Body Chemistry

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They say High School friendships can mean so much later in life. I was about to have a friendship with my Chemistry Teacher that would introduce me to a swinger’s paradise and I owed it all to my mother! Mr. Alan, my mother and I were all heading toward a series of sexual interludes that would turn our little quiet community into a rollercoaster of lust and group sex.

How did it ever come to this! It was the worst day of my life. My reputation was ruined and worse yet, by a close friend. “How does it feel to know you’re the famous Waterman High ‘punchboard’ you little slut?” The words were still ringing in my ears and stinging my heart. How could Brenda say that to me… Brenda of all people! She had been one of my closest friends since Middle School. I had my head down in shame as I entered the front door of my home. I sat my books on the phone stand in the entry hall and was blowing my nose as I turned and looked into living room. That’s when I noticed all the ladies in mom’s Bridge Club sitting around their cloth covered card-tables playing cards. As mom saw me she said, “Hi, honey, come in and show the girls’ your new Drill Team Uniform.” I couldn’t maintain my composure. Turning away, I bounded up the stairs to my room and slammed the door. Throwing myself onto my bed I put my face in the pillow and really began to bawl. I hadn’t cried like this since daddy’s funeral last June. Wouldn’t daddy be proud of his ‘Little Peanut’ now?” At Daddy’s memory, I began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Lynn what’s the matter honey? Are you ok?”

I could barely get the answer out. “No, mom. I’m not ok. I just need to get it out of my system. I just want to be alone for a while. I’ll talk to you after everybody’s gone.”

Mom left and returned to her friends and I rolled over and stared up at the ceiling. As my tears began drying, I felt maybe I could get control of my emotions. Calming down, I began to think about what had transpired at school between Brenda and I. The more I thought about Brenda and my other so called friends…the more upset I got. This time however, I began to get angry…really, really angry at the recent chain of events that caused this whole nasty mess. And then, I began to sort everything out and get it all in a proper perspective. In a little while I heard mom’s friends going out the door and their cars driving away. Soon mom knocked on the door and asked if I wanted to talk. “No mother, I’m feeling much better. Call me when dinner’s ready and we’ll talk then.

As mom and ate dinner, I made light of my mood, but said nothing about what Brenda had told me. Mother and I were missing daddy so much! I didn’t want to tell her that the whole school thought I was a total slut and a whore. Funny, but this whole thing was having the effect of making me feel like I might just get control of my life for the first time since approaching adulthood. I guess it was true; Aunt Carol said I was growing up and much more responsible and less a child. I knew I was going to handle this somehow…I just didn’t know exactly how.

The whole thing had been caused by Brenda’s ex-boy friend Bill and the guys he ran around with. They were members of a car club and spent all their time fixing up cars. Custom bodywork, paint, pin-stripping, chrome engines. They were all a bunch of very crude and rough guys but they had the hottest cars and the best looking girlfriend in Southern California. Everyone knew they stole Toyotas and removed and sold the wheels, doors, and all the window glass for money to buy their own cars and customize ’em. I didn’t know it at the time, but the guys all drank way too much. I knew they didn’t do drugs because the South ‘E’ Street Boyz did drugs and Bill’s car club, the ‘Players’ made fun of the ‘S.E.B.Z’ gang. Over time they just became know for their hot cars, long cruises and ‘beach boozies’. Boozies was the nickname they gave their drinking parties at the beach.

I went to just one ‘boozie’ with Bill after daddy died and it turned out to be a major mistake. I was really lonely for daddy when Bill talked me into going. Bill’s a good dresser and very handsome and kind a like…well he reminded me of daddy’s picture when he was a kid. Bill and Brenda broke up nearly a year ago so I said yes and went on a cruise with him. Everything was ok when we got to the beach until after dark. The guys made a bon-fire in a big sandpit and cooked hot dogs and started drinking beer. Later they started drinking the harder stuff and the party began getting rough and wild.

I didn’t know that the whole group, including the girls were so loose and all. One minute we were dancing and having fun, the next minute the girls had their tops off and shaking their boobs. Then one by one they started pairing-off and lying down, taking their cloths off and screwing right there on the beach in front of me. I guess Bill thought because I had agreed to go out with him to a ‘beach boozie’ that I would be just like all the other girls. Only I thought a ‘beach boozie’ was just a ‘little’ drinking party where everybody danced and had a good time. Not a total drink ’till görükle escort bayan you puke party’ and everybody screws like crazy. Anyway I wasn’t ready for that. I told Bill I wanted him to take me home.

