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This is a story about Brenda, (not her real name). Most of it is factual, but some is purely fiction; I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

Chapter 1

Brenda came to my attention about 25 years ago. Her sister, (Marilyn), worked for me in our restaurant as counter staff and she was an amazing worker. She was 16 when she started, (high-school student), working weekends and during the summers. Aside from her ability, she was one of the most striking young women I had ever met; Strawberry blond, about 5’2″, maybe 105lbs, but built like a centerfold model. She had, (what I considered to be), abnormally large breasts for someone so tiny, (maybe D cup), but they were amazingly firm. How do I know this? I saw her in a T-shirt several times, (not while she was working), and it was obvious she didn’t always wear a bra. Her breasts stood proud and firm with no sag, (considering their size), at all.

Marylyn also had the personality to go with her ability and beauty, and a smile that would melt a hardened convict’s heart. Needless to say she had her pick of suitors but she was focused on her career goals and after high school she went on to university to study medicine. She returned to our home town several years later with her new husband, also a doctor, where they set-up a family practice and have been here since. But I digress . . .

Neither Marilyn, nor Brenda had a good home life. Their father was a total ass; a drunk, violent and demanding of his daughters. Marilyn at time was submissive and quiet, but Brenda was a little spark plug. Her fire- red hair lent others to know she was a fighter and while only 14, she was already rebelling against her parents, (I always wondered why). Her mother did little, if anything, to calm the home situation and for some reason, my wife had befriended her. Certainly we needed a baby-sitter we could count on and trust, and I guess my wife just took to her and her situation; my wife’s father was a drunk as well, but that’s another story.

She began sitting for our two boys and after a year or so, she began spending the night if we got home too late. Both my boys loved her, and she even began helping around the house. I didn’t understand why she never seemed to want to go home, and it was a little later when I found out more about her father. I couldn’t say for sure, (at the time), but I had thought he was abusing her, (and Marilyn, for that matter), but I found out for sure one day when Brenda came to our house, obviously distressed and sporting a major bruise and welt on her left cheek. It was clear her father had hit her and I found out it wasn’t the first time.

We told her to go home, (when her father wasn’t there), and get some clothes, let her mother know what was going on, and she could stay with us for a few days ¦ until things cooled down. Well, they didn’t cool down at all. Brenda’s father came to our place looking for her. Looking? More like demanding his daughter back like she was a borrowed tool or something. He was obviously drunk and he took a swing at me when I wouldn’t let him past me and into the house. I just pushed him down, off the back deck and called the police. I charged him with assault and they charged him with drunk driving, creating a disturbance and a host of other charges ¦ he was well known to the local constabulary.

A week or so passed and this time he came into the restaurant, drunk and calling me out. He was extremely vulgar and accused me, (in the middle of a crowded restaurant), of having sex with his then 15 year old daughter. I called the police again but he took another swing at me before they arrived. I lost it. I pounded him mercilessly for about a minute. When the police arrived they didn’t even look at me. They arrested him and took him away, kicking and screaming.

During the time leading up to his trial he was telling everyone, (who would listen), that we stole his daughter and he was going to “get me” for it. There was a startling revelation which came out — he was, in fact, not only physically abusing his daughters, but sexually abusing them as well. Marilyn first, and when she finally began to resist he turned on Brenda. This amounted to yet more charges against him and to make a long story short, he was sentenced to 6 years for Assault, (on me), Sexual Battery and Sexual Interference on Marilyn and Brenda, and I forget the rest — too bad it wasn’t more. Funny thing about ‘justice’; it comes in many forms. While in prison, it came to light about him and his past with his two daughters. I understand he spent several weeks, several times, in the infirmary healing from the merciless beatings he took for raping his little girls. It seems even cons have a code, and some things are taboo.

Chapter 2

So it went for the next few years. Brenda had become part of our family and I became her pseudo father. It was great for all of us; we got a live-in baby sitter, Brenda had a safe and loving place to live and with coaching and urging, she even did a lot better in school. Kocaeli Escort She even got her driver’s license and my wife let her use her car from time to time. We threw her a major birthday party for her 18th birthday and I was beginning to ‘notice’ her; she was changing, growing, maturing into a woman. My home life seemed idyllic, but that was only on the surface. I learned why my wife wanted an easily accessed baby sitter ¦ she was out screwing around.

