Boudoir Photographer

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Melissa was a woman in her early forties.  She had two children and a husband who kept her busy most days – so far, so normal.

She ran her own photography business – going to all kinds of events and people’s houses.  The new year had just gone by and she realized that she wasn’t doing enough for herself – and more importantly she was hardly having enough sex with her husband.  He was always too tired, or not in the mood.  Goddam it made her so horny sometimes – it seemed like everybody took up her time and she wasn’t doing enough to make herself feel special.  

She’d heard about this female boudoir photographer through a photographer friend and checked out her Instagram and website.  It all looked very professional and tasteful and it seemed a lot safer way to feel sexy than to have an affair.  So she booked a session on a Wednesday morning when she was free from all her other duties.  She figured that her body was in good shape – very long legs, large breasts, a tight-ish stomach and long chestnut brown hair – and now would be a good a time as any to capture that. She wasn’t sure what she would do with the photos, but that wasn’t the point – this was just for her.

She spoke with Camille at length about what the session would be like – in her amazing house – in different rooms and the large garden.  Yes she could bring her own clothes and underwear, no she wouldn’t be obliged to take off anything more than she was happy with.  It sounded very supportive and empowering.

At 11.05 on Wednesday she rang the bell at this smart address in Beverly Hills, smiling to herself – the door opened and it was…..a man.  He was a muscular six foot with blond hair and piercing green eyes behind some slightly dorky Clark Kent glasses.  She was totally taken aback – Camille had not mentioned anything about a man being present.

“Oh hi are you Melissa Schaeffer?  Listen Camille said to say she’s so sorry, but her mum just had a heart attack and was rushed to hospital last night and she didn’t get time to tell her clients.

“I’m Robert –  her assistant” – he stuck out his hand and automatically Melissa put hers out and shook it, even though her mouth was still open from the surprise.

Robert pressed on – “Listen I know this was not what you were expecting, but Camille briefed me thoroughly on what you had requested and she was really excited to do the shoot.”  He shot her a very disarming smile (this guy had amazing teeth).  Listen I’ll totally understand if you want to cancel and come back another time, but, if not, I’ve done a ton of these shoots before…”

“B-but you’re a man…” Melissa stammered. She felt like an awkward teenager who had never showed her body to anybody other than on the beach.

“Oh I assure you that I’m very experienced in these kind of shoots and have worked with many satisfied women – listen why don’t you come in and talk about it for a bit and see how you feel”

So, rather than standing awkwardly on the doorstep she stepped through the doorway into the house.  It was a very sensuous environment – lots of paintings of male and female nudes, both classical and modern.  There were also lots of very sexualized Indian-looking sculptures, which she assumed were scenes from the Kama sutra or similar.

Robert showed her into the living room and took her coat.  He offered her a coffee or tea, which she declined and sat next to her on a very large settee.

She was warming to him – he was very attentive, confident, and, it had to be said, and amazing ass!  She went over the brief again  – shots of her in tasteful lingerie in different rooms of the house, with different lighting – maybe something in the garden.  He nodded thoughtfully and made some good suggestions, but nothing lewd or disrespectful.

After 10 minutes of talking she looked into his honest eyes and said “Ok I think we can make this work – where do we begin?”  She told herself nothing untoward would happen – 

He said that they’d prepared some nice underwear for her, if she would like to try it on, or she could use her own and he showed her to one of the smaller bedrooms upstairs where it was laid out on the bed.  She saw a good selection of black, white and scarlet panties and lacy bras and then as she looked closer she saw that some of them had split crotch and split cup which would allow her nipples to poke out.  She ran her hand over the lace and shut her eyes, imagining what she would look like in them.

Coming back to her senses – she wasn’t going to give this stranger the pleasure of seeing her intimate parts, even if he did have a hot body and a disarming smile. So she selected something feminine but not too slutty and changed into them.

Robert was waiting outside the bedroom when she came out, she was shy at first, but them thought, what the hell, I’m not going to be intimidated by this guy in his 20’s and she stood up straight and faced him placing her hands on her hips and her legs apart.  He stood up straight and faced her too – obviously scanning his eyes up and down her body.  Their eyes met and he smiled again

“very good…yes” he murmured to himself – “great outfit! – grandbetting yeni giriş would you like to come this way…?”

