Bored Teen and a Loser

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I’m a socially awkward, anxious loner (involuntarily celibate), so any type of attention confuses me, to put it mildly. Despite being a loner, though, I get the urge to talk to women occasionally. Having no social skills, inexplicable awkwardness makes every single interaction ridiculous and embarrassing. With recent urges, I was just trying to ask some random girls what time it was and hopefully manage to speak a little.

So when I heard my voice not being very high (though still wimpy and effeminate) or cracking much, I was obviously shocked. It only happened once though.

We met by the road. She was walking her dog, I was on a bicycle. A pretty tall (5’7″-5’8″) brunette, slightly thicker than skinny, but not quite curvy. Nice ass but just big enough to fill my palm, not huge. Medium breasts. Unlike some, this girl not only didn’t ignore/reject me- she smiled, looked happy and showed me her watch. I leaned in to look and caught a whiff of her smell. That was enough to convince me to not just flee immediately but ask something else.

We talked for a couple of minutes, of course I couldn’t contain myself and was sure she saw my nerves. Still, somehow she laughed at a couple of the lame things I said and we found some common ground. Which may be weird since I’m 25 and Lena’s 18, but it was only horror movies and the fact that she actually didn’t like dogs. It turned out the mutt was her boyfriend’s. He was working and she had all day free (it was summer), nothing to do.

So of course at that point I was getting delusional, like wanted to ask her to go out with me when the boyfriend’s not around etc, as in ‘why not cheat on your boyfriend with a total loser?’. She was open and nice though, and once I managed to mumble that we could maybe ‘do some stuff’ in the future, she just teased me playfully, seemed at least not disgusted.

“Let’s walk a little!” I suggested.

We strolled towards a crappy little steak house nearby, but it’s apparently only open on evenings and weekends. Good thing was it only took a minute to walk, cause my conversation ideas were down to the usual zero. I locked my bike and urged her to come round to the backyard and see the place. I’d never been there before and neither had she.

Lena was hesitant but didn’t fear cause behind a couple of trees there was a crummy old residential house, making the environment seem safe. We found kartal kendi evi olan escort some dirty old equipment and tables there and looked through the window into the steak house but couldn’t see anything. I asked her if she was having fun and she replied nonchalantly that it was ‘interesting’. But as she was relaxing with me, she must have started to feel awkward about her boyfriend. She asked what was next, then told me she should go.

I panicked inside and stuttered as usual, babbled some nonsensical gibberish instead of just ‘what’s the rush?’. Good thing her boyfriend’s mutt decided to defecate and eased my moronic tension. We giggled and I brushed Lena’s arm from shoulder down with my ugly hand as I stepped closer. Asked whether she’d decided about possibly meeting in the future and of course, she weaseled her way out without insulting me openly.

And yet, she must have mistaken my autistic ‘please give me attention’ with masculine determination though. I took the leash and wrapped it around a fence post. The dog was about ten feet away and couldn’t reach us. I asked her what the problem was (not aggressively, in fact kind of meekly as per), why we couldn’t be ‘friends’ if we liked each other. She didn’t object to liking me, just mentioned something about the boyfriend being mad or whatever. I kind of blacked out at that point cause it was by far the closest I’d ever been to a girl (except the spaced out hooker that blew me over the condom and didn’t let me finish the sex after I told her it was my first time and awkwardly asked multiple times whether she was alright… cause her fake moans were scaring me. No joke).

Decided then to take my chance and who knows how it happened- I probably grabbed her by the waist, just pretty sure I looked in her eyes for a couple of seconds- then kissed her. Yeah, first time. Never kissed virgin without a clue as to how it should be done, didn’t even know what was going on… things seemed blurry and foggy because of the nerves and just cause for an introvert it seemed like an information overload. Either way, it was quite awkward and she didn’t know whether to continue or not, but probably decided it was a thrill. Who knows, I don’t understand why a nice girl would give any time of day to a literally visibly pathetic dumb ass like me.