I had long suspected her of extra marital activity, but when I found out for sure I was devastated. We finally had it out and she took-off to be with her new, police officer boy-friend. If not for Brenda I don’t know what I would have done. She looked after the boys while I worked and as I became more and more depressed, she did more and more to make a normal home life. Occasionally, my wife would return to visit the boys, but no matter how much pleading and crying they did, she wouldn’t come back to stay; not that I wanted her to; she was dead to me.

I had lost myself in my business; working 14 to 16 hours each day but managing to spend the entire day on Sunday with my boys and Brenda. We did all the usual stuff single fathers do with their kids: went to the stock car races, movies and went swimming. It was on one of these swimming days I noticed Brenda for the first time; again. She had developed into a beautiful young woman. Maybe it was her bikini but she was suddenly developing a body, and what a body it was becoming. I had noticed her before, but not like this.

I was amazed at how she had filled-out her bikini and her milky white skin was absolutely perfect; not a blemish anywhere to be seen — with that bikini there was a lot to be seen. I remember I struggled for the rest of the day, (and for some time after), to put any thoughts of a sexual nature out of my mind … not an easy task. It wasn’t that I had become a hermit after my wife left; I had had several sexual encounters over the previous 3 years, but there was something about Brenda. Maybe it was the way she was with the boys, or maybe it was something else; I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

One day, while carrying supplies from the local wholesaler, I hurt my back. I spent a few days in the hospital and Brenda took time-off from school to look after the boys. I hated that because she was doing so well in school, but as soon as I got home again I made sure she got caught-up on all her school work. Then it happened.

I had fallen asleep on the couch and I awoke when an urge hit me and I headed for the bathroom. I just opened the door and walked in. There was Brenda, just out of the shower and totally naked. I think I actually gasped when I saw her. About six months had passed since my revelation about her on the beach, but I had never in my wildest fantasies had expected this. She just stood there and looked at me going over her every curve. Her breasts were absolutely perfect in every way ¦ slightly turned-up with smallish areolas and pert little nipples sticking out, (I guess the bathroom air was colder than the shower). Her waist was narrow, her stomach flat and tight and her pubic hair, which was as flaming red as the hair on her head, looked delicate and wispy and formed a perfect little triangle.

It seemed like twenty minutes had passed, but I’m sure it was only a few second when she finally spoke; “Sorry, Ted, I’ll be out in a minute.” As I backed out, she made no attempt to grab a towel to cover herself and didn’t seemed embarrassed in the least ¦ I was embarrassed enough for us both. Again I tried to put it all out of my mind, but I just couldn’t; my raging erection made sure of that. Later, she acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened and I took it as that was exactly what she wanted.

About 6 months later I threw my back out again but this time I managed to make it home. Brenda had taken the boys shopping for groceries so the house was empty when I got home. I crawled into the Jacuzzi in my bathroom and just soaked for about twenty minutes when I heard noises coming from down the hall. Brenda and the kids were home. Brenda came into the bed room and since I left the bathroom door open, she saw me in the tub. Of course I had nothing close to try to cover myself.

She walked right over to me and asked if everything was OK. I told her about hurting my back again and she immediately passed me a towel and told me to get out of the tub. She took my hand and helped me to the bed. She told me to lie down and she went back to the bathroom to get some liniment the doctor had told me to pick-up the last time my back went out. She went past the bed to the door and told my boys she was going to help me with something and closed and locked the door! She helped me remove the towel and I lay face-down on the bed ¦ totally naked. I think I was in too much pain to be embarrassed about it, but that soon changed.

