beautiful, black cocks till they were sooooo hard and sooooo big in front of her face while her pussy yearned for filling. God she needed it. She thought of the handcuffs being unlocked and her legs being untied from the chair. A lot of things were unlocked in her. She remembered their smell as she fell to her knees and those big, black cocks sliding across her face as she nuzzled on the full balls under each black shaft before kissing each cock on it’s fat, glorious head. She honoured them, promised to serve them and never disobey them. She got in line with the other two white women, all naked and all on their knees, then held up a right hand. One of the black men stood in front of her and she placed her left hand on his impressive dark cock. She watched the other two women did the same with the two other black men before her face was gently pulled back to the strong, black male in front of her.
“You swear to uphold the truth,” the man in the centre of the three said.
“I swear to uphold the truth,” the white women repeated as one.
“That the black man is superior.”
“That the black man is superior.”
“His cock greater,”
“His cock greater,” they copied and she heard one of the blondes giggle.
“His seed purer.”
“His seed purer.” the white women said
“That you will NEVER say no to the black man!”
“That I will NEVER say no to the black man!” she said, eagerly, hearing the other women do the same.
“That you will give yourself, body and soul, to the black man.”
“That I will give myself, body and soul, to the black man.” she said, feeling the long, thick black monster pulse and throb in her hand.
“Until the day you die,”
“Until the day I die,” they said.
“You renounce any relationship outside of the black man.”
“I renounce any relationship outside of the black man.” she said, ignoring the glint of her wedding ring.
“So help you God.” the man smiled.
“So help me God.” she sighed.
She remembered him looking at her, seeing the ring. Then telling her she may now remove it. She did as she was told, throwing it away, before placing her hand back on that wonderful black cock before finally tasting it’s blackness, inhaled it’s dark, musky scent and giving herself, body and soul, to it. She remembered the pain as it pushed through her anal ring, stretching it till she thought it would tear. She remembered screaming, the pain soon became pleasure as the superior black cock claimed her virgin ass. She remembered the hot rush she felt inside herself as the black men made sure they came inside her first time around.
Then came the orgasms. Those hot, gloriously violent orgasms that came again and again and again….
She remembered it all. The taste of hot pure black seed in her mouth, the pure black seed running down her thighs, filling her pussy and ass. She remembered every deep thrust inside her, every slap, every kiss from the other two women, every taste of hot cum-filled pussy, every glorious, quaking orgasm that coursed through her…. Then came the end. The begging to stay, the pleading and rubbing herself against their crotches promising to obey them but it was no good. Now she was wandering, near-naked and hungry for cock. She saw him under the boxes. He was dirty, bearded, and disgusting. Homeless. A bum.
…But he was black man.

Eglin City. The Southside. 2 Hours Later.

The cloudless sky meant the moon shone bright, giving the alley some light. Officer Carol Kellerman switched on her flashlight as she checked the patrol car was locked. This was the last place Patty reported from before, well, whatever happened to her. Suspicious activity, she had called in. A suspected prowler. Then she and the rookie she’d been paired with had…. what? The rookie had been knocked out and Patty was…
Carol made sure her gun was loaded and working and slipped it into it’s holster on her belt. The rest of her equipment was ready and waiting; nightstick, mace, cuffs, all the crucial stuff present and correct. She pressed the transmit button on her radio. “Two-One, this is Six-Zero.” she said quietly, eyeing the alleyway.
“Six-Zero, respond.” the radio said.
“Log me out for the next ten minutes, would you? On a break.” Jane said.
“Okay.” the radio controller replied.
Carol switched the radio off. This place had been gone over already, but it was worth checking one last time. Jane switched on the flashlight and kept her hand over the gun as she started into the alleyway.

Eglin City. Central Police Department. Roof.