But she did, and pretty soon escort kartal bayanlar I was helplessly showing my total lack of tongue skills to her. I tried to get away from it, honestly, I wanted to kiss her neck, face, but she got me back to her mouth. It was weird, pathetic but so hot. I became convinced she must like me for real (in that moment at least) to overlook my flaws and actually got semi hard for the first time in reality (apart from that time with a hooker when I was on the blue pill). All my other boners were either morning wood or from looking at porn, sex scenes in movies, hot photos etc.

Being so sure she actually enjoyed herself, I asked for a blow job. Not exactly smoothly, but she just smiled like a demon and got down. Then she looked at me hoping I’d pull my shorts down while I stared at her hoping she’d do it. Another awkward, idiotic moment I couldn’t handle and showed my nerves again with the clumsy pull down motion. Still, my little dick was out about 4 inches from her mouth. I’d felt inadequate before but seeing it next to her face it seemed even smaller.

She took it carefully (or with disgust?) with 2 fingers and slowly picked it up, jerked it for a few seconds then put it in her mouth. I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d never had success with women and never will, my inferiority didn’t disappear because of this one time. So it was weird to be given the time of my pathetic life by a female.

For some time the girl was bobbing her head back and forth sucking my somehow still not fully hard cock and I’m glad she only looked up 2 or 3 times cause I was just standing like a mug not knowing what to do with my hands or anything. I put one on her head gently and slowed her rhythm. She seemed to enjoy it but not too much cause she also got the dick out of her mouth a couple of times before sucking again and I didn’t try to control her anymore. Then the least abnormal thing I said all afternoon:

“I want to fuck you.”

It was like nothing happened though, she kept sucking for about 10 more seconds, then finally stood up without even looking at me. She turned her back to me and I was hoping she’d bend over but she just stood there. I found a way with my hand to her pussy and realized she was still wearing her panties. I rubbed her for a few seconds then took the panties with both hands and slid them kartal olgun escort down. Again, awkwardly, needless to say. But she didn’t see me and how I was just drooling overawed by the smoothness of her skin, the closeness of the girl’s body and the craziness of the situation.

I’m ejaculate too easily but needed to think about her hotness to keep the weak erection. Also jerked off a little with my dirty hands despite being afraid of germs. The combination of her mouth, then my hand and the mental stimulation almost made me cum already. So I just told her to bend over, lifted the skirt and felt up that ass. Damn! I teased her pussy with my cock a bit then slowly moved it in.

She was breathing quite heavily at first which gave me a confidence boost. The next few minutes were the best of my life. The sight of a hot girl bent over on my thin, below average length cock… that ass being squished a little whenever I’d thrust it in fully, her moving back and forth with slight jiggling. Damn! She blew me slowly when I told her to, then I tried to fuck her against the wall from the front, her right leg raised to my waist but she was uncomfortable. We kissed and she turned around so I could finish her from behind.

The disgusting dog would make some stupid noises occasionally and was getting anxious as his owner’s girl was enjoying my cock a little more vocally. There were very few if any passers by because of the location- just a bicycle track by the road on the corner between a residential space and a busy street. Either way we were in the yard behind the building and not all that loud. Nice place to bang in public without a huge risk of getting caught. The people, if there were any, in the old house a few feet away couldn’t see much through the trees. Not that I cared.

She was standing almost upright by the wall while I was getting closer to cumming, then I bent her over a bit deeper to really ram it in. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Actually fucking Lena. Her drool and pussy juice on my cock, that ass right in front of me. Eventually I was ready to cum. Being physically weak, sex made me tired and there was no ramming of course.

Once it was time, I couldn’t control myself and grabbed her waist, squeezed that ass against myself and came. It wasn’t a big, impressive load, nor a long orgasm or anything special in any real way. But special for me. I came inside a hot girl and she wasn’t even mad.

I pulled out, we kissed briefly and she cleaned up. She didn’t speak much after that and refused to give me her number. But we both knew we wanted and liked what had happened and that her boyfriend would never be the wiser. Back to reality as if nothing had happened. We split up and never saw each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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