Brenda squeezed out some liniment onto my lower back and began Kocaeli Escort Bayan to rub it in. Slowly, she made straight strokes from my lower back up to about mid shoulder, curved around my rib cage then back down to begin to motion again. She then went from side to side, back to up and down for what seemed like an hour. The heat and medication of the liniment began to work and I felt the pain begin to subside. Before I know it I was beginning to relax and enjoy it ¦ then I started to enjoy it too much. I felt an erection beginning to build because all I could think about was the vision of Brenda coming out of the shower and how wonderful her soft and delicate touch felt; I gave thanks I was laying face down.

My erection soon became uncomfortable and I had to adjust myself. Brenda must have felt this was becoming “difficult” for me, (I think), and told me if I felt pain again she would rub me down again. She got off the bed and started towards the door when I said to her; “Thanks, Brenda, that felt wonderful.” She just turned, smiled and said; “If you need more help, with anything, just let me now.” She then unlocked the door, slowly walked out and closed the door behind her.

What did she mean by, “with anything.”? Did I need more attention for my back, or did I need more ‘attention’???? I knew she was aware she had gotten me aroused and gave me a raging hard on, but did she mean it as I was fantasizing, or was it purely innocent and he way of helping me with my bad back? My mind was on fire and my hard-on hadn’t subsided at all. I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it. Soon my tempo increased and before I knew it, I was launching a veritable geyser. The first shot caught me on the chin; the second one hit my neck and the third and fourth landed on my chest and stomach. Finally, the eruptions eased off and I was left with a mess to clean-up.

Then, without any warning at all, Brenda opened the door to tell me she was going to order pizza for dinner. She saw me, completely naked, completely covered with spunk and completely red-faced still holding on to my still swollen dick. She just smiled and said; “I told you I’d help you if you wanted me to.” While I lay there, somewhat dumbfounded and totally embarrassed, she closed and locked the door, walked into the bathroom, wet a face cloth and brought it over to the bed. I was totally speechless when she began to wash off the load I had covered myself with. Some of it got on her finger and she simply raised it to her mouth and licked it off. She looked at me, smiled and said; “Mmmm; tasty.”

Chapter 3

The next several minutes were a blur, but I do remember getting hard again as she cleaned me off. Within a few minutes I was clean and she dried my off with the towel which was on the bed next to me. She took hold of my raging cock and said; “I think you need more help.” Her hand barely encircled the girth and she began to stroke it; not just jerking it up and down, but … it was as if she was in love with it. She fondled it, slowly caressing it and lightly running her fingers up and down my shaft and scraping her fingernails lightly over its entire length. I was rapidly running out of time to continue enjoying her touch. She kept this up until, sensing my impending climax, she began to stroke more deliberately. I guess I didn’t leave too much to her imagination as I raised my hips up to meet her down stroke and she was directly over my cock when I exploded; and ‘exploded’ is the correct word.

The first eruption hit her directly in the forehead and she jerked her head back, but not before the second one caught her in the neck. She came out with a girlish giggle and kept on stroking … no, milking me dry. I continued to spurt and before long there was a major puddle around her fist as she held onto my cock. I couldn’t believe I had cum so violently or how much I came; I really don’t think I had ever cum so much in my life.

Finally, my erection began to subside and I was just relishing in the feeling of a second, earth shattering orgasm within 5 minutes. It was the first time I had been jacked-off and I had never experienced anything so erotic or sensual. I told Brenda that, she just smiled, bent over and kissed me deeply on the mouth and told me she had wanted to do that for years. Obviously, she was much more sexually experienced that I had thought. She cleaned herself up and came back to the bed and cleaned me up again. I was sitting up by this time and she sat next to me, put her arms around me and told me she loved me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I had ever felt! I couldn’t believe this but, then again, I couldn’t believe anything that had happened over the past 20 minutes or so.

When the pizza arrived we all sat in the family room and watched cartoons with the kids. Brenda would look over at me and smile and it was pretty hard not to smile back ¦ I couldn’t believe it, but I was getting hard again and my growing erection made it hard to hide what Escort Kocaeli I was feeling. After eating, Brenda slid over next to me on the couch and simply leaned against my shoulder. I had to fight the urge to put my arm around her and pull her tighter to me, but with the boys there I had to try to calm myself. When the cartoons were over, Billy, my oldest son, (who was now 10), wanted to go out to the new pool we had just had installed the previous week. It was an expensive new toy, but I thought the boys deserved it, and so did I. I thought it was a good idea and suggested we all should go out for a dip. Secretly, I thought only of Brenda but thought it would be a good way to cool down and relax my raging libido; boy was I stupid ¦ about the cooling down part.

