Blindfolded Surprise

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My boyfriend told me had a sexy surprise for me that night. He didn’t say what it was, which made me squirm with anticipation while we had a few gin and tonics at the bar after dinner. I’m 5’11”, striking blonde hair, perfect sized breasts for my height, and I keep myself in good shape. He’s 6’1″, short blond hair, and an athletically trim body. We’ve been having great sex for the past few months, but said he wanted to do something special for me tonight.

When we entered his place, he dimmed the lights, lit some candles and put on some mood music. I smiled and winked when he lit the candles, because I had dropped some hints about how I liked a little candle wax to spice things up. That must be what he had in mind for tonight.

He held me close and kissed me tenderly. My hands started to roam his shoulders and I started to kiss him harder, but he stopped and said, “Hold on.”

He led me by the hand into the den, where the coffee table was already pulled to the side and the futon was laid on the floor in front of the couch (we had done that before so we could have sex in front of the TV). He then reached onto the side table and held up a scarf. I was already tingling with excitement — we had never used a blindfold before, but I had told him that I liked it.

He looked me in my eyes and said, “Do you trust me?”

I gulped and replied, “Yes.”

He then placed the scarf over my eyes as a blindfold and tied it securely behind my head. He told me not to touch him, as he slowly undressed me. Being blindfolded and only feeling the movement of his fingers over the outside of my clothing was quite erotic. The blouse came off, then the skirt. Then he very slowly lowered my panties, but was careful not to touch my pussy, which was aching for his touch. As I stepped out of my underwear he also removed my shoes. As he stood back up he slowly traced his fingers up the sides of my legs; I assumed he would touch my pussy but he just kept going up my sides (that little tease!) until he grazed the outside of my bra at the nipples. He unclasped the bra and removed it. I was now standing naked and blindfolded.

He helped me get down and lie on my back on the futon. I could feel him kneel over my torso, then he kissed me. He Kıbrıs Escort was holding my hands above my head with one of his hands as he kissed me passionately. The next thing I know he had another scarf wrapped around my wrists! He stopped kissing me and tied my wrists together and then to the couch leg so that my hands were secured above my head. It was disconcerting at first, but I quickly relaxed and enjoyed the feeling at being totally at his mercy. He went back to licking my neck and ear as he lightly fondled my breasts. He then moved further down my body. But instead of fingering me, he pressed my legs together and wrapped another scarf around my knees, holding my legs together! Unfair! I was so annoyed, yet turned on. I wanted him to touch me there, but he apparently had other plans.

My nipples were so hard when he finally tweaked them with his hands. I moaned as he took one nipple in his mouth and bit it lightly. He knows I like that.

“Your nipples are soooo hard,” he said as he kept sucking and nibbling them, alternating every minute or so between each nipple. I instinctively tried to pull my hands down so I could touch him (or myself!), but they were tied securely. It felt strange to have my legs tied together — my body so wanted to spread my legs apart and rub my groin into his body. He kept licking my breasts and abdomen, and fed me a finger to suck on, which I did eagerly. He paused a bit; I couldn’t hear what was going on above the music, but he must have been undressing, because the next thing I felt was his semi-hard cock against my cheek. I turned my head and scooped it up in my mouth. I sucked him to hardness.

He said things like, “Yes, that’s good, make me hard, suck my cock.”

But he didn’t let me suck him for long, and he went back to sucking my nipples. My legs were squirming, trying to create some friction between my thighs without me even thinking about it. In what little space I could create between my legs by straining against the knee scarf, he moved a hand down there and barely touched the outside of my pussy. I yearned for more, but he just made his two fingers very wet (the whole area was dripping!), and moved them up and rubbed them on my nipples, then went back to Kıbrıs Escort Bayan licking them. The thought of him licking my pussy juice off of my nipples made my nipples even harder.

Finally, he moved down and I felt his hands untie the knee scarf. He still held my legs together with his hands, then he said in a firm voice, “OK, you can spread your legs wide NOW.”

After having my legs closed for such a long time during his forelplay, just the act of spreading them apart was a joy. He wasted no time diving in; he spread my lips with his hand, and gently started to flick my clit. I was worked up so much that I started to cum; the orgasm built up very quickly and caught me by surprise. I was breathing quickly and my back arched as I let out a strained groan. He stopped licking while my hips shuttered.

I figured he would fuck me now, but when my breathing finally subsided to a normal level, he resumed his tounge lashing of my pussy and clit. This time he put two fingers inside my pussy. It just made me want his cock there. He didn’t stick them in far, but he rubbed the front inside of my pussy while he licked around my clit. I could feel the heat starting to build up in me again. His other hand was rubbing one of my nipples, pinching and pulling on them hard. It felt so good.

Then I realized that it wasn’t his hand! He had one hand inside me and the other was holding my lips apart so he could lick my clit — there must be someone else in the room! I was full of a weird combination of shock and mild anger, but also of complete eroticism of the thought of someone else seeing me like this and making me feel good. Here I was, blindfolded and tied up and completely exposed for someone else to enjoy. I felt a hand on each breast and nipple, pinching them. Then I realized there were four hands on my upper body. Stroking my breasts, my arms, my hair, the side of my face. I could tell that two of the hands had nails and were probably a woman’s hands. Meanwhile my boyfriend was licking my clit faster and faster. I got lost in a world of hands and touch as I concentrated on the head building in my groin.

“Oh Yes! Right there!” I said as I started to get close to my second orgasm.

My boyfriend Escort Kıbrıs recognized the signs and stopped licking me. The hands were also removed from my body. The next thing I know his cock was pushing against my pussy. He groaned as he entered me so easily. He lay on top of me and said,

“You are so fucking hot,” and he kissed me, so I knew it was him. He then lifted my ass up and slid a pillow underneath me, and shifted down so that he was sort of in a kneeling position. The angle of his cock was a little different in this position, I think it was hitting my G-spot. I was already close to orgasm when he started to fuck me hard.

“Oh Yeah”, I kept saying, “hard like that.”

He was getting into a rhythm as someone untied my hands. The strangers must have been on either side of me, because each one now held a hand of mine by my sides, fingers entertwined. It was more of a tender hold rather than a restraining one. All I could think of was the tension about to burst into an orgasm; I held onto their hands tightly as my boyfriend made a few final quick thrusts. As if on cue the strangers’ mouths both landed on my nipples and bit them at the same time, sending me totally over the edge. My body started to convulse in the most amazing orgasm. I wanted to scream but the first wave of the orgasm was so strong I couldn’t make a sound for some reason. The second wave hit me strong but smoothly, and I let out a long moan with each breath. My convulsions and breathing started to slow down. The strangers stopped biting my nipples, but held onto my hands tightly.

My boyfriend apparently was already close to orgasm when I came, because he only needed a few more strokes until he moaned,

“Oh yeah– here it comes, here it comes… AAAAAAAAH!”

One final deep thrust and he held firm inside me. I could feel each pulse of his cock as he spurted his cum inside me. As his breathing subsided, the strangers re-tied my hands above my head. My boyfriend lay down on top of me for many minutes. I could feel the layer of sweat between our bodies. Eventually he got off of me. I could barely make out some voices, then the sound of a door closing. He untied my hands and removed my blindfold — my boyfriend was the only other person in the room.

“That was amazing,” I said. We cuddled naked on the futon. I enjoyed finally being able to rub his shoulders and body with my hands.

“So, who were those people?” I asked.

He smiled at me, kissed me, and said, “you know one of them… but I’ll never tell.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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