Born to Suck Ch. 20

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Ava Addams

Sven drove to a diner that he knew of that was only about five minutes away. There was a big sign out front advertising “All Day Breakfast” and as we pulled in, it looked like a real nice homey kind of joint. We grabbed a booth again with me sitting next to Sven as usual. We had a buxom young waitress named Casey that the guys had fun flirting with; both of them eyeing up her huge tits and big round ass proudly displayed in her tight-fitting uniform.

Sven and Kurt both ordered steak and eggs, complete with home-fries, coffee and toast. Sven let me order chocolate-chip pancakes and a chocolate shake. I think we were all ravenous from our exertions of the night before as we eagerly dug into our mounds of food. I’d never tasted anything so good in my life and it felt like Christmas morning as I washed down the sweet pancakes with the cold frosty shake. They shared an extra order of toast and were sipping their refills of coffee as the waitress seductively sidled up to our table, he hips swaying seductively.

“And can I do anything else for you good-looking gents?” she asked as she leaned forward over the table, her huge tits threatening to spill out over the top of her low-cut uniform. I noticed when she asked her question, she had definitely put the emphasis on the ‘do anything’. I saw a smirk appear on Sven’s face as both he and Kurt had their eyes momentarily glued to the deep dark line of cleavage she was seductively showing.

“What did you have in mind, Casey?” Sven said with a smile as he gave me and Kurt a quick wink.

“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had two big handsome men in here,” she said as she put her hands on her wide hips and shifted them provocatively. I noticed all of a sudden she had dropped me from the conversation. I wasn’t surprised; she had barely looked my way, giving her undivided attention to both Sven and Kurt. I can’t say I blame her; I would have done the same.

“And it’s been such a pleasure serving you,” she continued as she batted her big doe-like eyes at the two of them, “that I thought maybe I could continue doing that when I finish my shift in a little while.”

“Well, that’s quite the offer, Casey,” Sven said slowly as he looked at both Kurt and I before turning back to the buxom young woman, “but that’s what we’ve got the kid here for.” As I listened to what he’d just said, I felt my face instantly turning red with embarrassment.

“Wh…..what?” she said with astonishment, her eyes flicking between me and the two big men, her mouth gaping open.

“Yeah,” Sven said flatly as he reached into his pocket and tossed a couple of bills onto the table to cover the cost of our breakfast, “he took about six or seven loads out of each of us last night. We just stopped in to refuel so we can take him back to our motel room and give him some more.” She stood there, totally in shock as she listened to Sven, her face drained of color. “This kid can suck better than any porn star, and his pussy is tighter and hotter than anything you’ve got to offer.”

“WELL…..I NEVER,” she started to exclaim indignantly.

“I never……?” Sven said calmly, interrupting her. “I’m sure you have, many times, and I’m sure you are very good……but right now, thank you very much for the breakfast and there’s even a little tip there for you.” He slowly got up from the table and Kurt and I followed. Casey continued to stand her ground; you could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. Sven stepped next to her and leaned down to whisper quietly into her ear, but it was still loud enough for Kurt and me to hear what he said.

“I just told you that to shock the shit out of you, and if you ever think about squealing to anybody about that, I might just have to talk to the cops about that man’s wallet you slipped out of his jacket pocket when you seated him.” He nodded to the booth opposite us where an older man in a sports jacket was busy eating.

“I….I…..I,” she stammered, totally flummoxed.

“It might be a good idea if you tell that man you found his wallet on the floor.” Sven said and then paused as he let his words sink in. “And hey, if you do, you never know, maybe we’ll invite you over to see how you compare to the Kid.” You could see her flush in embarrassment as Sven turned on his heel and walked towards the door, Kurt and I right behind him. He put his hand on the door and stopped, turning to look at her. She had been watching us and she looked him in the eye for just a second before averting her gaze. We watched as she reached into one of the pockets of her waitress’ apron, then stepped over to the older gentleman. She held his wallet out to him and pointed to the floor. With a relieved look on his face, he thanked her profusely and we saw him pass her a bill before slipping his wallet back into his inside jacket pocket. She turned and Sven gave her a little smile before turning and walking out.

“Sven, that was so cool!” I said excitedly as we climbed back into the truck.

“Ah fuck, it was just the right thing İstanbul Escort to do,” he said as he turned the key and slipped the truck into drive. “She had a great set of tits and I wouldn’t have minded fucking her, but when I saw her pickpocket that guy, it really pissed me off.”