Commissioner Jane Gregg gave her small steel-rimmed glasses a quick clean with a well-used cloth then put them back on and looked across the moonlit city. She wondered how many crimes were being committed at that moment. Or to put it a better way; how many ‘normal’ crimes were being committed. Things had been quieter since they had found that grinning lunatic, Smiler, dead. Someone had kindly done what should bursa otele gelen escort bayan have been done years ago and put that grinning bastard out of everyone’s misery, not just dump him into the nuthouse again. Jane pulled the overcoat around her a little tighter. It was cold and the wind was getting up. She pushed her fair hair back and looked around again. Still nothing.
“Seems quiet.” the voice said behind her and Jane smiled.
“Normal, you mean.” she replied and looked to her left as the speaker jumped down beside her.
A woman, around about 30, her hair black and blowing in the wind. She was wearing a stylised skin-tight red and black leather outfit. There were flashes of flesh underneath the various parts of the costume under the dark scarlet cape that reached the woman’s thick heels of her thigh boots when it wasn’t moving with the wind. “It feels… different.” the woman said in a low voice.
“Different?” Jane asked, looking at the black mask around the woman’s eyes.
The woman nodded. “Yes.”
“Thinking about Smiler?” Jane asked.
“In a way.” the woman turned and looked at Jane directly. “How many people did I let die by not killing him?”
“Same question I asked myself. But there are some lines we can not cross.”
“Even if it saves people?”
The masked woman sighed. “Any further information?”
“Nope,” Jane shook her head. “Someone managed to shove a metal pole up his ass and plugged him into the mains. That’s all. To be honest, I don’t think the detectives are too eager to find whoever did it, and if they do I can’t see any jury finding them guilty. I don’t blame them. Are you sure it wasn’t you?”
The masked woman grunted. “The Smiler, the Quizmaster, Birdman. All dead. Murdered over the past three months. Nightlord is still…” She stopped letting the sentence hang.
“The press are starting to wonder.” Jane told her. “Has the Queen lost her head?” she said, quoting one paper.
“The press are idiots.” the woman said. “Or are you asking me to turn myself in?”
Jane shook her head. “Christ, no.” she replied. “After all the times you’ve saved people. I know you’re not involved.”
The woman turned back to the city again. “How?”
“I trust my instincts.” Jane told her. “That’s not why I called you anyway. There is a lead on who might have killed Smiler. The others too.”
The masked woman turned back as Jane sat on the short wall that divided her from the sheer drop below. “Earlier today Officer Patricia Heinrich called in a possible prowler. She was out with a rookie called Byres. His first patrol. After half an hour and no response another car is sent and finds Byres in the trunk of the patrol car, cuffed with his own handcuffs and no sign of Heinrich. He knew nothing. Someone got him from behind and then nothing. A search of the area came up empty. That was eight hours ago. Two hours ago we found her seven blocks away from the original locale. She was fucking a homeless guy.”
The masked woman blinked. “She was what?”
“Fucking a homeless guy.” Jane repeated.
“What’s this got to do with murder?”
“You remember Captain Cooldown?”
The woman thought a second. “Oh, yeah. Some college kid. Thought he could make an ice bomb out of a fridge. Tried threatening the city over it.”
“Until you pulled the plug from the wall. And then called his mom. Not the brightest spark in the box.”
A smiled appeared across the woman’s face as she shook her head. “Yeah, pitiful.” she said. “Anyway, what about him?”
“He was found in Cobby park three days ago. Someone had beaten him up, stripped him naked and tied him to a tree.”
“He said it was three black guys. They also told him to go home to Mommy.” Jane stood up. “We thought it was one of the gangs.”
“I’m still not following.” the woman said.
“Officer Heinrich had to be dragged off of the homeless guy. She’s downstairs. We had to put her in a segregated holding cell. We’re waiting for a shrink to come in and see her.”
“Commissioner, I’m still…”
“It’s something she said.” Jane told the masked woman as she opened the door that let them into the building. “You need to see this. I don’t think Scarlet Queen’s crime-fighting days are over just yet now the chief psych-jobs are residing in the cemetery.”
The masked woman called Scarlet Queen looked at her as she walked through the door.

Southside. Alley.

