Breaking My Ex Boyfriend

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All persons in this story are of legal age.

I’m Monica.

I’m stronger than you.

I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, I’m stronger than you.

I have hard, tough abs, strong veiny arms and my legs? They’re enormous. I can run, swim and bike all day long with very little effort and my calves are so big that I can’t wear boots.

Unlike most of the women who want to tell you stories, my face is average. Plain Jane average and I don’t care. I can grip your body against me and show you a night you’ve never even dreamed of being possible.

My biggest fantasies involve me using mind games and hot sex together. I love to use manipulation and femdom to show someone they’re inferior to me and then use them for sex. No whips, no chains, just a subtle lesson- I have a ripped, sexy body because I want to be buff as fuck and you don’t.

I have some stories I’d like to tell.


My favorite story about that was from a few years ago when I was dating this guy named Tyler. He was tall, handsome in a different sort of way, and very smart and confident. I worshipped that dick, too. He was thick and yummy. Big fat cockhead, veins on his cock and big balls. I could use two hands to jerk that cock and still have room to suck him, so believe me when I say sitting on that dick was exquisite.

I was leaner then, still in shape but not as hard or even muscular at all. I did yoga and pilates and kept my ass tight. I would wear really flattering yoga pants or booty shorts all summer and smirk when people looked at me.

Tyler was friends with this guy Ron. Ron lived somewhere else, but he was cute as fuck and had a small but sexy build. I still get a little wet when I think about how sexy his features were. He was handsome, sexy and a little quiet, not to mention better looking than Tyler. They grew up together and Tyler was always more outgoing and taller, but they went to different colleges and didn’t talk much for a while there. Ron was having a party- his girlfriend and Tyler and I.

As soon as I met Ron I knew I had to fuck him. He had these sexy pecs and big biceps. He had this sort of lazy smile and a tight body. You could tell he worked out but not that often- a little chubby in the right places.

When I met him I giggled and insisted on giving him a hug and it made Tyler nuts. He didn’t like it all. Ron had been working out when Tyler had been sitting on his ass eating junk food and watching movies. That big dick was his saving grace.

Anyway, we all started drinking and I got wasted. I had to fuck and looking at Ron was getting me wet. My clit twitched a little each time we talked and I was laughing at everything he was saying. I grabbed Tyler’s hand and dragged him into a bedroom and I grabbed on his dick playfully as we went up the stairs.

Tyler locked the door behind us and even locked the bathroom door because he didn’t want any company. I found out later than Ron usually went in and fucked most of Tyler’s girlfriends after, and sometimes during the relationship. What a bad boy…!

I pulled out Tyler’s dick and started suckling that big cockhead. He loved it and pulled off my top and as I was dropping to my knees, I heard a key in the door.

I can barely type this because I’m so wet and my hand is in my pants.

Ron opened the bedroom door just as I was on my knees about to suck Tyler’s cock. He had to know what we were doing, but he was grinning ear to ear.

“Fuck, dude!” Tyler shouted. “Get out of here, I locked the door!”

“Just making sure everything is okay around here.” And then he looked at me as Tyler covered up his cock a little.

“Are you okay, Monica?” Ron asked, completely drawing out the moment.

I grinned sheepishly a little bit, sneaking a peek at his pants to see if he was turned on. I could see a bulge and I swear that fucker saw me and smiled.

“Okay, just let me know if you need any help with this guy.” Then he pulled back his shirtsleeve and flexed a bicep I was totally surprised by. Ron was a fucking beast for sure. I needed some dick right then and I didn’t care who fed it to my pussy.

The door closed and I could tell Tyler was rattled by that because his friend had not only seen his dick but he still wasn’t used to his friend being so much stronger than him.


I dropped back to my knees and sucked that flaccid cock until it turned hard again, all the while wondering how big Ron’s cock was. I fantasized that Ron was the one slowly grinding into my mouth with a hand on the back of my head. I used one hand to guide and stroke Tyler and reached into my pants with the other one, flicking and teasing my clit. I was so wet that I had to take my pants off and sit on a cock right away. esenyurt escort

Tyler’s was nice, but I was curious about fucking a strong, muscular man and my smaller body being in charge of him. And Ron acted like a guy that was hung like a mule. In my experience a guy that shows a lot of quiet confidence is packing a fucking hammer in those pants.