When I told him to take me home, he started getting rough with me. If it hadn’t been for the Beach Patrol officers driving by and checking on the group’s activities, I think Bill would have raped me. We had started walking toward his car when he suddenly stopped and said, “Lynn why don’t you quit acting like the queen virgin of Waterman High. You don’t have to go all the way in one night. Just loosen up and ‘put-out’ a little. I’m the head man here. How the hell do you think it looks when my date won’t even give me a little tit? Shit, girl I’m the goddamn President of the whole fucking gang! You can give the ‘Prez’ a little titty can’t you?”

Then he got all crazy like and began grabbing my boobs. I slapped his face. Then he threw me down and ripped the top of my new ‘Brazilian Bikini’ right off of me. He ruined it and it was the one daddy had made just for me. I slapped him good! Then he pinned my arms down and sat on my stomach and started squeezing my breasts really hard. He was hurting me and then he started twisting my right nipple and pinched and pulled on it so hard I screamed and started crying. Then he said, “Queenie, tonight little Billy’s gonna pop you’re cherry and turn you into a real woman.”

That’s when the patrol jeep drove up and made sure I was ok. Bill got real nervous then took me home after they left. I was really shook by the experience. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday thinking about how to handle it. I finally decided to put the experience behind me and try and for get it happened. I was scared of Bill and his club and didn’t want to cause any trouble so I decided to just keep quiet and not say anything.

Next Monday Billy and his friends started the rumor that I had screwed the whole car club and to make matters worse not one of the girls that was there stood up for me and told what really happened. I guess they were too scared of the gang. The following week I began getting phone calls from not only the guys in our school, but also guys at Lincoln High in the valley. All these jerks that called, kept asking me to go out with ’em so they could have sex with me. Then the thing with Brenda happened.

I was really felling bad with the way the kids in school was treating me. I didn’t think it could get any worse. Then my 6th period Chemistry Teacher Mr. Collier asked me to stay after class and I thought he was making a pass at me. I was feeling so ‘snake-bit’ by the whole prior experience that I misunderstood poor Mr. Collier.

He asked me to go into the supply closet and put on a rubberized apron. I was wearing a light green, long-sleeve blouse. Mr. Collier (Alan) said that I should take off the blouse before putting on the full wrap around apron so my blouse wouldn’t get stained in case of an accidental drop of chemical reacted with the material. It seemed reasonable. Gosh I didn’t think anything about it because he was always so serious about his classes.

Alan (Mr. Collier) never acted like he noticed the girls in his class. We all knew he wasn’t married and only in his 3rd year teaching out of Teachers College and the rumor mill had it he was gay. So I went into the supply room and started changing into my apron. Alan had locked both class doors and placed a cover over the front door window and then surprised me by opening the door just as I had removed my blouse. I had my back to him and was putting it on a hanger when I heard him enter. Now you know why I thought he was making a pass!

Mr. Collier, “I haven’t changed yet; please close the door.” Alan quickly stepped inside and closed the supply room door behind him and stared at me. I had pulled my blouse back to the front of my chest covering my bra. I turned facing him so he couldn’t see my naked back. “Lynn, I heard about your beach party last weekend and just wanted to talk to you alone. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything…I just wanted to talk to you. Your not like the other girls in school, you seem; well, so much more mature and grown up. And I just wanted to tell you that if you ever needed some one to talk to that I would really consider it a compliment if you came to me.” I thought, “Oh, sure! After everything else that’s been happening to me, I was really going to believe this bunch of b.s.!”

I just stood there under the glare of the light bulb in the otherwise dark secluded closet. “What do you mean Mr. Collier?” I really didn’t understand yet what Alan meant but I was about to get the shock of my young virgin life!

“Lynn, I know that you and your mother are living alone since your father died. Your mother came to see me this morning after dropping you off and asked if I would speak to you. She said you told her I was your favorite teacher and wished you had someone like me to talk to. Is that true Lynn? Am I your favorite teacher and did you say that to your mother?”