“Did you….did you really mean those things you said about me being better than her?” I asked, wondering if he had just said those things to hurt her.

“Damn right I meant them,” he said sincerely as he looked at me intently. “Who needs a skank like that when we’ve got the ‘Cocksucker of the Year’ right here, right Kurt?”

“Fuckin’ A,” Kurt chimed in and I could see the arousal in his eyes again. “I can’t wait to feel those lips of yours again before I stick this cock back inside that pussy of yours, Joey.”

I sat there with a big smile on my face, feeling plenty pleased with myself. I loved the name Sven had just given me, ‘Cocksucker of the Year’. It obviously meant he was pretty happy with the way I’d been servicing that gorgeous cock of his. And Kurt had enthusiastically agreed!

We pulled back into the parking lot of the motel and as we pulled up to the door of the Presidential Suite, I saw a Latino woman in a maid’s uniform come out the door of the unit three down from ours and stuff some sheets into a bin on her cleanup cart. The sign was gone from our door; so she must have already been there. As soon as we got in, we could see that the beds were all nicely made up and everything was spic and span.

Sven looked in the bathroom and then came out with a big smile on his face, a rolled towel in his hand. “Nice clean towels, clean sheets. You gotta love this place.”

“They won’t be clean for long,” Kurt said as he walked over to his bed and stripped off the covers. “Get out of those clothes, Joey. Within five minutes, I want my cock hard and deep inside that pussy of yours.”

His eagerness excited me too as we all quickly stripped off our clothes and dropped them on the floor.

“C’mere Kid,” Sven said as he stood next to Kurt and lifted his cock towards me. “Get suckin’.” I stepped over and dropped to my knees in front of the two big studs and reached forward to wrap a hand around each of their cocks. I started with Sven and slipped my lips over the head and sucked for just a minute or so and then switched to Kurt. I worked on both feverishly, and within just a couple of minutes, my saliva was dripping from each of their long thick erections. Kurt reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out the jar of Vaseline and flipped off the lid. As I worked on Sven, Kurt applied a smooth slick layer of the greasy gel to his rigid dick.

“I want him on his back for this one,” Kurt said to Sven as he moved towards the foot of the bed.

“Get up there, Kid,” Sven said as he reached down, grabbed me by the shoulders and almost tossed me into the middle of the bed on my back. He crawled onto the bed and got behind my head, his massive long cock looming over my face menacingly. Kurt climbed onto the bed and edged forward between my spread legs, his hand sliding slowly back and forth on his thrusting erection.

“Pass me that towel, Sven.” He released his stimulating grip on the thick shaft as Sven handed him the towel he’d brought in from the bathroom. He quickly wiped as much of the greasy lube off his hands and he could and tossed the towel aside. I waited with bated breath as Kurt reached down and pushed my knees up and apart. Knowing what was coming, I breathed out slowly and concentrated on relaxing my hole.

“Oh yeah, let that baby open up for me like that,” Kurt said in a husky whisper as he looked down at my inviting hole. He stayed kneeling but pushed down on his cock until he had the broad head snuggled into the relaxed pucker of my little pink rosebud. He then let go of his cock, grabbed my ankles and held my legs split far open to each side. I was totally splayed wide open and eagerly waited for his beautiful cock to enter me.

“That’s nice; now let’s get this all the way inside you.” He flexed his hips back for just split-second, and then pressed forward.

“OOOOOHHHHHHNNNN,” I groaned loudly as his massive knob stretched my little ring almost to the tearing point before it popped inside; my clutching ring gripping down on the smooth shaft below the massive knob.

“That’s good,” Kurt said as he adjusted himself closer and then pushed my ankles even further to each side. “Now you’re ready for the rest.” With a smooth forward pressure, he slid the rest of his cock into me until I felt his hairy midsection press up against my smooth bum. I felt wonderfully full and could feel my own cock starting to harden.

“Oh gosh, it’s so big and hard,” I groaned happily as I nibbled at the base of his cock with my stretched pussy-lips.

“I think the little cocksucker likes it,” Sven said from above me as they both looked down at my rising cock. “You gonna hold him spread open like that?”

“Yeah, Anadolu Yakası Escort why?” Kurt asked as he looked at Sven questioningly.

“‘Cause I wanna sit on his face and whack off while he’s eatin’ my ass; and I don’t want you to lean forward and end up with a face full of cum.”

