Both Mothers Got It

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This is a ‘mature’ story finished by incest, okay?


Anna knew she was getting weaker, her resolve slipping away like water going over a fall. She had never been the strongest of people, she had nearly always done what other people had wanted, even when growing up she would defer to friends and family. She wasn’t a doormat in any way, but her persona led her to being the person she was, and really now, at the age of 39, nearly 40 she was under an almost invisible attack that was weakening her resolve like never before.

Anna attracted people to her like moths to a flame, her opinion was always sought, she had lots of real and good friends, she could and did chat to anyone and easily, she was never lost for words, and everyone loved her. Events took place in her home all the time, there were always people around, BBQs, parties, something happening. Her home had its own open door policy.

It wasn’t unusual for anyone of her friends, her husband’s friends and her son’s friends to walk in, plonk themselves down at her kitchen table and make themselves at home. She would feed and water any passing buddy. She wasn’t put upon, she would find parcels of this that and the other left as a sort of payment, be it food and drink, if it wasn’t used there and then, it would find a way out on a Saturday night, a Sunday BBQ, mid week you name it, it got used eventually. They were also regularly treated and taken out for lunches and the like.

Alan and his best mate were always around; in fact she would often say that his pal was there more than he was. And this was her problem, as he had grown up into the fine young man he now was, as had her son Alan. He was hitting on her and she was finding it harder and harder to resist it, and him. Pete had something on her, not blackmail, but he could pull her strings, make eye contact with her that only she knew what it meant, a way of smiling that said, ‘I want you, I’m desperate for you, you are a gorgeous sexy woman Anna.’

Some times he got to touch her, it made her feel hot, his presence was enticing her into a hole she was finding increasingly difficult to climb out of. And on top of that, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He had her number! Even with others there he found ways to innocently be close to her, just in passing, sitting, or chatting.

Anna knew it was happening, she also knew no one else did, especially her husband and son. Every thing that happened in their house was viewed but meant nothing to them. But to Anna it was becoming everything. What she could do about it, what should she do about it, how could she tackle the problem? There was no way she could it seemed, because she couldn’t even define it herself.

Anna looked at herself in her hallway mirror, her son and Pete were upstairs on a game thing on his computer, she had taken them sandwiches and drink. Pete had caressed her hand when taking them from her and she had blushed, it made her feel the fire. The flush in her cheeks were still there as she peered at herself, had Alan seen it? If he had he hadn’t made it apparent, he had hardly even looked at her.

She gave herself the once over, she was still hot to look at, still had the look, she still had it! She could still draw looks from all sexes, and she was decidedly happy she could and did. She was a woman after all, and women needed to be appreciated and Anna was no different from any other woman.

Her dark brown hair was still soft, thick and luxuriant, just above her slim shoulders, it shrouded her beautiful full lipped face, her high cheek bones highlighted her deep dark eyes, where carefully managed eye brows arched gracefully over them, her lashes were long and feline. Her body was in fine shape; she didn’t smoke, drank little and worked out.

She could fix a man in place with her gaze, and Pete was no exception, the colour of her pupils, the pure whiteness surrounding them gave her an almost hypnotic gaze, and Pete found it nigh on impossible to break his return stare unless Anna removed hers from him.

In her opinion her tits were her finest asset though many men would disagree, she loved them, they were high and proud, not overly large but large enough, upturned nipples that were dark coloured and itchy at the best of times. But they were super sensitive at their worst. She had a fantastic ass, which is what many men noticed of her, but she wasn’t too aware of that and her legs were near perfect. All in all Anna looked upon herself as a lucky woman to be born beautiful the way she had been.

It was then that she realised her nipples were almost barking like a hungry dog at her, they were calling to her for some attention! Her face flushed again when she admitted sullenly to her reflection that she was turned on, and if she had been alone in the house she would have done something about it.

She was wearing a small cotton light brown top, not revealing or tight, but it fitted her body very snugly, a short skirt that finished just above her shapely knees. And at the proud height of 5ft 8″ Aksaray Escort she was standing at nearly 5ft 11″ in the heels she was wearing, no stockings or tights, just panties and bra, a little make up completed today’s ensemble.