Carol had looked over the alley quickly. She had shone her flashlight into every corner and found nothing. Nothing to climb on and plenty of nice, green weeds growing through the cracks told her there had been nothing that could have climbed on. The walls were too high to grab at the top so if someone was down here… The rookie had been found stuffed into the trunk of Patty’s patrol car. Dumb shit knew nothing. Yeah, she thought, Cop-of-The-Year material. Chief of Detectives rank for sure. There was a door at the far end but that hadn’t been opened in a long time. The padlock was rusted. The building was an old housing block that had been condemned years ago and no-one knew who the owner was. If it ever had a fire escape that was long gone. The front door was in a similar state to the back door. The bottom two floors’ windows were all barred. Unless…
Something bugged her. Carol went to the back door at the end of the alley again and looked at it. Closely this time. She shone her light up close to the lock. It still looked rusty. She moved the light around padlock and screws. Then Carol smiled as she saw the slight glint. That was it. Patty might’ve seen the same thing. that little glint of clean metal. Quickly she went back to her patrol car, opened the trunk and found the emergency toolbox. She got the crowbar and closed the car up again. Then went back to the door and put the crowbar into the padlock. She had no warrant, but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Carol slammed the crowbar down a couple of times and heard the wood give. Another few tugs and the padlock was ripped out of the wood. bursa ucuz escort bayan Nice padlock, shame about the wood.
Burglars these day, she thought, smiling. Just leaving doors open. No respect for property. “Better check inside like a good cop,” she said to herself.
Carol pushed the door open and nodded as she didn’t hear the hinges creak. One look at them confirmed what she suspected. The hinges were new. Just like the padlock, it was all to look old. The door hid the hinges, the rust on the padlock had been cleaned back just enough so the lock would work but look like it wouldn’t.
She put the crowbar next to the door and pulled the gun from it’s holster then, holding it close to the light she stepped into the dark building.

Eglin City. Central Police Department. Commissioner Gregg’s Office.

