Blink: One

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The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other hand, that you are quit the purveyor of perversion and that this particular story seems to get your rocks off, please feel free to contact the author, Kenji De Sade via the CONTACT tab on my profile page. Thank you.


Jeremiah Burk sat at his desk fingering the scroll wheel on his mouse up and down repeatedly. There were several files open and displayed on the monitor. The imagery of each file flickering with the machinations of the mouse wheel. Surrounded by the protective cubicle walls, he’d found such blatant displays of uselessness were well guarded, especially since there seemed to only be three other workers in the office on this particular afternoon. The clock on the screen told him there were still five hours left in his day and lunch was still 20 minutes away. Not wanting to get involved in any of the projects available to him, just to leave 20 minutes into them, he was considering covertly searching for porn or reading one of the dozens of time wasting blogs he tended to read when he’d rather not be doing his job. About two minutes from the start of this inner debate, the porn won.

Quickly, an Internet browser window was opened, his fingers zipped along the keyboard entering a few choice words into a search engine and the mouse began clicking numerous links to various sites. He was barely even paying attention to the titles of the links. He figured he would brows each page for a few seconds then close them one by one as soon as he lost interest. Suddenly one of the various activated links started calling up pop up windows. One after one a new window was opening up on Jeremiah’s screen. He got sort of panicky but quickly calmed himself. He would have waited for the pop ups to stop coming however it seemed there might not be any end. Each new one was popping up almost before the last had a chance to let its content load. Jeremiah couldn’t even tell what each advertisement was for. He did the only thing he could think to do and started trying to close every web page on his screen, pop up or not.

He started with the pop ups of course, clicking each ones close button as quickly as he could. He would have been making good time if the random placement of the windows wasn’t so time consuming that by the time he got to the next close button another two pop ups had been produced. He decided instead to try and close the original window which had caused this problem. Jeremiah thanked the software gods that he used a browser which, though it was supposedly supposed to block these stupid pop ups, was also equipped to open each of his new links within one single window. He attempted to click the close box on the main window several times, only to be blocked by a sudden pop up window inadvertently showing up in that exact location.

After several of these blocks, he made a successful click and the window closed. However just as the window closed, small blocks of indecipherable content began popping up randomly, over everything else on the screen. Jeremiah had not blinked this entire time, trying to keep his eyes open and alert to the task at hand before someone came along and caught him in this crisis. They were beginning to burn from the dryness and the strain of darting to follow the many images now constantly appearing all over the screen. Jeremiah fought hard to keep his eyes open, to keep his attention on the task at hand. He clicked several more pop ups while trying to figure out what the blips that kept appearing and disappearing quickly all over his screen were. Finally the sharp burning pain in his eyes broke his will and he blinked.

Jeremiah suddenly found him self in a concrete room lit by a harsh yellow uncovered light bulb above him, on an iron framed four poster bed. The mattress was bare and dirty. He could smell the filth better then he could see it, do to the leather hood secured snugly over his head. The hood held what seemed to be a penis shaped gag in his mouth, yet left his eyes open to take in his surroundings save for some minor peripheral obstruction. His legs were tied by way of leather cuffs and old looking chains. They were spread apart above his body, tied to each of the end posts. He was lying on his back, his ass nearly hanging off the mattress end toward the bottom.

His waist was secured to the sides of the iron bed frame with a leather belt and more very old looking chains, his arms stretched up and secured to the opposing posts. He could feel that his cock was enveloped by some sort of device witch was very tight around the entirety of his cocks shaft and the base of his balls. His cock ached and throbbed Kadıköy Escort and every time it did the device seemed slightly tighter, which caused another aching throb again and again. The cool air circulating in the room left goose bumps along his skin and also alerted him to what felt like liberal amounts of moisture inside and around his ass crack. Lubricant was his immediate assumption.