He lead her into the master bedroom – painted a deep red color with an enormous bed. All the gear was set up – and he asked her to lie on the bed, stomach down.  The sun was streaming in and he took some shots of her facing the camera, leaning on her forearms, so the picture gave a suggestion of cleavage.  She gave a big smile for the camera and started to relax a little.

She realized that these were the sort of scripted shots that he did with every client – some on your front, some sitting on the bed, body turned away from the camera but letting your hair fall down and shine in the sunlight.  After having shot so many clients herself, it was nice to give up some control and be given instructions.  Despite this she wanted to be a bit more creative…and feel a bit more sexy…

Melissa started asking him about what sort of things happen in other boudoir shoots – how far do people go..he explained that Camille was very gentle and only asked her clients to reveal what they wanted… “oh, and how do you like to run this kind of shoot…?”

He let that sentence hang in the air for a few seconds, then he lifted his head away from the view finder and looked at her properly – “Well, personally, I like to push my clients to go further – they probably will only do one or two boudoir shoots in their lives and I want them to feel bold and sexy by the time they leave…”

“Oh, and how do you achieve that?” she asked casually “Well, I’ll tell you, but you can’t tell Camille…” She smiled, but said nothing…”I offer the client two sets of pictures – one they can take home for their husbands, or whatever and one that they keep for themselves – that they can use for their fantasies…or lovers….”

Damn, there was that smile again and damn she wanted a set of slightly more risqué photos for herself.  Ok Melissa Schaeffer – time to get a grip and assert yourself.  The customer is always right after all, eh…?

After a pause he said – shall we go into the living room now – there’s a great fireplace down there…

She put on the silk robe that he had provided and followed him downstairs…

As they were walking, she gulped quietly and then heard herself ask – “what if I want a separate set of photos for myself…?”

“I was hoping you would say that – you have an amazing body and it would be great to capture that..”

Shit – he’s starting to flirt – now what do I do…?

Again, another part of her brain kept on asking the questions

“I bet you say that to all the clients…”

He turned on the stairs and she found herself practically face to face with him, level with those piercing green eyes “actually, no…”

He casually turned to face forward again and carried on walking…

They arrived in the exquisitely decorated living area – there were fabrics on the wall, a giant fireplace, what looked like an Indian style wooden screen in the corner and more erotic statues..

“Ok – so what do I have to do to get the extra set of photos…?”  She was trying hard not to sound pleading, but the thought of pushing her confidence to a new place, was turning her on slightly..

“Well – the first thing you have to do, is trust me and the second thing is to take your robe and your bra off…..”

From the past few minutes conversation, she had been expecting this…ok this is show time – she hadn’t shown any man her naked breasts apart from her husband. Last time she had worn some very revealing underwear on their last date night and all she got was a three minute fuck and a lot of snoring. They’d been married 15 years…shit, that’s depressing – time to change that…

She turned away from him and dropped her robe to the floor, she then unhooked her bra and let her C-cup sized breasts free – a small gust of wind came in from the window and she could feel her areolas contract slightly – giving her very pert nipples – she arched her back slightly, put her hands on her hips and turned around…

Robert had already set up and started taking pictures of her as she turned, but just before he started pressing the shutter she distinctly heard him say “Jesus Christ…”. It didn’t sound very Jewish, but she’s made an impression…

Now walk towards me slowly and step hard with each footstep..

She did as she was told and placed each high heeled footstep down hard – making her breasts jiggle slightly each time – god she felt powerful – and kept walking towards the camera lens

“Now turn and walk back again”

She walked away, keeping one hands on her hips, and the other swinging loose

She felt good, but did she just look like a deluded mum…?  The fear came back and she tried to cover her breasts with her hands.