Her husband of 19 years was out, Alan her 18 year old son and pal were upstairs as she walked back into her kitchen. Anna had had a few near misses over the years from male acquaintances of her husband, and even husbands of some of her friends, work colleagues etc, but she had remained faithfully intact.

But now she knew all that was in danger, and in danger from her son’s best friend. He had started hitting on her a year ago, it had crept up on her gradually, little nuances, words, touches, looks, smiles, raised eye brows, it was all there. Now she was all too well aware of it, and she didn’t or couldn’t understand why she liked it. It excited her to know that she knew and felt it. No one else in the whole wide world even suspected it was going on.

Only yesterday he had rubbed his foot up and back down her calf while they were all sat at the table in the kitchen. His foot had left as quickly as it had arrived, and was gone before she had time to react. But she felt her face heat colour and flush, her pussy and nipples cramped. She coughed to hide it as an excuse for something tickling her throat, she smiled all round finally letting her huge eyes rest on Pete for a moment longer than she should have done.

He secretly winked and smiled knowingly back, Anna nearly died; but she knew, and Anna got the message loud and clear. Now here she was standing in her kitchen, wishing she had the courage to unburden herself and provide relief to her aching tits and pussy, but she daren’t do anything like that, it would be too embarrassing.

She looked for something to do, she decided to clean out her high level cupboards, as she began there was a commotion from her son’s bedroom overhead, then stamping of feet and a sudden rushing and pounding on the stairs. Her son Alan raced into the kitchen and donning a jacket.

“Got to go mom,” he said over a disappearing shoulder, she dashed after him asking what was the matter?

“Nothing,” he told her and was gone, Anna turned and re-entered her kitchen closing the door behind her, forgetting Pete was still here until he spoke to her.

“Are you okay Mrs J?” Anna was startled for a moment.

“Oh Pete, sorry,” she said, “I forgot you were here for a minute, what’s happened, where’s he gone?”

“He got a call from a girl called Christine,” he told her, “he’s been chasing her for weeks, and she’s just called him and said she wants to see him, she’s told him she wants to go out with him.”

“Oh,” Anna said, feeling a little wave of disappointment. Pete saw the momentary downcast look and stepped to her; he put his arms around her and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t look so sad Mrs J,” he said softly, “I’m here.” Anna didn’t see nor realise the danger she was in, the choppy waters she was sailing were about to swamp her life’s boat.

Pete had pulled her gently up close, they was toe to toe, body to body, her head was bowed a little, it was then that Anna felt the heat inside her. She was still turned on, and now it had reared its devilish head, the flame flared and burned fiercely in her, and she was about to be devoured by it, it was about to consume her.

He whispered something so softly she didn’t hear it; it was to be her downfall. She lifted her beautiful face to ask him what he had said and he kissed her. She was so taken aback that she didn’t resist, Anna just stood there in the kiss. He held it for a very long moment, and then she innocently and unknowingly replied and responded to it.

Her hands which were at her side lifted and came to rest on his hips, he adjusted his pose, one arm dropped to just above her ass, the other wound around her shoulder to hold her tight to him. Slightly turning her to his eager young body, she could feel a bulge pressing into her. Anna found her self leaning back a little making it easy for him to complete the dirty deed he was about to enact. The kiss deepened into an unforgiving controlling power she had no defence for.

She knew what was happening, what was going to happen, and there was no gateway for her to walk through, away from her imminent seduction at the hands of this good looking boy. Her eyes fluttered then closed for ever more, her body had more or less given up what fight it had left. She was sliding, slipping, warming, and melting into him. She also knew this was wrong and shouldn’t be happening, but it wasn’t her call to make. Her whole body had voted for it unanimously.

Anna found herself in her sitting room and being lowered onto her expansive sofa, she had no recollection of getting there, she just was there now! Lips were still locked in an unbreakable kiss, tongues licking, sucking and tussling with the other. Her entire body was on fire, she was super hot and interminably aroused. When his fingers closed over her firm Aksaray Escort Bayan breast and gently squashed a raging nipple she heard her self scream into his mouth.