Jeremiah’s mind was suddenly swimming with anxiety. The reality of the situation refusing to make sense in any way. He searched his mind for any reasonable logic as of to why or how he would be in the situation he found himself in. Nothing made any sense. He was sitting in his office, just like any other day, looking at porn when he should have been working, and suddenly he wasn’t. He just blinked. Be it a blink that seemed to feel strangely like wakening up, it still seemed to Jeremiah that it had happened instantly. Suddenly he was incredibly vulnerable, naked, tied up, lubed, and gagged. His breathing was coming so quickly it made the phallus in his mouth seem all the more cumbersome. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest he could hear the blood it pumped rushing through his ears like an ocean tidal wave born of fear. His mind made his thoughts as simple as it could. His motivations became compulsory as his baser instincts began to surface. His inner voice shouted simply, RUN!

Thinking only that he had to get away from this situation and ignoring weather or not that goal was even attainable, Jeremiah began thrashing his body against his bonds. Every muscle in his limbs twisting and turning. His arms and legs straining against the leather straps at their ends trying to take advantage of any slack that they might offer. He tried using his chest muscles and abdomen with the belt at his waist for leverage. He fought believing that one of the straps had to give just enough for one limb to break free, then he’d worry about the next.

His fight was vicious entirely based on instantaneous reaction. It didn’t take long before his naked form was coated with a film of beading sweat. The adrenalin that had been released at his initial fearful reaction was waning. Though his desperation held fast, his body gave up only ten minutes into his fight against the leather and metal holding him down. As he let his body go limp, he sobbed and shed tears, mentally cursing him self for years of avoiding gyms and manual labor jobs. He still had no idea why he was wherever he was so gratuitously and vulnerably confined. Worse yet, his balls had begun to ache nearly as painfully as his cock.

His heart was barely beginning to slow the blood flow it had been pumping in it’s hyper state when a screeching creek echoed from the walls of the room bringing it back to full steam. Jeremiah’s head thrashed about in every direction it could looking for the source of the sound. His mind was caught in a conundrum of hopping that the source was not, and also was, a person. As his eyes caught a glimpse of movement and the familiar form of another person his mind hung upon itself waiting to see if this was a relief or not. As more of the man came into view it was quickly decided that this new comer was not here to aide Jeremiah in any of the ways he’d been praying for since he woke. Without having to think about it, Jeremiah’s body released every bit of air it had stored up and he screamed as loudly as he could around the false penis securely embedded in his mouth.

Jeremiah watched the man with more attention then he’d ever paid to anything before in his life. He kept screaming over and over into his gag. He found he couldn’t seem to help it and quickly decided that since it didn’t seem to be bothering the other man in the room he wouldn’t let it bother him either. Instead he kept watching the unflinching large man move about. He, like Jeremiah, was wearing a hood securely strapped over his head, however his was made of rubber, did not have a gag in place, instead it had an open mouth hole through which Jeremiah could see only a pair of lips that would be unrecognizable in any other context. There were also no eyes in this mans hood, instead the rubber seemed secured around a dark pair of sunglass like lenses.

The rest of the hood seemed tailored to fit every nook and cranny of the mans face. His body was well maintained. There was little muscle definition and the man seemed to have a small belly, but every inch of him was solid. That solid muscle was coated with a thin black fur over most of its exposed areas. The parts that were not exposed were covered by several pieces of rubber. A pair of black rubber thigh high wader boots on his feet. A pair of rubber gloves over his hands, a rubber harness over his chest with a strap leading into a very peculiar rubber jock with what looked to be a solid plastic penis shaped cup locked securely with a padlock over his cock. Whoever this man was, Jeremiah let out a small sigh of relief when he realized this man would probably not be the one Kadıköy Escort Bayan utilizing his exposed and well lubed hole. The sigh was interrupted as the man positioned himself at Jeremiah’s anus and began using his rubber covered index finger to probe the exposed ring of muscle, continuing to pay absolutely no attention to Jeremiah’s protests.