Tyler took some time to get going but it was nice to sit on that fuck rod and make him slam me into my spot. It was hot, fast and intense. I made him cum inside me because I wanted Ron to cum inside me. What sent my body into the most intense orgasm I ever experienced was thinking of Ron fucking me and Tyler having to watch while he jacked his cock and then once Ron pulled his powerful body off me, I’d lay there in ecstasy and not let Tyler touch me. I fantasized about him having to sit there next to a stronger man who just fucked his woman and being unable to do anything but watch.

We cleaned up in the shower and Tyler thought he was this big stud, as usual. All arrogance and proud of how hard I made him explode into me.

My ass was spectacular and I knew how to ride a cock, so I know I’m a great lay, thanks. I was then and I’m better now.


I went downstairs to get a drink as Tyler watched TV and I ran into Erica, Ron’s girlfriend. She and I had never met but she came up to me giggling.

“So I hear you gave Ron a show!”

“Yeah, he used a key to get in. I was in the…middle…of something.”

Erica gave me this knowing grin. “I heard. Tyler’s dick in your hand.” She laughed. “I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have them both, you know? Close friends, big cocks and me.”

I shot her a sidelong glance to play it cool but I was already getting wet again. “Ron’s got a big dick?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, huge. I heard Tyler is supposed to be big, but this girl Amy told me that Ron is much bigger. Tyler dated her and then Ron came in later when she was on the rebound.”

Fucking bad boys! So hot. I knew I had to have him someday.

“She wasn’t on the rebound, she was just looking for a friend.” Ron came around the corner. “What are you girls talking about, now?” He grinned knowingly.

We both grinned and told him not to worry about it. I went back upstairs and watched Tyler eat junk food and watch movies on TV while I heard Erica and Ron having very loud, angry sex. Tyler just turned the TV up and rolled his eyes, but I wished I was down there sucking that big cock.


Tyler was such a fucking bore. All he wanted to do was have lazy sex and watch TV. It got old really fast and we fought all the time. He ended up calling me and telling me he was bored with me too and I was so offended that it blew my mind. Why should I care about a guy like that blowing me off?

Still, I was offended and my feelings were a little hurt, I’m not going to lie.

Guys, a girl will try to screw your best friend if he’s even a little attractive after you have a bad breakup. It’s just a thing we do.

But Ron, with his looks, his brains and his muscles, I had to fuck him as soon as I was single again.

Tyler was really confident about it at first, but he saw that there weren’t a lot of girls out there who wanted him. Pretty soon I started getting texts asking how I was, what was going on, what was new.

But by then? By then I was working out five days a week and turning my body into a lean, sexy instrument. I didn’t do a lot of weights, but I did a lot of leg exercises and squats to define my ass. I decided to drive him crazy and tell him little things about myself when he texted. I’d tell him I was working out a lot and that would make him really wish he hadn’t dumped me.

Me: “Oh, I’m good. Just a lot of working out.”

Him: “That’s cool. How is that going?”

Me: “Great! I’m getting really strong! Look at my legs!” And then I’d add a photo of my legs with me in my sexy pink gym shorts.

And then nothing. I always figured he would be furiously jerking off that cock by then.

I had been going to the gym for about three months and changed my diet entirely. Candy and the occasional bag of chips turned into protein shakes and fruit. I boiled chicken. I ate carrots. The results paid off and by the end of the summer, I had a tight, sexy lean body with sexy big calves and small biceps to go with my four pack. And my ass was spectacular. I loved to show it off and have people stare. A couple of my friends asked if I had implants but I’d just laugh it off.

Tyler had been dangling long enough and so I decided to text him.

Me: “So, is Ron still with Erica?”

Him, a few minutes later: “Uh, no. Why?”

Me: “No reason. Well, actually, can I have his number?”

Him: zeytinburnu escort “No. I don’t want you two together.”

Silly boy. Like that would stop me!

