Boy-Toy Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Interview

Audition for boy toy. Wanted, young twenties, low fat, little hair to serve the needs of several men for weekend get-away. Audition a must. Email if you fit the description and are interested. Must send photo.

That’s it. That’s all the ad said. What excited me the most was the word several. Three, Four…More?!?! Being a swimmer, I fit the description to a tee. 5’9″, 145 lbs, and very little hair due to swim team regulations. I was perfect for the job.

Now I’ve always loved women, the way they feel, smell, etc, but sometimes a guy wants to switch places and be the object of attention, to be the slut, to be the very tool, you could say, to bring another man to orgasm. That’s me. When I am with a girl, I am very much the aggressor, the dominant one, but I switch roles when I’m with a guy. I love to be grabbed and talked dirty too and called a slut. I like to be used. This ad was just what I wanted.

I quickly emailed my response to the email address provided and included several pictures. I then lay down on my bed and masturbated to the made up images of what this would be.

– – – –

Two days later, I received an email response saying that they would like to “interview” me. They gave me directions to a local hotel suite and provided me with a room number with a date and time to be there. The date and time was for tomorrow, Wednesday night.

I was so excited.

The next day, I primped my self by shaving off all of my body hair, washing extra good and doing myself up right. I dressed in some shredded jeans, a Hollister t-shirt and some sandals. No underwear for today. What was the point?

I showed up at the Hotel and went up to the 6th floor to the room number that was provided. I was so nervous. What if this was a joke, a prank, something of that nature. But the idea of being “interviewed” by several men was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I knocked and waited. A man, in his mid-thirties, answered the door and asked, “Mark?”

I acknowledged and he stuck out his hand. “Great to meet you. I’m Mitch.” He was a little taller than me, about 6′ tall, in average shape. He looked like he hit the gym a couple times a week, but was far from a muscular guy. Hair still brown and above average looks. He was dressed in a Golf Shirt and some khaki slacks.

He invited me in and ushered me towards the living area of this large hotel suite. There were two couches, one a full length, the other a love seat situated in a 90 degree angle and a single seat couch facing the others. It appeared that normally, there was a coffee table situated in the middle, but they had moved it to the far side of the room. Guess I know where the “interview” was to take place.

He had me sit in the one seat couch and he himself sat down on the love seat next to a companion of his. There were a total of four men here. All in their middle to late 30’s, it appeared, and all dressed in very nice business casual clothes.

Mitch introduced his associates. On the small couch with him was Charles. Charles, appeared, although hard to tell as they were sitting down, to be the tallest of the group. A little thinner than the rest, starting to lose his hair, but not in a way that made him seem unattractive. He kept the rest of his hair shorter so as not to draw to the hair loss situation. He was barely average in the looks department as well.

On the larger couch were John and Alex. Alex was definitely the stockiest of the four with a short cut haircut. His demeanor and looks reminded me of ex-military. John was actually a really good looking man, who appeared to be the oldest of the four, but still had dark hair and chiseled features.

They explained that they were attorneys who, although happily married, did a quarterly retreat, be it to the beach somewhere, skiing, camping, etc. It was meant as an escape from their daily grind and a chance for them to do things they couldn’t normally do with their wives. For each of these trips, they would bring with them some entertainment, as one would call it, to totally serve their needs, be it cooking, cleaning or sexual.

They then told me that I would be thoroughly examined to make sure that I fit their qualifications and that I would be someone that the other gentleman going on the retreat would enjoy as well. (More? More than 4? Amazing.)

Alex said, “Enough with the introductions. Stand up, and take off your clothes. Let’s see what you look like.”

How İstanbul Escort exciting, stripping for these men. Now, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but when it comes to being used by men, it’s just that, men. I don’t want to be with boys. I want older men.

I stood up and removed my shirt and kicked off my sandals. I then proceeded to undo my pants and slowly take them off, letting my, semi hard cock come in to view. They sat there staring at me and John and Mitch both leaned forward, and they all began looking at each other and smiling, saying things that I couldn’t quite hear.

Mitch told me to walk over to him. I walked over to him and stood before him. He then had me turn around so he could get a good look at my ass. Now, I am VERY proud of my ass. Due to my swimming, it’s nice and round, a lot like a girl’s ass, but very firm. I felt one of his hands start rubbing on my ass and them saying how great it was. Here I was, naked in front of 4 clothed men and they were examining me like I was a cut of steak. By now, I was fully hard and barely anything had happened yet.

He then told me to turn around and he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards him, making me straddle him. He then took my head in his hands and began kissing me. It was a soft kiss and it felt great. His stubble sent chills down me as we kissed, his hands caressing my back as well as the back of my head. I then felt Charles, grabbing my ass as I was kissing Mitch. I slowly started rocking back and forth, “riding” Mitch as we made out.