Officer Patricia Heinrich was naked in the cell. Lying on the thin mattress she thrown from the bunk onto the cold floor. Her legs were splayed wide open. She was aiming at the camera, giving whoever was watching a view of her fingers thrusting in and out of herself. The white forensic overalls were in a corner were she had thrown them and her eyes were closed. She was yelling.
“Is she…” Scarlet Queen started, surprised by the sight of the naked, white brunette on the TV monitor on Jane’s desk, the sound muted..
“Yup.” Jane nodded. “That is Officer Patricia Heinrich. One of the most diligent and capable police officers I knew, and two months away from her Sergeant’s exam. Something which was considered a tick-box exercise for her. Now naked and masturbating for all to see and not giving a damn. She is refusing to wear clothing. Oh, there’s this, too.” she added and moved the icon over ‘mute’. Jane clicked the mouse button and Officer Heinrich’s voice filled the room.
“AAH, GOD….AAH, GOD! SEND ME SOME FUCKING REAL MEN, YOU BASTARDS!” she screamed. Scarlet Queen and Jane Gregg exchanged a look. “YOU LISTENIN’ TO ME, FUCKERS! PUSSIES!” Heinrich started slapping her vagina as she looked at the camera. “HOT CUNT HERE, FUCKERS! HOT FUCKING CUNT!” A male officer entered the view and Heinrich saw him. “HEY, CARLOW, TELL MAL I’M HOT FOR HIS COCK AND TO GET HIS BLACK ASS DOWN HERE! I WANNA RIDE HIS BIG BLACK–”
Jane switched the sound off.
“Ehm,” Scarlet Queen said, taken aback. “Drugged?”
Jane shook her head. “Preliminary tox screen says no. And you should have seen the effort it took to take that. She’s perfectly sober. Proved that by hitting a couple of the guys in the balls during the test.” She closed the media player on her computer as Heinrich looked like she was laughing as Carlow quickly left. “That’s why we waiting for the doctor.”
Scarlet Queen stepped back, her eyes not leaving the monitor and thought a second. “How’s it tie in with the killings?” she asked.
Jane accessed another file and clicked on it. The player began again. Heinrich was standing at the wire of the holding cell, her fingers laced through the mesh. She was wearing the overalls and rubbing herself against the wire. Opposite her was another officer. A blonde woman. “Come on, Carol.” she was saying. “You and me. Let me out and we’ll get some prime black stallion. Those bastards know how to fuck. They’re real men.”
“What happened, Patty?” the other officer said.
“Who’s that?” Scarlet Queen asked.
“Carol Kellerman. Heinrich’s normal partner.” Jane told her.
“I got FUCKED for the first time is what happened!”
“Jesus, Patty, you’re married–” Carol stopped as she looked at Patty’s hands. “Where’s your ring?” she asked. “Where’s your wedding ring?”
“Fuck him!” Heinrich said. “I mean fucked PROPERLY! That Pee-Wee couldn’t screw his right hand. You got to meet these guys. These niggas know how to make a woman cum. And they don’t take shit.”
“Niggas?” Scarlet Queen looked to Jane Gregg.
“Never heard her use it before. Completely out of character.” she replied.
“Did they… rape you?” Carol asked hesitantly.
“Let me out, Carol.” Heinrich said softly.
“Did they rape you, Patty?” Carol tried again.
“Come on, Carol.” Heinrich pleaded. “Let me out.”
“Did they force you, Patty? Did they rape you? Christ’s sake, tell me.”
“Jesus, did they rape me?” Heinrich repeated with a bored tone, paused, then looked at her partner and grinned. “That get you hot, Carol? Three big fucking niggers forcing you, telling you what to do, dominating you, not taking no for an answer? That get you hot? Using you like a piece of white fuckmeat until they fill your pussy with hot black cum…”
“FUCK’S SAKE, PATTY!” Carol yelled shocked and angry as she saw Heinrich sliding a hand between her thighs and start rubbing hard.
Heinrich saw the shock she caused and smiled. “No, they didn’t rape me. They filled me with their BIG, BLACK, NIGGER COCKS! They made me cum like a fucking volcano!” Scarlet Queen saw the look of shock on the blonde officer. It was genuine. “We need guys like that.”Heinrich continued. “They know how to do things. How to take things. That big, black motherfucker slamming it up me. You should have felt it. So… Fucking… Big…”
“What the fuck did they do to you…” the blonde officer shook her head.
“Everything they could. My cunt. My ass. My mouth. And I let them. I let those black fuckers do me everywhere, every-fucking-way. We owe them. They got that sick shit Smiler! They got him better than that Scarlet cunt ever did. They put him down. They put them all down! What did th-”
Jane switched the sound off again and sat in her chair. “Like I said,” she shrugged. “Out of character.”
Scarlet Queen continued to watch the screen. She could lip-read what else Heinrich was saying. “Was she raped?” Scarlet Queen asked.
Jane shrugged. “You heard her. When it came to consent the lady was saying yes, yes, yes.”
“They must’ve drugged her.”
“We’ll know in the morning. I’ve had the tests fast-tracked.” Jane picked up a file of papers from her desk and opened a drawer. “They’ll phone the results straight through to bursa merkez escort bayan me.” She said as she dropped it in then looked up to see she was alone in the office. The door was just closing.
On the screen the live feed from the cells was on in a corner. Officer Patricia Heinrich looked like she was climaxing. Again…

Southside. Housing Block.

For an old condemned building it seemed unusually solid, Carol noted as she tried the stairs and the bannisters. She shone the light around her. Plenty of dust. Plenty of grime. No sounds at all. Not even rats. She picked up a loose piece of wood and used it to press the light switch in case is was dangerous. Nothing happened. No power. Carol shone her light onto the floor again and saw the path made by a myriad of footsteps. Someone had been using this place. Maybe addicts. She ran the light up the hallway and found it stopped at a door. A quick check of the lock found there was none and she pushed it open, moving in swiftly with the gun ahead of her.
Carol swept the room in a quick single movement. It was empty. A mattress was lying on the far side of the room. There was a distinct lack of dust here. Something was telling her this place wasn’t a drug den. For all the dust and the grime there something about that was too clean. No needles, Carol noted, as she swept the light areound the room. Was it here that they… Were whoever held her partner? On this dirty mattress, in this shithole? “What the fuck happened to you, Patty?” she said to the room.