Me: “I just need some workout tips. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Big old fucking lie, right there.

Him: “Okay, because I really think you’d like me better now, I’ve changed.” Yeah, yeah, numbers, bitch.

And then he texted me the number to Ron’s phone. I felt so nervous, like I was in middle school about to call a boy. I may have looked sexy, taut and athletic but I was being totally ridiculous!

I decided to go on the offensive and text Ron a photo. I found a sexy top and tensed my abs and made a duck face. It was a nice photo because my abs were so cute and flat. I remember thinking that if I was lucky, I’d feel that cock in my stomach and I giggled.

Ron responded with a photo of his hand on top of a bulge in his underwear. I could see that it was big, thick and long. I needed a second to catch my breath before I replied.

He beat me to it. “Like what you see, sexy?”

I replied back: “I’m trying to be a lady” and I was already fucking myself on my hand, thumb on my swelling clit.

‘What would you say if you weren’t trying to be a lady?”

Fuck it. “Your cock must be huge”

Him: “Why don’t you see me tomorrow and find out?”

Me: “Sounds good, give me an address.”


We didn’t text anymore after I got his address. I wanted him to be a total surprise for me. He was.

I came to the door of his apartment with sexy burgundy nine inch heels and a short skirt. I wore a tight blue top with pink buttons that showed off my tits. I wore these sexy earrings that dangled, and my hair was up.

I forgot how short Ron was, and I towered over him in my heels. At least Tyler was tall, but…

I wasn’t the only one who worked out all summer. Ron was shredded. His arms were veiny and his chest was hard and tight. Our hug was electric and I was already turned on.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I put my hand on his chest before he could say another word and watched him smirk in between suckles of my tongue and lower lip. I had to see that cock.

I dropped to my knees and tore his military style belt open and ripped it out of his pants.

I fumbled with the button to his pants and unzipped his fly, but it wasn’t very easy because his hardening cock was making this very difficult.

Ron was bigger than I even dreamed. His pants fell back and his tight underwear showed a giant bulge. I trembled a little as I pulled down his underwear in one tug and saw the biggest cock I’ve ever seen come at me. It jerked up as the underwear came down.

It was beautiful. Ron’s thick, hard cock had veins and a purple cockhead that dwarfed Tyler’s. His balls were huge and the veins were angry looking. It was a perfect, beautiful cock and I slowly reached to grip it because I was in a daze. I reached for it and put it in my mouth…as much as I could fit in…and then Ron lifted me up and carried me to his bed. I was like a bitch in heat because I wanted to sit on that big fucking dick so much.

He gently dropped me to the bed and told me to strip down for him as he jerked his cock. Ron’s cock inflated and grew bigger and bigger. His balls tightened against him and I watched his biceps bulge as he jerked his big cock and grinned at me.

Top, skirt and shoes flew across the floor.

I laid back and undid my bra and tossed it at him, grinning, and then Ron lowered himself on top of me. We kissed and he rubbed my swelling clit with his big cockhead and I thought I was ready to explode.

I surprised him and pushed him to his back and then I put Ron’s big cock into my mouth. I was greedy and I stuffed it into my mouth, loving the sweat and his thickness. The rumors were true, he was so much bigger than my ex boyfriend. He had strong abs and big calves. He had a chiseled jaw and he had arms that any girl would want to squeeze. I was about to fuck a fuck machine.

I sucked him so fast and so greedily that I thought Ron would cum in my mouth like Tyler used to. Nothing, just him enjoying it and getting harder. Then I lifted myself up and onto that big meaty cock.

Have you ever fucked a guy that is so big he feels like he fills every inch of you? Ron. That was him. This motherfucker was so big that I felt him in my stomach and I kept lowering myself. It was like fucking a baseball bat. His cock was scorching hot inside me, inch by inch spreading me and filling me. He was hard but spongy at the same time. It was amazing and beautiful.

By the time I was used to him and working on a rhythm, my very wet pussy was sliding over the length of taksim escort bayan his big shaft. There was so much to him that I would lean back and be surprised about how much size he had. We were fucking angrily and it was hot. Moans from me and growls from him.

