Bonkers about Pete

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Bonkers about Pete.

Pete knows I am absolutely bonkers about him. Call it his special brand of humour, his charisma, his sexual attraction, to me they are all part and parcel pg the guy I have seriously fell for.

Right from the time we first met on the internment dating pages and the first time we fucked I just knew I was besotted by him and could never get enough of him.

We are having so much fun together, he laughs and jokes all the time, even when he is inside me and that makes for a great warm and comfortable belonging it is difficult to describe.

Now every time we meet we know the drill, he knows my needs and I know his. But sometimes he surprises me with something different which is always thrilling and over exciting.

And he always asks me if I like this or do I like that and usually the nod says I do. Occasionally when he loses his calm and squeezes my balls too hard I yelp and he quickly stops.

He apologises humbly and then it is alright for him to play with my ass. I lie there in complete ecstasy feeling those wonderful things he likes to do with bahis siteleri me. Like the tease of his finger tips working me around and around with squirty cream or even butter is something electric.

Perched over the arm of his settee I twist little as he continues to lavish my ass and manage to grasp his very marauding stiff cock.. He hints as I squeeze it, loving to feel its elasticity and heat combined, I blatantly massage it between my thumb and forefinger, all the time thinking just how good it was as he continues to enjoy my ass. Which I prop us for his for good measure.

I turn my head just enough to take in his odour. And immediately sense his sex . It has a certain aroma about it that is a real turn on and it is easy for me to concentrate on getting him to cum in my mouth.

At first I didn’t not relish that. It was sickly and not very nice to taste but then, following a quickie up my ass I gathered it into my mouth deep throat and sucked and sucked till he came like a volcano.

Because he swore like a trooper when I sucked him; all sense of inhibition left me and I was canlı bahis siteleri his to do whosoever he wanted. I was a like his servant, eager to please my master whatever it takes and it wasn’t long before I had sucked him into oblivion and his strong spurts, which always came I three, filed my mouth..

I closed my eyes and tasted his spunk, running from m mouth and down my chin. He watched me suckle it in my mouth and lick it with my tongue.

It sort of became a ritual as much as did his excursions with my ass, experimenting with new Japanese dido’s and the like up my ass.

He sucked out the cream lavishly and spanked me into the bargain. Now that always comes first before we reach the fucking stage.

When fucks me he loves to slow it down, chuckling with the sounds a cock makes thrusting and easing out of its ass hole which is truly sniffed, licked and sucked and now ready for the hard fuck.

He has me on all fours this time, he says he wants to fuck me like a dog and I arrange myself in readiness which I always enjoy doing. Other guys look’ at me and I can tell canlı bahis what they are thinking. Pete says I have a perfect shaped tight ass which is always ready for the fucking.

So I am treated to the feel of his stiff cock riding me, his balls bounce against my ass. All the time he tells me I am amazing but it is just me. I am a very deeply passionate guy who just enjoys the sex.

Still wet with my hole and his spunk I lick it dry and that is so fantastic. It has a nice feel about it and I lick and suck his jap-eye for good measure..

That s Pete and I do hope I can keep him happy. W hen he is done with fucking I feel him slip out half mast and learn that there’s a special whistle he blows to alert those outside that dinner is ready.

After dinner he wants me again, His cock is full mast, he is terrific and I love him to bits. I could eat his cock all night and I still would be hungry for more. The taste of it ligers in my throat whish makes me surge up all the more as he fucks me silly.

I listen to his balls slapping my thighs as he fucks me and I feel so good and comfortable . Then following the fuck it is all systems go with the combined sucking action, The fireworks explode and we twist and roll with each other until we are utterly exhausted.

I shall never ever get tired of Pete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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