Jeremiah began to cry for the second time since waking up only minutes prior. He could not understand what was happening to him, how it had happened or why. He was beginning to think clearly again, which he cursed him self for doing just as his body was being violated by another man. It seemed he was hyper sensitive to the manipulations of his sphincter. He could feel the rubbered finger rotating, curling, sliding in and out of his hole repeatedly. When the finger would slip out for brief moments it would swab his crack picking up more of the lube, circle his puckered ring, then re enter the hole with the added lube. The finger went over this process several times, massaging the muscles and lubeing the entrance.

The man at the other end of that finger was concentrating on nothing else besides Jeremiah’s exposed orifice. Ignoring the sobbing and sporadic exclamations of protest coming from behind the immovable gag. When the body before him would writhe and contort, fighting the binds or trying futilely to move away from the probing digit, the man would patiently hold his manipulating member inside the hole in steady wait for the movements to subside, then continue his task as though no interruption had occurred. The scenario continued like this until the man had successfully worked four now well lubed fingers into the stretched cavity.

During this violation Jeremiah’s mind reeled from one emotion to the next. He went from being terrified beyond his wits to being angry and ready to fight free of his bonds and torments to cowering inside him self and simply accepting that he was here and had no way to leave, in the time it took the man at his ass to work up to two fingers. By the time three were rhythmicly pumping in and out and massaging about his sphincter muscle, Jeremiah was beginning to enjoy the manipulation. The enjoyment was mixed with a displeasure of the growing ache in his cock and balls. As the fingers ran across Jeremiah’s prostate he would find his body shivered with pleasure, which also caused his aching cock to pulse within the contraption confining it’s engorgement.

This only caused further throbbing and aching, though Jeremiah could also tell there was a steady stream of pre cum drooling from the opening of his cock and collecting into a puddle is his thatch of pubic hair above the shafts base. The puddle cooled in the air of the room. In Jeremiah’s hyper sensitive state, the tendrils dripping down his sides from this puddle were like icicles cutting through the heat of his skin. The obvious enjoyment his body felt contrasted with the terrified violation his mind was going through. The confusion, the anxiety, the fear, the pleasure all brought Jeremiah to an oddly comforting apathy. Eventually his body lie lax in his bonds. His vocal cords, harsh now from screaming, only came to life for the eventual moan or grunt. The mans four fingers slid in and out of Jeremiah’s hole with almost no resistance from the muscles. the unremarkable lips beneath the rubber hoods mouth opening smiled a very satisfied grin, showing for the first time that the smiles barer had any emotion for the situation.

The fingers left Jeremiah’s stretched opening. He felt empty. He felt lonely. He was cold and hot at the same time. His body ached from fighting the restraints as did his cock and balls. He was little more then a violated hunk of meat reserved to his circumstances. Terrified to actually acknowledge what was taking place and at the same time unable to escape it’s reality. He couldn’t help but feel the loss of fullness. The aching throb of his cock. The cooling puddle of pre cum collecting and dripping down his sides continuously. The phallus stuffed in his mouth as well as the drool pooling in the sides of the hood strapped snugly over his head. The bonds at his ankles, wrists and waist. The sounds of the chains echoing through the room was no longer starling. The chill of the room didn’t seem as harsh. His heart and breathing seemed to have reached a steady rhythm. He was almost euphoric.

The calm moment was only marred by a low rustling as the apparent captor rummaged inside of some sort of bag Jeremiah couldn’t quite see. Jeremiah idly listened to the motions taking place outside of his vision. He heard a zipper, the sound of canvas or nylon rubbing itself as it was moved. He heard a few clunks and scrapes of metal here or there. The metal pieces were drug along the concrete floor to Jeremiah’s exposed end. Another bag was un zipped and opened. A few more sounds of rummaging and the tormentor produced a large dildo. It was larger then the mans four fingers had been. Large enough that his İstanbul Escort rubbered hand could not encase it’s latex shaft with a space of about two inches between the fingers and thumbs. The man plopped the large latex cock on top of Jeremiah’s stomach, in his plane view, and went back to the metal pieces.