Charles grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to him. Flopping like a cheap whore being tossed between two men, I quickly repositioned myself so that I was straddling Charles as he began to kiss me. I guess this was the kissing part of the audition, but I loved it. Men and women kiss so different. As I was kissing Charles, who kissed a little bit like a snake, I felt Mitch’s hands on me, rubbing up and down my back and then I felt another set of hands on my back.

Arms were put underneath my arms and lifted me off the couch. It was Alex. He turned me around and looked me right in the face, grabbed my ass and said, “don’t’ get used to all this gentle kissing slut; we’re going to examine you inside and out. This is just the beginning.”

With that, he sat back down on the couch, pulling me on top of him and he began to aggressively kiss me, biting at my lip, pulling on it, slapping my ass. I was riding him now like a bitch in heat. I was so turned on and they weren’t even out of their clothes yet.

He then grabbed me on either side of my face and said, “Go make out with John so he can see how the whore kisses, and then we can really see how good that pretty mouth of yours is.”

I crawled on the couch to John and straddled him. Wow, he really was attractive. He reached up and slowly put his hand behind my head and pulled me to him. The kiss was ecstasy. We kissed for a little bit and then he scooted a little bit towards Alex with me on his lap and he looked in my eyes and told me he wanted to get a better look at my ass. I started to get up, but he told me to just lie across him. I did, and this put my head right in Alex’s lap.

He started caressing my ass, gently at first, but then came the grabbing and cupping, gentle and rough slaps. I felt his hands running up and down my inner legs and my back, just feeling my tanned skin. I felt the others two also rubbing on my body. Fingers were running up the crack of my ass, hands were all over the back of my body and voices described what a hot slut I was. While this is going on, the side of my face is lying on Alex’s lap, face towards him and he’s grabbing the other side of my head and humping his cock against my face. I hear him saying how he can’t wait to split me. I hear the other guys laugh and say, “well let us have a chance at him first!”

I feel arms around my waist and I am picked up and now standing, facing Mitch. He is now naked and before I get a chance to look at him, he’s kissing me, full on, bodies together, cocks rubbing together and he’s passionately kissing me. I then feel the head of another cock in my lower back and a mouth on my shoulder. I assume, due to where the cock’s hitting me, that this is Charles. But really, I don’t care. The mouths on my skin, the sandwich that our bodies have created with me being the proverbial meat, all make me feel as though I’ve found heaven, and I don’t want to leave.

Mitch Kartal Escort Bayan is kissing on my nipples as I hear Charles whisper in my ear, “Enough of you being the center of attention boy. Get on your knees and suck our cocks faggot.” I slowly go down to my knees, but these men, don’t pull back to allow me down easily, so their cocks slide up my skin as I go down.

Once on my knees, they regroup and both get in front of me. Both men have great cocks. Both around 7-7.5 inches, but as different as can be. (You know how cocks can all look different) Mitch’s cock is great, with a slight upwards curve, his is very reminiscent of Peter North’s cock, just not THAT big. Charles’s is a little longer and wide, but more flat and wide as opposed to being completely circular.

I grabbed each cock and started stroking immediately. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I took turns going back and forth using my lips and the tip of my tongue on the heads of their cocks. When I got to Mitch’s, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock all the way back. I started bobbing on his cock like my life depended on it. Charles was inching closer to my face, obviously not intent with just a hand job and was rubbing his cock on the side of my face while I sucked off Mitch. I then switched and repeated.

I really went crazy, going back and forth, trying to stick both cocks in my mouth, rubbing them on my face, and I felt another cock slapping me on the head from behind. I leaned my head back while holding on to the other cocks and got a pair of balls from John on my forehead. I playfully licked the underside of his cock that seemed about the same length, just a little thinner than the other guys, but not in a bad way, and then shifted so that now Charles was in the middle, John on my left and Mitch on my right. These guys went at it. They pulled me from cock to cock. They would shove two cocks at a time in my face. They would lean my head back and slap my face like I was some porn slut. If they didn’t have a cock in my mouth, they were bent over feeling my ass or back or pinching my nipples.

Then I heard him. Alex. “My turn.”

They all laughed and I turned, surrounded by cocks like a cum-slut in a suck off competition, and saw him sitting on the couch, naked, legs spread stroking what looked like a 9 or 10 inch cock. Who knows, they all look bigger from the underside, but still, this cock was huge. I couldn’t stop staring. These other guys were still rubbing on me with their cocks and feeling me up, but that’s the cock I wanted right now. I started to get up and Alex said, “No. Crawl bitch.”

I let go of everything else and got down on all fours and crawled to him. I came between his legs and started licking his balls while he continued to stroke his wonderful cock. He held it against my face and told me to look at him while I cleaned his balls. I then propped myself up and licked up his entire cock. I took it from him and began licking the shit out of his cock. I then took it in my mouth and starting blowing this cock of life like there was no tomorrow.

I was so happy I was wiggling my ass back and forth like a bitch in heat. I took my mouth off of his cock but continued to stroke it as I looked back to the other guys who were now playing with my ass. I said to them, “I thought I was a fuck toy? Fuck me! Use me!”