“That was amazing” Robert called over “Don’t stop now…”. She just stood there, facing away from him trying to cover herself

He stood up and went over to her, coming round to face her – “Hey, are you ok? – look, it’s always difficult the first time doing these sorts of shoots…”

He grandbetting giriş placed his hand under her chin and made her look up – he kept staring at her eyes while he gently pulled each arm away from covering herself, and put her arms by her sides

The touch was electric – she was completely naked apart from her panties and high heels in front of this hot guy – she was totally out of her depth now and had no idea what would happen next…

He smiled at her shyly – listen, you have this incredible body and I want to take some more shots of you like this, is that ok…?  She nodded

Ok – stand up straight and go and sit on this chair the wrong way round…

It was a simple dining room chair – oh wow -we were going to do the Christine Keeler shot!  She sat down so the chair back was covering her tits, like the famous photo of the model from the 60’s. 

He took a few shots of her – legs splayed, but the back of the chair covering most of her upper body, she let her amazing chestnut hair fall forward and tried a few different facial expressions – this actually felt pretty good.

“Now”, he said – “Lets take some for your own private portfolio – sit up straight and arch your back…”. She did what he asked and suddenly her nipples were poking over the top of the chair “Yes great, now lift up both arms and stretch backwards as much as you can…”. Now her chest was fully on display and the lifting of the arms made her tits looks so pert…

As he was taking the pictures she noticed a strange thing – that he kept looking over to the Indian screen in the corner – like he was looking for something

He quickly showed her the playback on the back of the camera – both the straight shots and the “private portfolio shots” – the lighting made her look younger and hotter than she imagined – but I guess that was the point.

He motioned her over to the large fireplace near the Indian screen and asked her if she wanted to stretch out on it, with just her panties on.  She was getting more confident and more turned on by showing off her body to an appreciative audience, so she agreed, unsure of where this was heading.  

As she was sitting on the fireplace, arching her back and trying out poses she heard a sound from behind the screen.  What was that? A cat? Robert was on the other side of the room fetching a light, so it wasn’t him… she went up to the screen and saw it has many thousands of tiny holes in it – she looked through and saw…

“What are you doing over there…?  We have to get going on the next set up”, said Robert a little nervously as he quickly came back to her side of the room….

The next thing she knew she tore the screen aside, unconscious of her nakedness – behind there was a tall skinny black guy with his trousers and underwear down by his ankles he had his cock in his hand and was moving it up and down quite fast….

“What the fuck…?” She said and looked over at Robert, who’s face had gone quite red…she then did a second take and saw that this skinny tall black guy had quite a long and erect penis in his hand…

“Listen I can explain…” Robert Started with…

Suddenly lots of pieces fell into place in her mind – “No, let me explain. You got one of your buddies in here to spy on me whilst I was taking my clothes off, so he could get turned on and you would urge me to take more and more of my clothing off for his pleasure – that about right…?”

Robert didn’t say much and just looked at the floor – looks like she had hit the nail on the head

Right, she thought – how am I going to play this?  I could get angry and storm out, tell Camille and get Robert fired, or maybe this was the opportunity of a lifetime  – she was a strong independent woman on the moral high ground who wasn’t getting much cock at all from her tired husband and she really wanted that private portfolio of pictures, as well as the chance to get her hands on two cocks at once

“Right” she said, with a touch of menace in her voice “this is how its going to go down – both of you are gonna do what I say, or I’m going to get Robert fired and he’ll never work in Cali again…”

“You…” she pointed at the black guy “What’s your name?”  

“Big Mac..” He mumbled

“OK Big Mac – come out from your hiding place and strip”

“You” she pointed at Robert “You can strip as well – I’m not going to be the only one running around naked…”

The two guys looked at each other and she saw that she had them over a barrel – they moved to the middle of the room and started taking their clothes off.

She sat down back on the chair from the previous shot, in the same way with the back of the chair facing outwards – this gave her a new found feeling of power.  She watched as both Robert and Big Mac took their tops off – Robert had an incredible toned torso and a few abs to show – definitely a gym goer.  Big Mac was tall – probably 6’5″, not so much muscle definition, except between his legs where this great snake seemed to hang – 

Predictably Robert’s cock was not so big, but he obviously trimmed his pubic area and was also standing there grandbetting güvenilirmi with a semi hard on.

When they were both standing quite naked in front of her she said “approach”

They shyly sidled up to her – obviously still embarrassed by being caught out by their school boy trick.