As Jeremiah stared at the dildo which he had no doubt would soon be buried deep within his guts, he also listened to what sounded like the man assembling something. The familiar clank of metal pieces fitting together, the screech of metal on metal as bolts were turned into place. While his physical self hardly reacted to the obviousness of what was to come, his mind wondered if it would be able to handle it. Soon the dildo was lifted off of his stomach, and he could feel it being pressed against his prepared hole.

The man worked slowly, stretching the hole open even more a little at a time. The head was barely even into the hole before he could see the body reacting to it’s pressure. Jeremiah’s cock throbbed and pushed out a bit of pre cum as the head was rotated and pressured into his strained hole. The man was patient and calm with his progress. He pushed in and out slowly and with persistent measure on the pressure, adding a little more bit by bit as the large dildo worked it’s way in. He removed the phallus from the entrance to Jeremiah’s bowels several times to add more lube to the shaft and head. As the false cock was worked deeper and deeper into his hole, Jeremiah began to moan into his gag.

He could feel the body of the intruder working past his prostate slowly. Meticulously. He saw the mans head tilted down, allowing the lens covered eyes to watch intently as the man worked the hole with the dildo. He was succeeding in burying the thing more and more. Finding the right direction to continue the push of seminal fluids with the dildos every movement. Sliding the entirety of the shaft in and out of the hole, making sure as much of the friction as possible was centered on Jeremiah’s prostate. When he had the dildo sliding in all the way to it’s base inside of Jeremiah’s guts as well as the pressure positioned so it would constantly push and stroke Jeremiah’s now sensitive prostate over and over, the man affixed the dildos base to an arm coming out of what Jeremiah recognized as a fucking machine.

The man stood back and took a look at the dildo secured in place by the well stabilized and unrelenting fucking machine. Everything was positioned perfectly. Jeremiah’s cock was bobbing as it throbbed and drooled held tightly by the tight rings of the device affixed over the bloated appendage. His hole was wrapped snugly and excessively well lubed for the large dildo buried deep inside of it. The machine was positioned so it would move the dildo in the same motion that the man had seemed to get the best result with while he worked over Jeremiah’s puckered entrance. It’s feet were solidly held down by weights and it would not move if Jeremiah attempted to clamp his muscles at any time. The scene was perfectly prepared.

The man held a box in his lube covered rubber gloved hand. It had simple dial controls on it’s face which he began to slowly manipulate bringing the fucking machine to life. Jeremiah’s head lulled backward and a suppressed moan came from behind his gag. His cock throbbed with a quickened rhythm and his body went into small spasms as the cock in his ass moved incredibly slowly in and out of his body. He could feel it’s long, drawn out movements rubbing along his prostate as it went. It felt to him as though his cock were being stroked from behind it’s flesh. His hole was sore and stretched but moved smoothly over the device as it moved. In his relaxed resignation, his body allowed the waves of pleasure to rake over his body from his head to his toes. A pleasure full burning sensation was building within his being. The speed of the cock within his ass picked up with a noticeable kick and his moaning began to flow out uncontrollably.

Behind the snug leather hood and cock shaped gag drool was coating Jeremiah’s face in unchecked copious amounts. It mixed with sweat to play along the features formed by Jeremiah’s contorting face. His body was writhing, his mind was lost, his cock was reacting to ever inward and outward thrust and his ass had completely given into the unrelenting intruder. The man held the box into Jeremiah’s bleary view and noticeably cranked the machines speed up. The cock in Jeremiah’s ass was pounding in and out, there was no waiver in speed or pressure, no mercy, no weakness, the pistoning kept coming over and over again with no sign of waning .

The shaft of the invader rubbing and pushing against Jeremiah’s increasingly sensitive prostate. The cock pulling out every single time to the base of the head then slamming back in to it’s base at an inhuman rate. Jeremiah let his eyes roll into the back of his head as his moans turned to hysterical laughter. His mind was awash with warm pleasure. His body felt as though it were being blanketed by the most comfortable warm sheets he’d ever felt on his skin. His cock was pouring out bolts of cum which splashed over his chest high enough to thud against the leather of his hood. He could smell the seaman as it was birthed into the air with ratcheting spasms over and over again.

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