That’s all they needed, I felt a cock head at the entrance to my ass and pushed back. With hands on my hips, my unseen molester entered me fast and quick. The air escaped from me as I, cock in hand, buried my head in Alex’s lap, cock resting on my head as I was assailed from behind. I looked back to see John going at me like the whore I am. Alex, grabbed my head and yelled, “Did I tell you to stop sucking my cock bitch?

I immediately went back to sucking his cock…happily, of course.

I tried to make it a good blow job, but John kept ramming into me so that if the air didn’t escape from me from the force of his thrust, I would momentarily be frozen in shockwaves of ecstasy. John pulled out and I went back to Alex’s cock sucking it in my mouth as far and as fast as I could get it and then licking the underside, and rubbing my lips up and down the sensitive underside while stroking him. I would slap his cock against my face while looking him in the eye.

The other two guys took their turns filling my ass with their cocks as I worshiped Alex’s amazing cock. I did notice that none Anadolu Yakası Escort of them came. I looked up and saw them standing around me stroking their cocks and that’s when Alex got up and forcefully brought me to my feet. He took me to the side of the couch and bent me over the arm of the couch. I felt his hands on my hips as he aimed his monster at the opening of my ass. He used one of his hands to rub his cock up and down the crack of my ass and then, without warning, shoved his cock into my willing ass.

Mitch came and lied down on the couch, scooting himself towards me so that his cock was in my face. He shoved it in and again, I was filled with two cocks. This went on for a while, me being molested, these men having their way with me like I was a breathing fuck doll, and I never wanted it to end.

Alex then pulled out of my ass as it gasped in dissatisfaction at being empty again. He lay down on the ground and pulled me on top of him. I immediately impaled myself on his throbbing butt plug and sat up riding him, eyes closed in pure lust. I heard him say, “John, time for the lube.”

Lube? What did they need lube for? They had each had their cocks in me. They all were able to fit. I was unsure of what was going on, but was told to keep fucking. So I did. I fucked, my cock, throbbing hard, ready to burst.

Alex pulled me towards him so that I was laying on him with his cock in my ass and he whispered, “Ready for the second cock?”

I felt lube being rubbed on my ass and finally understood. I was to be double stuffed. They had been working my ass open so that they could double stuff me. I came. Right then.

John crouched behind me like a dog mounting his bitch and slowly started to work his cock along my ass, pushing and rubbing, using his fingers till finally his cock popped in. The pain was intense, but there was no reprieve. They got into a rhythm and eventually the pain turned to pleasure. Intense pleasure. I could feel that I was getting hard again. I lay sandwiched between these men, while they pistoned their cocks in and out of my ass. Meanwhile, Mitch and Charles got on their knees and scooted in close to me. Both bucking their hips forward, their cocks were right in my face. I opened my mouth and they both fed their cocks to me at the same time. For a brief moment, I had four cocks in me. God, I’m such a slut. They all cheered as this happened and then one by one, got off of me and had me get on my knees. Kneeling in between them, I went back to sucking their cocks, being pulled off one and gagged with another. The names, the insults, the cocks. What rapture. What joy!

John was the first. I didn’t see him cum, but as I had a hand on both Mitch and Charles’s cocks and Alex’s beast was stretching out my mouth, the hot wetness that I felt splattering against my back and the back of my head could only come from him. Alex told me to clean John and I turned around and took his cock in my mouth and cleaned the cum from his still hard cock. Charles grabbed my chin and turned me towards him in time for him to unload on my face. He shot a lot and with him furiously jerking his cock it went in my hair, my face, my chest, shoulders and some into my mouth.

Mitch came up and told me to open up. I placed my hands on his legs, rubbing my hands up and down his thighs as I sat with my eyes looking up at him and my mouth open, ready for his load. He let out a low grunt and shot thick ropes of cum into my mouth. After five big spurts I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for a few seconds when I felt Alex unloading on the right side of my face and on my shoulders. I took Mitch out of my mouth and went to work on cleaning up Alex. Not a single one of them had bad tasting cum.

Alex pulled his cock out of my mouth. They were all remarking on how much of a cum-slut I was. I sat there, wiping cum off of my face and body and shoveling it into my mouth with my left hand while stroking my cock with my right hand.

They made me lie on the floor and jerk off while they watched. I came so hard that even cumming a second time, I still managed to have some of my own cum fly up and land on my face and chest. I ate my own cum as these guys “cheered” me on.

After cleaning up, they, while laughing in disbelief, told me that I had the job and that they would pick me up Friday if I wanted to join them. I was saying, “yes, please!?!?” before they had a chance to finish asking me. I asked them what I should pack and they said, “Don’t worry; we’ll take care of that. Just make sure you are cleaned and shaven. We’ll call you on Friday to let you know what time we’ll be there. Plan on early.”

With that, I left to go home where I arrived, stripped and jerked off again.

– – – – – – – – –

Next Chapter: “Boy-Toy” Chapter 2 – The Ride

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