The Storme Building. Rooftop.

Scarlet Queen sat on the edge of the building, the cape billowing around her. It was one of the highest in the city, dwarfing every other building around it. Her mind filled with what she had just seen. A perfectly respectful police officer becomes a slut in six hours. It had to be drugs. But what she had said was true. Smiler wouldn’t kill anyone else. Not because of her or Kacey. But because some black gang had killed him. It was the only way he could have been stopped. How many people had been harmed because she didn’t have the guts to do what these guys had?
Too many. she thought.
Maybe it was time for the Scarlet Queen to step down. Ten years she’d been doing this and how had the city changed? It hadn’t, not really. How many people would still be alive if she’d just let Smiler fall that time he was hanging off the edge of this very building? The bus load of kids he killed and left looking like a load of posed rag dolls would still be alive. The words he used at his mental hearing still haunted her. It was ‘art-piece’, he said. Should have killed him after that. No-one would have blamed her, probably cheered her for doing it. He was the worst, but the rest were no better. Birdman had thrown people off buildings without a second thought, but he would never, ever harm a bird. Quizmaster? Scarlet snorted as she remembered the prize he’d set up for Kacey – being dipped in acid. And Nightlord had put so many people into hospital with his ‘dream potion’ she’d lost had lost count. He even poisoned an entire fairground once and claimed he’d simply got the mixture wrong as he just wanted to scare them a little. He deserved the nightmares he was going through now. Scarlet looked across the city towards the asylum where that maniac had to be sedated to sleep now. Happy dreams, sicko…..
She slipped her gloved hands into the cape’s control handles then leant forward and pushed herself off the edge, feeling the wind in her face. Scarlet extended her arms and felt the cape tighten as the rods in the cape snapped together and she felt the wind catch. She went from falling to sailing forward and saw the ground come up fast. Dropping her feet, she landed and rolled, releasing the handles letting the rods slip apart, breaking into a run towards the back alley. Stopping in front of a pile of rubbish bags she took the small remote from her belt, hit a button and saw the light shimmer in front of her as the sleek, black sports car appeared. Scarlet disabled the anti-theft measures with another button and watched the driver’s door slide up. She stepped in and pulled the door down. The engine started immediately but Scarlet just sat there. Glancing up she saw her masked face in the mirror.
“What good have you actually done?” she demanded from the reflection and ripped the eye mask from her face. Then gunned the engine and sped into the road.

Southside. Building. Block.

Carol had checked the rest of the floor and found it as empty as the first room she went into. She checked her watch and saw her time was up five minutes ago. Going back into that room she shone the light over the mattress, kneeling down and feeling it. She’d need forensics to check this properly. And she had no real reason to call them in. Just an old mattress in an old room in an old building.
She stood up, sighing, and turned, reaching for the radio. Officer Carol Kellerman felt cloth clamp around her mouth and nose and she felt the strong arm grab her as the sweet smell of flowers filled her senses….

Eglin City. Central Police Department. Commissioner’s Gregg’s Office.

Jane watched the exchange between the shrink and Heinrich. It was just words to her. Heinrich was still wanting some ‘real men’, telling the old guy to fuck off. The same response she saw Heinrich give every white male officer. Jane watched the shrink stand up and leave then picked up the phone and called down to the cells. “Put the doc on.” she said.
“Hello, Commissioner.” the old man said after a minute.
He paused. “Seems to be some kind of acute racially-based nymphomania.”
“I noticed.” Jane said. “She’s never behaved like this, never mind calling all the white guys Pee-Wee.”
“Best guess I can make is it’s drugs. Like something that…what was his name? Wilson. Peter Wilson would come up with.”
“Who, Nightlord?” Jane asked, recognising the name. “That creep’s as good as dead, so can you take him off the list.”
“I know,” the doctor replied. “But he could have left a little surprise for us.”
“Yeah.” she muttered and saw the clock. Half past midnight. “You get off home, doc. Thanks for coming in.”
“Night, Commissioner.” she heard and put the phone down. Jane rubbed her eyes. It wasn’t just time for the doc to go. So should she.


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