By this time, my back was completely relaxed again, so the boys and I changed quickly into our swim trunks and both my sons and I ran out first and dove straight into the pool and we were all splashing around when Brenda stepped out onto the deck. My heart almost stopped. There wasn’t a sound to be heard. There were no birds chirping, (even though we lived only a few meters from the woods), none of my children’s laughter, none of their splashing around in the pool, none of the chattering of the squirrels in the trees; just complete silence save the deafening pounding of my heart in my ears as my entire essence was drawn to her. She wore a new bikini which didn’t leave much to the imagination ¦ even though I didn’t have to imagine too much.

Her top was cut quite low and showed her ample breasts which formed a literal cavern of cleavage. Her nipples stood out, proud and hard against the flimsy fabric and as she walked across the deck to the stairs, they jiggled just enough to give me a raging hard-on again. As she descended the 6 steps from the deck down to the pool’s deck, they jiggled even more. With each carefully placed step, they gave just enough movement to make your eyes become glued to them. Her waist was taught and her bikini bottom covered just enough to be modest, (which I earlier discovered she wasn’t).

As she walked around the pool to get to the shallow end, she passed me with a smile and a wink, (the little vixen), and I watched her beautiful ass slip from side to side as she moved past me . . . NO!, she slithered past me. I was certainly glad I was chest deep in deep end of the pool holding on to the side, because it would have been very difficult to explain the huge tent in my swim shorts. Brenda slipped in the pool at the far end and swam underwater right up to me and brushed her body against my raging hard-on as she surfaced. I almost came right there in the pool. She had me and the little scamp knew it.

After playing the pool for a while, the evening began to cool-off and as it was getting late. I urged the boys to head in and wash-up before bed. Brenda and I sat on the edge of the pool. All I heard was the sweetest voice I had ever encountered. She looked at me with those big green eyes and said; “I really do love you, and I think Judy, (my ex), was stupid for leaving … but I’m glad she did”. She put her arms around me, gave me a big hug and said she would meet me inside. As she got up from the pool deck, she leaned on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze as she got up to head back up to the patio deck. She said to me; “You feel tense. I think you need another massage.” My heart felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest as I watched her walk away.

How in Hell’s name was I going to stop from jumping all over her once I got inside? My mind was awash with fantasies; some of which I hoped would be fulfilled that very night. After my boys were washed and ready for bed, I did my usual routine when I was home at their bed time; tucked them in bed and read them a story. Usually, I was ‘into’ the stories for their sake, but tonight was different. Secretly, I prayed the boys would fall asleep quickly tonight, because all I could think about was Brenda and what I hoped was yet to come.

Chapter 4

After the boys were asleep, I poured myself a drink and headed for my room. I turned on the shower, stripped and climbed inside. I felt the powerful jets from the shower heads hitting my body from 7 different angles. I just leaned against the back wall and let the hot water dull my senses. Suddenly, the jets from the left side stopped hitting me. I turned to see the reason they had stopped ¦ they were hitting Brenda instead. She was standing there in all her naked beauty.

Her flaming red hair slowly getting wet and matting against her head, her pale shoulders and perfectly formed breasts which led way to her narrow waist, her flaming red pubic hair, perfect hips and amazingly shapely legs. In an instant I drew her to me and the passionate kiss which followed took me back to high school and my first love’s kiss. I was absolutely on fire with passion. Our tongues were fighting a wrestling match worthy of the Olympics as each pressed forward for dominance. My hard-on was enormous; it felt like it was at least 2 inches longer and twice as thick as usual. It pushed and poked against her taut stomach as I pushed her against the shower wall. My hands began roaming over her firm breasts ¦ I felt her nipples scraping across the palms of my hands like half-inch pencil erasers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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