When they were right in front of her  – one on either side – she lifted both hands and placed one on each torso gently feeling the contours of their upper bodies – these were fine specimens of manhood indeed.  She closed her eyes and imagined both of them cumming on her tits – she loved that idea and it really turned her on when she was alone in bed.  What if she could make it real…?

When she opened her eyes she found that she had put one hand on each cock and was starting to pull down on the base of each.  Suddenly both of them started growing in size – she looked up and saw the two guys looking at each other in amazement

“Now both of you will do exactly what I say and we’ll all get on fine….” “What did you have in mind?”, Robert asked nervously. “Let’s just say that you’ve both got a big debt to pay, and I have a very specific fantasy, now be quiet and wait for your orders…”

With that she pulled both of them even closer by the base of their cocks, so close that she could inspect the bulging helmet of each one – the purplish pink one, uncircumcised, straining upwards like an excited dog on a leash in her left hand And then this darker one, circumcised – on the end of this cock that seem to go on forever – still semi erect in her right hand.

She knew what she had to do – she had to get that black cock good and hard, so she guided it into her open mouth – flicking her tongue on the sensitive area on the underside of the helmet, and then wrapping her tongue around the whole rim, while pulling the skin up and down on Robert’s cock at the same time.  

The effect was electric – Big Mac’s cock was good and hard now, like a giant bud in her mouth – she was pulling down on the base with her hand and sucking hard on the top.  He let out a big moan and went to put his hand on the back of her head so he could push the cock in further.  She quickly took the cock out of her mouth and looked up fiercely ” No touching my head – I suck cock by my rules only”. She had seen pornos where the guy was shoving the girls head roughly onto his cock and it looked painful…

She dived back on to his cock and moved her mouth slowly up and down the shaft, making him moan some more – she had no idea how long he’s been masturbating behind the screen, but she didn’t imagine it would take her long to make him explode…

After a few more good sucks, she shifted her focus on to Robert’s cock – she let the slick saliva from her sucking act as lubricant and made a tight circle with her thumb and forefinger and placed it on Big Mac’s cock so she could squeeze it hard and wank him off while she went down on Robert.

Robert gave a gasp as she went to work on him, running her tongue around the rim, then sucking the tip very hard while she pulled his uncircumcised skin up and down.  This was another new thing for her – being a good Jewish girl, she’d never been with someone uncircumcised before, and there was an extra thrill in that as well….

She was so wet now, but knew she had to wait if she was going to get these two guys to come on her tits – both barrels – she may never get another shot at this again..

She pulled her mouth off of Robert, made the same tight circle with the thumb and forefinger on her left hand and looked on in delight as she was moving this tight ring up and down their cocks, all slick from her mouth – she also noticed that Robert had the remote shutter control in one of his hands – something for the Private portfolio she thought lazily as she increased the speed of her wanking.

After a minute or so she could see something change in Big Mac’s stance – he kind of leaned backwards, she could see his chest rising and falling rapidly, like he was out of breath – she knew he was about to come – she sucked the tip of his cock a little more and looked up at him and said sweetly – “you gonna cum on my titties…? He couldn’t really speak much, so he mumbled “uh-huh” she carried on, almost mocking him – “you gonna cum hard on me….?” “yes, goddam it yes…”

With that she sat up very straight, arched her back and pushed pushed her tits out – she also slowed down on Robert’s cock while she put her full attention on to Big Mac…

She put as much of this beautiful brown cock in her mouth as she could fit, closed her eyes and imagined straddling him and sitting on it – God, she was nearly cumming herself, just thinking about it

Big Mac just started whimpering “Yes, yes, yes don’t stop”

With that she took the cock out and carried on wanking him, but super slowly now – pausing with each stroke and pointing the tip of his glistening cock right at the nipple of one of her amazing tits – he went quiet for a second or two and then she looked down to see beautiful spurts of white cum jetting on one her – it felt warm – and wow, there was lots of it – jet after jet spilling out from his helmet – she took the tip and rubbed it against her nipple as well – Big Mac spasmed at this his body shuddering, unable to move away as she had her hand on his cock holding him in place, she carried on tugging down on his shaft until she was sure that nothing more was coming out.

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