“Heeeheee……go ahead; I’m gonna fuck him just like this,” he said from his upright kneeling position between my spread legs. I saw a big shadow pass over me as Sven moved forward and lifted himself over my prone body, a leg on either side of my chest. He sat back and I saw that beautiful smooth crevice of his open up as he lowered his round firm butt right onto my face. I instinctively extended my tongue and feathered it across his puckered hole.

“Yeah, that’s it, work that hole real good,” he said as he wriggled himself right down onto my face. I felt him lean sideways for a second before returning to his upright position. “Just need a little of the ole Vaseline.” That must have been why he was leaning, to get a handful of the greasy gel; because I could I feel a smooth rhythmic movement through his body as he started to stroke his cock.

“What a beautiful fucking pussy he’s got,” Kurt said as he started to flex his hips back and forth. “Or maybe I should say, ‘what a beautiful pussy for fucking’. You were right, Sven, this is better than anything that skank at the restaurant would have any day.” My heart swelled again as I listened to Kurt’s words; I was so happy that they felt that way. I reached my hands up and in a sign of appreciation for the things they were saying and the way they were treating me, I grabbed Sven’s hips and pulled him down harder onto my servicing mouth.

“Eat that ass, cocksucker,” he said in acknowledgement as he rolled his bum in a slow circle. My eager tongue stayed right on his hot pink hole and bathed the wrinkled opening with my hot flowing spit. As Kurt’s big cock kept sliding back and forth within my clutching hole deliciously, I pressed my tongue forward and felt it slip right inside Sven.

“Mmmmm,” I purred with satisfaction as I felt my tongue slither way up inside him. He sat back and I could hear the greasy slick sound of his hand sliding back and forth along his enormous dick. With my lips and tongue working feverishly, I continued to suck and lick at his hot moist hole, my tongue buried as far into him as I could get it. For the next ten minutes or so, the three of us got into a smooth tantalizing rhythm as our levels of pleasure continued to escalate. Kurt was starting to move faster now and I could feel my own dick throbbing lusciously as that wonderful tingling started to spread throughout my midsection.

“Oh man,” Kurt said with a deep raspy growl, “he’s so fucking tight.” With his big meaty hands gripping my ankles tightly, I felt him spread my legs even further. I felt like the muscles in my groin were going to tear, he had me splayed so wide open. He changed his angle just ever so slightly and I felt the massive knob start to tear over my enflamed prostate like a fireball.

“Eeennnnhhh…..eeeennnnhhhh,” I moaned a high-pitched squeal into Sven’s smothering bum as I felt the wonderful contractions start to happen. I felt my cock twitch and then my body started to shake all over as I felt the delicious sensation of my overflowing semen speeding up the shaft of my cock. Kurt drew back and slammed his cock forward, his firm round helmet rubbing right over my throbbing prostate as my cum shot forth.

“Look at that, I love it when the little fucker gets off without his cock even being touched,” Sven said as I could feel my own cum splattering down on my chest and stomach.

“OH FUCK…….I’M GONNA CUM TOO,” Kurt groaned loudly as he drove his cock all the way into me and I felt that first wad of cum shoot forth deep inside me. His cockhead was stretching those hot moist membranes way up in my guts as he started to unload. I could feel a warm heat inside me as he pasted my channel with rope after thick creamy rope of his manly seed. The tingling contractions in my own groin finally ceased but Kurt just kept on shooting as he basted my insides like a Christmas turkey. He too finally held still and I could hear his ragged breathing as he held firmly onto my legs and kept me spread wide open. I gripped down on his buried cock with the muscles inside me as I tried to coax more cum out of his drooling cockhead.

“Oh yeah, use that cunt of yours to suck it all out, Joey,” he said as he rolled his hairy groin slowly against mine as he kept me impaled on that powerful spear of flesh. I used all the tricks Sven had taught me as I flexed my hole and nibbled around the thick trunk of his cock. At the same time, I flexed the muscles inside me in a luscious rippling massage along the full length of his buried cock.

“I’m getting’ close, Kurt,” Sven said breathlessly as I could hear the sound of his greasy hand sliding back and forth a little faster now, “you might wanna back off in case I get carried Kartal Escort away.” I felt Kurt start to withdraw his slowly deflating cock out of my clutching grasp and then all of sudden; it spilled out in a slippery rush. I noticed the huge void in my needy hole as it immediately closed in on itself, some of his warm cum following his retreating cock.

