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Totally fictional. Everyone is over 18.


I still can’t believe that worked. Not only did it work but… I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name is Andrea. I’m a 5’4″ blonde with an athletic runners body which makes sense considering I’m in college on a running scholarship. My friend Jamie is extremely similar to me. I mean really similar. People usually mistake us for sisters. We share clothes all the time and even have similar tits which is handy for sharing bras. Oh, and did I mention we run track together so even muscle tone is the same?

My boyfriend’s name is Jeremy who also happens to be Jamie’s brother. Their parents liked J names I guess. Anyway, Jeremy & I have been together for a year or so and we’ve been pretty sexually active for almost as long. I’ve never been the jealous type but I’m still not sure how I feel about what we did. Or where it’s going for that matter.

Jamie & I have been friends for years, since freshman year of high school. Her brother Jeremy is about two years older than her and even though we knew each other in high school, it wasn’t until later that we started dating.

About a month ago, Jamie & I were drinking the night away at a friends house party and after we’d both had a few too many, she told me she had a secret she wanted to tell me. I’m thinking, “Oh, she wants to make out.” and I had had just enough to be willing so I start leaning in for a kiss and she dodges my lips and leans into my ear and whispers just loud enough to clear the music “I want to fuck my brother.”

I don’t know what to say to that. I’m a little horny and a lot drunk and super confused by what she just said but I ask “Are you serious?” to which she just nods her head and smiles but you can see just a bit of that drunken shameful confession in her blushing cheeks.

“You know he’s your brother right?” she nods.

“You know he’s my boyfriend right?” she nods again.

“And you still want to fuck him?” one more nod but this time she averts her eyes a bit.

“How long has this been a thing?” I ask.

“I don’t know.” she says “Maybe six months? I can’t get it out of my head. I feel like if I just fucked him one time, it’d go away you know?” but I didn’t know.

“I’m assuming he doesn’t know this?” I asked. She shook her head. This was crazy. My best friend is telling me she wants to fuck my boyfriend (slash) her brother. The really really drunk, stupid, & horny part of me got an idea and I was just inhibited enough to say it out loud.

“I mean, he’s kinky sometimes but I don’t know. Are you wanting like a threesome with us?”

She bashfully bowed her head a little and shook it. She wanted him all to herself. At least once.

After a moment, she said “We could use a blindfold.” I was shocked “You mean like trick him? Make him think you’re me?” and she perked up once she realized I was getting it. I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation.

“Look I know we share everything but come on.” I said in disbelief but there was a part of me that thought this was genius in a kinky fucked up way. Even if it was my boyfriend.

We talked about it again once we’d Bayrampaşa Escort sobered up the next day and I reluctantly agreed. I could see this was causing her a lot of pain and I did what any best friend would do. I said I’d help.

The plan was for me to blindfold him and then have her step in for the actual sex. We’re similar enough he might not even notice. So we set the date for a few weeks later. Enough time to mentally prepare for something like that.

That night, everything was going to plan. Jamie was in the closet naked and ready and I had Jeremy a bit drunk and horny and I got him naked and into bed. I said I wanted to try something new and I brought out a blindfold I’d picked up at the local sex shop. He smiled and was all too willing. I put it on and made sure he couldn’t see anything by acting like I was going to slap him but stopping just before his face. When he didn’t flinch, I knew he couldn’t see. I told him I was going to stay quiet so that between my silence and the blindfold, he could focus on the full sensory experience. We thought about tying him up but Jamie said she wanted his hands on her and we thought he wouldn’t notice anyway as long as he didn’t reach for the blindfold.

I reached down and started warming him up with my hands while I motioned for Jamie to come out of the closet she was in watching through the crack in the door. She quietly and nervously walked over to her brother on the bed while I’m rubbing him down and I motioned for her to take over. I had even walked her through some of the things her brother and I do normally so she’d maximize the chances of him thinking she was me.

She took her brother’s dick in her hand as I watched her face light up like I’d never seen her before. She was hungry for him. She desperately desired him and I felt like I was giving a friend exactly what she needed and at first it felt great. She stroked him for a minute, then brought her mouth down to kiss the tip of his penis before starting to lick, then engulfed his huge erection in her mouth. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she let out a quiet moan as I watched from a chair in the corner of the room. I wasn’t going to let this happen without getting to see it for myself. I even rubbed myself a little. This was remarkably hot after all. Incest isn’t something you see every day and considering they were both really hot, I couldn’t help myself. Plus I might need to step in if something happened.

I could tell Jamie didn’t want to let Jeremy cum right away so she worked her way up onto him and kissed him on the lips with an intense passion that only comes from being in love. I was worried about that but let it slide since she was in the moment. As she kissed him, she guided his huge cock (my favorite part of him) to her opening. The deal was for her to use a condom since you know, it was incest and everything but I guess that went out the window since she completely ignored the condom right next to her. “No rubber then?” he asked but neither of us answered. Jeremy just smiled and said “Alright.”

Jamie was nervous, I could tell but she still went through with it and lowered herself Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan onto his dick like it was made just for her. She had wanted this for a lot longer than she let on. She almost cried. It was like getting the one thing you’ve dreamed of for years. She started moving up and down softly. She wasn’t fucking her brother. She was making love to him. It was actually romantic in a way.