“Well…yeah, gee Mr. Collier…I altıparmak eskort just meant that things have gotten so weird the last week and with daddy gone and all…” My eyes began tearing up and I bit my lip hard to stop from crying. I was tired of crying so much and I didn’t want Mr. Collier to think of me as a kid. Besides he had just told me he thought of me as a grown up. It nearly worked but then I thought about my so called friends calling me the school ‘punch-board’ and I just lost it and began sobbing.

“Oh, Mr. Collier, I’m so miserable! The whole school thinks I’m the class whore. Guys have been calling me all week and saying terrible things and asking me if I wanted to go out with them a get a good fu…” I couldn’t say the word but Mr. Collier said it for me.

“You mean, ‘a good fucking’ don’t you Lynn?”

“Yes, what am I going to do? I so miserable.” And with that the dam broke and I began to cry so hard I began shaking and getting sick to my stomach. I went to Mr. Collier and grabbed his shoulders and put my face into my blouse and his chest. He put his arms around my bare back and began to comfort me by saying, “Shhhh, honey…don’t cry. Things will be ok. You’ll see. I’m here for you. I care and so does your mother. We can all work it out together.”

I held on to Mr. Collier and thought how wonderful it was to have some one care for me. He was so nice and handsome and was comforting me just like daddy use to make me feel when I had problems. “Do you really think so Mr. Collier. How can I face everybody when they think I’m nothing more that a whore who’s screwing half the senior class. I just want to quit school and stay home”.

“Lynn honey, please call me Alan from now on. You’re going to do nothing of the sort. Your mother and I are going to take care of everything and get this all straightened out. Believe me, I’ll make sure that they all know you’re too good for the silly immature boys in this school. You’re problem is that you’re really much too nice and they’ve taken advantage of you. They’re willing to ruin your reputation but we’re not going to allow that are we?”

Alan was now holding me so close and I had stopped shivering and crying. His comforting arms felt so good and I could smell his after-shave lotion over the pungent smell of the chemicals in the storage room where we were still standing. He dropped one arm down around my bare waist above my pleated skirt. His hand felt so good on my naked skin. He touched my cheek and lifted my face up so that I could see him looking down at me in the soft shadowed light. His face was smiling and so comforting. He made me feel that everything was going to be ok. Knowing that mother had taken him into her confidence made it kind a like her and Alan were going to fix everything and somehow make it all right.

“Oh, Mr. Collier…I mean Alan, thank you so much. I really could use someone like you to help mother and I! I…” And then it happened. It was so comforting and so…well, natural. I had my mouth open and he simply bent down and gave me a very sweet kiss. His lips were so soft and his arms so strong. I could taste the flavor of mint on his breath and I became lost in the kiss. I was surrounded be his arms and my blouse was suspended between my breasts and his chest. I let go of the blouse and slid my arms up around his forearms and could feel his firm strong masculine muscles. The feel of his arms gave me strength and such a longing inside. The kiss coupled with this feeling was so unexpected, I felt a shiver go down my back and circle around to my pussy.

He pulled back and my blouse fell to the floor, “Lynn, I’m so sorry. I never should have done that. Please forgive me.”

I didn’t want him to stop! I stepped towards him and onto my blouse in an effort to hug him close once more. “Mr. Collier…Alan, you didn’t do anything wrong. If fact you did everything so right.” I buried my nose in his chest and smelled his wonderful male odor. I could feel his belt buckle against my bare stomach and then a tightening in my breast. “Alan, would you kiss me once more time… please?”

As I said please, he bent his tender smiling face down to mine and lightly touched my lips with his. I felt the tip of his moistened tongue probe my lips like a feather sliding side to side on my mouth. I opened my lips as he slipped his tongue inside searching for mine. As I took his tongue and sucked gently, I could feel the heat of our two bodies warming the small-secluded room. My breasts were being pulled into his chest by the pressure of his comforting arms pulling me tighter and tighter. Then I felt another tingling in my pussy as I felt the bulge of his penis pushing into my stomach as it crept upwards into an ever hardening ridge of flesh. I began moving my hips from side to side so I could feel the hardness of this wonderful firm part of Mr. Collier…Alan, pushing into me.

Alan pulled back a little and breathed into my mouth as he spoke. “Oh, Lynn honey, we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m you’re teacher for god’s sake. I could get fired and your nilüfer escort reputation could be ruined.”

“Alan, my reputation’s already ruined. The whole school thinks I’m a whore and fucking every guy I’ve ever dated. Just hold me and make everything better. If I’m going to be a whore, I ‘d rather be your whore and your woman!”