“Oh man,” I heard Kurt say as I pushed a load of saliva to the front of my mouth and pushed it deep inside Sven’s hot hole, “I really filled him up; it’s just oozing out of him.”

“OH FUCK……HERE IT COMES,” I heard Sven bellow as I swirled my tongue in a torturous circle all around the moist lining of his ass. I could hear the rapid greasy slapping as his hand moved furiously back and forth as he started to shoot.

“OH YEAH,” he moaned loudly and then a second or two later I felt a massive gob land with an audible splat right on stomach.

“HOLY FUCK!” I heard Kurt exclaim as I felt wad after wad of Sven’s cum rain down on me. I kept my tongue probing and swirling deep within him as I pulled his hips down against my mouth even harder. I felt his cum hitting my spent cock and balls as well as my stomach and chest. He shot for a long time before he ceased his movements and sat still, his big round bum still covering my face.

“Oh man, Sven, what a huge fucking load,” Kurt exclaimed, a note of envy in his voice. “And man, I’ve never seen someone cum like that before; I thought it was gonna hit the ceiling.”

“Oh yeah,” Sven replied with a satisfied grunt, “I needed that.” He slowly lifted himself off me, my tongue slipping from inside his warm beautiful hole. The feeling of cool fresh air on my face felt wonderfully refreshing as I raised myself onto my elbows and looked down at my body.

‘Holy shit!’….I thought to myself as I looked at the mass of glistening milky fluid covering my chest and stomach. There was my own load combined with Sven’s usual massive load laying in big gobs and ropey ribbons all over my smooth young skin. I looked down at my spent cock and saw a long silvery rope lying down the full length of it and disappearing down between my spread legs. Man, the stuff was everywhere. I found myself licking my lips in anticipation as I just sat there staring at all of it.

“Kurt, go to the kitchen and grab me a spoon, will ya?” Sven said as he kneeled on the bed over me. As Kurt turned and walked to the kitchen area, Sven picked up the towel and wiped the remnants of the Vaseline from his greasy hands. Kurt returned, his spent cock swinging beautifully between his strong thighs, and handed a spoon to Sven.

“Now, we wanna make sure this goes to the right place,” Sven said in that warm soothing voice of his as he reached forward and slid the edge of the spoon into a big gob of cum near my bellybutton. The edge of the utensil felt cool and ticklish as he drew it across my skin until he had spoonful.

“Here you go, Kid,” he said softly as he brought the spoon up towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and like a child being fed by its mother, I eagerly accepted the spoon as he slid it between my lips. He tipped it up and I felt the warm cream slide forwards, the silky texture feeling luxurious as it rolled onto my tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred like a little kitten as he withdrew the spoon and I swallowed the first mouthful. He scooped up another spoonful and fed me again. He repeated the procedure and it took a while, but he scraped up every gleaming morsel from my body and I eagerly lapped up every bit of the glistening silvery seed as he slid it into my mouth. When there was nothing left on my body but a thin drying film of residue, he moved down lower and scraped the gobs that were clinging to my cock and balls. I saw Kurt watching intently, a big smile on his face as Sven continued to feed me.

“There, that’s my boy,” Sven said warmly as I closed my eyes blissfully as he withdrew the spoon from my mouth. “Now bring your knees up.” I obediently pulled my knees up and apart and looked down as he held the spoon lower, just out of eyesight. I could feel the hard metal edge of it pressing gently against the skin just below my bum-hole.

“That’s good,” he said once my knees were bent well up, “now push down, I wanna feed you Kurt’s load too.” Wanting to please him and anxious to get that nice warm load Kurt had dumped way up in my boy-pussy, I pushed down with the muscles inside me. I could feel my sphincter flexing open as I pushed.

“Well….well, would you look at that,” Kurt said with a wry grin as he looked down between my legs, “the stuff’s just flowin’ out of him.”

“Okay Kid, close it up,” Sven said urgently. I quickly clenched down, closing my little bum-hole tight. Sven carefully lifted the spoon and I could see it almost overflowing with the warm milky fluid. He moved it over my upturned face and I looked up at it anxiously.

“Is this what you want, cocksucker?” he asked teasingly as he held the spoon poised over my mouth.

“Yes sir,” I said with a pleading tone in my voice.

“Then open wide.” I instantly dropped my jaw and looked up as he tipped the spoon and let Kurt’s thick creamy cum drizzle down off the spoon and right onto my waiting tongue. As the whole gob slid off and into my mouth, I closed my lips and rolled it all around before swallowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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