The moment she had feared, was taking place, had she seen it all before in her mind, she pictured her demise at the hands of her son’s best friend. In the back of her mind she had known it would happen given timing and opportunity, she had known somehow that he would get to her some way. It was seemingly unavoidable the moment after he had run his foot up and down her leg the way he had. It was ordained in the stars; her immediate future was upon her right now.

She moaned into his mouth, he moaned into hers, her arms were around him holding him to her, Anna moved against him, letting him know that she was there, in the mix, ready to rock and roll, she wanted nothing more that to experience his love, his touch, his strength of character, his aura, personal being, she wanted it badly. Anna wanted sex pure and simple, it wasn’t a case of wanting love, she wanted sex, nothing more nothing less!

Anna was woman; it was in her remit as a woman in need to give into the man, this man, this boy, her man, her boy. To be his lover whoever he was. It was the natural state of the woman she was since time immemorial, to lay back and ready herself for his dominance of her. The mounting of her submissive body by his stronger, and strident body, hers was a body in heat that she had never known or indeed felt, not like this, this was new, unknown, too powerful to reject or resist, or even to enter her mind to do so.

Movement was going on around her but she couldn’t rouse her thoughts to understand what, her sole thoughts were him. That he was about to take her, to rip away her marriage vows, her fidelity, faithfulness, did she care? Did she fuck! She wanted to feel him in her, on her, skin to skin, body to body. To feel him in her most secret of place that until now had been the sole preserve of her now innocent hapless husband.

The movement she had felt was her panties being tugged, ripped, and torn away, another movement was his jeans being pushed down and kicked off. Then he was piercing her, spreading her thighs wide to give him every bit of access he wanted, forcing her knees to rise up, making her gasp as she felt him widen her tight love channel. Her glistening soaking slick love channel which had only ever had one cock in it, in its entire life.

The kiss had ended and she was gasping for breath, breathing raggedly, deeply, gulping for air as he descended into her, deeper and deeper. She was boiling over, raging fires were burning out of her control. He was harder than her husband had ever been, he was bigger too in every direction, this she knew because she was fuller than she had ever been, there wasn’t a millimetre of room left in her that was filled, filled with young and vibrant cock.

Anna came in a sudden squeal, it pounded her brain, filled her mind, devastated it, it screwed her body up tight, her nipples exploded with a sudden burst that she had never experienced before.

She cried out into his neck, she kissed him passionately; the suddenness of her seduction had defeated and vanquished her beyond redemption. She loved this boy, she loved what he had made her do, how he had forced himself on her, making her cum the way she had, and she loved what he had just done to her. She loved the feel of his big young cock as he continued to pound her, driving himself onward to his own destruction. Pete came in her with a giant grunt that could have been heard down the street. His spunk lashed its way into her waiting cervix, her womb, her willing body sucked it all up and kept it all in its heart.

They lay there in each others arms for a long time before she giggled, it was a satisfied lover’s giggle, Pete sniggered too, he lifted his head and looked at the wondrous beauty below him.

“Hi,” he ventured.

“Hi yourself,” Anna smiled. He leaned in for a kiss, Anna gave it to him, it was a long soft tender kiss that left them both just as breathless.

“I think we had better move Pete,” she said softly, lovingly, “someone may walk right in on us?”

“Hmmm,” he replied, and rose slowly letting his half hard cock flop out, he looked at it, looked at Anna, and smiled. Anna looked and smiled back at him.

They got to their feet, Anna bent and picked up their garments, nodding at the door, she said.

“Come on we’ll be safer upstairs in my bedroom, hey?” she enquired.

“Yes definitely Mrs J,” he answered.

“Anna Pete, call me Anna from now on, when we are alone anyway okay?”

“You bet Anna,” he said, taking her in his strong powerful arms once again and kissing her.

“Come on baby,” she said, and headed towards the stairs and her bed.

Anna wanted more of what he had to offer her, knowing full well he had it for her, and she definitely had it for him now, she wanted him in her again as soon as possible. There was no way on earth that she was going to finish Escort Aksaray this here this day. She was naked before she hit the bed and threw herself on to her back and lifted her knees to reveal her sopping pussy.

Pete was right behind her throwing off his clothes as fast as she had. And then he was on her again, kissing and loving the beautiful mother of his best friend. Anna gave everything back, her kisses and love were given totally, utterly freely and willingly. She grabbed his still wet and sticky cock and it grew back to full hardness as if she had pumped it up like a tire.