She picked up the pace a little as she built up her own orgasm. I know Jeremy and he can last a while. I thought she might get two in before losing him. I was also a little worried about them pulling out before he came without a rubber but at least I knew she was on the pill.

A little faster. A little harder she’d grind. Jeremy started getting into it and so far, had no idea it wasn’t me. She took his hands in hers and intertwined their fingers as she moved them up above his head. She leaned in and kissed him passionately as she started to fuck the living daylights out of him. He was now bucking and fucking her just as much and the two were going at it like rabbits. I now had a couple of fingers in my pussy and I’m almost about to hit my own climax when I see her hands move with his just enough to bump the blindfold. The corner comes up just a little on the side but the two of them were going at it so hard and heavy that the blindfold rubbed against the bed and quickly slid off above his head.

He opened his eyes and saw his sister on top of him at almost exactly the same time she let loose her incredible orgasm as her legs and body were now quivering as she shuddered almost to tears.

While Jamie is shaking and cumming all over her brother, Jeremy only looks confused for about two seconds before leaning up and kissing his sister on the lips with a passion he’s never shown to me. He gets his arms free from Jamie’s hands and wraps them around his sister, squeezing her torso tightly to her like a hug from a long lost love while he pulled back from their kiss.

That was when he started pumping his dick into her even more furiously than before. He was letting her have it. He wanted this just as much as she did. He pumped and fucked and rammed her over and over and over again until he threw his head back on the bed and released his enormous orgasm right into her pussy. There was no chance he was going to pull out. He needed this. He wanted her filled with his cum. She wanted it to. She was milking his dick for every single sperm she could get. They slowed down as she squeezed every last drop of cum from her brother and he pushed every bit he could from his dick into his sister’s pussy.

When they were done, she collapsed onto him and he hugged her close, kissing her all over. She was crying. Not sobbing but the way you cry when you’ve never been this happy in your life. The way you cry when you’ve finally achieved a dream. All the while, his cock was still deep in his sister.

I had no idea what to say or do and my orgasm was nothing compared to theirs. Jamie looked over at me and mouthed “Thank you” before turning back to Jeremy and kissing him on the lips. He was completely unaware that I was even Escort Bayrampaşa in the room.

After a minute, I was sure she was going to dismount her brother and they’d start trying to clean up or maybe she’d try to go to the bathroom and let some of his cum drip out of her into the toilet. Nope. They rolled over. I guess they weren’t done.

Jeremy rolled on top of his sister and Jamie spread her legs for him. Don’t get me wrong, this guy had stamina but he usually at least needed a drink of water before round two. When he took his cock in his hand, he held it to his sister’s pussy and started pushing it in but more gently than before. I could see where this was going. He wanted to make love to her the way she had to him. He was taking his time and easing his dick in a few inches at a time, then out just as slowly. She was smiling, crying, and staring at her brother’s eyes. Those were partly her eyes in a genetic sense. They were even an identical color they got from their Mom. Maybe that’s why they were a good match.

Jamie pulled herself off of him and up onto all fours on the bed and presented her brother with her ass. He put his hands on her hips and moved his dick right back into her pussy like they were made for each other. That’s when the fucking started. I thought they’d at least invite me in (as weird as I thought this was) but nope. I’m stuck in the corner with my fingers.

Jeremy pulled her faster and faster onto his dick and she’s just on cloud nine letting him do what he wants to her. She starts moaning and saying his name. He starts saying her name. Nobody’s saying my name but at least I’m getting a show.

He pumps her harder and deeper as if it’s impossible to get his dick as deep into his sister as he wants. After a few moments, Jamie says “I’m gonna cum!” to which her brother replies “Cum for me Jamie.” That was all it took. She closed her eyes and kept slamming her ass into her brother and seconds later, as she felt his pace increase and assumed he was close, she said “Cum in me.”

He was now fucking the hell out of his sister from behind while a single long grunt slowly escaped his mouth, getting louder and louder as he shot his load into his sister’s welcoming vagina. It must have been huge. He never cums for that long with me but then again, maybe it’s the difference the condom makes. I wasn’t sure how effective two full loads of cum would be against her birth control pill.

Brother and sister are now sweaty and slowing down their sex but still very much connected at the middle. After they come to a stop, he turns her around and lays her on the bed to kiss her like he’s in love with her. That’s when it hit me: he is in love with her. Maybe he was with me because I reminded him of her. They’ve both wanted to same thing for probably a very long time. Sucks for me but is actually kind of sweet in a very wrong way.

Jeremy finally acknowledges me while cuddling with Jamie. “You set this up?” I nodded. “Thanks.” he said before going back to kiss his sister and wrap her up in his arms. “I’m surprised you didn’t use the condom I set out for you. At least you’re on the pill.” I said.

Jamie did her bashful blush again and turned inward toward Jeremy and I instantly knew. She had stopped taking the pill. Probably as soon as I agreed to this. That’s a risky move but hey, it’s their life. I’m obviously out of that part of it. I wonder what Jeremy will think when he finds out after she gets pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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