Breast Friend Ch. 10

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–SESSION 15– Lexi, Tori, Cat and Lauren

One more quartet remained. Peter was certain that Lexi and the infamous triplets Tori, Cat and Lauren were waiting, knowing it was almost their turn. He had demanded each foursome of women to do something different, so they surely had no idea what to expect—just that it would demand the use of their enormous boobs.

But Peter knew. He had known for a while, and it was finally time to bring this fantasy to life.

“Lexi, Tori, Cat and Lauren: I’ve got plans for you. Triplets’ house. Two hours.”

Peter could barely contain his excitement as he drove to the triplets’ beautiful manor. He was about to be treated to what he knew would be one of the best sessions he could possibly have, and he planned to savor it fully.

The door opened to reveal Lexi, Tori, Cat and Lauren all wearing the same outfit the triplets had worn for him when they all smothered him into oblivion—Lexi looked wonderful in it. To recap: stiletto heels, skin-tight jeans, topless, with black dog collars and plenty of makeup and lipstick.

Peter was astounded at the size of their breasts, and Peter was tough to surprise with boob sizes at this point. Each girl was an HH cup. He was shocked that their small frames could even hold up that sheer volume of titflesh. It must not have been easy. He wondered if the girls had pieced it together that their mammary growth was his responsibility in the first place, because he had certainly made a calculated (and utterly successful) effort to benefit from it.

He must have spent a solid minute or two just standing and gawking at the massive breasts before him. This was beyond Peter’s wildest dreams. He got to play with these. He got to do whatever he wanted with these. They were his, and his alone. His girls stood in the doorway after closing the door behind him, smiling demurely and allowing Peter to bask in his gifts.

“What do you think?” Cat finally asked, breaking the silence.

“God damn…” was all Peter could muster.

The girls giggled. Lexi picked up her tits in her hands and bounced them around a bit; this was no small task, because her larger-than-volleyball-sized jugs could barely be hefted by her dainty, feminine hands. Not wishing to be outdone, the triplets followed suit, until Peter had four buxom babes jiggling their hooters in a private show for him.

“How about these, Peter?” Lauren asked playfully.

“We know you love big titties, so we got you eight of them.” Tori winked.

“Watch this, baby.” Lexi cooed.

She lifted her right funbag to her mouth and licked and slurped on her own nipple for a moment, never once breaking eye contact with Peter. Peter’s mouth watered, and he knew it was time to move on to the main event.

“Ladies.” he said, “Show me to the bedroom.”

They obeyed. They took Peter to the triplets’ bedroom, which was just as pink and cozy and glitzy as he remembered, and sat him down in a nice chair. His girls, his Breast Friends, lined up in front of him, awaiting orders. Peter savored the moment—and the sight.

“What would you like us to do, sir?” Tori inquired.

A big smile crept across Peter’s lips.

“It’s bursa üniversiteli escort titty-fuck time.” he declared.

After a pause, the girls nodded. They knew this was coming. The other Breast Friends had told them that it hadn’t happened to them, so they figured that it would possibly be their responsibility to wrap their big boobs around Peter’s dick and jerk him into next week.

“Who’s first?” Lexi asked.

“You are, Lexi.” Peter responded, pulling something out of his pants pocket.

It was small bottle of water-based lubricant. He had read that lube made titty-fucking more pleasant for both parties, and he decided to give it a shot. His eyes glowed with horny anticipation as Lexi slowly got to her knees in front of him. She shot him a look, and he nodded, indicating that he wanted her to get his pants off for him. Lexi did so, her fingers fluttering gently, until Peter’s pants were off.

“Are you girls ready to meet your new friend?” he asked.

They nodded.

Peter pulled his boxer shorts down to his ankles, freeing his 8-inch cock. It was veiny and rather girthy, and he knew he would be wearing it out today. He handed the lube to Lauren.

“Lauren, why don’t you lube Lexi up for me?”

Without a word, Lauren did as she was told. This had become somewhat of a solemn moment. Peter was thinking, as he was sure the girls were, about how a mere matter of weeks ago, these women were just his buddies. Acquaintances, in some cases. Of course, he had pined for them and masturbated to their pictures, but never, even in his most incredible fantasies, did he think he would be here. He looked down at Lexi, who was having her tits and cleavage generously smeared with lube by Lauren. It seemed that she could hardly believe it either.

Finally, it was time. Lauren stepped back to join her sisters, and Peter guided his cock into Lexi’s fantastic cleavage. Lexi allowed his dick entrance, and locked eyes with him as she closed her boobs around it, trapping it in supple warmth.

“How’s that?” she inquired earnestly.

“Perfect.” Peter answered.

Lexi took a deep breath and began shifting her rack up and down. Up and down. Up and down. He almost gagged with surprise at how wonderful this felt. Her tits were so huge and soft, and the lube made them delightfully slippery. He sat back and watched Lexi do all the work. And to think, he was the one who had slipped the drug into Lexi’s water bottle. He had planted the seed for his own busty reward, and here he was, reaping the harvest.

“Ohhh…fuuuck…” Peter moaned, running a hand through his hair.

Lexi jiggled her tits in an effort to stimulate Peter even further. He was really fucking her tits now. She looked up at him, knowing full well that the game was over. He had won. These were his tits now. He sighed and basked in the squishy perfection for a while longer. He honestly could have let Lexi do this all day, but he had four women to get through.

“Lauren. Your turn.”

Lexi freed Peter’s dick from her cleavage and stood up. She switched places with Lauren, taking the bottle of lubricant from her. Lauren escort bayan now knelt down, and Lexi squirted lube all over her rack, rubbing it in thoroughly. She used even more lube than Lauren had on her, until Lauren’s titflesh became a slippery, slide-y wonderland…one of which Peter was about to take full advantage.