Pete mounted her again and this time he absolutely hammered her the way only a young and very virile young man can hammer a woman. Anna was in stupefied awe of him, her legs and feet high in the air waving about as he bounced her on her marital bed, her arms tight around him, holding on for grim death, her nails digging in making their hold uncompromising. Her teeth clamped tight to his shoulder, making him squirm in wonderful glorious pain.

They fucked and loved each other until neither could fuck any more, Anna had had so many orgasms she couldn’t possibly have counted them. Pete had shot another humongous load of his thick cum deep into her once more. Anna had had a good sex life with her husband but she couldn’t ever remember being battered like this, never. It had been such a monumental battering, as it had been sudden and unexpected, she really had been blindsided by him, it was fantastic!

Anna wondered if this was the baby she had secretly been trying for with her husband. He knew she wanted another baby before it was too late, but was under the impression that she was still on the pill, but she hadn’t taken it for more than a year now. Pete rolled sadly away, kissing as he did, touching her soft body, squeezing and nipple, Anna moaned, and slid over him to love him.

They spent a lot of time kissing, licking and sucking, her body roving his, finding it, learning it, sensing it, and taking in his smell. Pete lay there in utter submission as she did her thing, he revelled in her actions, the things she did, her touches, kisses, nips of her teeth, all of her.

“Come on baby, we have to get up now.” Pete reluctantly agreed.

“Can we, er, I mean, will…”

“Yes Pete we will, you know when I’m on my own here, so we will have lots of time and opportunity again, but this must not get out baby, I mean it, no one must ever know, okay honey?” She told him.

“Not a word Anna I promise you, cross my heart.” He swore. She smiled at him and they shared a lovers kiss that only true lovers can share with each other.

They went into the bathroom where Anna showered and Pete washed himself at the sink. Anna redressed as did Pete, and they went down stairs where they had time for each other on the sofa, while listening for others. Pete murdered Anna’s nipple, she creased his ready again young prick, the loving was passionate.

The phone rang, Anna picked it up.

“Hi Mike,” she said, it was her husband.

“No, nothing, Pete is here annoying me as usual,” she smiled at her young boy lover, who squeezed a nipple, making Anna frown and pout in arousal, she shook her lovely head ‘no,’ to him, he just smiled and lay back on the sofa, placing her hand on his thick erection. Anna squeezed it deliciously.

“Alan is off with a new girlfriend, just shot off he did and left me alone with Pete, he’s a bloody nuisance!” she giggled as she rubbed his cock. She worked his zip down and fished inside for him, he helped her to gain her hold. Now she had it out and in her soft hand, she worked him up and down while she talked to her husband, Anna felt deliciously wonderfully naughty and sexy.

“Yes okay Mike see you later, I am going to have a snack now,” she said eyeing up Pete’s big cock lasciviously.

“What am I going to have, er,” she pondered, “oh I know, I have some pork sausage I’m going to have that, and followed by some nice soft thick ice cream, mmmm,” she whispered into the phone, but staring intently at Pete and his bright red tipped pulsing magnetic cock, “am I going to enjoy that,” she mumbled.

Anna felt the heat and the power of the column of flesh in her hand, the strength of it, its pulsing power, the red turgid angry mushroom head that pulled at her heart at its appearance mesmerised her. If stamina was an Olympic sport, or an event in the world championships Pete would be world champion and record holder by far she thought.

“Yes Mike, bye,” Anna said to him, she nearly threw the phone down, dived on Pete’s cock and engulfed it, Pete jumped backwards at the disappearance of his prick as Anna swallowed it whole. Anna tried to force it down her throat but couldn’t get that thick ridged balloon past her tonsils. So she settled for a maniacal style of sucking at it, she powered her mouth up and attempted to suck it right off his stiff hard shaft.

Pete was all over the sofa as she attacked him, hands in her hair, behind his head, over the back and arms of the sofa, jerking his hips up and down as she put him through the mincer that was her gorgeous mouth. Both knew that he wouldn’t cum any time soon, and both knew they wouldn’t have time to continue. Anna told herself that next time she would have him at her mercy and demolish him completely.

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