He pounded my G spot over and over and I felt that hot thick cock touch places inside me that no other cock ever reached. It was like he took some missing part of my virginity with that inflated fuck rod.

I felt the orgasm build up but I ignored it because I was so in the mood to keep fucking this big dicked bad boy. I watched the sweat build on his face and his perfect chest and I leaned down to kiss Ron as I kept pounding him.

By the time the orgasm exploded in me it had been building up in my feet, my hands, my neck, and the waves I usually felt when I came were replaced with a hot throbbing and I couldn’t move. I slowly eased off that still-firm cock and noticed Ron hadn’t came yet.

“Anything wrong?” I panted.

He gave a short laugh. “No. You just didn’t tell me I could get off yet.”

…I’m still wet over that.

“Cum, baby. Give me that cum right now.” I started to jack him off and I put a finger into his asshole suddenly, feeling for his prostate. Suddenly this beefy, muscular man was writhing and moving around and moaning, so I really enjoyed sucking and jerking that big fat cock like it was my toy. It was.

I saw him starting to get close, so I jerked him even harder. I pulled my finger out of his ass and pointed to my mouth over and over.

When Ron came, it was the thickest, heaviest cum explosion I’ve ever seen. It splashed my face, my mouth, my tits and my neck. He shot rope after rope of creamy, yummy cum. Boys who work out know how to make those shakes and make a tasty cum treat.

He threw his head to the side and panted, chuckling a little. I was still orgasmic and feeling like I had a pretty incredible conquest. This beautiful, muscular big dicked boy was not only able to fuck me like a champ but he knew how to let me pleasure my cunt on that big fat cock of his.

Only one thing was missing.

I hoped the night would go well, so I thought I’d have some fun with Tyler.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower, washed all the cum and sweat off me and restyled my short hair. I put on my purple bra and sexy thong panties and posed in the mirror. Yeah, this looked about right.

I texted Tyler.

Me: “Hey, you up?”

And then I did a pose in my underwear- side shot showing off my sexy ass through my thong and flexing my small but impressive bicep with some cleavage showing. I was smirking to hide my just-fucked grin.

I took a selfie and texted him before he could reply.

Him: “Whoa, dude. You look amazinggg…!!!”

Me: “I know. Like my new body?”

Him: “Yeah. Can I see it in person? :)”

Me: “I don’t know, I like big cocks. Maybe you need to measure it to show me how big you are with a tape measure.”

Like magic, that text came back with a photo of his cock and a tape measure. 6 and a half inches and thick. Same as it ever was. This was so naughty…

Me: “That’s pretty sexy. That deserves another picture.” I can still imagine the leering face he probably made to that.

I went back into the bedroom with my phone. Ron was worn out like he just got fucked hard and finger fucked by an athletic woman who wanted his nuts for months. He wasn’t asleep, more like being lazy and catching his breath.

I slowly started to pump that big cock and I slipped my finger into his ass again as I grinned at him.

He was surprised but into it.

“Shut up and enjoy it, you fucking slut. You better give me that big cock.”

He grew harder by the second after hearing that. I watched him tense his abs and straighten up his pillow, giant biceps swelling and tensing. Hot. I slapped that big dick against his thigh a few times to hear the smack.

Ron’s cock stood at full attention and his balls were nice and tight again. He was one hung bastard and I loved it.

I gripped those balls and gently nibbled his cockhead. “Feel like a joke on Tyler?”


I talked to Tyler after this, but it was never the same. He was much more desperate and needy to talk to me because I showed him up so badly.

The last photo he got that night was of me gripping his best friend’s huge cock in my hand and raising my eyebrow as Ron was nibbling my ear and playing with my tits.

Me: “Nice cock, but Ron’s much bigger than 6 and a half inches and he fucks like a champ. Can you give me a ride over here the next time I sit on this?”

Ron was really into that. He went three more times that night, and we dated for a while. The worst part was Tyler acting weird about it, but I didn’t want him to be left out.

We sent him photos and he never complained. I like to think he was turned on by watching my tight body do dirty things to his best friend.

The End

….Of this story, but I have more.

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