Blow by Blow

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She had been sucking on lollipops all day, but it wasn’t enough! This oral fixation was getting out of hand, and the need to feel a man in her mouth was maddening. Only two more hours of work, but her boyfriend wouldn’t even be home for at least another hour after that.

The minutes ticked slowly by. Her work held no interest for her. Every time she looked at the clock she berated herself, knowing it would only make the time seem longer. She’d get up and wander around the office to talk to other people, but they were all engrossed in their assignments. A bit of fantasizing only wasted about ten minutes. The internet was useless, since they started monitoring that a month ago. The minutes slowly dragged by, and at last she was able to leave.

There was no sense rushing home. The traffic was a mess anyway. She tried to distract herself by turning her radio up and singing as loudly as she could. Forty-five minutes later she was home. She went inside and took a long hot shower. When she had completely filled the room with steam and felt as fresh as she could, with the desire still so strong, she got out of the shower and brushed her hair.

Only fifteen or so aksaray escort minutes until her boyfriend should be home. She didn’t even bother to get dressed after she had dried off. She put some lotion on her long legs, and a bit of oil behind her ears. He loved it when she wore the orange blossom oil, so she decided that would be best.

She went to the living room and lay down on the couch. Her eyes closed and she reached down and gently rubbed the hood of her clit. There was already so much wetness, had been all day, that she easily slipped two fingers into herself. She knew exactly where her G-spot was, and pressed those two fingers against it. The pressure brought forth an unexpected gasp. She began moving her fingers in and out of herself, and at the same time maintaining the pressure on that magical spot. Twice she came close to climax, but stopped just before she went over the edge. Her boyfriend had made her promise she would never orgasm without letting him witness it, and she was a woman of her word.

As she was reaching down once more to insert her fingers she heard the front door open. With great joy she jumped up and rushed to the door. fatih escort She reached it just as it was closing. Her tired boyfriend smiled at the site he beheld. This beautiful naked woman rushing to him. He immediately forgot how drained he felt after his long work day, and held out his arms to her. But she had fallen to her knees and was unzipping his pants.

The button and zipper were undone in a split second, and she had his pants pulled down to his ankles. Next came his underwear, his flaccid cock was in her mouth before they hit the floor. He leaned back against the door and sighed. Her tongue flicked around the base as she pushed the rest of his penis to the back of her throat. She knew this would get him hard quickly, and was ecstatic when she was rewarded with exactly that. Feeling his cock grow in her mouth was one of her favorite things.

She slowly pulled her mouth back, all the way to the tip. Her tongue circled the smooth skin that was there, then flattened down the front. She lifted her hand and wrapped it around the base, suctioned her mouth, and with a pop pulled all the way off. Lifting his shaft she sucked one ball into her nişantaşı escort mouth and then the other as her hand stroked his cock. Her mouth then found his inner thigh and she gave it a little nibble. The desire to feel his hardness in her mouth again was overwhelming, so with her hand steadying his cock, she moved her mouth back over him, and plunged him deep into her throat.

He let out a load guttural sound. Her hand was back on his shaft working in unison with her mouth, as she moved up and down on him in a steady rhythm. Sporadically, she would again push her mouth all the way down his entire length. The feeling of his dick moving down her throat was indescribable, one of the best feelings in the world.

The only problem with this fixation was when she got to sucking his cock, the desire to have him squirt down the back of her throat became paramount. But she knew he would be up for more in just a little while, so she concentrated on working her hand and mouth simultaneously, slowly and steadily getting faster. Up and down his dick her mouth worked. Her tongue flicking around his cock the entire time. She could feel him getting close, he was harder than a moment ago. It was time. She once more pushed that hardness all the way into her, and was rewarded with a huge stream of cum blasting down her esophagus. He gave one last groan, and laughed. She stood up, gave him a huge grin, and said, “Welcome home. I missed you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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