Part of me couldn’t believe what I had just blurted out. The other part of me wanted him to take me in his arms and never stop kissing me. Alan once again kissed me but with a rising passion that accelerated everything. He was forcing his mouth onto mine with a pressure that felt like his teeth were going to push through our lips and into mine. I opened my mouth wide so as to take as much of his lips and tongue as I possibly could. I felt his hands unfastening my bra and the elastic give way unleashing my breasts. I reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt and felt the marvelous wonder of touching the hair on a man’s chest for the very first time with my fingers.

His shirt was now open and I raked my finger nails gently down the muscles of his chest and then…slowly, slowly down to his belt buckle. Both of his hands were squeezing and massaging by firm lifting breasts and I could feel my nipples tighten. Alan bent down and sucked my right nipple between his lips and it was though an electric shock began slowly traveling from his mouth through my nipple and then all the way down right into the heart of my pussy. I felt an instant release of wetness being squeezed from the contraction of my vagina squirting out through the lips of my pussy and onto the crotch of my panties.

Alan dropped his right hand across my stomach and then lower. I felt him take hold of my dress and lift it so he could touch the skin on my thigh. The palm of his hand made contact with my thigh and traveled slowly upwards towards my pussy. I backed away to he could gain access to my stomach and awaiting pussy. Up and up, his hand began causing a tickle-tingling of my stomach as the tips of his fingers began to slide down over the waistband of my panties.

Oh god… then I started moaning, “Uhnnna, yes, please…ohhhhhhaaaa Alan!” His fingers were touching the wet pubic hairs just outside my swollen pussy lips. I could smell the odor of my warm wet pussy juice wafting up and all around us. I was embarrassed by my pungent smells but there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do about it. My pussy was on fire and I couldn’t wait for his hard, long fingers to slip inside and begin the delicious massaging of my clit. I opened my legs for him so he could more easily find my hard clit. There…oh yes! His fingers were lubricated with my juices and I felt the tip of his index finger circle around and across the hard sensitive nub of my clitoris.

Then I felt him switch fingers. Using his long index finger as though it were a thin hard cock, he slid it down and inside my pussy lips. Moving it forward and up, I felt his tender probing of my tight channel to loosen and make ready the path for his cock that must surely follow soon. I wanted to feel my pussy and touch were his big hand and fingers were touching. I reached down with my right hand and felt his fingers probing me. I touched my pussy where his fingers were pushing up inside and felt the thick mucous fluid that was making me feel like a real woman in heat for the very first time. The first time! What a delicious thought to have. He was going to take me for our first time together. But more important yet…Mr. Collins was going to be the man who would be taking my cherry. All these firsts with him…Mr. Collins…Alan! I had such a powerful longing beginning deep inside of me. I wanted to be his girl…his woman. I was his for the taking. He was going to be my first lover and I was going to give him anything he asked for!

I opened wider as he began softly fucking my swollen pussy with his fingers. He was driving me wild and I began to cry louder. “Alan, oh, god….you…you…feel so good.” I started using both hands to undo his pants. Shit how does this belt work…I can’t get it open. There, finally! I found his zipper and pulled it down opening his pants. They slid down his legs and looked down and saw a huge bulge in his white jockey shorts. I briefly fondled the bulge and heard him groan as he kissed me again. Lips, teeth, tongue. He was fucking my mouth with his!

I stretched the waistband of his shorts and reaching inside, I put both of my hands on his genitals. One on his cock the other on his scrotums. His balls were hard and I could feel the hair and crinkly skin of his nutsack. My other hand seemed so tiny as I felt the wet crown of his hard cock. Still cupping his balls with my left hand I wrapped the small fingers of my right hand around his fat hard cock and wondered at the feel of this marvelous thing. I was claiming him as my man now and this hard thing I was holding was going to be mine to do with as I liked. Throbbing and rippling in my hand I looked down and saw how hard, white and veiny it was. The veins under the skin of his cock were blue and bunched all around like the bulging roots of a tree making ridges on the surface of the ground nearby. I squeezed his hard muscled prick and realized why it was sometimes called a boner. It was like a round fat bone wrapped with skin. I had the strangest desire to place his cock inside my mouth like a baby wanting to learn by tasting everything it touches

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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