He looked briefly at Tori and Cat, who were watching as their triplet sister prepared to get one of the most private places on her body defiled by Peter’s cock. They simply stared back at him, shooting the occasional glance at Lauren, who was now positioning her tits around the hard dick. Peter’s attention turned back to the woman between his knees, as beautiful, busty young Lauren engulfed his penis between her massive hooters. Her tits were so huge that the head of his dick barely poked out at the top, ensuring that this was going to be a hell of a ride.

Lauren began to bounce her rack up and down. Up and down. Up and down. It started as a slow journey, but Peter gasped with pleasure. Titty-fucking would have to stay on his permanent list of things to do with his Breast Friends, because this was absolutely top-notch. He thrust his hips upward in time with her jiggles, so he was really able to pump in and out of her cleavage at a brisk pace. He decided to spice things up with a little dirty talk.

“You like having your titties fucked, Lauren?”

“Yes, sir.” Lauren replied, seeming to wish to avoid eye contact.

“Are these my tits now?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What are they made for, Lauren?”

“Pleasing you.” Lauren spoke quietly, managing a smile upward at Peter.

“Excellent. Faster.”

All it took was his utterance of that word, “faster”, and Lauren picked up the pace. It was incredible. Her rack became a blur on his cock, and it was a fantastic enough sensation to make him groan even louder than before.

“YEAH!” he cried out, bucking his hips into her abundant chest.

Lauren just looked up at the man who was fucking her boobs, silently hoping it would end soon, but having to put on a politely smiling face to keep him happy. After all, that was the goal here, wasn’t it?

“Alright, that’s enough.” Peter finally said.

Lauren stood up and rejoined Lexi. Cat and Tori waited patiently for their turn, unsure who was going next.

“Whose turn is it, sir?” Tori asked.

“Both of you.”

“What?” Cat narrowed her eyes, either confused or just not wanting to accept what she had heard.

“We’re going to do a double-titfuck.”

A pause. He was dead serious. Tori and Cat stared at each other. As gorgeous triplets, they knew that guys fantasized about having more than one of them at once. Of course they did. However, Peter would be the first to actually do it. To have two sisters play with his big cock at the same time. With four enormous, bouncy, mouth-watering, HH cup melons.

Fuck yeah.

Slowly, they took to their knees. Lauren’s hands went to her mouth as she watched this occur. Lexi simply stood in acquiescent silence. Cat was on Peter’s left; Tori was on his right. With some difficulty, they lifted their giant prizes up to his cock. Lexi escort bursa and Lauren took turns drizzling lube over their cleavages, ensuring that they were ready to take their boss on this tit-trip. As soon as they made contact, Peter shivered. This was going to be a one for the ages.

With their big breasts lubricated and poised inches from Peter’s dick, both triplets looked up at him for permission to begin.

“Ladies.” Peter said, “Start your engines.”

Tori and Cat pushed their boobies forward. Four fabulous, squishy, slippery HH cups swallowed his dick entirely, bulging mercilessly against each other. It was a beautiful, breathtaking canyon of cleavage, and Peter’s penis was lovingly trapped in its tender warmth. He would have to do this again sometime, but not to fuck them. Just to warm his cock while he watched TV or something. However, that was later; this was now. It was time to fuck some tits.

Cat and Tori began to wiggle their boobs up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Peter hollered loudly and incoherently; it felt so fucking good. He was double-tit-fucking two buxom babes who would essentially do anything he said. This had to be Heaven. His girls looked up at him from down on their knees. He smiled at him. They smiled back, of course.

He withstood the pillowy onslaught for as long as he could, but soon it was time to cum. He had never cum in the presence of any of his Breast Friends before, and he wanted to make this as memorable as he could.

“Lexi. Lauren. Get down here.”

Lexi and Lauren looked perplexed for a moment, but they obeyed, kneeling next to Lauren’s sisters. Four women now surrounded his throbbing erection, and Peter gulped. It was almost time.

“Get your faces close to my cock. I’m going to cum soon. You too, Tori and Cat.”

Clearly not wishing to do so, the four girls leaned in toward Peter’s piece, tilting their chins upward. It was a beautiful sight, watching them all prepared to take his load like big girls. Without even being asked, Lauren and Lexi propped their tits up on Peter’s knees, so he had four enormous racks in his splash zone, as well.

“Are you girls ready?” he grunted.

Four synchronized nods.

“Here it comes.”

Barely two seconds after saying this, Peter’s hips bucked involuntarily. He started to shoot—a massive load, the kind of load that can only be shot when a man’s dreams have been fulfilled. The girls simply knelt there and took it. The first shot burst from the double-cleavage and landed on Tori’s chin, where it dribbled down to her rack. She was clearly unhappy, but now was not the time to complain.

The next spurt fired at an angle, unfortunately for young Lexi. She took it full in the face, the cum splattering by the side of her nose and dripping into her mouth. She closed her eyes in shock.

A huge shot came next, and it hit Lauren squarely on her left jug, but some of it splashed onto Cat. From there on, it was every woman for herself, as Peter’s cannon squirted with abandon, gradually covering their faces and tits with his hot, sticky load.

Finally, it was over. Peter’s limp dick rested comfortably between Cat and Tori’s boobs, and he looked downward at his Breast Friends. All of them were coated in cum from their chests up, and he felt an undeniable pride at the magnitude of that orgasm. They stared up at him, forced smiles on their faces, and allowed him to take in the sight, knowing that the construction of his Kingdom was almost officially complete.

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